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Collins Agrees To Terms, Will Be Sixers New Coach

At least its over. Safe choice. Could be happier, but I am much more confident that things will be better next year.

Glad to hear he is on board and glad this process is finally over with.

On a semi-related note, Sixers.com has quite a bit on Turner on the web page already. He seems genuinely excited about coming here.


The AP is now reporting it also.

Tom Moore on May 20 at 20:49

Stefanski said yesterday he'd have a coach in less than a week. It only took a day because they were able to work out the terms quickly.

So what's everyone guess on the contract? I'm saying 3 years, $12M.

ojr107 reply to Brian on May 20 at 21:00

my guess is 4 years, 18 million.

charlie ace reply to Brian on May 21 at 9:53

further proof that Doug really wants the job (and doesn't need it). I'm very optimistic.

Tom Moore on May 20 at 21:03

Haven't found out for sure, but would guess three years and $12 million, with a team or mutual option for the fourth.

Tom Moore on May 20 at 21:04

I checked and Collins' coaching staff in Washington (2001-03) was: John Bach, Larry Drew and Brian James. Bach was the veteran guy, which every coach likes to have. He's 85 and retired. Drew coached in Atlanta last year, so he's probably out of a job with Woodson fired. James is an Illinois State grad (Collins' alma mater) who has been out of the league since 2007 (when he finished three years as a Milwaukee assistant).

Mike P reply to Tom Moore on May 20 at 21:20

I hope it's Eddie Jordan, Mo Cheeks, and Randy Ayers.

Tom Moore reply to Mike P on May 20 at 21:23

Ha. Cheeks did play with Collins, but doubt he'd leave the Thunder with the year they had and the emergence of Durant.

johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on May 20 at 22:45

Do you think Jim Lynum will still be here? He seems like a good guy and all, but he has been a part of the mediocrity here for as long as I can remember.

Tom Moore reply to johnrosz on May 20 at 23:20

There will probably be a veteran coach on the staff.

charlie ace reply to Tom Moore on May 21 at 9:59

Interesting that Bach was with him. He was the assistant on the '72 Olympic team who said to Hank Iba, "We have to get somebody in to shoot the free throws" after Collins was momentarily knocked out. Iba replied, "If Doug can walk, he'll shoot."

Everybody in the league has major respect for John Bach.

I've always been a Lynam fan, I hope he stays. He's earned it in spite of the Barkley trade. I'd love to see McKie here, too.

Court_visioN on May 20 at 21:32

sources say Michael Curry & Brian James are locks to be on his staff, and Aaron McKie could be promoted.

I remember somebody saying something about Lawrence Frank?

teddygreen on May 20 at 21:35

During his press conference, someone should ask Collins if he has any interests in bringing in unrestricted free agent Kwame Brown to be his backup up center...

David Aldridge "Doug Collins is not a good coach. He is a great coach."

I am very happy with the hire. I also am happy w/ a long deal, we need a coach for a while NO MATTER WHAT.

JohnMagee reply to DeanH on May 20 at 23:04

So you think a 'long deal' prevents a coach from being fired huh?

Wasn't jordans deal for three years?

Coaches are hired to be fired...unless they're phil jackson - then they refuse to take an over 50% pay cut

eddies' heady's on May 20 at 23:04

You know, I am having a hard time coming to the belief that Evan Turner is this sure-fire second best player in this draft. There are several things I'm concerned with involving his game.

The pros is more of an above the rim game and he is nowhere near that type of player. A shooting guard at this level absolutely has to thrive at catch and shoot opportunities coming off screens and he's accustomed to controlling the ball the majority of the time; along with the ability to make somewhat long perimeter jumpers at a good clip and he's not exactly what you would call a 'knock down' shooter.

He also seems to be labeled by some as this plus or above average defender. In college maybe but I don't see that in the pros. Athleticism and quickness are neither of his strong suits, yet both are needed to adequately defend the quality of shooting guards at this level. If he doesn't possess those two then his lateral movement suffers, although at times this can be assuaged with IQ kicking in and pursuit of angles, but that will only be but so good against the talent opposed.

These are just some random thoughts I've had during the college season and they, of course, are resurfacing. I think it was back in January on here that there was some fervent discussion about Evan in particular. My other concerns with him at that time were his turnovers and ball dominant game and how he was a figurative, but not literal, clone of Iguodala.

How he would fit with current personnel has no bearing on these feelings, it is more of I've never been quick to jump on status quo bandwagons especially anything containing the word 'mock'.

From only my discerning eye, and when taking into account translation to the next level, I almost want to surmise that Wesley Johnson gives you all the things mentioned above that Turner doesn't, minus the deft and crafty dribble.

I also stated on here during the NCAA tournament that Wesley just seemed like one of the few that had "it". Something stood out to me that this kid had star potential. Who knows? It surely is an interesting debate and I think a lot closer than the masses would lead you to believe.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on May 20 at 23:55

I tried to watch a lot of Ohio State this year under the delusion that maybe we could get a top 3 pick(who knew) Although the guy isn't going to jump out of the building, I think he has a good first step,quick for a guy that isn't a super athlete. I think that, along with an improving handle, will allow him to be a very good finisher.

Are you more of a Favors guy? I'm too scared of the "big guy with potential" to be on board with that pick

charlie ace reply to eddies' heady's on May 21 at 10:10

Wesley Johnson gives you all the things mentioned above that Turner doesn't, minus the deft and crafty dribble.

Wrong. I love Johnson, I'm from Syracuse and still follow the team and would welcome him as our 2 guard. But he did not attack the basket well at Syracuse, did not prove he could blow by defenders at the college level and didn't show a post up game. What makes you think he'll do it in the pros, that he's a good dunker? Turner has an attack the basket mentality, Johnson doesn't. Does Brandon Roy play above the rim? Chauncey Billups? Rip Hamilton? Pierce? I realize you're not saying that Turner will be a bust, I just want to point out that Johnson seems to be a little overrated by people who didn't watch him all year long.

The fact that Flip Saunders is publicly saying that Turner might be "more versatile" than Wall is very telling, even if he is blowing smoke.

Absolutely agree. Turner is a very aggressive scorer (particularly driving to the inside) and an outstanding rebounder. It has been my dream for some time now that Philly would win the second spot and be able to get him. I can't believe that actually happened. My fear now is that Washington might decide to take him first.

I don't have a concern about him "needing the ball in his hands" all the time. He's more valuable as a finisher than playmaker. I just think he was given that role on the Ohio State team.

check out his vertical on draftexpress, 43.5"

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount on May 20 at 23:07

seems like a meh hire. and I agree with a lot of people who say that all we did was the same thing as last year. pick a friend/favorite, interview a bunch of people to make the process legit, then hire said favorite. I just hope that he doesn't do anything crazy with our pick and that he can develop our roster.

and am I the only one who hopes that Collins will take McKie under his wing and we promote McKie after Collins leaves/goes 4 years?

Sixerville is saying it's a 4-year deal, no dollar amount yet, that I've seen.

I wonder if Collins has a history of not playing rookies like LB

JohnEMagee reply to steve on May 21 at 11:26

LB doesn't have a history of not playing rookies (derek bodner proved it years ago) - so who cares?

Just an aside on the draft combine results...

draftexpress for 96 says steve nash is 6"1 without shoes..

how does he gain 2 inches as he is listed at 6"3 on othersites...even with shoes you gain 1" max!

The only halfway decent rookie he had in Detroit was Theo Ratliff, he played 1300 minutes.

With the Bulls, Brad Sellers played 1700 as a rookie, Pippen played 1650, Horace Grant played 1827. In Pippen and Grant's rookie seasons, the Bulls had the #3 defensive team in the league. That's with two rookies playing major minutes. That's impressive.

He had Kwame, Haywood and Eton Thomas as rookies in Washington, Haywood played the most minutes (1200+)

Honestly, I don't think that's going to be an issue this year. The #2 pick, no matter who it wind up being, is going to play, and play a lot.

This was a response to Steve's comment above.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on May 21 at 1:56

Many similarities - other than MJ, of course - between this gig and the Bulls gig...and Collins played the young guys...a LOT.

I think the TV gig - in addition to insuring that Collins is totally in touch with what is going on in the league (and probably has greater knowledge of the players than if he was simply working with one team during all that time) - may give him some cred with the players...all of these guys grew up watching him call/analyze games...they know he knows his stuff.

Hubie Brown comes out of the TV booth...takes over a young, undisciplined Grizz team...takes them to 50+ wins (and a COY award).

I would have liked it if Laimbeer would have gotten more consideration, but I think that Collins is a great choice to remove the flesh-eating bacteria that EFJ infected this roster with.

I'm happy.

I just read the Stephen A. Smith article...he is a complete douchebag.

"What will Collins do if Iguodala tries to bring in his own shooting coach this season? If Brand doesn't want to work out?"

isn't it good Iggy wants to bring in someone to improve his shooting? The offseason before brand came back from the injury, brian even made comments on how he was a lot fitter, he looked more muscular etc.

Can't wait to see Stephen Asshole Smith jump on the bandwagon and claim to praise the sixers from the start when we start doing good.

rchap13 reply to Eric on May 21 at 1:46

Sometimes I wonder if he has ever watched a minute of sixer basketball.

He went to the game when Iverson came back, I think that was about it. Douche.

Safe way to improve our record (not that it would have been a tough task...) and save his job for a year or two. Horrible, "easy" choice by Stefanski.
Also FOUR years ?????????
I am disappointed to say the least.
(A. Johnson, Byron Scott or one emerging asst coach would have been my choices)

Byron Scott would've been another NJ retread. He cut practice short to go golfing. I would've been alright with Avery Johnson but I don't get the Doug Collins hate. The guy is a very good basketball coach,a winning coach that didn't come cheap. What's so easy about landing an established coach like this? Teams have tried to coax him back into coaching for years, he finally wants to do it, better yet, he wants to adopt the terrible mess we have here. I think it was a great choice.

sfw reply to johnrosz on May 21 at 7:42


Agree - Byron Scott would have been an AWFUL choice.

At first I thought maybe Collins was overrated considering his sporatic coaching jobs (his choice I'd image) and the fact that they didn't talk to him last year (Jordan was the shoe-in); I starting to warm up to him, especially looking at the defensive numbers of his teams in the past.

Btw, that SAS article is awful. What a terrible message to send to the fanbase.

Yep. Stephen Ass Smith is all flash... all shock. Nothing more to him than that. He represents everything that's wrong with journalism. And yes... that was an absolutely terrible message to send. Complete douchebag.

charlie ace reply to McD on May 21 at 10:14

I agree. It's safe to ignore Screamin' A.

Byron Scott? Are you kidding me? (Not comin' at you.) Collins is 10 times the coach Scott will ever be.

Too funny.

Ricky my dude, over there in the mother country dudes don't know who Doug Collins is. You're not talking about a hack here.

I bet that "Sandro" guy who's in the HoF knows who he is.

?? not sure what's your point, sorry Charlie. U like the choice?

Also, to the guy that said Scott would have been a retread, I agree that the golfing move was dumb, but dude can coach, just check the records and what did his team do after he left/was canned

Anyone remembers when does Cheeks' last contract exention expire? I have a feeling we will be paying THREE coaches until 2011.. correct? or it's expiring this summer? I am 100% sure Cheeks got TWO extentions

I don't think he'll stick around for the full four years.

My guess is that he'll coach for one year, and if there's a lockout, head back to the announcing booth.

I think he wants to feel the juice again, but doesn't want be committed to keep winning year after year. He saw Hubie pull a similar move with Memphis. He wants to feel the excitemet of coaching again, and renew the respect he receives from his peers.

If you look at it that way, the Sixers job makes sense as a destination for him. They've got some talented players, but had a terrible year last year. Expectations for the team are very low. If he gets them to perform at the same level they did two years ago, he's a success. Then the lockout hits, and he skeedattles.

He's renewed his credibility as a broadcaster, and burnished his reputation as a coach. Plus he has cover for leaving the team.

charlie ace on May 22 at 20:26

It still hasn't sunk in.

A Lakers-Celtics Finals is looming - the NBA world is abuzz with Kobe & the Big Ticket, but in my little 76ers universe, our long-ago young savior from deep in the midwest has returned to coach the team. He made us legit once, when we were nowhere, and now we're nowhere again, having been completely undone by a coach who did not live up to the 76er way and is now gone, undone by his players maybe..... This is it, though. This is my last returning Sixer Hero. Hal Greer and Andrew Toney will never be coaches. Bobby Jones found contentment as a high school coach in basketball-mad North Carolina, something Doug Collins could never do. He has to be on the big stage - it's not his choice. He just happened to be shoved onto the Big Stage at the age of 21 a few days after arriving in Munich Germany from Southern Illinois. There are helicopters manned by men with machine guns who are about to kill 5 Israeli athletes as wide-eyed and freaked out as Doug Collins was. All hell is breaking loose, and eventually there's a game, for the championship, the one that's always been the USA's to lose, 77 - 0 in the Olympics Men's Basketball Championship - and there he is, lying in a heap under the basket, voices in his head, "We gotta get somebody in to shoot the foul shots...Is he conscious? Stand back... If Doug can walk, he'll shoot." He gets up and steps to the line, three bounces, spins the ball, cocks it & shoots. Good. Same routine. Good. USA leads by 1... Sorry, I got carried away. The Sixers have hired everybody I've begged them to hire, all my sentimental favorites, Jim Lynam, Jim O'Brien, Maurice Cheeks....even Doug Moe! Doug is the last one. The chances are that I'll be crushed again, but I have to believe, it's a curse. Doug has arrived to break the curse again, like he did after '73. I have no idea what has just gone down with this franchise, but I don't care if I never find out. Let's just move on and win.

I don't think so.

eddies' heady's reply to charlie ace on May 22 at 21:32

Feel the passion. It has and always will carry more weight with me when it's a family member.

I just love the thought of him getting their rear ends in order. Not too keen on the level of Stefanski's control from here though. Hope they let Doug have an abundance of input. Let him weed their asses out.

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