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What's the Mandate?

DRAFT TURNER, which will lead to a backcourt of Holiday & Turner, or get John Wall if turner is picked first & trade Holiday for a good SG, ride it out, help the 2 in the backcourt develop , ride out till the end of the season & sees what happens, throughout the season try n rid of Dalembert/Brand/ and/or Iguodala , Work for a star in the offseason such as melo or something like that ....& see how you can build a decent front court , just think about that idea, Holiday/Turner/Melo.......... think about it...(dramatic music playing) lol BEAST...but yes i say DEFINTELY USE THAT NUM 2 PICK ON TURNER OR WALL.... FOR SURE

teddygreen on May 24 at 3:56

Unless a team comes with an offer that blows the Sixers away, i expect the Sixers to hold onto the second pick and to select the best player available. Regarding possible draft trades, a couple things to consider is the extreme pressure that both David Khan and Joe Dumars are under to show improvement. There are also degrees of separation as both Evan Turner and Elton Brand are represented by the egoistical David Falk. Faulk is the same agent who represented Michael Jordan, who also played for Doug Collins in Chicago and DC. I wonder if he could affect the Sixers anytime in the future.

I believe that next year has to be an evaluation year. The team has to see how the players fit into Doug Collins’ system. Plus they have to see much Elton Brand really has left in the tank under a legitimate offence, and whether the soon to be restricted free agent Thaddeus Young is a keeper.

The Sixers have to make the playoffs. Even if they get bounced in the first round. The Sixers needs to show that Doug Collins has improved the team over last season. Like you stated before, the big question is where do the Sixers go in 2011? The Sixers were free agent players in 2008 after an impressive first round exit. In 2008, Philly was a very attractive NBA destination before Stefanski set this team back by signing Elton Brand and hiring Eddie Jordan.

Hopefully, the Sixers won’t screw it up by signing a terrible free agent and over paying Thaddeus Young. Hopefully after a trip to playoffs, plenty of cap space, and the Sixers core of young players, this team will monce again be an attractive destination for 2011. i personally wouldn’t mind if Ed Stefanski was fired before the 2011 free agency--ala Billy King. Let someone more competent handle free agency.

When you say they have to make the playoffs this season, do you mean they have to make it without making any changes, or do you mean they have to do whatever it takes to make the playoffs?

teddygreen reply to Brian on May 24 at 13:16

Sacrificing the long term success of this team for a cheap playoff exit would be the last thing i would want see. But i believe that making the playoffs sets a good precedence of improvement. Hopefully, this team as constructed with new coach Doug Collins at the helm can at least sneak into the playoffs as an eighth seed.

But baring trading for a superstar, i wouldn't want to take on any salary that can affect our 2011 cap room. That precious 2011 cap space is really what i look forward to most as Sixer fan. Just having cap room will give us so many financial options.

One area of concern is the possible hole at center if Sammy leaves. But we will have his bird rights, so that will give us options. We also have to keep an eye on the development of Speights, and whether we can go forward with him. Also, as much as Derrick Favors intrigues me, i can't see Stefanski who doesn't have much job security taking him. Ed is going for the sure player that can produce right now in order to help preserve his job...

My best case scenario is drafting Turner and finding a way to trade Iggy the same way OKC (Sonics at the time) did with Ray Allen. Get a top 10 pick and a salary to make the trade work and draft a player specifically to complement Turner and Jrue. Let Speights get all the playing time he needs and lets see what we have. Hopefully they will kill Brand's PT and just realize he is a sunk cost whos contract will be an asset in two years. If you cant get a nice rebuilding piece for the expiring contracts we have with Dalembert, Kapono, and Willie than do it. But no move should be made with 2011 success in mind. Every move needs to be to the longterm benefit of the backcourt of the future.

Ray Allen was 32 and there was serious questions about his ankles when Seattle traded him. Iguodala is 26 and hasn't missed a game in 3 seasons. I don't see the parallel between the two in any way, shape or form.

Mike P reply to Brian on May 24 at 10:26

Especially because Ray Allen was a real number one guy and could shoot the lights out.


But there are some parallels there seeing how a few good moves could set up the team for the foreseeable future.

teddygreen on May 24 at 4:09


Here's the ESPN report about the firing of Billy King in 2007. It still has a nice video commentary by Ric Bucher

Wow. Great commentary on Collins from a respected player.


AaronMcKie4MVP reply to sfw on May 24 at 7:07

im not a person who knows the first thing about coaching. all i know is thqt Eddie Jordan is terrible at it. but i respect grant hill as much as anyone. that article is very exciting to me as a fan. it seems like we made a really good hire.

Add Turner and tweak the roster this year(maybe send Thad away for a need(young center?). When Sammy/Wille/Kapono) come off the books add players of need. When Elton actually has value(the last year of contract) and Turner is coming into his own, take advantage. Steal a player from a team looking to cut costs. With Collins coaching maybe Philly will become a place players want to be. We'll see.............

Do you think this is likely?

Mike P reply to Brian on May 24 at 10:23

Hopefully it is because it is the best plan going forward for the future of the team.

Just be patient and grow the team.

sfw reply to Brian on May 24 at 11:36

Brian, I do. I really hope Turner can get us 20+ pts in the team concept. Got to get a young center somehow.

S.F.W., good stuff; I believe they expect to make the playoffs because Turner is ready to play and contribute right away. Evaluation of the current roster is the main goal, I believe;
1]how good is Turner?
2]can Spieghts be a starting 4/5
3]is Sammy worth resigning?
4]can Thad become a supersub and at what value?
5]can Iggy and Turner coexist

Jrue will be a Collins favorite probably and Elton will give all he has and even J.Smith may get back to his Iavaroni type roll [energy and screening] that he showed before his injury. Evaluate the roster and decide what tweeks need to be made, especially if Turner is a star.

By the way , I didn!t mention L.Will. because I believe he will be used to get under the luxury tax and Meeks will slide into his role.

Only thing I really disagree with here is Smith. The guy is garbage, complete garbage.

Forget Turner for getting a 2 SHOULD be easy in this league. We already have Jrue, Iggy and Williams where the defensive assignments can change. Didn't we just sign Williams to produce? Where are we at with the 4 and 5 positions??? - Brand and Sammy.....wake up! Favors is the pick that we can't afford to take. Keep Iggy, Jrue, Speights, Williams and Favors and play for next year. Trade Thad now before we blow our salary structure. Pay the tax this year. Trade Thad for a future asset such as picks or a young 5. 2011-12 roster:

.....all for $44M with Brand coming off the books the following year and BEFORE we have to extend Jrue and Favors!!!

I'm in favor of Favors, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Lou. He's just not a starter in any way shape or form. If they do draft Favors, they need to find a different answer at SG or SF. I'd probably start Thad at three and give him every opportunity to prove he can play there alongside Iguodala. Then you re-evaluate around the trade deadline and see what you can do if he just doesn't get it.

bill reply to Brian on May 24 at 11:44

provided that we pick Favors, I'm ok with Iggy at the 2 and Thad at the 3, but that hasn't been Iggy's best position. Alternatively with Iggy at the 3 we defensively have Jrue and Iggy who can cover 2 of 3 positions so that our 2 can be just a scorer (Meeks or whomever). Whereas up front we have only a broken Brand, an expiring Sammy and Speights. By the way Sammy will have a great season for he's playing for another contract......think of the Piston playoff series.

k-house on May 24 at 9:05

Personally, with the expiring contracts next year, I fully expect them to just bite the bullet this year & keep the roster intact! Which I feel is wise as individual play/trade values will likely escalate during the season under a more competent coach! Also, all the talk regarding trading our second round pick...I don't see that as likely given Collin's recent comments of wanting to "lean on" Brand this season & helping him return to his all-star form. Although I think Stefanski may like Favors more...I fully expect the pick to be Turner!

I'm about 95% sure the pick is Turner if we stick at #2.

Brian, I was also in favor of Favors but have been won over by Dannie [recliner g.m.] and Derek. They both mentioned the laid back personality of Favors and Derek mentioned that it is a concern of some N.B.A. g.m.!s. Also look at the current league, most of the stars are wings and the rules seem to allow for perimeter stars. I officially want the " tear your heart out" wing moving forward. Dannie!s point to me was get the star than add a K.Perkins type big, if Sam leaves, and move forward from there. By the way, what players are at the press conference? A cardboard cutout of Turner?

charlie ace on May 24 at 9:13

My gut feeling is they're committed to taking Turner. I suspect they discussed it with Collins in the interview and made sure he was on board with the choice. I think they want unanimity. The roster isn't going to be changed very much - they won't trade Young unless they get a top 15 pick and they won't be offered that. Brand is in Collins' plans for sure; he's going to start. Dalembert will stay and play 30 minutes a game. Speights will be the first big off the bench and will bounce back. Lou is going to be the odd man out and probably will play very little. Meeks and Iguodala will play most of the minutes that Turner doesn't play. I can see Williams being traded for a future pick or a 2nd rounder.

I don't think management has a clear expectation for this team. Stefanski and Dileo seem to be at a loss. Nothing has worked except Jrue. Even Iguodala has regressed because of his changing roles. The first priority of ownership is to get people to come to the arena - a name player like Turner will help more than a big who's 4 years away. The fact that Collins is a former Sixer star had to play into their decision. Above all, management wants to see the team play with heart & hustle like it did before Game 6 against Orlando.

3 years down the road? I think they realize that Brand is here to stay and they'll cross the free agent bridge when they come to it. Collins has said over & over that he likes the roster; I don't think he's blowing smoke. They're gonna take it one step at a time.

I think they'll buy a pick this year and I can see a free agent making the team - a backup center or a 2 (Damien Wilkens, Flip Murray, Rodney Carney).

They cannot trade Turner. Turner and Jrue will be the future of the team and by the time Elton's contract is off the books the Sixers will be able to add a veteran player while Jrue and Turner are in their primes.

I say we don't make any trades until mid-way through the season. A few things must be determined before completing a trade.

1. Can Turner and Iguodala co-exist?
2. Can Young play the 3?
3. What is our position of need in order to build a championship?
4. What can we get for our 20mill in expiring contracts?
5. Would we rather trade Dalembert expiring contract or resign him in the off season for 3-5mill/yr?
5. Is Turner a SG or SF?

I think Thad becomes more of a 4 this year, as a change of pace guy. Kapono could have a Korver like year with Jrue, Iggy, and Turner kicking the ball out to him and may earn a new smaller contract. Drafting Turner definitely adds to his value and having a coach with a clue on how to use him.

I think Sam will get 7M+ per year on the open market unless the new CBA drives salaries down dramatically.

Do you think if they draft Turner and move L.Will. that they use Turner as their backup p.g.?

Yep. Although expect high turnovers his 1st year if he's asked to play much PG.

live press conference with Collins about to start.


Shawn reply to ojr107 on May 24 at 12:24

Collins is saying all of the right things at the conference, loving it. Hope this translates to the court with the young guys getting excited to play basketball again!

I'd be SHOCKED if Turner doesnt play 28+ minutes at the 2/3, Thad again at the 3/4 off the bench, and Igg at the 2/3. I'm 95 % sure they will take Turner

I think other than turnovers, Turner will be an impact player right away. He is one of the most polished college prospects to come in the league in a while, and has an NBA ready frame. He might be almost as good as Iguodala right now (top 35 NBA.)

But I might have unreasonable expectations.

Brandon Roy as a 22 year old rookie:
16.8 pts, 4.4 reb, 4 assists, .456 shooting, 2 TOV

That was on a 32 win Portland team. Turner IMO is even more NBA ready than Roy, and could put up better numbers in the same setting (say if Iguodala is traded.) But his numbers may be a bit less given Iguodala and Jrue will command the ball more than Roy's rookie teammates did.

I expect 15/5/3.5 on 47% as a rookie, but probably dramatically better numbers the following year.

ES basically just said Turner is the man.

What did he say?

Shawn reply to Brian on May 24 at 12:51

He said something to the effect of, "when we have our point guard set for the future and another guard drafted in the backcourt, if we do choose a guard, then we'll have a good situation" Something like that.

Ryan F reply to Brian on May 24 at 13:33

Roughly that they love Jrue and after the draft they'll have their "backcourt of the future"..ooops, I mean if it "is a guard we select with the pick".

Wow. Collins is so impressive. He really wants to be here and begin building this team.

shawn reply to sfw on May 24 at 12:35

I really enjoyed the conference, it was calming for me that someone in the organization understands what needs to happen. D+transition, build up youth.

Based on that press conference, I would be floored if the Sixers don't take Turner with the #2 pick. Bring "The Villain" to Philly!!

johnrosz on May 24 at 12:53

When asked if Collins would make his players "fit" to his system, Collins goes "nooooooooo....that never works" Really refreshing as opposed to last year when EJ was trying to sell us on Jason Smith and Speights draining 3's.

Really nothing not to like about the press conference. Should alleviate some of the worries around here about bringing in vets just to become a middling team. Collins made it clear that this is going to take some time, and said that quick fixes/short cuts never pan out.

Really, really impressed, couldn't be happier with the signing.

johnrosz on May 24 at 12:58

Also, Collins seemed very high on Jrue Holiday. Didn't realize that he coached Jrues dad at ASU.

Collins was as impressive as you can be in a press conference. I'm almost positive now that we will keep the number teo pick and it will be Turner. Collins said they will not go for the quick fix because quick fixes don't work, theyre going to build the right way. The best thing he said was when someone asked if he was going to force a system on the players and he quicky shot it down and said he will fit the system to the personell as he has always done. He said they will be a defensive team first and foremost and get out in the open court. Great first impression.

teddygreen on May 24 at 13:18

Stefanski should of said that he's going to take Evan Turner because he doesn't want to lose his job...

ojr107 reply to teddygreen on May 24 at 13:20

ummm.. it is possible that he could have private conversations with his bosses.

Mike P reply to teddygreen on May 24 at 13:22

David Stern gets pissed when people say who they are going to pick.

He was angry at the clippers guy last year for admitting they were taking Blake Griffin (SURPRISE!) with the first pick right after the lottery last year.

That is why Stefanski and Leonsis are being wink wink vague. Hence the "if we take a guard *WINK*" comment.

IMO, Collins hit all the right notes. Between his and Stefanski's comments, they will be taking Turner unless they get an "offer they can't refuse".

Collins basically hit all the things that Sam Mitchell said in his interview regarding Sam & Dala(love the emphasis on FTA vs 3FGA). Also, post-press conference, he mentioned he talked to Sam already and has Sam thinking of being the Sixers version of Marcus Camby or Dwight Howard on D while being an opportunity scorer.

Collins is a name-dropper, which is interesting to listen to(loved hearing Phil Jackson's comments regarding Iguodala).

Sounds like Collins wants to defend & play fast. This team will get better, going from Braces to Collins plus Turner will ensure that. But he kept emphasizing building to last, which was very reassuring.

Anyone have a link to watch the replay online? Friggin Monday morning meetings.

Yeah i need a link for the replay too if anyone has one...

Up on Sixers.com in 3 parts

Take a look at this quote from Van Gundy on their current series w/ the Celtics:

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy explained it like this on Sunday: “They’re playing one-on-one. Right now, we have not been able to force them to help. They’re playing Dwight one-on-one in the post. Pick-and-rolls, if we get a solid screen and are able to turn the corner, they’re just switching it. They’re body-on-body all the time. We can’t, in very many cases, force a second defender in there. And we haven’t had much success in one-on-one situations. So that’s really been the whole thing."

That's what the Sixers did to them last season, until Van Gundy figured out Thad couldn't handle Rashard or Hedo. This is also the point the current Sixers need to get to. It's also why I'm still in the Favors camp over Turner. He's mobile enough to be a KG-like defender on the P&R, to go along w/ the shot blocking, rebounding, etc. Jrue, player x, Iguodala, Favors, Dalembert(or his eventual replacement) has the chance to be the best defense in the league, and force teams to do what Orlando has been forced to do in this series.

Of course, a lot of this is on Van Gundy imo. It's criminal the way he uses Dwight Howard as a decoy ALL THE TIME. They should be running their offense through him to score. They should be running the pick and roll looking to get Howard the ball on the move (this is on jameer too). Instead, he's an afterthought on the offensive end. A means to the end of getting three-point shots.

Honestly, they can't run it through Dwight yet.

D12's not good enough unless he's being guarded by a trumped up 4. Some people keep comparing him to Shaq, when even Young Shaq was so far above Present D12 offensively.

He's mechanical and awkward, doesn't establish great position consistently, and does not pass that well out of the double. He lacks Shaq's overwhelming size and power, so he cannot consistently get those deep catches for those easy power slams that Shaq feasted on. Of course, it does not help that his big-man coach is Ewing, a finesse big, when they need a power player to coach him up.

I've always thought Van Gundy has done an excellent job of getting that team as far as they have considering his offense is based on a "smoke & mirrors" bluffing act. Dwight is not capable of being a primary weapon offensively, but the illusion is strong enough that teams get sucked into to playing Orlando like he is that. When that happens, Orlando is allowed to do what they really want to do, which is bombs away. They also lack a great passing/playmaker PG, who can get the ball consistently to Dwight whenever he does have good deep position.

I think your last point is the thing that sticks in my craw more than anything. I think it was Collins actually who was pointing out on one of the TNT game earlier this year how Howard was consistently getting deep, deep position by beating his man down the floor, and Nelson just never, ever gave him the ball down there.

Part of this is probably on Dwight, but I definitely think SVG and Nelson should take a good deal of blame for failing to utilize him. He's big and strong enough that he doesn't need to have a host of moves. If they're getting him the ball early, and getting him into the P&R where he can catch going to the hoop, he'd be a much, much more efficient offensive player.

Certainly, that is very true. I don't think Nelson is a great passer, at all. That's why Hedo was so important, because, with his height advantage, he could make so many of the throws that Jameer cannot. Kenny Smith was talking about that(from his perspective as a former PG), Nelson's inability to deliver definitely impacts Dwight most of all.

That said, he struggles to get effective position against guys he does not seriously overpower. It comes down to this; you live with making Howard play over the top of your defense, especially since he uses that awkward running hook as his go to move and he is prone to charges.

Fair enough. Good point about Ewing as well. Always hated his game, and it's the exact opposite of the kind of offensive game Howard should be developing.

Thalamudi on May 24 at 14:35

Evan Turner = Caron Butler v2.0

Ugh, that's not a complement.

Collins and Stefanski are supposed to be on Mike Miss. this afternoon.

Do we have any package of players that would get us the number 3 pick from NJ? Does sending Iggy and Speights plus our second round pick get us #3 and a couple throw in players? LeBron might like Harris, Iggy, Bron, Yi, and Lopez as a young nucleus.

Now is the time to pull some major moves.

That's what I'd love to see the Sixers do.

We have to take back about $13M in contracts to make that work. Who do you have in mind?

ryano reply to Brian on May 24 at 15:53

Hassell, Dooling, and Humphries? Maybe turn it into a 3 team proposition? Just a thought. I'd love to see us go for broke with the young studs in this draft...stuff two years of OKC work into one draft.

Hassell and Humphries can't be traded before the draft. Hassell is an unrestricted free agent, Humphries has a player option. Dooling has a team option, which the Nets aren't going to pick up.

If they're going to make this move, and also sign a max free agent, they have to trade guys who will be on the roster after July 1st. So Harris, Lee, Yi, Lopez, M. Williams. Those are the only guys they can trade prior to the draft. After July 1st they could include Humphries too. I just don't see the salaries working out.

ryano reply to Brian on May 24 at 15:55

We still might be a bit short in salaries, but that could be the kind of deal that gets LeBron to bite on going to NJ. That's the only reason I could see the Nets going for it.

teddygreen on May 24 at 15:05

Once again arguably the best player in the draft will fall into the Nets lap. It happened to Rod Thorn in 2008 with Brook Lopez, and now it could happen again with Derrick Favors. Lopez and Favors could develop the best power forward and center tandem in the league. The Nets have a very promising core going forward.


Plus they still have plenty of cap room to upgrade their wings. Perhaps Rudy Gay...

eddies' heady's on May 24 at 23:27

After some thought and reading quotes from today, it's just solidified even more for me that Stefanski is truly clueless. It was stated that Collins knew 4 years ago that he wanted back in the game, but only in CHI or here. So you're telling me he cans Cheeks and has a WHOLE year to formulate a list, with DiLeo holding down the interim tag, and with Collins being a family member he doesn't even look his number up? And then settled on Jordan while saying the Princeton offense was suitable for a group of non-IQ possessing athletes? Unbelieveable!

He did his best ballet and tap impersonation yet on the question of why Collins wasn't included in the search last year. He's never had a different opinion of Doug, he's known him his whole life, he's a qualified candidate and was last year as you said publicly. But you didn't even interview him? WTF? Can you say dunce?

Another thing that struck a chord with me was Collins comments on the team lacking toughness and Stefanski's comments on Thad. He stated he traded away Korver (our desperately needed shooter, anyone?) to get Thad on the court. He then traded away the guy who brought the most toughness in Reggie Evans to almost phantomly replace the shooter he jettisoned and ended up with Kapono.

So you traded away a shooter to get a guy on the court who has no position (tweener) and struggles on D, then trade your most rugged and toughest defender in practice and games to get an on-the-decline shooter who doesn't play a lick of D also? Is that just called trying to pull your head out of your ass or is it just leaving it stuck up in there?

And this coming from a guy who blows smoke every chance he gets about he's a defense first guy? Yeah right.

But the kicker with him blowing smoke is when he said referring to Doug, "He's like me: we dot the 'I's" and cross the "T's." Guess he ran out of ink in his pen during last year's search, huh?

Who the hell does he think believes this crap? The casual fans - yes. The passionate diehards - no.

Such continued utterance of bullshit by this guy. He should be a damn politician.

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