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Cut From the Same Cloth?

You mixed up your numbers. Turner averaged 9+ rebounds in college, not assists. He got 6 dimes per game his junior season.

Otherwise, good post.


You have amazing patience. I just do not get all the AI9 haters on the blogs and radio hosts. I believe AI9 this year, as a 3, will have a break out year along with Jrue. And, I will go on the record that I believe we will have over 50 wins this coming year (assuming they take Turner). Personally, I believe this past week is the biggest week in 76er history since AI signing (not that it is saying a whole lot!). And, I believe DC will put the players in place to succeed.

deepsixersuede reply to DeanH on May 25 at 8:11

Please don!t call him D.C., I am getting flashbacks.

smh1980 on May 25 at 1:23

I think that people are looking at Iggy and only see the 18 ppg and the below average jumper. He should not be the primary scorer. Brand should be and/or Turner if he's the choice next month. 18 ppg is not elite but he does so many things well. I think he's a SF anyway.

I liked how Collins challenged Iggy today by saying he wants him to be a 1st team all NBA defender. I think this is realistic. I think that should be his focus. That still wouldn't change the hater's perception about him though. They are just "grass is greener on the other side" types.

I can't really defend Turner. He dominated the college level this year but he will not change our spacing problems due to his poor jumper. Jrue will be vital to the teams success forcing teams to stay honest and not clog the lane. This goes back to why Brian felt that Wes Johnson would be the perfect fit for our team (I know we can't select him now, not since we have the 2nd pick.) I still want Favors even though it isn't likely. Turner is the safe pick but isn't a great shooter. A great SG? He won't be. He'll be a very good versatile player and hopefully Collins can take advantages of mismatches with Jrue/Turner/Iggy on the court.

i no longer live in philly so i didn't know what kind of treat i was in for when i listened to eskin and reese interviewing collins. my favorite moment was eskins' "your my idol if you convince andre to play defense"

there's something to be said for having a media-savvy coach.

Wait, Eskin was saying Iguodala doesn't play defense?

Yes, exactly. It amuses me to juxtapose eskin's comment with cooney repeatedly referring to willie green as a "defensive stopper." do these people actually watch the games?

Cooney has to, I think. Eskin and Stephen A. probably saw about 2 games combined this season. Morons.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on May 25 at 11:23

both of them watched the game against the Nuggets when AI came back, I'll bet. That's probably about it.

I think the only reason to trade AI9 is to commit to signing a max free agent in the next year or two.

Otherwise, having AI9, Turner and Jrue as some 1-2-3 combo should be one of the elite defensive backcourts in the league, right?

The frontcourt is a mess, but we're taking baby steps here. This is still a 55-loss team we're talking about. I think drafting a guy that spent three years in college and has a lot of maturity will be good for the team's development. At this point, I want a guy who I know is going to be solid if not spectacular instead of gambling on a high-priced rookie who may not contribute.

Collins' record with Grant Hill-type of players is pretty good, and I think Turner can be a little in that mold. Hill or Brandon Roy.

I don't think AI9 can ever live up to his contract, but I think he is clearly a productive player. He gets paid like the top option, but he's a good second or third player on a great team.

Teams that can play defense can beat anyone on any given night -- just look at the Celtics (no, I'm not saying the Sixers are currently as good as the Celtics). With a Jrue/Turner/AI9/Brand/Dalembert as the starting lineup, I believe they are above average to elite in four of the five positions strictly on defense.

Take a look at the four teams still playing. Iguodala would be the 4th-highest paid player on every one of them. I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying he's paid like a #1 option, it isn't even close to being true.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on May 25 at 2:38

goes to show you how long it's been since the Sixers have had a legitimate superstar.

Yea but he would also be the 4th option on those teams too. I think the problem with his salary is that on this team he is getting paid to be the #1 option when that isn't what his role should be. Also his salary only looks bad when lumped in with the other bad contracts on this team.

Dala is NOT being paid to be #1. Brand actually is.

Good post, Brian.

Playing devil's advocate(w/o access to Synergy), I would say that Turner's extremely proficient mid-range game makes him more of a "classic" 2 than Iguodala is. His fairly solid mid-range jumper with good form also provides hope that he could be an above-average 3-pt shooter very soon. That would be my only argument; though my perspective has always been about skill-sets vs designated positions. Turner, as the better ball-handler and better shooter, is the off-guard in the alignment.

I do think that Iguodala at the 3 encourages his dribble-drive game more, given his distinct quickness advantage over most of his contemporaries. Collins talked about getting him to attack the hoop more and try to draw fouls; he has an easier time doing that at the 3-spot, especially with a legitimate scoring 2 that they cannot help off of and a PG that can knock down open shots as well.

I honestly think when Iggy plays the way he does (with the exception of the over-zealous jump-shooting) he is worth every penny of his contract. It shouldn't be difficult to find 20 players in the NBA who are paid more that I would rather not have.

Well one difference between Turner and Iggy I can think of that sets Turner apart as a 2 is the fact that he gets to the basket and not only draws fouls, but shoots FTs at a 79% clip. If Iggy did that he'd be a 20 PPG scorer too.

teddygreen on May 25 at 5:13

It appears that Doug Collins may bring Elton Brand off the bench next season........

So, Doug Collins is the answer, huh? Hey, why not? It worked once, why can’t it work again? After all, there aren’t many people in the world who have seen as much basketball as Collins since he left the coaching ranks in 2003. As an award-winning broadcaster, Collins probably knows the Sixers (and other NBA teams) better than your average new coach.

Already, Collins knows he has to make some adjustments with Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young and Elton Brand. Two of those guys are out of position and the other one needs a good, old-fashioned pep talk

“I thought when Andre was a two and Thaddeus was a three, they were both out of position,” Collins said. “When Andre is a three and Thaddeus a four, that team won 40 games.”

And Brand?

“I want to get Elton and sit down with him and let him know as a guy who lived in this city, how good it is when you're going well,” the new coach said. “It was unbelievable when we started playing good basketball.”


It would make sense if Collins studied the Sixers when Mo Cheeks had success. This team played best when they went with a smaller lineup that ran. Collins can use the Clipper angle and tell Elton Brand how his ex Clipper teammate Lamar Odom gives the Lakers another dimension by coming off the bench...

teddygreen on May 25 at 5:33

From Kate Fagan's article...

On Monday, it took only a few minutes of formalities before Collins was dribble-driving right to the heart of the Sixers' on-court issues: specifically, last season's embarrassing lack of defense and the need to revitalize at least a few players floundering on the roster, namely power forward Elton Brand.

Collins, who will finish calling the Western Conference finals for TNT, could have used a Telestrator as he sat on the podium next to Stefanski and discussed Sixers-specific X's and O's.

Collins even offered an example: the barometer of 45 percent shooting from the floor. Collins said that when he broadcasts a game, he researches a team's record when shooting above that number, its record when shooting below.

"With the Sixers, it wasn't 45 percent, it was 55 percent," Collins continued. "They were 20-54 when they did not shoot 55 percent or better, 7-1 when they did. To me, that means the defense was not getting the job done. This has got to be a team that wins with their defense."

Collins, 58, has previously coached the Chicago Bulls (1986-89), Detroit Pistons (1995-98), and Washington Wizards (2001-03). He has a lifetime NBA coaching record of 332-287. The Sixers made Collins the No. 1 overall pick of the 1973 NBA draft, and he remained with them for his entire NBA career, 1973-81.

"I want to get Elton [Brand] and sit down with him and let him know as a guy who lived in this city, how good it is when you're going well," Collins said. "It was unbelievable when we started playing good basketball . . . this city came alive with basketball and it can happen quickly."

Collins said he wants swingman Andre Iguodala at small forward, taking less jumpers, taking more free throws, and becoming an all-NBA defender. Collins said he wants Thaddeus Young at power forward, because the NBA game is less about big men and more about spreading the floor. And Collins said he wants Jrue Holiday pacing the defense with his relentless on-ball pressure.

Collins has plans, and the plans make sense

Read more: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/sports/20100525_Coach_sees_need_for_more_defense.html#ixzz0ovrDBaDB
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Stanley reply to teddygreen on May 25 at 8:45

Im not a big fan of Young at the 4. If Collins can somehow teach him to defend and rebound, I'll be more comfortable with this. He's not that small for a PF, he gives up maybe 2 inches to the average PF. Brand, Boozer, and Jamison are all 6'9.

So who goes on the bench, Brand or Young?

My guess right now is:

PG: Jrue
SG: Turner
SF: Iguodala
PF: Brand
C: Dalembert

with Lou, Thad, Speights and Kapono rounding out the rotation. 10th man would be either Meeks or Willie Green, depending on whether Meeks continues to shoot like he did at the end of the year.

Brian, I agree that the SF vs SG distinction is somewhat artificial. Iguodala and Turner should be versatile enough to play either position, and it matters more how they fit with their teammates on the floor. Both are maximized when they have shooters to create for.

BTW, their is a huge difference between a versatile player (Iguodala, Turner) who can excel at multiple positions as compared to a tweener like Lou or Thad who's limitations mean they lack a natural position.

If you want to consider SG to mean "scoring guard" on offense then its fair to say Turner and Lou can more efficiently fill that role than Iguodala. When you remove fast break points, IMO Iguodala becomes a not terribly efficient scorer. But add the defense, rebounding, fast break and assists back into the equation and the sum is an excellent player.

While Turner's craftiness should translate well to efficient scoring at the NBA level, but he will make a lot of TO's early in his career (ditto for Jrue.) I also believe Turner can become a good shooter because he will rarely have to attempt a difficult shot from deep. I think Turner will at least try to play like Kobe on offense. Meaning jumpers will mainly be of the midrange variety using length to shoot over people. His handle and crafty moves should allow him to generate shots withing 18 feet, and only shoot from deeper when wide open.

In my opinion Turner and Igoudala have a redundant skill set. This is why moving Igoudala to me makes sense. Turner should be able to step in the league right away and deliver the all-around game Igoudala does on a rookie level contract. Turner should be a better offensive player than Igoudala while at the same time being a little less of a defensive player. I'm not saying they couldn't work well together but I think moving Igoudala to fill one of the many holes on this team (shooting, front court) would be better long-term.

Wrong again. Turner and Iguodala are both versatile players who thrive in different ways. They should be able to play together. That's like saying Jordan & Pippen have "redundant" skill-sets

I think to say Turner "can't shoot" is pushing it a bit. His mechanics look really good to me, kind of like Jrue's last year (and I think Jrue can turn into a consistent 40% 3P shooter). Igoudala's jumper is broken, let's face it. The rest of his game is off the charts. I see Evan Turner as a Paul Pierce-crafty two guard with a deadly mid-range game. AI9 can compliment that if, as Doug Collins said yesterday, he focuses on getting to the rim and getting to the line. Obviously I'm not comparing this team to the Jordan Bulls in the late 90's, but do you guys remember when they used to trot out Jordan, Pippen, Harper, Rodman, Kukoc? All guys who were long and tough and they could literally switch everything on defense. I kind of see that with Jrue/Turner/Igoudala/Thaddeus/Dalembert. Certainly nowhere near the caliber of those Bulls teams, but in today's NBA, that squad should create havoc on defense.

Fake trade of the day: Lou Williams to Atlanta for Zaza Pachulia.

Do you think Iguodala could lock down Turner?

Would be interesting to see them match up in a pre-draft workout.

I think Collins is looking for AI9 to become a better offensive version of Shane Battier. The coach is looking for a 17pts-8reb-5ast STAT line from AI9 without being a focal point of the offense, whatsoever. That's what the coach has to convince AI9 to do for the good of the team not the individual.
If he can get Lou & Speights to play defense, he will be a miracle worker. I suspect some turnover has to happen on our bench and one of those two have to be the prime candidiate I got chills during the press conference. Very optomistic!

eddies' heady's on May 25 at 8:58

Well can I now officially not be considered one of these bogus Iguodala haters since I've been making some of the same arguments in the last week on here about Turner?

And on another note, how do the masses feel on here about Collins saying he sees Thad as a four, implying that he also, like EJ, seems to prefer a 'small ball' lineup?

EJ was villified endlessly on here for attempting to play with only one big on the floor at a time. Collins makes some insightful comments along the same lines and things appear to be quiet on the same front. Thoughts?

I believe he's said the 3 & the 4 positions. When your best players are in the 1, 2(assuming Turner)and the 3, he's got to get minutes somewhere. Lack of Defense/rebounding seems to be the key. If he can get Thad to do more of that maybe he can handle the minutes at the 4.

deepsixersuede reply to eddies' heady's on May 25 at 9:48

I think as a change of pace off the bench 4 he can be effective; 15 to 20 minutes a game and a 2nd unit that runs like the wind , is what I expect Collins to try because all of our good defenders will be starting and to hide the benches defensive deficiences it makes sense to push the tempo when they are in.

I don't like it one bit. Thad isn't a power forward. Against certain teams, you can steal minutes for him there, but if Collins' plan is to make Thad a 20+ mpg power forward he better have some kind of sick defensive scheme to hide him.

Honestly, if Collins is coming into this thinking Thad is going to be a mainstay at the four, I think after he evaluates the roster, Thad is the most likely to leave. He can't play that role, not with the way he's defended and rebounded the past two seasons.

The problem with EJ's small-ball approach is that he would run that lineup with Smith, Speights or Brand as the only big, as opposed to the best shotblocker/defensive rebounder on the roster. You can play small for stretches with Sam as your sole big, especially with plus rebounders around a poor rebounder like Thad. You cannot do that with Jason Smith

Tom Moore on May 25 at 8:59

One of the reasons people don't like Iguodala is that he never seems happy on the court and isn't expressive in a good way. Aaron McKie was talking about this Monday. Iguodala sulks and has terrible body language. He's a good all-around player, but dribbling, outside shooting and leadership remain issues.

Tom Moore on May 25 at 9:31

Link to my Sixers' stories:


Web site troubles are preventing me from posting my morning blog.

Shawn reply to Tom Moore on May 25 at 10:15

Couldn't we use a lineup like this:

1: Jrue
3: Igg
3: Turner
4: Brand/Thad
5: Dalembert / Jodie Meeks (lols)

Couldn't the sixers use this length to create a huge advantage and create mismatches against almost any team?

Jrue is pretty tall for a PG, Igg and Turner on the floor together create defensive mismatches, Iggy being really strong and fast, Turner using his talent to get to the rim and being bigger than anyone guarding him.

I'd say we're a front court (our 4 and 5 situation sucks, especially because its so old) away from being a legit playoff contender in the east.

I really don't understand how Igg and Turner are redundant, i just don't see it. Plus you still have lou will to come off the bench to add speed if necessary at the 2g position

Shawn reply to Shawn on May 25 at 10:17

Plus if Turner indeed turns out as well as we think he would, this would put weaker defenders on Iguodala to get to the rim and get more FTA. I definitely see a spike in his FTA this year, and I think if anything his scoring does not drop at all, and has potential to get into the 19 - 20ppg, 5 assist/ 5 rebound player/ 2 steal / 2 block player we really want him to be.

5 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks per game has been done one time in the history of the game.

shawn reply to Brian on May 25 at 10:27

so sexy.

Shawn reply to Brian on May 25 at 10:31

you know what i mean though right? the stat at the end was more hyperbole, but he could definitely tip to almost 2 steals a game.

charlie ace reply to Shawn on May 25 at 10:42

I really don't understand how Igg and Turner are redundant, i just don't see it.

Neither do I. Turner is a highly skilled finesse player who handles and passes well enough to win the college POY award as a point guard. Iguodala is a slasher with an excellent all-around game. But that's beside the point - the 2 and 3 are such similar positions anyway. Are you supposed to have 2 completely different yet complementary players at those 2 spots, like Kobe & Artest? That's fairly uncommon. Pierce & Ray Allen have different styles but do a lot of the same things. Even Carter & Rashard Lewis aren't all that different since Carter doesn't drive much anymore. (And they both are bad under pressure!)

Both players are versatile and excellent defenders. It's a non-issue. And it's never a bad thing to have 3 good ballhandlers on the floor at the same time. (I think Andre is a good ballhandler.)

Some people see Iguodala and think that all he is
is an athletic freak who lacks fundamentals and can only score via dunks. Those are the same people that have maybe watched 30 minutes combined minutes of two games this season. And unfortunately those are the same people who host local sports radio shows.

from draft express:
Derrick Favors’ measurements (6-8 ¾ without shoes, 7-4 wingspan, 9-2 standing reach) are excellent as well, giving him enough size and length to slide into the center position (once he bulks up) and giving him terrific dimensions for a power forward. As the youngest player in the draft, Favors needs to continue to add bulk to his 245-pound frame, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue at all. As time moves on, he will continue to fill out and add muscle in the weight room.

brian is going to follow favors' career like his own son.

Tom Moore on May 25 at 10:36
Myleskong on May 25 at 10:46

Iggy great when be focuses on defending, getting to the rim, and rebounding. I hate when we get a board and he insist on bringing the ball up with jrue right next to him. He needs to pass the ball to jrue hustle his tail up court to be the recipient of a great pass. He needs to recognize that ballhandling is not a strength of his game albiet he has great court vision. They way he fumbles to ball while driving is just so frustrating. He seems indecisive when he's going to the whole and doesn't have the knack for making tough lay ups. This again frustrates fans and makes them wonder "this is our number 1 guy?"

turner on the other hand seems very aware of where he and the defenders are when driving in traffic and seems to know what to do to get his shot up in those situations. Iggy seems like he's trying to figure it out on the fly.

As someone mentioned, his jumpshot is inconsistent because his mechanics are inconsistent. Turners mechanics look fine. His midrange game is awesome and if you have that and good handle you can play the 2.

OK, here's an exercise for you. Read Fagan's article from today. Then figure out how ESPN read that for their rumor page and came away with this quote:

The team will have to rely on their quickness and not height because Collins plans to start Elton Brand at center, Thaddeus Young at power forward and Andre Iguodala at small forward. Collins knows he needs to help Brand regain his form from two years ago.
Myleskong reply to Brian on May 25 at 10:50

Eskin reported that yesterday.

I heard the Eskin interview, that was never brought up.

Myleskong reply to Brian on May 25 at 11:08

Nevertheless, he reported it.
He said Sam won't play next season. Brand will play center.

He didn't give up his source but that's what he said.

Did he just randomly say it on his show? Is it written somewhere? Did he say someone told him, or is this just him guessing?

Stan reply to Brian on May 25 at 11:06

yuk. We'll get outrebounded. I also guess this means that Dalembert gets traded?

I haven't seen this anywhere else, nor heard it in any of the interviews Collins did yesterday.

Myleskong reply to Brian on May 26 at 18:07

Here's a quote from Fagan. It came from Collins during one on one interviews.
"Here's a few more quotes from Doug Collins, after the press conference: 

"I thought when Andre was a two and Thaddeus was a three, they were both out of position. When Andre is a three and Thaddeus a four, that team won 40 games."

"I want to get Elton and sit down with him and let him know as a guy who lived in this city, how good it is when you're going well. It was unbelievable when we started playing good basketball ... this city came alive with basketball and it can happen quickly. It's so fluid."

Yeah, we knew about him thinking Iguodala was a three and Thad was a four. He hasn't said anywhere that he thinks the starting lineup should be AI at the 3, Thad at the 4 and EB at the 5, though.

This seems wrong. When Collins talks about defense he starts by mentioning Iguadala, Jrue, and Sam. So I was thinking the same starting five as you, Brian.


Which would make the second team:


Unless Collins works some serious magic, you couldn't put this group out all at the same time. I can't think of a *less* defense-first lineup -- it's like something out of an Eddie Jordan fantasy league.

I expect them to pick up a tough-as-nails defensive center to spell Sam. Looking forward to seeing who they come up with.

You have to figure Iguodala, Jrue and Turner are all good for 35+ minutes/game. There's no need for wholesale subs at any time in the backcourt. Up front, though, you're going to have some ugly, ugly combinations if they don't make a move or two.

If you listen to the MM interview with Collins yesterday, it sounds like he's going to be pushing for the Sixers to acquire another pick to get some toughness. I hope that manifests itself in Avery Bradley or a big. The names Collins mentioned were Wall, Turner, Favors, Cousins, Johnson and Udoh when he was talking about the draft.

Here's the link to that interview.

steve reply to Brian on May 25 at 12:02

If we caa get a pick late in the first round we should be targeting Larry Sanders. I've loved this kid for a while now he looks like the next Ben Wallace to me.

I don't think that prospect list meant anything. Collins was just putting out smoke to be coy about the sixers' intentions.

If they can somehow parley the #2 pick into getting Favors and Avery Bradley rather than Turner alone it would hard to pass up. I'd do it just to savor the resulting explosion of crazed hatefulness and rage in the philly sports community.

That said, if Collins likes toughness Favors isn't rumored to be that kind of kid -- although I'm not convinced that the people starting/spreading these rumors know what they're talking about.

I get all the arguments against Thad at the 4, I really do. They make sense. Its just, on the court, we have been much much better with him at the 4 then Elton. Before Elton got here we were playing really well after Thad was inserted into the lineup at the 4. Than after Elton got injured last year, we started playing well again with Thad at the 4 until Thad got injured. I hope next year we take our time and experiment with both Thad at the 4 and Elton at the 4 and see which works better.

ojr107 reply to ojr107 on May 25 at 11:22

I didn't mean to say last year, I guess I should have said two years ago.

Maybe this team is better served having a quicker, smaller guy playing the four. If he doesn't dramatically improve his rebounding and defense, Thad is not that player, though. He just isn't. It's too much of a weakness having a guy grabbing 3.7 defensive rebounds/36 minutes at the four, it's not going to work in any meaningful way.

Myleskong reply to ojr107 on May 25 at 11:40

I think Brand gets exposed against stretch 4's. We will at times need to have a quicker player when we play against those teams. Obviously, Thad gets abused by players with size(Warrick post and bang on him last season was nasty). I love Thad based on his potential and what he showed early on but I'd trade him for Tyrus Thomas. I think having a Ty Thomas to spell Brand while keep the rest of our bigs, sans Jason Smith, would be a huge coupe. Id like to keep Thad if possible though.

teddy green on May 25 at 12:11

From Bob Ford's article from the Inquirer...

It isn't going to be pretty at times. Collins sounds as if he is leaning toward playing Iguodala, Young, and Brand together in the frontcourt, which will make the team undersize at each position. If Jrue Holiday's development is force-fed with added minutes at the point and if shooting guard Evan Turner is the draft pick, the Sixers will be painfully young in the backcourt. Still, it has to be done, and it isn't as if last season was pretty, either.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/sports/20100525_Bob_Ford__Collins_embarking_on_formidable_task.html#ixzz0oxT0BLzX
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Hopefully it's

18min/game of
Brand at 4
Sammy at 5

12mins/game of
Brand at 5
Thad at 4

Sam at 5
Thad at 4

We need to get a look at Sam/Speights. Defense/Offense. EFJ never used that combo last season.

sfw reply to Brian on May 25 at 12:35

Maybe, they will be used together once they learn how to properly defend.

Great conversation. Reading between the lines a little bit here's what I see - The Sixers are going to take Turner unless something drastic happens (like a Godfather offer from another team) or Washington doesn't draft Wall. If the Turner move happens, Igoudala would slide to the 3, where Collins thinks he should be anyway. I caught a piece in something today where Dalembert called Collins and Collins talked to him about being Marcus Camby for them. I actually don't have a problem w/ Sammy, especially since he's in his contract year and will be motivated.

I think Collins might be considering Thad at the four OVER Brand, and trying Brand off the bench to go against the subs from the other team. And Brian is right, Collins will probably see Thad can't play that position and he will become an expendable piece.

The guy who has a real chance to be moved is Lou W. He's proved he can't play PG, he's undersized for the 2, and if Evans is in the fold with Meeks, and (gulp) Green behind him, what's his role? I could see him being moved for a pick or a player. I threw out Pachulia from ATL in an earlier post.

ALSO, if ES and DC fall in love w/ Favors, does anyone see anyway we could swing a deal with the Nets to secure the 3rd pick too? I saw an idea floated where the new Russian owner was interested in bringing AK47 to the Nets and I threw out the idea of moving Igoudala and J. Smith to Utah for Kirilenko and the 9th pick. What if we simply passed along those assets to the Nets for the rights to #3? So basically, would you trade AI9 and Jason Smith for Derrick Favors?

There's a report that Thibodeau is working out a deal with the Hornets. I guess we'll see if he really is a terrible coach just because he didn't land a head coaching job these past two years. My guess is the Hornets will turn into a top defensive team and their record will similarly improve.

Thinks there's any chance Minny or Memphis would want to unload one of their three first round picks? I'd be willing to give up Thad, Lou, or Willy (long shot, I know) for a late first round shot at one of the intriguing big men: Larry Sanders, Gani Lawal, or (my favorite) Kevin Seraphin.

rjb360 reply to rjb360 on May 25 at 14:10

Washington, NJ, and OKC all have multiple late first/early second picks too in addition to their high picks. Someone has to be willing to sell one of these, right?

I think several teams will be willing to sell their picks. You also need to take into account all the teams who are salivating over free agents, and need every penny they can free up to sign one or two guys. Miami and Chicago both fall into this category.

$3M will buy you a pick in the first round somewhere, possibly as high as the late teens.

rjb360 reply to Brian on May 25 at 14:45

Hmmm... so it seems like this could be a golden opportunity to buy low on valuable rebuilding pieces while so many teams are trying to go for the gusto. It will be interesting to see if Stefanski and the ownership will be shrewd and patient enough to take advantage.

bebopdeluxe on May 25 at 20:22

If you buy a pick in the late teens, you are looking at somebody like Larry Sanders - which I am fine with...but he's not Don Reid reincarnated - he's not going to be laying the lumber.

The more I think about this, if they are 1) committed to Turner and 2) committed to reigniting Brand (and I am down with both of these things), then Collins/Stefanski have to AGGRESSIVELY look to move Thad before the draft. The only problem is moving Thad will - at best - probably only get you to 11-12...which means that the caliber of player that you will be choosing from will not be all that much better than simply getting Sanders by buying a pick.

I think I'm gonna go through some NBA rosters and see who needs a SF and has some excess beef on the bench....

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