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MLE Target: J.J. Redick

I'd trade Lou for Redick in a heartbeat.

As I've stated many times I'm not a fan of Lou's attitude. And in the long run if we are wokring to make the team a contender I think it's important to have players with the right attitude and mentality.

Redick is a much better all round player than Kapono.

deepsixersuede on Jun 7 at 8:01

I would love him here, he is a winner. Can someone come up with a way we can get he and Gortat here, would you put a future lottory protected #1 if it was possible?

Myleskong on Jun 7 at 8:43

Redick and Meeks seem a little redundant to me, but I'd trade Lou for him without a second thought.

Ryan F reply to Myleskong on Jun 7 at 17:23

Blasphemous. JJs no MJ, but he has Meeks by more than a tad.

I worry if Reddick is a player who who benefited from being on a good team. Sort of like Kapono when he got a big contract after being on the championship Heat. Put either guy on the Sixers, and suddenly there is not a Shaq or Howard back their to dissuade their man from attacking. And the wide open shots are fewer and far between.

Honestly, I don't trust ES to make any long term MLE signing- as those deals rarely pay off. I would not be signing anyone to a deal that goes past when Brand's contract expires.

Zach Attack on Jun 7 at 9:11

Some joker on realgm rumored a trade going around with Bynum ending up as a Sixers. I would consider it, if we have a big man like Bynum. Other than that, I dislike the idea.

I love a Lou Will for Reddick deal. Two completely different personalities. He would work well with any combination of our wing players if we draft Turner. I can see him getting anywhere from 18-28 minutes a game.

I am not against picking up Reddick.
If we did pick him up, Kapono would have to be sent packing.
There is only room for one 3 pt specialist on this squad, although I would much prefer Reddick over Kapono.

Flyersin7 on Jun 7 at 10:08

If we could sign Korver with our MLE for a cheaper price than Reddick, I would do it.

So what do you think we can get for the 10.6 million dollar expiring contracts of Green and Kapono? Or the 22.8 million dollar expiring of Dalembert, Green, and Kapono? You can also include "prospects" such as Young and Williams

I completely completely completely agree we should target redick. Not only is he a knock down shooter, but he has also had quite a few games with some good assists. Im not saying hes an elite playmaker, but he had alot of games where he picked up alot of assists and rebounds (more then i thought he would get) in a short amount of time. And you saw how svc would play him alot in the 4th quarter of games instead of vince carter. The guy has also been working hard on his game to improve, it would be great if that type of work ethic was contagious.

Does Kapono + Sam get us Reddick + Gortat + Contract #3? Orlando gets two big expiring deals and the chance to go after Melo next summer with the extra cap space. In the meantime they get a defensive upgrade with Sammy and probably a revitalized Kapono looking to showcase for a new deal.

Flabbergasted reply to ryano on Jun 7 at 10:48

Why would we do that? We lose our only defensive big and 18million in expiring contracts for Reddick and a 35 million dollar contract for a backup center. Also the salaries don't match up.

Gortat hasn't had a chance to showcase himself as a full time starter. He's making 6-7 million a year, which isn't terrible for a solid center. Both players are young enough to be a part of the team's future plans and are good character glue guys who know their roles, play hard, and aren't locker room issues. We aren't signing any big names this summer or next so adding them beside Holiday, Turner/Favors, and Iguodala and waiting until Brand comes off the books to make our next big free agent splash give the team a sense of stability and gives Turner/Favors + Jrue + Thad/Speights? room to grow.

Just another option to throw out there. I would much rather trade Lou for Reddick straight up.

Stan reply to ryano on Jun 7 at 12:57

If Gortat was making 3-5million, I would love to have him on this team. However, 7mill/yr is too much to pay for a career backup. I would rather re-sign Dalembert after his contract is over.

Green and Dalembert represent 18 mill in expiring contracts. I would rather sit still or use that to bring in a decent player.

Orlando would not have cap space.
They would just get under the luxury tax.
Lewis, Carter, and Howard make 50 million between the three of them next year.

I would not be against picking up Gortat, if the Polish Hammer can be a solid rebounder and defender.

I also wouldn't mind getting another pick for Luke Babbitt, for much of the same reasons laid out for Reddick


In my last post i talked about an argument i had with my friend, who is a lawyer coincidentally, about how true Sixers fans hate more, the Lakers or the Celtics. I thought the responses were clear but i saw him yesterday and he argued otherwise.

Can we do a poll on depresedfan? NOt about this series, just which team you hate more.



eddies' heady's on Jun 7 at 11:47

Would love to have Korver or Redick as a 20 to 30 min a night guy. Collins loves him some three point shooters too. Hope he doesn't have to settle on Kapono being that guy for just this year. Probably would rather have Korver if I had to choose b/c his release seems quicker to me.

As for the 'dislike team' debate - the Celtics, and the disdain for the Lakers, while it exists, isn't even CLOSE. My hatred for both developed, of course, in the early 80's. But I always hated the Celts more because it seemed we would have to always get by them in the EC semi-finals or EC finals in order to even have a shot at the showtime bunch from movie-land. That's without considering the division rivalry. It use to mean something to me if we could win the Atlantic over those little green leprechauns.

Court_visioN reply to eddies' heady's on Jun 7 at 12:25

dunno about korver and kapono's release time, it seems pretty similar. The big difference is Korver contributes in other areas of the game so even if he isn't hitting all his shots he's not a total liability on the floor.

eddies' heady's reply to Court_visioN on Jun 7 at 12:52

was referring to Korver's release being quicker over Redick's, not JK's

Frederick on Jun 7 at 13:06

What about Dalembert,Young, and Kapono 2011 first round pick(protected) for Tim Duncan?


Elton Brand and Willie Green for Ed Najera, Matt Carrol, and Eric Dampier?

rchap13 reply to Frederick on Jun 7 at 14:05

Duncan is almost ancient! I would rather build for the future than to win now. But I see it from your view. Young guards with a big man that knows how to play the game and is unselfish.

Dunca reply to rchap13 on Jun 7 at 15:01

I would definately do the Brand trade. I would have to think over the Duncan trade, he is 34 and declining, but he is still gives you a decent 18/10

Makes me wonder though...
If the Magic lose JJ, would they be willing to trade for Kapono?
Marcin Gortat, or maybe Brandon Bass?

Thought this was both informative and amusing... copied from realgm (not insider rumors:


Sixers are starting to call people about ticket plans. I got called this morning. Their marketing slogan is that new coach, Iguodala playing his natural position with a true SG coming in. Guy literally said that to me.

Postby Sixersftw:

Iguodala was at game 4 decked out in Flyers gear.

Noticed The Villain gave a shout out to the flyers on his twitter. I like that these Chicago guys know where their bread is buttered.

jkay reply to tk76 on Jun 7 at 20:05

yeah like it was all a bad dream.
that should be their new slogan: "Philadelphia 76ers - its a new day!"

Willie could eat Lou's lunch´╗┐ any day of the week and twice on Sunday. He should be running the point, not Lou. If Green was running the point, even with Iverson the Sixers would be at least 10 games above .500 right now. He's easily the most underrated player in the league, led alone on the Sixers. He was doing what Lou does now when Lou was in HS, and Green is a much smarter player who always plays hard and plays D, and not to mention he's the best free-throw shooter the Sixers have.

Ryan F reply to Harold on Jun 7 at 18:57

Willie Green is a mediocre bench guy on bad teams, and a practice squad diva on a good team.

rchap13 reply to Harold on Jun 7 at 19:18

Neither one should be running point. Jrue holiday should. And lou should get traded, I appreciate Willie but we should not resign him when his contract expires.

That's hilarious. The most exciting thing about the sixers last year (apart from Elton's hard fouls) was watching the amazing adventure of Willie attempting to bring the ball up the court against pressure. All the 'no way to guess what will happen next' of Jordan's post-game interviews but without the jaw dropping strangeness.

Willie Green > Eric Snow

johnrosz reply to Harold on Jun 7 at 21:22

You're kidding right?

ojr107 reply to johnrosz on Jun 7 at 21:50

I second that. Snow was A) a great defender and B) real point guard. Willie Green isn't a point or a shooting guard. Can't really do much of anything.

Interesting. Willie always makes me think of Hal Greer.

Eric Snow's best season:
12.9 pts/game - 3.7reb -
in 37mins/game

Willie Green's best season:
12.5 pts/game - 2.5rebs -
in 26min/game

Last season:
Jrue Holliday: 8pts/game - 2.6rebs - 3.8assists
Willie Green: 8.7pts - 2rebs- 2.2 assists

Dear Mr. Doug Collins,

Please do us a favor and start Willie Green.

Willie Green is a fucking scrub.

Willie Greene

Harold reply to The Greek on Jun 7 at 23:09

Willie Green is the most underrated player in the NBA, and given the opportunity he can be a star. Maybe not on a Steve Nash level but definately better than Jameer Nelson, Rodney Stuckey, or Chauncey Billups. Jrue is nothing more than a poor mans Darrell Armstrong.

jkay reply to Harold on Jun 7 at 23:13

i'll do you a favor and pretend that was sarcasm.


Guys Willie has no weakness in his game. He is a good defender, rebounder, passer, and jump shooter. He can also get has a nice crossover and can get to the hoop. He has the ability and athleticism to play both SG and PG and gaurd players of both positions.

Ive never seen Eric Snow do anything close to this

rchap13 reply to Harold on Jun 8 at 0:13

Harold r u kidding me? So u would rather start a 30 something year old guy that won't improve anymore over 19 year old pure point guard that has the upside to be a star point guard in this league? And jrue is a way better 3 point shooter, defender and playmaker.(and rebounder ).

unlike most I have no ill sentiment towards WG. I even liked him when he used to drop 25-30 point games on the occasional Iverson-less night back in the day.
WG is a hard worker. he puts a effort into trying to defend unfortunately that alone doesnt guarantee success. he's better than Lou which speaks more about the latter.
WG shoots at a high volume. a lot. he doesnt get to the rim but prefers taking 20ft jumpshots, catch and shoot, off screens. if they're not falling at a high rate, you're screwed. that kinda game has only been suited for guys who can actually shoot.
WG like his buddy Iguodala falls in love with the shot if its falling and then proceeds to chuck a million more a la 'heat check'
WG doesnt pass, if he does, he's giving it up so he can set himself to get it again.
WG doesnt rebound the ball. honestly i have no idea why the stats say otherwise but i cannot prove otherwise so i'll pass.
WG possessed average athleticism and his combination of good upper body strength, ok handles makes him the one of the few SIXERS that is able to get his shot off by himself. though the probability of that being a good play is about as high as a Sammy post up.

if there was a WG mixtape, it would be subtitled; the definition of mediocre. the only reason Willie gets all the hatin is partly cos of his contract and his penchant for airing it out but mostly just bcos he is starting and getting minutes when he is a CAREER BENCH player.

I'm going to assume Harold is Willie Green's agent.

Jeff reply to Brian on Jun 8 at 2:25

Did you check out those stat comparisons? Pretty impressive...

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