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John Wall at #2?

In a situation where you have two guys who excel mainly when they play on the ball (wall and holiday), which one do you relegate to playing more off the ball? jrue obviously did not exceed at this at the college level, but wall is a pure point guard after all. this scenario is definitely unlikely, but really interesting to think about.

The Timberwolves would never make this trade...

And if they do who's to say they will actually pick Turner. For all i know the T-wolves are hot for Turner only because the have zero chance of landing Wall. Without Rubio they don't have a true PG either (i don't trust Flynn at all).

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Jun 9 at 7:22

If Minn. makes this deal, I agree, they take Wall and than at #16 the best s.g. that fits Rambis!s triangle. But Wall/Holliday works as much to me as Turner/Holliday because Wall and Turner both ,as of now, need the ball to be effective.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 9 at 7:29

I want to rephrase my last statement; they are both more effective with the ball in their hands. Guys, if Jrue slid over to s.g. is there a s.g. he reminds you of?

Myleskong reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 9 at 11:41

Joe Dumars and Kirk Hinrich, who, by the way, were in the very similar situations.

Rich reply to Myleskong on Jun 9 at 13:48

Those are two pretty good names. With Jrue's first year, I feel his playmaking ability supersedes Hinrich's. Hinrich could easily handle a team and get them into their sets, but Jrue's ability to create off the dribble is much better. That's why I think it would be more of a waste to have Jrue slide over than Hinrich, because you'd be wasting a guy with better PG skills.

Would you trade Thad+EB+#2 to Minny, for #4,#23, Rubio and Jefferson?

I might be in minority, but i would without a doubt. Rubio> Jrue, and Jrue has trade value, plus we can hold on to the rights of rubio for another year and see what Jrue does in his 2nd season, both have good trade value i'd guess.

Absolutely YES!!!

Rubio is going to be amazing. However the Sixers management have proven to be reluctant at best to taking International players, so i can't see it happening.

The starting lineup could be:


It might require sending either Rubio or Holiday for a star SG, but is a minor worry compared to our current team.

There hasn't been a lot of talk on this site about Hassan Whiteside, but if we got another pick, I would love to pick him up. I know there were some character concerns about him, but it seems like he has a good attitude.


Felough on Jun 9 at 15:19

Evan Turner and Marreese Speights for Blake Griffin

PG: Holliday
SG: Henry
SF: Igoudala
PF: Griffin
C: Dalembert

PG: Baron Davis
SG: Eric Gordon
SF: Evan Turner
PF: Chris Kaman
C: DeAndre Jordan

No way... I don't like Griffin. I think he will struggle with injuries in his career.

Would any1 do #2 for #4 and Rubio?

The Greek reply to Jason on Jun 9 at 17:12

faster then you could say that lou williams is a fukn scrub

Rubio is worth a top 3 pick alone. The #4 would only be a bonus :)

Rich reply to Xsago on Jun 9 at 18:18

Is he to the Sixers though? Let it be known that I love Rubio and think he's a great talent, but we already have a PG for the future. Plus, I know what Jrue looks like as a player in the NBA and that includes his defense. There's something to be said for not knowing what Ricky (I love the first names on the back of jerseys) will do against NBA players. I think he will be pretty damn good, but then we have two good PG's and we sell one of the for 75 cents on the dollar. I don't know, I think I'd rather scoop up Turner now.

Here's the other thing too: If Rubio won't play with Jonny Flynn, do you think he will play with Jrue?

Jason reply to Rich on Jun 9 at 19:33

I think he would as Jrue can play off the ball where Flynn (note he might not excel, but if he isn't working out off the ball i'm sure plenty of teams would be willing to trade for Jrue come deadline time or before next years draft) is useless and has to be a PG in the league.

Rich reply to Xsago on Jun 9 at 18:21

That being said, Rubio would be a nice coup if we can package him and let's say Cousins for the #2 pick. We would definitely need to think about that one. Imagine if him and Jrue played together. They would be like a great RB duo in football with a power back (Jrue) and then the speed/pass-catching guy (Rubio). They both have pretty good size, so that might be worth the gamble to try and see if they can coexist for 10 minutes a game.

Jrue + Speights/Thad + #2 for #1 + Crap?

Jason reply to CG on Jun 9 at 20:42

Would have to think John Wall is going to be a Tier 1 superstar if you offer that.

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