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An Era Begins

Turtle Bay on May 31 at 4:09

Not sure if the second one is Speights, but I think that Collins should sit down with him as well. The guy has so much talent, that even though it seems that his wok ethic isn't where everyone would like it to be, if Collins can get the most out of him, it could have a very significant impact on this franchise. Not saying that Collins is a miracle worker, but if he can truly get the most out of Speights' vast potential, that will be worth the signing alone.

He can definitely help Speights, but whether or not he has a career beyond being a hefty scoring big off the bench is ultimately up to him. If he doesn't shape up, I don't think Collins is the type of guy who's just going to hand him minutes out of necessity.

OBNOXIOUS GERMAN on May 31 at 4:17

First one: Gonna go with Iguodala?
Second One: Definetly Lou I am about 100% positive here, I have owned him several times on Twitter where he would respond only to look like an idiot. Thats exactly how he views his career.

Collins is saying all the right things and it looks like this franchise could be headed to a very bright future. I havn't been this excited for a season since the first year of Brand :(

You nailed the second one. An anonymous fan sent me that one, I won't name him because Lou blocks anyone who speaks ill of him on Twitter.

Wrong on the first one, though.

I wouldn't mind Lou going just so Turner can get some backup PG minutes. I'd like to see Collins' face watching Lou play D at this tryout camp. I wish the Sixers would charge 10 bucks to see that. I would pay to see that.

1st one sounds like either Jrue or Thad, since we eliminated Iguodala.

First one is Jrue, I read it somewhere... 2nd one is Lou, but I'm late with this a bit

Yup, the first one is Jrue.

First one is actually Jason Kapono

Over this holiday weekend seems like a lot of unfamilar blogger names commenting on the site. Some good conversation. Has this sudden change in a positive direction by Sixers management generated comments from those who previously had just read the blog?

Does Hedu have anything left? Does he play any defense? I guess Toronto is looking to unload him?

If so, would you send Lou, Willie plus either Thad or Speights for him? I think he has 4 years at 44 mil left on his salary. Coming off the bench behind Jrue, Turner & AI9 plus playing as a stretch power forward?

bdownbear reply to sfw on May 31 at 8:57

If Brand is involved then yes...........If not, NO!!!!

johnrosz reply to sfw on May 31 at 14:15

i don't want that fat, pizza eating, chain smoking, illness faking turd on my team. Elton is an albatross too but at least he's a good influence.

Please God, no Hedo. That guy is a tremendous douche. Toronto gives him a tremendous contract, and how does he repay them? Parties all night before games until he's benched and finally scratched. Rather than shape up, demands a trade to another team at the end of the season. But no, of course he won't cancel his contract, those are set in stone and must be obeyed.

What an assclown. Please, we don't need any more of those on our team.

Is the first one Jason Kapono ? Hmm...If hes working that hard it just tells me he just doesnt have that much ability, outside of shooting.
The second one, Lou. Well, His comment is an issue because its coming from him, a overpaid, subpar player where he is clearly not living up to his contract or ability. All these guys have lives and no one is in the gym 24/7. But its not unreasonable to expect these guys to put in 8 hours a day of work(off season too) just like the rest of us. Dont just do what the MANDATORY stuff is, you have many holes in your game. Bust your ass and fix them, or at least improve to the point where your not such a defensive liability.
Guys like Lou and most of the rest of the NBA will work hard maybe 6 or 7 years of THEIR ENTIRE LIFE, and if they have a clue about finances they will never have to work again. So yeah Lou, we know you have a life but every opportunity you get to work on your game you should, the Sixers committed a lot of money to you, time for you to pay them back.

I wonder if Lou is upset that the coach hasn't called to meet with him individually. I don't know if the coach has acknowledged him yet as a part of his plans.

Stan reply to sfw on May 31 at 10:35

That's odd. I don't think he has mentioned him or Speights.

Im going to say the first one is Willie Green. He seems like the who works hard in the gym and the coaches like his work ethic. The only problem is that he lacks fundamentals (defense and passing), and he takes a lot of transition shots which frustrate the hell out if me.

Myleskong on May 31 at 10:35

The first is Holiday!

The first quote is from:


I found it doing a yahoo search.

So are we going to hire Will Smith as a life coach :) He is a Philly gut...

"Quotes from Will Smith:

“The separation of talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel, who have dreams, who want to do things. Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.

I’ve never really viewed myself as particularly talented. Where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethic. You know, while the other guy’s sleeping, I’m working. While the other guys’ eating, I’m working.

There’s no easy way around it. No matter how talented you are, your talent is going to fail you if you’re not skilled. If you don’t study, if you don’t work really hard and dedicate yourself to being better every single day, you’ll never be able to communicate with people - with your artistry - the way that you want….

The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is: I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me; you might be smarter than me. But if we get on a treadmill together, there’s two things: you’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die.

It’s really that simple."

bdownbear reply to tk76 on May 31 at 11:37

They have to play that Fresh Prince song as their intro this year. That song to me is Philadelphia.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to tk76 on May 31 at 21:45

what the hell is he talking about. he is a mega movie star who got his first gig as a fun-loving rhymer and then a show where he playa a fun-loving slacker. both of those roles he is just being himself.

im sure its pretty easy to put on 20 lbs of muscle when you are already worth a couple million and dont need a real job

He didn't portray a slacker. He portrayed a troubled teen who developed into a mature and respectable man.



I am personally really shocked that the 2nd quote is Lou. Can someone explain to me what in the world does HE have to do outside of basketball? He is not married and has no children, basketball should be his life. IF he paid his time now in the gym, when he gets a family he could have another life and still be successful.

And, I dropped Lou on twitter so he can't block me. Got sick of all the garbage on his twitter.

It will be real interesting watching Lou this year assuming he is still with the team!

deepsixersuede reply to DeanH on May 31 at 12:57

He used to have a radio show, I believe. I can!t wait till late June.

charlie ace reply to DeanH on Jun 1 at 10:22

Can you give me an idea of the sort of thing Lou tweets?

Here's the full quote from Jrue:

"When everybody is asleep, I am up working, staying up late, getting up extra shots. It pays off."

The interview was on Philadunkia.

Yeah, I remember reading in another interview that he is "working on his explosiveness." I also read how Roy had worked on that and really reaped benefits (Dannie had a link on reclinergm.) Given Jrue's physical style at PG a bit more explosiveness could really help him be an impact player.

Come to think of it, Turner should probably start working with him soon too.

deepsixersuede on May 31 at 13:00

Does our new coach take anything more out of this team workout? Does it clue him in more on who to draft or alter how to proceed on draft night?

It's possible. Maybe more by someone's absence than by what he sees on the floor. It's only 3 days, after all.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on May 31 at 13:10

Deleo really believed in these guys when they were drafted, hopefully Doug will get the most out of them. Coach mentioned finding out who could play on a championship level team and who can!t, this will be an interesting summer.

I'm not sure you can really say DiLeo really liked these guys when we drafted them. What you can say is something like, DiLeo really liked Speights at #17 in the draft, or Thad at #12, or Jason Smith at #19. It's not like we're really talking about high picks here, we're talking about mid first-rounders, and while they do have time and resources invested in each of them, I don't see a problem cutting bait with any of them either.

On Collins comments so far on Lou/Speights:

I saw a video on csnphilly(I believe) where he discussed Lou/Speights a little stating that if those guys want their named dialed on the offensive end then they are going to have to give him something on the defensive end first. He went on to say that anyone even thinking of playing the last eight minutes of the game with him as the coach better know how to play defense or you aren't getting on the floor. My probability of our young guys turning themselves into servicable defenders are: Thad - 75%, Speights - 55% and crybaby Lou - 30%. Just my opinion on those 3 guys.

Spreights still deserves the benefit of the doubt. He might turn it around enough to be a useful NBA player.

Lou Williams is a loser. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt last year. Still, the most vivid memory I have of him last season is smiling ear-to-ear in the 4th qtr in Atlanta when they were getting destroyed. Lou didn't care. He was just happy to be putting up a scoring display in front of his family & numerous friends at the game.

Basically what you have with Williams is what you get at this point - a guy who is useful off the bench as a slasher/scorer but who is useless as a defender and limited in other ways. He definitely can play in the NBA. Just no business starting for any time or getting appreciable minutes.

Maybe I am wrong & suddenly in his 6th season something clips. I doubt highly it. My bet is that Williams gets really frustrated with riding the pine so much next year & gets dealt because Collins is stick of his crap attitude/work ethic.

The Greek reply to MG77 on May 31 at 17:55

Yes this is like someone came into my mind and stole my thoughts! Lou is a fkn loser, always has been and always will be a selfish piece of shit on the court.

deepsixersuede on May 31 at 20:38

I would like to play "devil!s advocate " on a trade with Minnesota on draft night. A swap of #2 and Elton for #4 and Jefferson to be specific. A straight up swap works and clears 3 million off the cap along with another million on moving down 2 spots.If luxury tax is an issue than financially it makes sense. [almost 4 million savings].

But the basketball side matters more to us fans; how do we improve there? Brian has talked about giving Jrue a young big to grow with, and Jefferson is 25 and has career averages of 19, 10, and 1.5 blocks per 36 minutes. The blocks surprised me and combining his and Sam!s makes for an imposing front line. Add to that that Wes Johnson, at #4, is also long and a plus on the rebounding and shot blocking side and this trade makes sense on the defensive side of the ball.

This trade puts a ready to win, ready to grow core together all in the 20 to 28 [Sam] range and adds 2 pieces, low post stud and best jump shot in this draft, and if Johnson is what I hope he is, allows Iggy to possibly be the 3rd option we all hope he could become.

Gdog2004 reply to deepsixersuede on May 31 at 20:41

This trade scenario wouldn't upset me too much. Unless Evan Turner turns into paul pierce , then it upsets me greatly.
I also like the idea of trading with NJ and getting courtney lee and the third pick.

deepsixersuede reply to Gdog2004 on May 31 at 21:12

We talk about our young guys finally having a coach, well if you look at Jefferson!s coaches and p.g.!s in his career imagine what he may become with Collins and Jrue.Is 25 and 10 out of the question? And Brand being gone would be icing on the cake.

So are you having Sam guard the PF position, because I think Al Jeff is too slow?

Turtle Bay reply to tk76 on May 31 at 22:14

Wes Johnson
Al Jefferson
+ cash


Evan Turner

Not hating the first option at all

Turtle Bay reply to Turtle Bay on May 31 at 22:15

The worry is that Jefferson could turn into Brand if he continues to struggle with injuries and never plays like his old self.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on May 31 at 22:54

how many teams have 2 dominant 4/5!s. The difference between Jefferson and Elton is that Jefferson will draw a doubleteam and take advantage of an athletic stretch four where Elton couldn!t. Yes I feel Sam showed that last year covering Bosh.And Collins probably has ways of covering for one below average defender in our starting 5.

I'm going to have to chime in here and say Al Jefferson is pretty much garbage. If you want a slow, injury prone big who will score points for in a somewhat efficient manner while killing you on the defensive end, all you have to do is play Marreese Speights more minutes than he's earned. There's no need to trade for Al Jefferson.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on May 31 at 22:55

my two cents: you don't trade the #2 pick to get rid of Brand's contract.

deepsixersuede reply to Court_visioN on May 31 at 23:05

I was looking at it from a basketball perspective and if Turner and Elton for the next 3 years is way better than Jefferson and Johnson than you don!t do it but if it is close maybe you do.

Lets put it this way. It only makes sense if Favors falls to #4. Than it would be a great trade. Otherwise i don't like it, although i do think Jefferson is a pretty good player (i know Brian disagrees, we already discussed it once). Favors and Turner are the guys we should target. Cousins and Johnson not so much.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on May 31 at 22:58

Brian, you are better with the numbers and now that you have synergy could you get a read on Jefferson and how efficient he is? He shoots a good percentage but I know there is more to it than that. Will be be much worse and slower defensively than Elton? We don!t get to see him much here.Sam would be the best defensive big he probably ever played with.

Giving up Turner to dump Brand's contract would completely deflate the fan base. Why give up 10 years of a potentially amazing backcourt to get rid of a crappy contract and get an injury prone guy who doesn't play much D back?

Just keep Turner and build. I hope Doug Collins has a good deal of say in the turnover of the roster. The second pick allows us to build while not blowing everything up. Just be patient and construct a team that will contend for a long period of time.

The pure number to look at for scoring efficiency is true shooting percentage. Here's a look at where Jefferson ranked among C/PF who played more than 20 games last season.

He doesn't get to the line as much as you'd like. He can't step out on the pick-and-pop play. The effort isn't there on the defensive end, and even if it was, I don't think he's got the athleticism to defend the five.

Honestly, he's a name because of his PPG totals from a couple years ago, but for my money, those numbers were a result of Minny giving him too many shots.

I wasn't kidding at all with my comment about Speights earlier. Give him the minutes Jefferson has gotten in Minnesota, and the same number of those, and I believe Speights would produce more. Jefferson would probably out-rebound him, but otherwise, it's basically a wash.

charlie ace reply to Brian on Jun 1 at 10:21

Agree. Jefferson has poor lateral movement and is slow. For those reasons alone he'll never be a good defender.

Do you think Speights is slow? He seems pretty quick to me. Speights has the tools to be a good defender (most guys do) but I have doubts about his attitude.

He seemed slow after he got fat.

Turner has a chance to be really good, but he's never going to dominate a game with his athleticism like Wade, or LeBron for that matter. Those guys do things on the floor no one else in the world is capable of, Turner isn't close to that.

We need a nickname for Jrue, it's time, he's earned one, i love Jruth or The Jruth, but damn Paul Pierce has something similar. Also, I want Jrue to have his first name on the back of his jersey instead holiday.

OBNOXIOUS GERMAN on Jun 1 at 1:51

I agree with Brian on Al Jefferson. However Jefferson is one of the most versatile post scorers in the NBA. I don't view him as a winning player though as he leaves much to be desired on the defensive end. His contract is terrible too IMO and I am not going to give up Evan Turner(someone who I believe has "it") just to get rid of Brand for someone that's equally as bad. Not a fan of trading out of the top 3 entirely.

I am pretty convinced that Evan Turner absolutely cannot be passed up here. Guy seems like one of those dudes that just strives for perfection.

Lou Williams is almost certainly the player the team will move this summer, especially if they draft Turner. With Lou's inability to play the 1, and not really having the size to play the two for any significant length of time, where's he going to get minutes? Throw in the fact they still have Green (he stinks, but still) and Meeks for at least another year, they've got the depth to let Lou go. My bet is that after someone overpays for Joe Johnson, ATL will come calling and offer either their draft pick (#23, I believe) or Zaza Pachulia. I'd make either move.

I'm hoping i could raise my running time to sixty minutes in 3 weeks.

I really hope i could raise my run time to fourty minutes in 3 weeks.

I trot on my treadmill daily. I prefer work-out with music. The lyrics I really like best are motivational and also the tempo that adjusts for the session i am doing.

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