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Doug Collins Confidence Meter - June

I'd put it at an 8 or 9 so far. I'm confident that the team will trend upward with every one of Collins' words/actions so far, which is all I need for confidence, moving in the right direction. Let's hope he keeps it up.

Rob_STC on Jun 1 at 7:07

Sky high for a change. Last year I kind of liked the hire but didn't have the confidence. I like the fact that it seems Doug will have more input than normally what a coach might have.


Curious what you thought of David Aldredge 's piece on NBA.com about scheduling workouts before the draft and Doug's input ?

I haven't seen it yet. Do you have a link?

deepsixersuede on Jun 1 at 7:18

Right now his media savvy and ability to communicate to his players what he wants from them are both head and shoulders above our recent coaches. I hope the rest of his game is as good, and expect it to be.

So far he's done everything right. The fact that he can provide input into personnel matters gives me more confidence in the front office also. Gave him an 8. I think I gave our previous coach a 4. What a difference a year makes!

I am also in agreement with those who want to stay at the 2 spot and draft Turner. He does seem to have the work ethic and leadership skills lacking on this roster. With Collins and Turner on board there is hope in Sixerville!

Being that we are the clippers of the east I expect them to draft Favors with the second pick instead of doing the right thing and drafting the best player in college basketball.

sfw reply to The Greek on Jun 1 at 8:43

Hopefully not. This team needs a severe chemistry change. If a young player is added who does not have an impact this year, multiple moves must be done to alter the roster. That will be more difficult than sitting on #2 and selecting Turner. I think selecting Turner and moving Speights or Lou(plus) for an impact rotational player(Big man) is the most fool proof way to go.

I gave him a 7. Collins became a good choice after they won the #2 pick because now they can both win now and draft the best player available. Collins has said all the right things to help assuage fears about him regarding pace of place and being patient enough to build long term.

I am disappointed that ES is still in charge. There are a lot of key decisions ahead, and if Turner is drafted the frontcourt will be a major question mark at both PF and C. This team will be 100% ES's making after they decide on what to do about Thad. By next summer every player on the roster will be acquired, drafted or extended by ES.

I don't know what "pace of place" means. Should read "pace of player."

or even "pace of play." :)

Saw it in my google alert, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Meetings all morning, then I'll probably put a post up about it.

Zach Attack on Jun 1 at 9:14

Liking ET's tweet............. @JeffBoals if you give et the ball in crunch time he will win you 9.9 out of 10 games

With the addition of ET, I picked 8. A confident coach and players (Turner, Iguodala, and Holiday), what is not to love about that.

Tom Moore on Jun 1 at 9:49

Hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend. I'm thinking 6.5, but there are certainly reasons to be optimistic.


Are there any disgruntled superstar PF/Cs out there? Like Shaq in 05', or Gasol and Garnett in 07'?

10- Lakers/Celtics
09- Lakers
08- Celtics
07- Spurs
06- Heat
05- Spurs

because that's been the winning formula for 4 of the past 5 years. We have the expiring contracts and the young players to do it.

I saw we trade Young, Williams, Green, Kapono, and Dalembert for Bosh.

We sign C.J Watson and trade Jason Smith, future first, and Jodie Meeks for a draft pick and select Hassan Whiteside.

Our roster will look like this:

C: Whiteside- Speights
PF: Bosh- Brand
SF: Igoudala-
SG: Turner- Carney
PG: Holliday- Watson

Bosh would have to want to come here since he is a FA. Not sure he could be sold on Philly.

Brabin reply to tk76 on Jun 1 at 10:37

He has 3 options

1. Stay in Toronto
2. Sign and trade with a team and make 20-25mill/yr
3. Sign with a good team and make 15mill/yr

I had an argument with my friend on Saturday night about which team do true Sixers fans hate more, the Celtics or the Lakers?

He said the Lakers and I said the Celtics.

Who do you hate more?

I don't know... but it bothers me more when the Celtics win. But maybe that is because they are in the East.

Celtics, always the Celtics. And it's not even really that close.

charlie ace reply to CSTH on Jun 1 at 10:29

Easily the Celtics. But paradoxically, I'm gonna root for them because I don't like Kobe and I like to stick with the Atlantic division.

I guess I'm kinda torn.

In the early 70s, I liked the Lakers because they had West & Chamberlain (and because the Sixers stunk).

Gerald reply to CSTH on Jun 1 at 10:33

Celtics. 2 years ago it was the Lakers. I hated how all of the celebrities were rooting for the Lakers and the fact that they were the team that most casual fans root for(i.e Yankees, Cowboys). I was also fans of Peirce, Garnett and Allen and felt as though they deserved a championship.

But now I can't stand the Celtics. They talk so much trash and are full of shit.

They whine about EVERY call.
They celebrate whenever they score, even when they're up by 20 pts.
They act like victims and play as if the whole world is rooting against them.
They are snobs and look down on inferior teams.
Everyone on that team flops.

My favorite is how they take turns pretending to be seriously injured every time they take a foul. I'm convinced there's something in the water in Boston that makes their athletes act like sissies.

Stan reply to Brian on Jun 1 at 11:28

Paul Peirce getting carried off in a wheel-chair thing was epic.

jkay reply to Stan on Jun 1 at 11:52

yeah tell me bout it.
Cs, no contest.

always riding that fake 'we are the underdogs', 'we get no repect' chip on their shoulder s*** like its Rocky or sumthin.

Cotton reply to Gerald on Jun 1 at 12:25

I completely agree, Gerald.

It was refreshing 2 years ago, and anyone that didn't want KG to get a ring after his career up until then was made of wood.

Now these guys aren't even likable. For the first time in my life (and since moving to Los Angeles), I'm stuck rooting for the Lakers because... they're not the Celtics.

Usually, if neither team is the Sixers I root for whichever team has more players from the Philly area. Rasheed vs. Kobe! Rasheed is hilarious and underachieving. I went to high school next door to Kobe and remember watching him dunk on my friends as a junior, and he damaged a friend of mine's video camera because she caught footage of him complaining about Iverson. These two things cancel one another out. So... Go Lakers?

On more thing, the Lakers and Celtics have the two most unbearable fan bases in the league. At this point I'd almost rather the Knicks were on top.

Thank God we haven't had to deal with the Knicks being good for a decade.

Jason Mess on Jun 1 at 11:43

I think he has a great track record with young players. I also think that his time on TV kept him in touch and from getting to closed minded. With that being said once he has seen every player at a couple of practices will he be able to help turn around the player that want to. Will he be able to move players out who seem like they will not buy in?

The only player that he really needs to move out, if he doesn't want him, is Lou. He's the only one with a real contract (I'm not counting Brand here). If he wants to get rid of Speights, he won't have a problem. If he doesn't think Thad fits, he can probably trade him, but even if he can't, he can be cut after the season with no cap implications, same goes with Jason Smith.

The real question for this season/next summer is should Thad be extended.

OBNOXIOUS GERMAN on Jun 1 at 13:25

I will never hate another non NY team more than the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is the biggest POS in the league. Instead of being happy winning more championships with Shaq, he had to kick him out since he "wanted to be the man" What do they get? 33 win season and miss the playoffs. LA doesn't get past the first round until they got another superstar bigman in Gasol yet Kobe gets nearly all the credit for their recent success when that team is loaded with more talent than any team this decade.

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