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Favors Vs. Cousins - The Workout

Remember when Sheldon Williams declined a workout from the Sixers because he thought he wouldn't be drafted so low? His girlfriend will have a better basketball career than him.

It would be more interesting to see Brand matched up against these guys.

Aging veteran who no one believes vs. overacheiving rookie

Brand would be fighting for his pride and his job while the rookie will be fighting for millions of dollars. It would also be nice to see how NBA ready these guys are.

I also want to see a Wes Johnson/Evan Turner matchup, to see if trading down is worth it.

Jason Mess on Jun 1 at 11:48

I think you hit the nail right on the head Brian. If the sixers don't work these guys out to see who they really like better and get offered a trade they can not refuse for the #2 pick on draft day they would be up a creek without a paddle.

Gotta explore all your options. Maybe someone makes you an offer you just can't refuse. Enjoy this process. Don't agree will Aldridge's assessment of this.

The Kings put up detailed video from their workouts. Wish the Sixers would do the same. but their website is sort of an afterthought (especially compared to the Eagles site.)

I remember seeing video of BJ Mullens shooting threes after his workout last summer. Thrilling and useful stuff.

There was a 5 min Jrue vid last year. Production value low, but was worth watching.

Oddly enough, I recently came across this video of B.J. Mullen's in a Summer League game after he was drafted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnHbqlaLx1o

He looks quite good against shorter players - of course he basically couldn't get on the court in a real NBA game. Thus "Summer league star" has become a well know left handed compliment, and a reminder of how difficult it is to project non-NBA performance to the league.

The workout I'd want to see is Turner being guarded by Iguodala or Jrue in a 5 on 5 setting. My only question about Turner is whether he can be dominant at the pro level. The Sixers have two excellent wing defenders- it would be great to see how Turner handles them.

If I was Collins, I'd actually try to get a ton of reps in practice with Turner trying to score on those guys. That would help him a lot more than being guarded by Lou for the B team.

"These guys played against each other in high school, and from what I've heard, Favors absolutely dominated Cousins."

I wouldn't say he dominated him. Favors had 19/8 on 9-13 shooting with a block. Cousins had 14/8 on 6-9 shooting with an assist and a block. Favors won, but it's not like he absolutely dominated. I'll have to go back and re-watch the video.

It would be criminally negligent for the Sixers not to work out the 3rd and 4th best prospects in the draft.

They faced each other twice. One with their high schools -


and once in the McDonald's all star game -


Cousins HS won the first game and Favors all star team won the other. Favors led in scoring on both occasions.

Ebomb reply to Derek Bodner on Jun 1 at 15:45

I agree with your take, but I have Cousins' team winning 78-66 with the following stat lines:

Favors: 36 Points, 19 Rebounds, 4 Blocks

Cousins: 21 Points, 12 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 5 Blocks, 1 Turnover, 9-13 from the field.

I guess it's possible that they played twice, but Cousins looks to be the more well rounded player in this head to head dubbed "Battle of Birmingham" by the website you are associated with.

They faced each other twice - once with their high schools and once in the McDonald's all star game. I tried to post links to write-ups about this game, but this blog seems to be running software that thinks a post with more than one link is spam.

Summary - Favors scored more in both games. Cousins HS team won the first game and Favors' all star team won the McDonald's.

Huh. I completely forgot about the high school game.

Just remembered, it was Chad Ford during the combine that said Favors dominated. I should know better than to quote him.

mrsleepy80@hotmail.com on Jun 1 at 15:12

Just how bad is Al Jefferson's defense? I have to say, getting a 25 year old center and the #4 for the # 2 who can get 20/10 has to be at least somewhat considered, but if he terrible on defense, eh.

He's very, very bad on defense. Plus, he's slow, injury prone, and he takes too many shots to get those 20 ppg. Again, if that's what you're after, then just play Speights 30+ minutes/game and save yourself about $12M/year.

Ebomb reply to Brian on Jun 1 at 15:33

Should we also mention that he is a Top 20 guys in the NBA in blocks, he does well guarding strength based players, he may shoot more shots than other players to get his points, but he also turns it over SIGNIFICANTLY less than his peers, which isn't factored into TS% where he doesn't fare well but is a huge factor in PER where he shines. In his 6 year career he's averaged 67 games a year with a low of 50. He also is an above average rebounder.

So he averages missing 15 games a season and that's a good thing? There's also a lot of concern that he isn't the same since that knee injury.

Ultimately, Jefferson is what he is. A poor defender, a guy who can't really man the five on the defensive end, who will score points if you give him a ton of touches, but he doesn't really score efficiently enough to warrant giving him that many touches unless you're talking about a pitiful, pitiful offensive team.

Beyond his deficiencies as a player, he's simply a horrible fit with this particular Sixers team.

The Greek reply to Brian on Jun 1 at 16:01

Plus Jefferson is a drunk with a DUI under his resume.

Stan reply to Brian on Jun 1 at 16:10

He only takes 16 shots per game and has a 50% FG percentage. That is on par with the other PFs in the league

That's fine, if you're getting to the line. Which he doesn't. And he's a center, not a PF, which makes a difference.

He's a center because of team needs.

But, overall, I don't like Al jeff a little.

One comment regarding Favors:

If one looks at the historical database of pre-draft measurements available at draft express - http://www.draftexpress.com/nba-pre-draft-measurements/?page=&year=All&sort2=DESC&draft=0&pos=0&sort=

Favors mostly fits neatly right in the tight space between DHoward and Amare in terms of length, wingspan, running and jumping. The one measurement where he lags is in the agility drill. Having watched guys do that drill, it's possible one could improve a lot with practice and also have good or bad runs. But it's also true that one skill Favors doesn't display so far on offense that current Howard, Amare, and Cousins all have, is quick spin moves, which benefit from quick feet. So it seems like one goal for the Sixers to evaluate is whether mastering those moves is a matter of practice or ability for Favors.

deepsixersuede on Jun 1 at 18:18

Cousins agent only agreed to workout here if J.Smith covers him and Sam covers Favors. [wink,wink] The sixers should definitely videotape Turner,Wall and these 2 and allow the fans a peek to spike interest in the team.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 1 at 18:21

Derek, would love your opinion on the #16 to #34 area bigs if you saw film on them recently; and who would be a good fit here, thanks!!

smh1980 reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 1 at 20:46

Is this legit? That seems like a weird request considering Cousins has a lot of red flags already.

I know this is crazy, but ever since the Sixers got the #2 pick, I've been dreaming about a sign and trade for Lebron. Elton Brand and the #2 pick. Cavs could do a lot worse (especially since Turner is an Ohio State guy), and Lebron could do a lot worst than the Sixers roster.

Marty reply to Spitz on Jun 1 at 19:38


I humbly submit that yes, you have been dreaming.

Was Iverson really 6 foot? I have this debate with my friend all of the time. According his combine numbers Iverson is 6'0 without shoes. I remember DeSean Jackson being listed as 6'0 in college and during the combine he was measured to be 5'9.

Jeff reply to Fred on Jun 2 at 0:57

5'9", 6'0" - close enough.

emailed Mike Preston, and he said they could not confirm the workout, and typically don’t until 24-48 hours before, but he didn’t deny it either. take it for what it’s worth.

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