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Short-Term Trade: Ben Gordon

Nope. As you said, there's cheaper shooters out there, and I don't think Gordon brings much else to the table. Maybe a list of free agent shooters/cheap shooters we could trade for would help in figuring out what pieces can be added. Rather bring in Redick for less money.

Court_visioN on Jun 10 at 1:02

one would hope that in this scenario the Sixers will have traded down and got something else for the #2 pick.

either way i wouldn't deal dalembert's expiring for Ben Gordon's contract.

I don't think any Sixers fan with a hope for the future would want more bad contracts. Let's take the money out of this though. If they did this trade, the Sixers are what seed in the East playoffs next year. Let's say, LeBron stays in Cleveland, Wade stays in Miami, Bosh goes to the Lakers in a sign and trade for Bynum, Joe Johnson to the Knicks, and that's all I can think of.

Cleveland should be good again, same with Orlando. Atlanta loses one of its Top 2 players and turns into the Jamal Crawford show in the halfcourt. Boston could be worse than this year in the regular season. Miami still is just D Wade. Scott Skiles year 2 in MIL, LB probably gets sick of Captain Jack, the Bulls will be better.

Are we looking at a 4 or 5 seed possibly? (If they did it)

lol, would any1 do Dalembert for Kaman?

Jason reply to Jason on Jun 10 at 1:26

nvm, no way that's realistic, thought Kaman had 3 yrs left and by taking Dalembert Clips would have a ton of FA money next off season but was wrong. Sorry. (delete if you can)

nope. I think we have all had enough of crappy trades to attempt to make this team slightly better than average. There are ZERO trades the sixers can make that will allow them to win a championship in the next few years. Lets draft evans, grow as a team under collins,and develop young talent.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 10 at 8:31

this isnt the worst trade in the world. IF favors was a guaranteed star, its actually a great move. gordon is overpaid, but he can be very productive in the right situation. i think you get a lot from gordon and we can disguise his limitations.

but since i dont think we should take favors, it makes no sense. id rather go with turner and get rid of sammy by other means. make no mistake, sammy has no place on this team

I thought Gordon looked really good in the playoffs 2 years ago. Not sure what went on last year in Detroit. He's still young. Has a little Andrew Toney in him. Can work defensively with Jrue & AI9. Depends how good Turner will become and if last year was just a fluke for Gordon. Money? Well let's compete. No sure thing in the free agent market coming to Philly when salaries come off the books. Let's expand it. We get Gordon, Wilcox and the 17th pick tossed in for Sammy & Lou.

Shervon reply to sfw on Jun 10 at 8:49

I agree. I think the mistake that Eddie Jordan and Mo Cheeks made were that they came in with a "win now" mentality. That sort of thinking only gets you in trouble in the NBA. I am so tired of taking risks that backfire (Elton Brand, Glenn Robinson, ..) that I really don't want to see the Sixers take another risk in Derrick Favors. Evan Turner is a solid pick and a future All Star , Id rather be safe a have one of the best back courts in the NBA with Andre-Jrue-Turner.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to sfw on Jun 10 at 9:02

ill tell you what went on last year - they tried to make him the best player on the team. and they paid him a lot of money . everyone gives iguodala a pass for these same reasons. with iguodala , his limitations are 100% put on Eddie Jordan trying to make him something he is not. fine. but give gordon the same courtesy. the guy is a winner and can do a lot for a team if coached to his strengths.

i dont think you would need to give up sammy. why cant we offer brand for ben gordon and jason maxiells bad contract. this doesn't leave the sixers in much worse a salary or cap situation since maxiells expires in two years and gordon is much more movable down the road. it could leave you with a rotation of jrue, iggy, turner, and gordon to play the 1,2, and 3. he is a huge spark off the bench the way the bulls used him or the way spurs used manu.
you give jrue and iggy 40 mins. and turner and gordon could get 30 or 25 whoever is playing well that night for this first year.

this gives you a dynamic guard who can shoot 40% from the three off the bench and really changes this team. if they ever went small for a small stretches of the game they could run out jrue, gordon, turner, iggy, and dalembert. that lineup could score in transition like phoenix. and probably in the halfcourt as well. plus this way we could give most of the power forward minutes to speights and thad so we can see how they develop and fit in.

i'm all for getting ben gordon, just make them take back brand. the pistons are in a bad cap situation with no high draft pick, no big man, and no hope. this at least balances out their roster a little bit. worth a try. dumars has made way dumber moves.

I just got Lebron, Wade and Bosh all in Miami on my first spin lol. That's not even possible. The machine sucks

Since we're in a playful fake-trade mood today, what if the Sixers went all in and traded Elton Brand and the #2 pick (and maybe next year's #1) in sign-and-trade for Dirk Nowitzki, then turned around and maxed out Joe Johnson in a sign-and-trade deal for Dalembert and Lou Will? We buy a mid-first round pick to get a big man and trot out a starting lineup of:

Jrue Holiday
Joe Johnson
Andre Igoudala
Dirk Nowitzki
Big Man X from Draft

Plus we still have Young, Speights, and Meeks off the bench and the ability to sign a mid-level FA, probably a big. We'd have to max out both Johnson and Nowitzki and probably give them five-year deals. Would you do it? Wouldn't Dallas have to consider that?

Shawn reply to Marty on Jun 10 at 14:29

We'd be as good as Dallas is now.

Myleskong on Jun 10 at 10:37

Trading Expiring Sammy for an undersized 2 guard makes no sense when that leaves you with no center and 4 undersized 2 guards.

Brian's Sam for Gordon trade:

Sounds like classic Stefanski. Make a move that locks the team into big ticket non-stars for 3-4 years, while keeping a core of very young players who are all 2-3 years away from entering their prime.

Spending a combined 42M+ on Brand/Gordon/Iguodala ensures that you cannot add another impact player except through the draft. And that core does not contend unless Jrue or Favors rapidly become superstars.

Then after 3-4 years you have Favors/Jrue in their prime when all of the big contracts come off the books- so all hope is not lost. But I'm sure we would end up committing huge salaries to other middling players by then (in the CV/Gordon mold.)

I really do not think the Sixers as a franchise will be relevant locally or nationally (beyond the current small core of fans) until they have another franchise superstar in the mold of AI/Barkley/DrJ. Those teams may have only combine for 1 championship and 3 Finals, but they were both goog and captivating. While more teams in the Iguodala/Brand/Miller/Sam or Gordon/Iguodala/Favors/Jrue mold might get you to the second round, but will never draw the fanbase back.

Dr J was in the Finals 4 times with the Sixers: '77, '80, '82, '83.

I'm not big on Gordon because of his salary, but the way he played against Boston in '09 got my attention. He was simply great. He's as good as Ray Allen when he's on. I'd rather have Turner & Dalembert than Gordon and Brand or Cole Aldrich. McKie4MVP says Sam has no place on this team - I get that, though I disagree. Collins will get him to play his role and not be delusional about his offense. What I don't get is who replaces him. We have only 1 center. Any of the rookies will be well below average defensively. Why trade him for a big salary? Makes no sense to me. He expires next year, and you can't remake the team in one year anyway. He's an excellent defender and he will be better this year under Collins, I'm sure of that.

I have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in making any trades unless the player being traded for is under 25. None. I believe the sixers are thinking the same way finally.

deepsixersuede on Jun 10 at 10:43

I disagree with Brian on 2 points; 1] that Gordon is bad defensively; late last year, in a close game, I watched him shut out D.Wade for a whole quarter [4th]. I think in our situation, with Jrue, he can work fine and wouldn!t hurt the team. 2] Detroits roster; if they get a defensive big [Aldrich?] in this draft they will be good. Aldrich,Maxiel
Stuckey, Bynum

I don!t think they spent wisely last year but this is a good mix of young and old and a probable playoff team.

For humor value only...

If you though SF1976 is bad. Wait until you here from Minny's "inside." No way this could be true, because it implies Iguodala has hugely negative trade value (and Stefanki is an imbecile beyond what I even believe.)

"Sorry - some really bad news I heard today 1st off – we offered Jefferson for Brand and were immediately turned down. Phillie simply does not want Jefferson. (at least now)"

"But the bad news – Phillie has learned that Brand + #2 is not workable for what they want (expiring contact + young player + top 10 pick). Rather than lower the price for taking Brand off their hands – they are now offering Iguodala + #2 for the same high price."

And there are interested teams………with better packages than us.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Jun 10 at 11:45

That is hilarious; tk, do you think Turner/Iggy and Jrue can ever be a big 3? Or best case Turner/Iggy/----.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jun 10 at 11:46

"Sorry - some really bad news I heard today 1st off – we offered Jefferson for Brand and were immediately turned down. Phillie simply does not want Jefferson. (at least now)"

Why would the phillies want al jefferson - can he help them get out of their hitting slump?

Seriously though - this isn't 'inside information' - it's paraphrasing something one of the 'experts' said on a hoopsworld chat :)

As for brand, remember folks, he has less trade value than Gilbert Areanas - chad ford said so

And brians idea to get ben gordon made me throw up in my mouth a little

dudes a sixth man

"They are now offering Iguodala + #2 for the same high price."

That was the disturbing part. Of course "insiders" are generally full of it, but for conversations sake...

I guess it would depend what "the expiring contact + young player + top 10 pick" would be. Maybe something like Eric Gordon, #8 + Expiring (maybe Kaman?) would be an interesting trade. Not a good one, but not ridiculously bad. Or maybe Mayo+#12+Jaric+ Gasol for #2/Iguodala?

Like Brian, I'm just throwing hypotheticals out there because there is not much else to discuss before the draft. And Stefanski always carries the risk of "bold" action.

There's nothing good there except Eric Gordon, and we'd be giving up Evan Turner for him, which is a wash at best in my opinion. E. Gordon is probably going to be the best shooter in the league in a year or 2, but he's 6'2" and, well, not Evan Turner.

I like Kaman a lot, but it could be another Mike Gminski type of deal, just running in place. Maybe even a Jeff Ruland type of deal.

deepsixersuede on Jun 10 at 12:20

There seems to be some doubts about Mayo!s upside in Memphis and his true position; if he were made available on draft night would you guys consider it? Is Turner gonna be much better?

According to an "inside source" the Sixers are trying to send Green, Dalembert, Young, Speights, and #1 in 2011 for a sign/trade with Chris Bosh. Toronto wants Philly to include Andre Igoudala in the deal while also sending either Hedo Turkoglu or Jose Calderon.

Anyway, I am the inside source and I completely made up this rumor.

Jason reply to 1776 on Jun 10 at 13:56

Woah, this would ac tually make a lot of sense for Bosh to come to philly imo.

Jrue-Turner-Iguodala-Bosh-Dalembert = contender imo.

And this would be bosh's only chance to go to a team that can contend and also be the main star of the team.

Drew reply to Jason on Jun 10 at 14:14

Dalembert would probably have to be included in the deal. So it's more likely to be:


While Toronto becomes


Personally, I would make the deal. The sixers would have a stud PF for the next 5 years, and in 2 years Brand will have an expiring contract. The sixers would need to bring in a defensive or solid center, someone of a Perkins, Dalembert, or Camby type player. Brand will end up being an overpriced backup. In two years, if they make solid additions to the bench I can see them contending.

I don't know how the Salary will work though. How much can the Sixers pay Bosh? He was paid 17 mill last year, so I guess he would want a 20-25 million per year contract; something the Sixers can't afford.

Bosh: 25 million
Brand: 16 million
Igouala: 13 million

That's over 55 million for 3 players. The Sixers would also have to find a Center and some bench players with the limited money that they have. And at some point they have to resign Turner and Holliday

Jason reply to Drew on Jun 10 at 14:24

Aye, if it wasn't for brand lol. Bosh would prob get 6 yr 120 mill deal (i think that's the max?). I feel l ike we shouldn't play Brand, make him sit on the bench and get 82 DNPs-Coach's decision.

Steven reply to Jason on Jun 10 at 14:38

Brand is still an OK player. If he plays 25-30 minutes a game I think he can be a 15/6 guy. He doesn't deserve DNPs. He's not a locker room cancer or anything.

If the Sixers gave Brand a 40 million dollar buyout, how much of that would count towards the cap? The 51 million remaining on his contract, 40 million, or nothing?

JohnEMagee on Jun 10 at 14:49

Dear Christ

Chris Bosh isn't coming to Toronto

It's marvelous that most people here hate Dalembert but at the same time think he has trade value

Stan@aol.com reply to JohnEMagee on Jun 10 at 15:10

People here don't hate Delembert. People on WIP and 950 do. Dalembert has a 12million dollar expiring contract and is a good defensive center. He has good trade value.

JohnEMagee reply to Stan@aol.com on Jun 10 at 17:50

yes stan, people who read this blog and make comments hate dalembert...dalebmert has a 10 million dollar contract with a 15% trade kicker that expires this year, I know EXACTLY what he has.

WTF would Toronto trade Chris Bosh for an expiring deal - that's just asinine...and if they can't get rid of turkoglu - why help chris bosh

At least the rumored bynum deal MAKES SENSE because the raptors get young talent.

Dalembert really should be re-signed for 2-3 years

Jason reply to JohnEMagee on Jun 10 at 17:53

lol, Dalemebert's contract would be used pretty much as a filler to get up to near where bosh's salary is, i don't think anyone was saying dalemebert for bosh str8 up.....

Stan reply to JohnEMagee on Jun 10 at 18:10

Bosh is not staying in Toronto. Toronto might was well get something in return for him. If they can get Bynum good for them. But I just don't see that happening. At least with this trade they get expiring contracts and young players (Thaddeus Young and Marreese Speights). Dalembert might also be a good match for Toronto, granted he is not Bosh but having a good defensive center allows Bargnani to move around the floor more. So if you're the GM of the Toronto Raptors, would rather let Bosh walk or would you rather bring in Thaddeus Young, Mareesse Speights, Samuel Dalembert, and a first round pick?

Anyway the Sixers don't have the capital to aqcuire Bosh even if they have the ability to do so. Bosh may not even go through a sign and trade because there are 9 teams with at least 17 million to spend.

JohnEMagee reply to Stan on Jun 10 at 18:16

Anyway the Sixers don't have the capital to aqcuire Bosh even if they have the ability to do so. Bosh may not even go through a sign and trade because there are 9 teams with at least 17 million to spend.

Really? Comcast is hard up for money?

Stan reply to JohnEMagee on Jun 10 at 18:34

Im sorry, Comcast may not be willing to spend another 120 million on Bosh, when they can't sell seats and have Igoudala and Brand on the books for 107 million.

Jason reply to JohnEMagee on Jun 10 at 15:29

Dear Christ

Chris Bosh isn't coming to Toronto

I'm confused by this, do you mean philly if so i will go ahead and disagree with you. Sixers Package Dalembert, Thad, Speights and maybe a future pick (not sure if that would be needed though) and Toronto Sign and trades Bosh to philly. Obviously it won't happen because of the Brand mistake.

if the goal is immediate success, I don't think it makes much sense to replace ET with Gordon and Dalembert with Favors. Relying on a 19 year old kid to be a defensive anchor of a playoff team is a recipe for drastic disappointment. For as much defensive potential as Favors has, he's going to be out of place next year an awful lot, and he still has 15 lbs to put on.

He'll be a good defender next year, but that team to really contend will need him to be an anchor, and he won't be good enough to be an offensive centerpiece at that point in his development.

What is the cap for 2010-2011?

Tyson reply to Stan on Jun 10 at 16:16

Quick Summary of this ofseason

The Cap is 57.7 Million

The Teams with the most money are:

New York 39917096
New Jersey 35488060
Miami 33418661
Washington 28516899
Chicago 25838174
Sacramento 24476580
Clippers 24121651
Minnesota 22554795
OKC 17447776
Atlanta 10069786
Memphis 10404100
Portland 7539622

Best FAs
1. Lebron James
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Dirk Nowitzky
4. Chris Bosh
5. Joe Johnson
6. Amare Stoudemire
7. Paul Peirce
8. David Lee
9. Yao Ming

Ming and Pierce are most likely to sign their options.
I only included Yao because of the name recognition.

Nowitsky is most likely to be resigned, for 20-25mill/year

James and Wade will be paid around 25-30 million/yr

Bosh, Johnson, Stoudemire will be aroung 20-25million/yr

Lee will be paid around 10-15million/yr.

Mike T reply to Tyson on Jun 10 at 16:21

Sorry it didn't come out right

New York

New Jersey











yeaaah reply to Mike T on Jun 10 at 18:54

New York - Joe Johnson and David Lee
New Jersey- Chris Bosh
Miami- Amare and Dwayne Wade
Cleveland- Lebron
Washington- Carlos Boozer

I thought we already solved the get to the playoffs next year thing by hiring a coach who sorta knows what he is doing?

Just listen to all the offers for the 2nd pick and if any of them are mindblowing, take them.

If the pick isn't traded, take Turner, keep 'Dre I and make the playoffs this year.

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