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A Pair of Warriors

Should read restricted free agents at the top. Unfortunately I'm without a reliable Internet connection for the next couple days, so I can't fix.

How about Rasual Butler and Mardy Collins. They both are currently playing for the Clippers and can be had for cheap. They are local guys...

deepsixersuede on Jun 14 at 8:17

As soon as we got the #2 pick I said give me Favors and Morrow this summer and I would be a happy man. It will be interesting to see who G. St. moves this summer because of Curry!s success. But a more gettable target from them could be Azuibuke.

I would love C.J Watson. He is a cheaper version of Lou Williams. Anthony Morrow is not leaving though.
A lot of people criticize the Warriors organization, but how many teams have success with so many undrafted FA's?
CJ Watson, Anthony Morrow, Anthony Tolliver, Kelenna Azubuike

Anyway, yesterday I realized that Thibidoeu was a good coach. He must be pretty good if he can get a lineup of Nate Robinson,Tony Allen, Glenn Davis, and Rasheed Wallace to play stellar defense. Phil Jackson is being outcoached. Also the Lakers are making really stupid mistakes, especially Ron Artest. I honestly think that the Lakers would be up 3-2 if Igoudala was playing in this series instead of Artest.

jkay reply to Hea on Jun 14 at 13:23

Phil Jackson is being outcoached.
the Lakers would be up if anyone half decent was playing SF. Ron-Ron taking a shot is akin to a turnover.

Morrow would be a perfect fit but I can see GSW matching the bid.

What wrong with the following lineup (with a much improved coaching staff):

PG Holliday
SG Turner
SF Dre
PF Brand
C Dalembert

Redick or Kapono (preferably JJ)
Replacement for Lou (trade him!)

Seriously - this team is almost an upgrade from the same team that was eliminated in the first round. We can keep it together without exceeding the luxury tax until Brand is in the last year of his contract. That's when we make our move and become a beast in the east. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Stefanski having anything to do with it though. Maybe we should look to hire Danny Ferry now that he's unemployed.

There's no need to go making any big moves right now. All of the current Sixers are going to be better just because of the coach. I seriously believe Brand is going to give us an efficient 16/9 per night! Speights will be a beast after Collins gets him to buy in. Jodie Meeks and Jason Kapono were shooting the lights out at the end of the year (who knows?).

Everybody relax! Let's take it one year at a time. I really can't wait to see how much this coaching staff will improve each player on this team. It's gonna be fun!!!

sfw reply to Timo88 on Jun 14 at 13:55

That works BUT I'd like to add a developing young center to the mix. Either through draft or trade.

Marty reply to Timo88 on Jun 14 at 14:11

Timo -

Good call. If we can just leverage Lou Williams into a first round draft pick (maybe in the 20's) and get a big raw C to groom, it will be a very productive off-season. That being said, I see a lot of craziness happening this summer in the NBA and expect Stefanski will try to get the Sixers involved in some trade talks. I'm excited (and scared)!

Timo88 reply to Marty on Jun 14 at 15:03

Yeah, Stefanski scares me more than EJ and his braces!

One problem with this lineup is that although Sam never gets hurt he is often in foul trouble and there's no interior defense or defensive rebounding when he's not playing. Someone like Amundson would be helpful here. But what is really needed is a true backup center now that it's clear that neither Brand, Speights, or Smith can fill that role.

I dont expect the organization to do a whole lot until Collins gets a chance to assess who he wants to keep. But what Brian is suggesting is finding inexpensive solutions to obvious needs, which always makes sense.

Timo, that was beautiful. I see no problem entering the season with that lineup and seeing what DC can do with it.

Props to Timo88, one of the most logical posts I have seen in awhile. Im all for this plan. Keep what we got and lets see what they can do. This team *should* be better than what they had 2 years ago. Andre Miller is gone but, Jrue is here and Elton Brand is certainly an upgrade over Reggie. Add Evan Turner to the mix, plus a good scoring big off the bench in Speights, and a much better coach and we should be a 45-48 win team. Maybe Sammy could be traded for a piece who knows. Lets see where we stand at the all star break.

I had a nightmare that we traded for Baron Davis. It scared the living daylights out of me.

I'd like Morrow or CJ Watson. I do feel we need a backup point, whereas Morrow would make Meeks and Kapono quite redundant.

Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams, Elton Brand for Andris Biedrins?

I still think Elton can play. Maybe not the 20-10 guy he once was but maybe a 16-8 guy.

I don't watch college basketball so I have a few questions:

Does Evan Turner have a crossover move?
Can he beat players with his speed?
Does he have good catch and shoot ability?
Is he a good defender?
Does he have more or less potential than Tyreke Evans?

jkay reply to Shaun on Jun 14 at 22:44

to the best of my knowledge;
1 - if he has, he doesnt use it much.
2 - doesnt possess the speed to blow by NBA defenders like Rose, Harris, the like.
3 - apparently a very good perimeter defender. i have not seen personal evidence of that yet since college ball is 75% zone.
4 - i dont think as highly of Evans as others do so my opinion may be biased but i think its a wash. Evans is more likely to develop into the kind of player that fills up the highlight reel. Turner is more subtle

go to youtube and watch evan turner videos on there, you'll get a better feel for what kind of game he has.
was formerly a Wes Johnson fan, but Turner to me is the real deal. IMO projects as a Manu Ginobli, with better size, strength and defense.

jkay reply to jkay on Jun 14 at 22:47

forgot to add:

shoots well off the dribble. range does not extend to 3 pt. line.

The most impressive thing to me about Evans is his overall skill level. Watch the highlights - he might not have the dunks or blocks that some guys might, but he finishes with contact, with either hand. He can go left and right. He rebounds and passes. His mid-range jumper is picture perfect. To me, he is Paul Pierce re-incarnate. Not a stud athlete, but good enough. High basketball IQ, with the skill set to match. Can't wait to see the Villain in a Sixers jersey.

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