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Rotations, Anyone?

Great rotations Statman.

The only concern I'd have with your rotations is having Thad and Speights on the floor at the same time (for D purposes). Maybe Collins can work some magic on those 2. Thad at one point (1st and 2nd year before Magic series) was an OK defender. Speights, I'm not sure he can help as his problem seems to be lack of desire to play it. Maybe if Collins makes him play D to get any minutes it'd help.

As to how good the team would be with a good coach playing the above rotations, I'd say they'd make the playoffs but I'm not sure they could get past the first round. I'd say it depends on Turner's impact plus whether Collins can get Thad on the track he was on his first two years (when it looked like he'd be good), whether he can persuade / coerce Speights to play some D and if he can define Brand's role better than it was under Jordan.

Interesting, and this is speaking all too soon, but here are some of my thoughts:

- isn't Carney a FA? I wouldn't mind seeing him re-signed.
- I would rather see Meeks playing some minutes at SG in place of Lou. Maybe even give him a couple of Tuner's SG minutes at the beginning of the second quarter. This is how it could work. Have Turner play until the two minute mark of the first quarter, switch him out with Iguodala. At the beginning of the second quarter Iguodala gets his token two minutes of rest. You can have Brand on the bench, Young at PF, Turner at SF, and give Meeks a few minutes.
- If Carney doesn't get re-signed, you can distribute his minutes amongst Kapono and/or other FA.
- I really don't care to see Green play at all, but I know it will happen. Although, he'll probably be fighting for minutes with Lou.
- I agree about Brand playing only PF, but something tells me Collins will have him play C some of the time.

I would rather see Meeks playing some minutes at SG in place of Lou.

Meeks showed some signs that he could turn into an above-average SG, but there were other times when he looked like a clone of Willie Green. I'm sure Meeks will get his chance, esp. if he keeps up the 38% on 3's.

Lou had a better season than I realized, until I looked up the numbers: nearly 53% on 2-pt FGs, nearly 58% TS%, led the team in PER (18.2, just a bit above Iguodala). Of course, Lou struggles on defense, but Meeks was even worse than Lou last year while playing against the same type of players.

Jeff reply to Statman on Jun 15 at 20:26

Just to make this clear, I'm not Meeks' agent, but I do like seeing development from recently drafted players, especially since our team isn't contending.

Anyway, I think it's difficult to put a label on Meeks. We've only see him play limited games, most of which were during garbage time or when the season was already lost and defense went down the tubes.
Lou has been in the league for five seasons and played a lot more minutes than Meeks did last year. However, to get a better understanding of the situation, I would like to see who Meeks and Lou were guarding when both played at the same time.
Does anyone know of any good sources to look this up? I don't have synergy.
As time moves on, we'll get a better understanding whether or not Meeks is bizarro WG or a competent rotational player. I just think that the team is in a building mode and the younger players need more PT.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 15 at 5:21

LOL, its funny seeing willie green get no burn. the guy has been a staple in our offense for the last few seasons. it will be nice to see some well deserved DNPs this season.

I really hope that Turner is ready for 32 plus minutes a night. Love to see 15pt-5reb-4ast a game for his rookie season. Don't want to place too much pressure on him.

Wow this is some good work Statman. The only issue I see with this is having Turner play 36 minutes right from the start. For a rookie that seems a little high. I think 30-32 minutes would probably be more realistic at the beginning of the season for ET. Those extra minutes could go to Lou if Collins wanted to go small or Carney.

With this rotation the Sixers are most likely a playoff team in the east with anywhere from 40-45 wins and get bounced in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Here's a question for you and sfw (and anyone else in the know), and I haven't seen enough of Turner to know the answer: is there any reason to think that Turner wouldn't be able to give the Sixers what Tyreke Evans gave the Kings this past year? Tyreke played 37 mpg and averaged 20 ppg (albeit on a slightly worse team than the Sixers).

sfw reply to Statman on Jun 15 at 10:41

Stat, appreciate the question. Since Turner lacks the athleticism of Evans, it may take him longer to mature into the NBA game. I'm nervous about this pick. It's easier to feel confident about the human highlight film guys. The Wall's, Evans, Kobe's, Rose's. I hope we are getting a shorter version of Kevin Durant. Able to play and cover the 1, 2 & 3 positions AND score from every place on the court, eventually.

The reason I don't think it would be the best idea is becuase I worry about him tiring out or hitting that "rookie wall" if he is playing 36 minutes a night and the Sixers are making a playoff push. Evans was able to average 37 minutes on a bad team. With that being said I would be estatic if Turner could give us what Evans gave the Kings this year.

deepsixersuede on Jun 15 at 7:37

It would solve a lot of issues if Speights could begin the year in the starting lineup; Brand solidifies the bench defense and Marreese gets on the court with the 3 best perimeter defenders and Sam. But the only way that happens is if Thad and Elton at the 4/5 off the bench can work, but I would sure like to see it later in the year at least.

Just read where players are not coming in to workout for the Grizzlies. Maybe we could do something with them and get the 12th pick in this years draft and get our young big.

I agree with you rotation. If possible, the only tweaks I would make are trying to have Sam on the floor when Thad runs at PF and try to maximize Brands minutes against 2nd team players.

Sorry to go off topic, but I wanted to share my Sixers dream scenario for next week (and beyond.) Its a pipe dream, but IMO a good one :)

#2 pick: Turner
Trade Iguodala to Kings for #5 and Nocioni. Draft Cousins.


Cap Space expiring contracts:
2010: MLE(5.5M), Biannual(2M)
2011: up to 12M (Sam/Green/Kapono expire) (Thad/Smith RFA)
2012: Speights RFA, Nocioni expires- team option (ideal for trades, since a team can wave him to get under the tax.)
2013: Brand, Lou expire. Jrue RFA

sfw reply to tk76 on Jun 15 at 10:14

Can not disagree with your proposal. Hopefully, Ed will be creative. I unlike others have not lost complete faith in Ed. I also, feel much better with DC providing input in personel matters. If Iggy can be swung for a top 3 talent in the draft with cap relief. Go for it!

Very Good rotations Statman good job.

I would probably make only one simple difference:
- Carney could be a FA, but even if he isn't i think it's better to have Meeks in the lineup instead of him. How would it work? You can easily slide Igoudala back to SF (they alwats endup playing together), taking Carney's place and let Meeks play at SG (Igoudala can play as a SG but there is no need to do it with Turner, Lou and Meeks fighting for minutes at the two spot)

I meant if Carney bolts in FA, not that he can choose whther he is a FA or not :)

I would take a rotation from Turner and give it to Lou.

I think you are asking too much of the rook.

If they got 30 minutes a game out of him, I would be very happy.

Nice work Statman. I would like to see Carney get 12 minutes or so because his defense is good and he's an up-tempo player, but he might not even be with the Sixers next year. I see some of the Turner minutes going to Kapono because I think Collins is going to use him on a regular basis, but if Turner is really good, he's going to be a 36-minute guy and be allowed to play through his mistakes. If so, Meeks, Green & Kapono will hardly play at all, and that's what your scenario shows. But there's a good chance that some combination of Lou, Meeks and Young will be gone and that Carney is not re-signed.

We sure have a lot of guys who haven't established themselves but have real talent. Last year was such a waste.

Jason Mess on Jun 15 at 10:58

I think at some point having Turner play about 4-6 min. at pg, with AI9 at sg, Thad at sf, Brand at pf, and Speights at c (as long as he is playing better D). This would be to start off the year and see how Turner does handling the point a little without putting him in a spot where he would get himself in to much trouble.

brian, another thing. Why not get some minutes for speights at the 4. And sammy at the 5. You talked about ej not doing that at all last year.

I gave them 4 minutes together at the end of the 2nd quarter, is that enough? ;-)

I think Step #1 for Speights at PF is to be able to defend Brand effectively in practice. If Speights can do that consistently, I think Collins will play him at PF more.

oh im sorry i meant statman.

Can you get rid of those ads that have audio?

PG: Willie Green
SG: Lou Wililams
SF: Jason Kapono
PF: Andre Igoudala
C: Thaddeus Young

Now there's a scary thought... We would concede 160 ppg...

Can we fit Glenn Robinson in there somewhere?

I can live with Thad/Dalembert frontline a lot more than I can a Thad/Brand frontline. Collins better not go with that.

Tom Moore on Jun 15 at 18:35

Been away for a bit. Hope all is well with everyone.

Am told Favors and Cousins are working out Friday for the Sixers.

smh1980 reply to Tom Moore on Jun 16 at 0:55


I read that they didn't play against each other when they both met in Sacto earlier last week per request by Favor's agent. Can we expect a battle of the bigs when they meet in Philly on the 18th?


If Turner is there, it will be interesting to try to using LouWill as the shooting guard the way the Sixers did with Snow/Iverson - of course Turner would score a lot more than Snow, but I mean in terms of Turner directing the play on offense and guarding the taller opposing player on defense.

Old School Sixer Fan reply to izimbra on Jun 15 at 19:30

Jrue can do that too, but that would allow PG penetration by Lou's man. That was a problem all the time. AI was a better defender than Lou.

Tom Moore on Jun 15 at 20:10

Wall apparently won't come to work out for the Sixers.

Jeff reply to Tom Moore on Jun 16 at 6:05

Does that have anything to do with Turner not working out for the Wizards?

Tom Moore reply to Jeff on Jun 16 at 9:28

Well, Turner's agent (David Falk, who also represents Brand) is confident Wall is going to Washington and has said Turner would be a better fit in Philly.

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