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Free Agent Target: Kyle Korver

I don't disagree that Korver fills a need. But with Iggy/Turner at the 2/3 and Thad/Williams coming off the bench where is Korver gonna find minutes?

Hey just saw an article on foxsports saying that there is a very good chance that David Lee wont stay in NY. We should try to sign him, he would fill that tough guy mold that Collins wants. Obviously he can do more, beast on the boards, solid low post presence. He is an all-star that should start at PF. We could then relegate Brand to the bench where I think he could be much more effective, as I think he is just getting to old and injury-prone to be playing starting minutes.

Instantly makes our starting lineup a plus defender at every position, and plus offense at every position except C. Also increases versatility and defense of our Brand hopefully providing a veteran leadership with the second group.

Levent reply to Aaron on Jun 16 at 5:44

We have to get way above the cap for Lee.

While they'd make a fortune selling KK wobble-heads, i can't see them signing him while they have kapono on the books for -- what $8 mill? -- for the exact same role.

btw, cool theme song for an awful show.

My original thought was, "no," but that video you posted completely changed my mind.

In all honesty, I like Korver, and I would bring him back for the MLE.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 16 at 6:41

why do we need korver, will green can stick it from anywhere inside half court, and sometimes beyond. here are some quotes from around the league abt Willie Green:

“I can’t believe he hit that shot. I don’t know how he stayed in the air that long.”

“That play was ‘Give the ball to Willie and everyone else get the @##@#% out of the way.”

“I think he’s God disguised as Willie Green.”

I’ve reached the pinnacle of my career. I just feel that I don’t have anything else to prove.”

“There's nobody in this league that can guard him.”

When Willie focuses in, he’s a good defensive player. When he decides he’s not going to give any player anything, he will be the best.”

“Willie's range is unreal, and he does it his way.”

Please make sure you cite your sources when using quotes. In this case, you'll have to cite yourself.

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 7:44

Our shooting improved as a whole last year and with real coaching Lou, Meeks and Thad may improve more. If we pick Turner any use of money should go towards signing a young big, in my opinion. On that note, if New York strikes out in free agency and a package of our young talent gets Lee in a sign-n-trade I would think about it.No more than 10 million per though. He runs the floor, can play 2 positions and seems to try to defend and can shoot it a little bit.

A year too soon. Agree with Suede; however, after Kapono's gone, he'd fit. Get the young big for Kapono's expiring salary and then sign KK. That might work but the draft seems to be the way to get a young big. Some way. Some how. Got to get an additional pick!

Zach Attack on Jun 16 at 8:21

Trade Lou for a late first round pick, and sign Eddie House? Anyone agree with me here?

I hate Eddie House. He is a prick, and will most likely sign with a contending team in the 2-3mill range. No way he comes to the Sixers unless we offer him the full MLE he isnt worth

Eddie House looked impressive (sometimes) because he was on a good team in Boston. A good team can mask flaws, a bad team can't.

I like that idea Zack. There are a ton of big men in this draft.

Kapono, Green and Sammy are all trade bait this year with their expiring contracts. I say hold on and wait for some great offers. Whatever we think might help us this year will be much more valuable when we actually have a serious chance to complete with the NBA elite. With our current roster + Turner + Big Man (Laimbeer style)+ this coaching staff = 2nd Round in 2011.

Hang in there Sixers fans! Let's reevaluate what we've got here before giving it all away to acquire someone else's problems.

Doug Collins: 10-11 Coach of the Year
Elton Brand: Comeback Player of the Year
Jrue Holiday and Dre: 1st time All-Stars

Whatch Out NBA!!!

Court_visioN reply to Timo88 on Jun 16 at 13:37

pie tastes good with cool wHip.

Not saying we make this move now (or maybe we do), but would there be any interest from our fan base on moving Dalembert's expiring for E Okafor? Their stats are pretty similar, looks like Okafor is a slightly better rebounder, Dalembert better free throw shooter. Money is about the same. Could Okafor be the defensive anchor this team needs? I just look at the East and to me, you're basically going to have to go through Orlando and Dwight Howard every year for the next 7-8. We gotta have some interior muscle to match that. Not saying he's my choice, just intriguing to me.

scott reply to Marty on Jun 16 at 11:28

What do you guys think about this as a reason for drafting Favors over Turner? If we know that we will have to get by Dwight Howard every year does it make more sense to invest in a center (with a strong defensive upside) instead of a shooting guard?

I'm pretty sure I change my mind about which player to pick (Turner, Favors) every 5 minutes.

If the choice is between taking Turner or Favors at number 2, I think I might go with Turner.

But if the choice is between taking Turner at number two, or trading down to take Favors at pick 3 or 4 while also getting something additional in return for trading down, I think I might go with Favors.

Only problem is, I don't think there is a way we can trade down to the number 3 pick to be certain we'd still be able to get Favors. It seems like we'd have a much better shot at trading down to the 4th pick, in which case Favors would probably already be picked.

marty reply to scott on Jun 16 at 11:38

I do the same thing Scott. Here's why I keep going back to Turner. Say we draft Favors. Say, like most people predict, it will take him at least a year or maybe two to get his feet under him in the NBA. By the time he might start scratching his potential, it will be time for a contract extension for a 22 year old kid who we might still not be sure what he'll become. That scares me. Taking Turner gives us so much flexibility. I think the most likely scenario is for the Sixers to draft Turner, sign an FA PG (Steve Blake?) and try to rebuild some confidence and value in guys like Thad, Lou, Speights, and Brand. I see the Sixers being MAJOR players at the trade deadline this year.

My take is pretty much the same for all of these "FA target" threads. IMO the team would only sign a player (above the min) if they first unload a current contract (like Lou or Thad.) And in most cases these MLE type signings mean overpaying for an older player- which is only a good idea if you see them as the final piece.

Long term it would be better to keep a s22 or 24 year old player like Lou or Thad than to invest long term in an older role player before we know were the team is headed.

Alvin reply to tk76 on Jun 16 at 14:01

I agree, although I have given up on Lou already. If a team would take on his salary for a late first rounder or a early second rounder I would do a trade.

Even if that meant getting a guy like Zoubek (that rebounds, competes with toughness and does the simple things well) that'd be great, and hopefully free up the dollars for a signing for part of the MLE.

Stan reply to Alvin on Jun 16 at 14:24

I wouldnt mind a guy like Gani Lawal

I would absolutely be interested in Lawal. He would bring some rebounding and toughness and also add some scoring.

eddies' heady's reply to Chodeburger on Jun 16 at 20:16

Scoring? From where? It better be dunks or layups. Lawal offers near to nothing. The guy can't even shoot anywhere as good as Sam, and that's not saying much.

I'm not really expecting him to be Hakeem Olajuwon or Kareem Abdul-Jabaar but if he can come off the bench, actually catch the ball and put it in the hoop, then I think that would be an improvement over what we currently have. Plus he was a pretty good defender and rebounder from what I saw at GT the past 2 years.

Alvin reply to Stan on Jun 16 at 20:34

Basically any big man that can add some kind of toughness without the flaws of Reggie Evans would be a plus.

eddies' heady's reply to Alvin on Jun 16 at 21:17

If they need toughness with a little scoring mixed in then they should nab Trevor Booker from Clemson. He would fit well in a role similar to Big baby. The guy can actually shoot along with a nice handle for that size and always plays with an edge. He has some skills and IQ to go along with that athleticism that Gani Lawal only possesses.

Why have people given up on Lou?

He improved in every aspect of his offensive game last year. Well, almost all... he didn't get to the line as much.

Lou was fine last year. The numbers the guy puts up doesn't set him apart, but they aren't even close to bad.

Jrue is Jesus anyway so he can guard 2 guards with Lou on the court.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Joe on Jun 16 at 22:51

anyone who believes in lou williams should put one of their teeth under their pillow tonight and expect $5 in the morning. you really must be joking. how many years must we fail or strive for mediocrity with the same loser players? the problem with sixer fans is they dont know when to run someone out of town. sammy, lou, we appreciate your contributions, the organization has paid you very handsomely. now get the F*** out of my office.

What was wrong with Lou's offensive game last year?

Where did he fail w/respect to other PGs/SGs?

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 16 at 22:54

people must think that nba GMs read this blog. and if that if they make posts praising lou willaims , other teams may be interested?

Billy Babcock is that you ? you out there ? Arujo isnt available, you dont need your pick this year. we will reluctantly part with lou williams for your pick!

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