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More Dalembert Thoughts

Court_visioN on Jun 17 at 23:19

Regardless of what we think, this deal only makes sense if the Sixers think Spencer Hawes is going to amount to something in this league. Otherwise it makes no sense to take on Nocioni's contract. So I think the Sixers feel that Hawes is their guy at center going forward - which means they are definitely going to draft Evan Turner. They are probably going to look to sign or trade for another big man, either using Thad or Lou to get a late pick or a veteran big man.

If the Sixers traded for Hawes thinking that he is going to be a big man off the bench this deal makes no sense whatsoever.

If the Sixers think Hawes is going to be their starting center, I have officially lost all faith in every decision maker in that organization.

Turtle Bay reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 0:00

Strong words about a 22 year-old.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 0:04

I am willing to reserve judgement on whether 1) Hawes can actually PLAY in this league and 2) whether the Sixers got ass-raped in this deal until February.

Other than locker-room chemistry (which I think is VERY important here), the only reason why they take on Nocioni's 2011-12 salary is because Collins must think that Hawes has the potential to be the team's center of the future...and for now I will choose to side with a former All-Star player, NBA head coach and Hall of Fame broadcaster over a blogger.

(even one as good as you, Brian)

Or "we like Hawes" is just spin, which seems more likely to me.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 0:20


Look - I know my limitations...I don't have the experience of breaking down tape like Derek does...I don't watch anywhere near the college games that I used to...I go by what I read about Hawes before the '07 draft as a NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD kid who had enough potential to be a top-10 pick...

Based on what I have read, and based on Collins' pedigree, if he says that he thinks Hawes has the POTENTIAL to be our center of the future, I'll give him enough rope to hang himself.

I've never been a big Sammy basher - I actually think that he got a raw deal from fans at times - but the locker room stuff is real, and it makes COMPLETE sense to me that Collins wanted Sammy outta here...and the Kings were the only guys who were willing to step up to the plate. If the only thing that they get out of this is locker-room relief, I'm not thrilled with the deal...but I am willing to give Collins the benefit of the doubt that Hawes has potential, and if Nocioni's presence allows them to more easily move Thad (heck, they may already have one or two options out there, deprending on who is on the board where) to bring in one of the young bigs that Collins and DiLeo like, then I am OK with the deal.

Your level of absolute SEETHING anger about this deal - before seeing what else happens with this roster between now and the start of the season - makes no sense to me.

They got zero pieces in return, and they took on at least $6.6m in salary for next season. That money could've been used for a real addition to the team. It was an extremely short-sighted financial move at a time when they didn't need to make a desperate move. They could've just bought Sammy out or released him without hurting themselves in the process.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 7:50

I am willing to wait and see if they got ZERO pieces.

I've always liked Nocioni. Yeah - he was a problem with the Kings, but he had some good burn in Chicago...he can shoot the 3 well enough to spread the floor a little when he's out there, and he's not afraid to put someone on their azz on defense (just like Don Reid in DET). I have no clue if Hawes can be a productive 30 mpg player in this league, but his age, size and raw tools suggest that with good coaching, he could be more than just an expiring contract.

And if this deal is a precursor to moving Thad for a big on draft day, I'll be happy.

Ryan F reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 18 at 8:28

DC loved him some Kwame too.

I also think this trade makes the Sixers worse on the court for the upcoming year, so I'm curious about whether or not Stefanski believes that. If they do, and they like Hawes long term as a backup center, and they think they can trade Nocioni's contract next year or else use him whichever way they planned for Kapono, then it makes more sense and we can argue about whether or not they could have gotten something better for SammyD close to the deadline.

From 82games.com database, the King's team defensive rebounding with Hawes in the game was still 71.6%, so he wasn't totally destructive to the team effort in that area.

Jeff reply to izimbra on Jun 18 at 2:00

Who else in their front court did they have as a competent rebounder? Now, the sixers don't have any. That's the problem.

this has to be part of some larger plan, right? like, we flip iguodala and nocioni for bosh in a sign-and-trade, or something like that.

i've defended stefanski through everything, because regardless of whether his moves worked out, the logic used at the time was sound and reasonable. but this?! terrible, just terrible. we now have the worst front-court in the nba.

The Knicks are laughing at our front court.

Jeff reply to noah on Jun 18 at 2:01

On a "bright" side, the idiot commenters at philly.com seem to think it was a great trade....ugh.

One other reason I wanted Sammy to stay other than rebounding or D (for now, at least) is his value would have increased closer to the trade deadline. He has the 2nd highest expiring at the end of this year (Melo is the highest if I recall right). Since Melo probably isn't going to be moved then, if someone wants to pull a Chris Wallace type salary dump, Sam would be the big prize. If you elect not to trade him then, his salary would come off the books and they would have a lot of cap space.

I don't understand the move. I hope, hope, hope we flip Nocioni for a 2nd round pick or something. He's basically a less athletic, slightly better shooting version of Thad. Plays the same positions too.

I don't like Hawes, like you mentioned, another big guy that can't rebound, but I'm less concerned about him since he's just signed through next season anyway, and I don't think there's any number of moves that'll make us contenders next year anyway.

My cockeyed view on this deal is that it ensures we'll be defensively piss-poor this season, thereby ensuring us another (hopefully high) lottery pick. I kind of like that. Suppose we kept Dalembert, drafted Turner - we'd instantly be a .500 team or better, one would have to assume. After all, we were without Turner before Eddie came along. At that point, we'd never get a high pick again, and the young core of the team would be frozen at Turner, Iguodala and Holiday. Should Turner turn out to not be that great, we'd be headed towards a future of perennial third/fourth seed-dom. And that's even if we put Iguodala on the trading block one day; I just don't think you'd ever get equal value. This way, we continue to rebuild through the lottery and lose a guy who was never going to be part of the ultimate solution anyway. I don't understand being too mad about this deal when we all know that this team isn't building to win right here, right now. Keeping the keepers and jettisoning productive but ultimately inessential guys seems like a reasonable way to go.

Tray reply to Tray on Jun 18 at 0:39

Similarly, I would lose Lou for total scraps so long as they weren't scraps with long-term contracts. What does this team need an offensively potent but deeply flawed sixth man for? That's another player who adds a few wins to our record (maybe) but definitely isn't someone worth keeping. I would want to whittle things down to the essentials, continue to be bad for a few years, and fill in the gaps through the draft and, one day when Brand is gone, free agency.

Do you believe that was the goal of this move, or are you thinking it's just another happy accident? Like hiring a moron to coach your team winds up with the #2 pick? If it's the latter, how many stupid decisions can a franchise really survive before they become the Clippers, who continually have high lottery picks and are always just so close to putting it all together?

Haven't I read that Collins wants tough players? Hawes is what I like to call "Charmin," he's so soft. Nocioni is a garbage defender as well, but hey, at least he's a selfish offensive player as well!

I want Turner, but I don't see how we can't take Favors now. The team not only is a better fit for Favors, but they need him.

Brian, Portland will have you? After what you've said about that team? I'd sleep with one eye open tonight.

I've been walking around in my sixers warmup jacket. I think the entire city is as soft as Aldridge.

Brian, I'm with you in being against this trade, but doesn't Hawes being a better offensive player then Daly belong on the positives?

Hawes hasn't been a better offensive player than Sam to this point in his career.

I am extremely shocked at your reaction, Brian. I think bebopdeluxe said it much better than I can but as he said, I trust Doug Collins more than ANY blogger. You can take comfort that you and JohnEMcGee agree 100%. And, yes, I will be around at the end of the season for you to say I told you so. I hope you are still around then also because I am confident you will be eating your words next year this time. But time will tell.

I'll gladly admit it if I'm wrong.

As for the rest of your post, I typically give this team the benefit of the doubt and I think I've actually been more positive in my reaction to most of the moves Stefanski has made since taking over, but from every angle, this one just looks flat out stupid to me. I'm really interested to hear how Stefanski and Collins spin this one at the press conference tomorrow.

The Greek reply to DeanH on Jun 18 at 8:57

+1 Brian, I am surprised at your reaction to this trade. I'm with Dean on this that you will be eating your words on this one.

mo_speezy on Jun 18 at 1:48

I have a strong hunch that Stefanski wanted Hawes, Collins wanted Nocioni, and neither wanted Dalembert. Granted that assumption, they made out pretty well in this trade.

And, to agree with a few others, I really don't see the need for such vitriol already. Dalembert (among others) was not part of a winning team, period. It was time to try something else, and only time will tell whether it was a good move or not. Hopefully I don't regret giving the FO & Collins the benefit of the doubt, but I'm willing to do that for now.

I've got a draft related question for the group here. It has two parts.

1) If you are the Wizards, would having Wall give you more confidence that Wall;s presence could help Cousins would keep his act together on your team?

2) If the answer to 1) is yes, would you try and make a move to get Minnesota's #4 pick?

3) Would Kahn take a package of Arenas and other stuff? What other stuff?

Jason Mess on Jun 18 at 2:29

People are talking about Dalembert like we should have got more for him. The thing is from the few Sixers games I saw and what I have read this could be a list of his defensive flaws. Blocks shots but also gets a lot of gaoltending calls. Along with the blocked shots how often does his blocked shots stay inbounds and result in a offensive pos. for us. Rebounds, but he does not box out. So how often does he go for a rebound when he should be boxing out or how often does he not box out costing us a rebound. When he does rebound from what I have seen he does not do a very good job with his outlet passes. Finally poor positioning and decisions. We all know he would complain about touches on offense even though his offensive skills are most likely worse than Favors who has only one year of college under his belt. To sum it up when you add up the info that is easy to track and some of the more subtle numbers where does Dalembert really rank. I think you end up with someone who is not that much better than Hawes.

Yeah, you're misinformed.

teddygreen on Jun 18 at 2:50

Here is my theory. Living in Phoenix, Doug Collins probably watched his share of Clipper games (Pacific Division rival to Suns) and how they utilized Elton Brand when he was still relavant. During the blue moon that the Clippers are on TNT, Doug would usually throws a compliment to Chris Kaman and how much he liked his game. i think that Collins foolishly believes that Spencer Hawes could be a Chris Kaman type of center.

Rodney Buford reply to teddygreen on Jun 18 at 7:39

I'm going to give Collins *slightly* more credit from a talent evaluation standpoint than this. Come on.

I'm really interested to hear what they say in the press conference.

From a GM standpoint, considering the value of that expiring contract, Sammy must have really pissed Collins off where he wouldn't even let it go a month or two into the season before moving him. That and they REALLY love Hawes - which, while questionalbe, cannot be evaluated definitively until February or so.

Statman on Jun 18 at 2:55

While I'm more negative than positive about the trade, I'm overall pretty happy tonight because at least the Celtics lost. Celtics fans would have been intolerable had they won ...

My first reaction to the trade is that it's too bad Eddie Jordan isn't still the coach, because you know he would have LOVED it.

My second reaction is that, looking at things from the most optimistic point of view possible, I have to think that Doug Collins is confident in his ability to teach enough defense to Hawes to make him a viable starting center.

What can't be disputed is that Hawes and Nocioni have been absolutely awful defenders in recent years. At www.basketballgeek.com, their Adjusted Individual Defensive Efficiency (AIDE) Ratings rank 430 NBA players according to their effect on opposing players' offensive efficiency (so a negative rating is good). The rankings can be found here. The rankings of 430 NBA players show that the Sixers had only three plus defenders last year (with AIDE ratings below zero): Iguodala (#28), Dalembert (#38), and Carney (#133). Hawes at #326 was among the worst starting centers on the list (though Jason Smith at #340 and Speights at #366 were worse). Nocioni at #377 was even further down. Amusingly, the Sixers had two players among the bottom five in the entire NBA, Willie Green at #426 and Kapono dead last at #430.

The AIDE ratings are not foolproof because they don't credit positional defense enough (they mention Battier as someone who is underrated by their system), but it's another metric to corroborate the horrible opponent PER ratings for Hawes & Nocioni from 82games.com.

So how can the trade turn out positively for the Sixers?
- Maybe Hawes will defend the P/R better than Dalembert, with proper coaching
- Maybe Hawes will show decent touch around the rim and better hands than Dalembert (I'm wondering if the Sixer front office is hoping that Hawes will turn into a poor man's Gasol -- by the way, Gasol's career rebound rate is about the same as Hawes')
- Maybe Brand will return to his career defensive rebounding rate, offsetting the loss of Dalembert
- Maybe Nocioni will be able to hit 3's at a decent rate (he's a career 38% shooting) while not being a total zero in other aspects of the game, as Kapono is
- Maybe Speights will have room to grow with only Hawes ahead of him, and Speights will respond positively
- Maybe more trades are on the way

That's a lot of maybe's, and I'm more negative than positive on the trade, as I said. But I'll withhold full judgment on the trade until we see what the team looks like next year. For me, fretting about trades is not unlike fretting about the tanking process this past year: the potential is high for a lot of wasted angst ...

Somewhere EFJ's braces are smiling. "Why wouldn't they make offense for defense trades when I was there?"

A couple of "for the records" before I go to bed and try to forget this day ever happened.

1) F.T.R. despite Hawes decidedly piss-poor three seasons in the league, I might half buy the "we like this guy" company line if he was still on a rookie contract and a cheap project for two or three more years. But right now, he's an expiring contract and will be a free agent that we could've picked up off the scrap heap for the bi-annual exception this coming summer if we wanted him so bad. So yes, I'm calling all of your decision makers complete liars if you try to tell me you just had to have this guy and you view him as your center of the future.

2) F.T.R. if you called the other 28 GMs in the league and said, "I'll give you Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes for an expiring contract," you would've been met by uproarious laughter and/or a dial tone. When you factor in Dalembert's actual contribution on the floor with his expiring contract, well. Yeah, Stefanski was taken advantage of (again?).

OK, one more. Nocioni complained about only playing 20 minutes/game with Sacto last season. How many minutes do you see him playing if the Sixers draft Turner? How many minutes are available at the 2/3 if those guys are playing 35+ each (not to mention having to get minutes for Lou/Meeks/Thad/Kapono/Green in the mix as well?) I guess the good news is that Nocioni's license is probably still suspended from his DUI, so maybe the streets of Philly will be safe.

Jeff reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 5:55

The streets of Philly will never be safe.

I can't see Nocioni complaining if Iguodala and Turner are ahead of him on the depth chart. Also, I don't care about Kapono and Green and I don't think Collins will either. We'll see. Someone is going to get weeded out of the rotation and it really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Shawn reply to Brian on Jun 18 at 10:59

I'm with Brian on this. This is mindboggling. Nocioni is bad news and its a telling sign that they'd happily give up a 3rd year player on a rookie deal that is a center. I'm very nervous about Hawes, and the implications of this move.

I'm optomistic about the deal. We have a young center with basketball in his family Genes who hopefully will repond positively to a trade. A physical small forward who can shoot the 3 off the bench. Not going to overanalyze. Need to wait for completion of the roster moves for this year. I suspect a small forward(Thad or Iggy) will be moved before the start of the season.

I wrote this piece earlier in the night.


Basically my view of the trade is that it's a precursor to another trade. The team has too much depth and not enough star power, and with the contracts they're locked into to Iguodala (SF) and Brand (PF), they simply can't afford to pay Thaddeus Young to be a backup. There are enough scorers on the bench between Williams, Green, and now Hawes and Nocioni.

If the Sixers can spin Young into some quality defensive cavalry, it's a good trade. If not, it's a really bad trade.

To be honest, Speights deserves to start. He averages 19 points per 36 minutes but barely gets to play because Dalembert hasn't missed a game in years. He's a quality young big and this trade is just as much about giving him his shot as it was jettisoning a guy with questionable desire to save some money. Speights has all-star potential and it deserves to be explored.

Btw, I don't mean that Green, Hawes, or Nocioni are QUALITY scorers - just that it's their primary contribution. They need some defensive role players off the bench and Young's the best chip they've got. Since his contract is so small, they'd surely get to ship out another unwanted piece like Kapono to make a deal work (or even Nocioni, maybe he's in for a Q-Rich summer?)

It's also my hope that Collins realizes that Clippers Elton Brand is dead and buried. Brand's TS% was just .518 last season (compared to .581 in 2007) and at age 31 you're not gonna squeeze much more out of him. I think you could have gotten away with Brand defensively at center when he was younger, using him the same way the Celtics are using Glen Davis right now, but Brand doesn't have as much quickness to put to use now.

This is great! Love one blog entry that says Sammy could be a good mentor to Cousins in Sacramento!


One more thing... I still think drafting Turner over Favors is the right play. Holiday/Iguodala/Young is simply not a good offensive unit, regardless of whether the team is starting Brand/Dalembert or Brand/Speights.

Favors will be a good defender but he's very raw right now (youngest player in the draft) and the Sixers are looking to be competitive - it's impossible to truly tank and rebuild when you're locked into Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala signed to mammoth deals for the next 3 seasons. Turner is NBA ready and will immediately take minutes away from Willie Green.

What would you think if the Sixers traded Thadd straight up for Hasheem Thabeet? That's a very real possibility if the Grizz decide to let Rudy Gay walk.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Rashidi on Jun 18 at 7:12

as JohnEMagee once said, and i have to agree, "Thabeet is stiffer than a frat boy on viagara"

I'll be happy with this offseason if we take Turner and simply remove Thad, Lou, and Kapono.

The team might not make the playoffs, but we whats the big deal? The team wasn't going to come close to winning anything anyway.

If we have to get another lottery pick, so be it. As long as the team shows some promise and Turner and Jrue gets tons of playing time it's fine.

bebopdeluxe on Jun 18 at 7:56


‘’Philly never said ‘You can really do this.’ I never felt I had a chance to be the player I’m capable of being.’’

‘’There was always a new coach, a new system. But it can’t be 100 percent because of the coaches. Somebody had to step up and take responsibility."

What were they thinking trading this guy?

Rodney Buford reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 18 at 8:34

Sorry to say Sam, but the team you're going to hasn't exactly been consistent in their coaching either. GL

LangPhd on Jun 18 at 8:00

We pretty much traded for Tim Duncan. What a steal! Nocioni could be our Matt Boner.

Wow heavy negative reaction to this trade Brian.
I think it does hurt the team on the floor THIS YEAR.
By maybe 4 or 5 wins worth ? So maybe we win 40 games instead of 45 ? However lets think of the big picture. If Hawes turns into a solid backup center or average starting center it bodes well for us. Nocioni IS a good 7th or 8th guy off the bench. We are only on the hook with Nocioni for 2 years, 3rd is team option. If Hawes is anything, we will find out this year. Meanwhile we got rid of Sam who was inconsistent,late for practice and never really lived up to his huge potential. Yes he rebounded and blocked shots (sometimes) but he also didn't show up for many games in a row(a lot of the time) and made ridiculously ignorant plays during the game.
I dont believe the Sixers are done and I trust Doug Collins. You definitely know your stuff when it comes to sixers, but at the end of the day I will trust the guy who has done this for a living his entire life, with a pretty good degree of success. Lets see what this team looks like after february, this year is a rebuilding year and about getting the young guys better. I dont care if they win 25 games this year as long as they are young and going in the right direction. Much like the Eagles.

sfw reply to Gdog on Jun 18 at 8:32

Have agreed with many of your comments regarding the trade!

Worst case scenario here is that they like Hawes IMO.

I hope this was purely a financial deal and they thought shaving 3 mill was too good of an opportunity to turn down.

In addition, I really hope they take Turner still.

Myleskong on Jun 18 at 8:59

This trade is a good trade. What do you suspect we could have gotten better for just Sam?
I liked Hawes in the draft. I think he will compliment Brand well. I think he's a highly skilled big with a really high IQ. We're not going to be big and tough at positions 1 through 5. We are big and tough 1 through 3(if we draft Turner). We're tough a 4. Now, big at 5.
This is the beginning of the future. Hawes will atleast be a Troy Murphy/Brad miller type. I think his lack of strength hindered his rebounding. Not to mention, he played with some good young rebounders in Thompson and WHATSHISNAME from Houston.

Kapono, his outside shooting(which he showed at the end of the season...thank goodness)and expiring contract are now on sale. Noc is easily an up grade. And, not to my liking, Thad might be on the block as well.

I think the initial negative reaction is a little over the top.

And I think adding 2 front court players for 1 means we're drafting a guard. I wonder who that is?

deepsixersuede on Jun 18 at 9:04

I think this trade means they are without a doubt taking Turner and are gonna give Iggy and Turner the best chance to succeed. We have been saying for years the pieces don!t fit, Iggy has to shoot too many jumpers, along with Lou and now we are adding another player whose strength is midrange and in. Collins has watched this team and knows for the new face of the franchise to succeed he needs to a] open up the lane area b]have 2 shooters on the court at all times.

Look around the league and give me a more gettable high post center option that has Hawes skillset. Turner doesn!t work with Sam and Elton out there and Collins wants to maximize he and Iggy!s skills. Giving a little down the other end is probably worth giving the key assets [ Turner, Iggy, Elton] the chance to succeed. We all want a lockdown defensive team but Collins, evidently, wants to improve both ends.

Brian, he is 22 years old, how can you say he is a finished product? Denver got better defensively after Camby left, why can!t that happen here? He is decent at defensive rebounding and shot blocking and if he being here means Iggy is posting up and Turner can break down his man and Elton becomes more valuable than I am all for it.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 18 at 9:10

By the way, we all get hooked on positional stereotypes and believe our center has to do this and that; well Rashard Lewis is not a banger and rebounder who blocks shots but he compliments their star and Collins wants pieces that compliment Turner. To me it is THAT in a nutshell.

Jason Mess on Jun 18 at 9:35

Brian I think you are right this is not the best they could have got for Dalembert. I do not know how much better they could have done, and someone (I think it was you) said it would have been better to just buy him out if they wanted him out of the locker room. I also think that might have been better, I do think it was better to get rid of him before you brought in anymore new players, but at what price. One question I have in the 2011-2012 year Nocioni contract expires right who else has a expiring contract and who are the free agents for that year that might be available.

bebopdeluxe on Jun 18 at 9:39

Collins felt SO strongly about getting Sammy off of this team that he wanted him gone even before he has guys in next week for their little pre-draft workout. He wanted to send a message FROM THE JUMP that there is a new sheriff in town...and I think it's great.

As far as Hawes is concerned, it is a one-year flyer - if it works, it will be AWESOME...and if it doesn't, you just let him walk. Very similar situation to the viewpoint that somebody trading for Thad will take.

So - how much of Nocioni's 2011-12 salary do you want to chalk up to simply getting Sammy off the roster, and how much do you want to chalk up to taking a flyer on Hawes? I think it is a mix of the two.

deepsixersuede reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 18 at 9:56

I think they view Nucioni as more of a stretch 4 than 3; It has been said he has trouble guarding 3!s now and with Turner/Iggy a lot of shooting has to come from our 4/5 positions. In fact Spieghts gains value with his skillset now.It is bassackwards thinking but our defensive strength, after drafting Turner, will be our backcourt and our perimeter scoring may come from our frontcourt.

Draft day scenerio; Johnson and Aminu off the board when the clippers pick and the next 3 to 4 guys are bigs so we inform clipps that over the summer , when they have cap space, we will give them Thad for D. Jordan.

This allows them to replace Jordan with a better big [E.Davis, Udoh, Monroe?] knowing they will get Thad from us. Jordan and Hawes give us to young centers to build on.

bebopdeluxe reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 18 at 10:05

Sounds like a plan.

At the end of the day, even if Sammy didn't play a minute this year, I'd still rather his expiring contract than Hawes and Nocioni. Getting an overpaid role player like Noc might be useful if you had a team that was a contender, but I don't see where he fits in with the Sixers. Hawes is a less skilled, slightly taller version of Speights.


How many games have you actually seen Hawes play? Before all of Negadelphia jumps off the Walt Whitman let's see what Doug Collins has planned for the rest of this off season.

This move did come out of no where. The media "experts" did not see this move coming. Who's to say that more moves won't be made. Also, I'm not sure if everyone has noticed the Sixers were not winning championships with Sammy D on the team.

Let's let the basketball people put a real team together. I trust that this team is headed in the right direction. I also trust Doug Collins basketball opinion a lot more then your "average" basketball fan that happens to have a lap top and an internet connection.

Finally, everyone has the right to have an opinion. I can respect anyone's opinion that happens to be a basketball fan and more importantly a Sixers fan. Let's keep an open mind and be positive. The proverbial ship is no longer sinking. Actually, this Sixers fan can see solid land up ahead.

Go Sixers!

Shawn, you better not talk to any Kings fans about Hawes. He is pretty much despised as a soft, arrogant kid who has no desire top improve on his game.

he refuses to come in for summer workouts. he refuses to play in the Summer league. He is skinny and does not put the work in the weight room. He has the reputation of ignoring coaching and then complaining in the media about playing time. Shows no interest in defense and likes to drift out and shoot 3 pointers.

Now this could all be a mis-characterization. And maybe the trade will be a wake-up call. But if you think Hawes is some way a more self motivated player than Sam, or less of a ,malcontent, I think you will be disappointed.

Joe reply to Shawn on Jun 18 at 10:55

Shawn. Your statement is pretty useless.

If you don't know anything about Hawes, the Sixers, or the current NBA, you probably shouldn't bother posting.

Shawn reply to Joe on Jun 18 at 11:32


You happen to be the type with a lap top and an internet connection. You might even be the type that has his Kevin Kolb jersey all warmed up and ready for training camp.

I've been to every Sixers home game the past two seasons. I have every right to post here. There's no question Sammy was a good defender and rebounder.I don't know what Hawes or Nocioni are going to bring to the table and neither do you. The team needed a culture change. I'm sure anyone that's ever spent time with you, (Little Joey) know how much negativity can affect the dynamic or a team or group.

Go Sixers!

First time, long time. Great blog. But, I had to finally sign up and comment on this one. Count me in with the group that is surprised by such a negative reaction from Brian. This type of seething anger, 100% forecast certainy, and close mind, usually only comes from Eskin, I mean JohnEMagee.
Like I said, great blog. But, I guess there will no longer be any posts because the future is sealed with this trade. Next year, perhaps, you can pick up the posts again when the Sixers get the number one pick after giving up the most points in NBA history.
I dont think its that bad. Hawes can block shots and can play positional defense. Will he? That's Collin's job and as of right now, I have confidence that he can get that kind of production out of him.
I hope this move, along with others, opens up the half court and the team can compete offensively. I think that was the failed point last year as well. I am not saying its going to work, but thankfully, there will be no more passes to bounce of Dalembert's hands, and more room for Brand to use his old man moves.
Reading this however makes me want to pack it in and stop watching the team. Afterall, how can a team that just got "ass raped" be able to win at all. Its hopeless.

Joe reply to 4Who on Jun 18 at 10:59


The main issue is picking up the contract for next year. Why did they add so much salary for next season? In one year, if Hawes walks, they are paying Nocioni another year.

Historically Hawes has been a dissapointment, so I wouldn't think much of him personally.

It cracks me up when i hear others calls a player overpaid. these Guys play a game that none of us can Play on a professional Level. so why use the word overpaid. just say that you don't like the player.get out of the dudes Pockets.

O.K., overpaid in relation to their peers.

You think 16M a year typically gets you Elton Brand?

EB did a good job getting that Money. so he's smart.
This game is about getting all they can.
we just hope that what we all get fair play from these players on our team.
I'm a sixers Fan good or Bad.
I just see people trashing Sam.
I'm not cool reading people calling him a piece of Shit.
I read this one guy(not on this Blog) commenting about Albert on the Redskins. The dude went racial,saying go back to africa and calling him Monkey.

"I'm trying to be as objective about this trade as possible, but there's no kind way to say this was just utterly stupid."

I think you mean "wasn't."

This line is truly hilarious but I'm guessing that you don't see the irony. Truly "objective" people don't think, speak, or write this way. Referring to a trade as an "ass raping" is a loaded and over-the-top phrase that doesn't suggest an open mind to any critical reader. People with an emotional and unshakeable belief in their own opinions cannot be by nature objective. These conditions are mutually exclusive.

The truth is that none of us know how this team will be finalized and how well that eventual line up will work out next year (and many posters yesterday espoused that sentiment). The good thing is that the coach and team won't have a tough act to follow for purposes of comparison. My suggestion to you is to embrace the limits of your own knowledge. You might find the experience liberating.

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