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Its always better to have a big and guard because you get a distributor and a rebounder and that is important because in the finals, the team that won the rebounding battle won every game.

Depends on the players really. Hypotheticals like this need more details.

Championship teams have been built around a small/big combo(Showtime Lakers, Shaq/Kobe Lakers, 05-07 Spurs, 06 Heat); but they've also been built around two Smalls(Jordan/Pippen Bulls, Isiah/Dumars Pistons, Barry-Wilkes Warriors).

There is no one way to make a champion, really.

If you build around 2 smalls, you still need a big who can board & defend, even if the 2 smalls can handle the bulk of the O(see the 60s Celtics as an example). Also, both of the Jordan/Pippen three-peats still needed a PF who could defend & board(Grant & Rodman) to help them over the top. The lack of that type of player is what actually derailed them in 94-95, imo.

Of course, if you build around a small/big combo, you need the small to be able to create his own shot at will, especially in the clutch(unless the big is also an offensive dynamo who can score from range like Kareem or Hakeem). The lack of this player is what has derailed D12's ORL teams.

All of that said, today's NBA does enhance the effectiveness of a premier wing scorer, especially one that can draw fouls. Star bigs can impact the game in a number of ways, but their particular assets(interior defense, rebounding, post scoring) can potentially be spread among multiple players as specialists. A premier wing scorer, OTOH, can not be duplicated as easily.

So, given the choice, unless the big is a proven two-way impact player(like Duncan or Shaq), I lean toward the guard. A defensive specialist with potential is not enough to give up a premier wing scorer, imo.

Good post.

Alvin reply to Sean on Jun 22 at 10:03

Excellent read man.

bebopdeluxe reply to Sean on Jun 22 at 10:15

Agreed...good post.

I also feel WAY more confortable projecting Turner as a top-10 to top-15 guts-of-the-game star than Favors. I would argue that if the reasonable expectation for Favors is Al Horford and the reasonable expectation for Turner is Brandon Roy, then give me Roy.


I do agree with your premise. If Turner's "safety" is Roy and Favors is Horford, then I'll take Roy please, lol

I was worried who's Stefanski gonna take in the draft days after lottery. But now Im almost sure it's gonna be Turner, and Im very glad. But Stefanski said about possibility to make some "blockbuster deal" and trade our 2nd pick. I was thinking about that and I couldn't even imagine which one I'd like. What do you think, which offer you'd give up on?

as for the Brian's question. I go with small+big of course. But in this draft, you never know whether Favors reach his ceiling or not, If he'd already plays at Turner's level then it's no brainer... But now Turner is too good to pass on him. Also Sean has a nice post above about who's winning championships, so I don't see a big problem here. My choice is Turner and we figure everything out later...

deepsixersuede on Jun 22 at 7:12

I am old fashioned so a small and big would be my choice [p.g. and 4 or 5?]. But your key words were "today!s n.b.a." to me. What would Jordan or Tiny Archibald do today? What would Jennings have done in the 80!s. Wings are like quarterbacks in football till they enter the lane or get deep in the playoffs than it seems physicality is allowed more.

If Turner isn!t picked now the organization may be in for a backlash of anger; he wants to be here, is recognizable and fits a need. How does he affect ticket sales?

The difficulty here is your assumption Derrick. You can't just assume the small and the big will both be All Stars, or even close to the same level as pro players. But even if you did, who was better in the playoffs this year and more important to their team's success: Kobe Bryant or Dwight Howard?

Turner is the best player available to us at a position of need. I'll take that over potential (Favors) or headcase (Cousins) any day.

Brian, I agree with Sean that it is really complicated. But the nuances do inform this pick.

I would prefer to have an offensively dominant wing + defensively dominant big (I guess Wade/Shaq is the most recent example- and they won with zero supporting cast.) Right now the Sixers have neither of these players :)

But there are a number of ways to win. An to most common denominator is a 1st team all NBA player + either another top 10 player or 2-3 top 35 players... and the Sixers don't have much of that either :)

So if Favors develops into a dominant defensive big (think Howard level) then the Sixers would need to find backcourt stars to take the pressure off of him. I do not think Jrue/Iguodala would be sufficient.

If Turner becomes an offensive superstar (think Kobe level) then the team would still need a dominant interior force.

So even pie in the sky best case this team will still be a star or two away. And IMO Favors is no Howard and Turner is no Kobe. So ultimately you take the player who you think is the best today and later and keep working on rebuilding- knowing you have a long road ahead.

If they could somehow turn Iguodala into #5 and get Cousins + Turner, the team would be in better shape to start down that long road (in terms of cap and a core of very young talent.) But again, that is not happening either.

Agree TK that in today's NBA it's necessary to have 2 elite talents (1st or 2nd team all NBA) or 1 elite talent and then 2-3 next level guys. We probably have the next level guys (Iggy, Jrue) and hopefully this draft adds the elite talent (E.T.). Will this be enough to contend in 3-4 years? I'm not sure. But I feel alot better about the long-term future of this team than I did at this time last year.

scott reply to tk76 on Jun 22 at 10:19

I agree with the analysis here that even by picking up Turner we will be a quality player away from really being a contender. By picking up Turner in the draft we will have a core of Turner, Iguodala, and Holiday. We would need a big man in order to really have a legit shot at accomplishing something.

With the addition of Turner we most likely will not be getting any more good lottery picks from the draft. It seems as though our only way of obtaining another quality player would be to either sign a FA when Brand's contract expires in a couple years, or to trade Brand's contract for a player at the trade deadline before it expires.

It doesn't seem like there will be anything we can really do until Brand's contract runs out, though.

Do we know what players will be FA's the same year Brand's contract ends that we can keep track of now? As we won't be able to add a major piece until Brand is gone, what can we do to sure up the role players who we will also need to be contenders?

Dwight Howard :)

Well I don't understand the question, because it seems you're assuming that Holiday will necessarily be so good, and/or expensive, that if he's on the team with Turner, he and Turner will comprise the core and we'll be a small/small team. I think you want a very good big man, of course, but I think that it would be possible to have one play alongside Holiday and Turner. I trust we all agree that Turner will never be LeBron or Kobe good, so I think we'd need a big man about as good as Pau, at least, to win a Finals, and then Holiday would be your very good, but not transcendent, 12-13 mil. a year point guard.

Actually, I was just playing off what Collins said and then asking a general question.

Forget about the Sixers, all things being equal, you have the chance to build around two players, a small and a big, or two smalls. Which do you choose?


But with this draft, all else is not equal :)

If Holiday can reach Rondo's level (top 5 PG in the league), and Turner can be as talented as Paul Pierce, you really might only be a big guy away from contention. Add in the fact that Igoudala is a VERY good player who could certainly contribute to a championship team OR be the piece that gets you that necessary big man, I think the Sixers are moving in the right direction and taking the correct route. Would love to see one more deal where we pick up another #1st rd pick and draft one of the bigs out there - Whiteside, Sanders, or Seraphin - and see if we could turn that player into the big we need. Remember, Boozer was a 2nd round pick.

Jason Mess on Jun 22 at 10:17

It all come down to who we put around our pick. we are more than one player away. Just like Sean said, there are multiple ways to build a champion. If the bulls do not get Pippen, Grant/Rodman do they win even one championship?

The team needs to leave itself options. They do not know how Jrue, Turner, Speights, Thad, Hawes etc will be in 2-3 years. They don't even know what the new CBA will be.

But they know that in 3 years they will have 6 or more young players who should be entering their prime and a ton of money coming of the cap (Brand/Lou.)

They need to put themselves in a position to either make a contending move at that time, or at last still be in a position to continue to add to the young core.

They don't have that much time. They need to make decisions on Thad, Hawes and Smith this summer, Speights next summer.

If they extend any of those guys, it eats into the available money when Brand's contract expires. Assuming the money doesn't just disappear because of the new CBA anyway.

Not that it will happen, but if they flipped Iguodala for cousins + filler that expires over the next 3 seasons...

They would have Jrue(20), Cousins(19), Turner(22), Thad(22), Hawes(22), Speights(23),Lou(24), Smith(24)

And have big vet contracts coming off the cap each of the next 3 seasons. It would mean a step back by giving up a tremendous player in his prime (Iguodala) but This would be the type of young core and financial flexibility I would like to see.

Jrue(20), Cousins(19), Turner(22), Thad(22), Hawes(22), Speights(23),Lou(24), Smith(24)

Jrue, Cousins and Turner would be the only players they'd have on cheap, rookie contracts. Lou will be overpaid and I don't think it's crazy to say that if Thad, Hawes, Smith and probably Speights are still here, they'll be overpaid as well.

And I'm not opposed to trading Iguodala, I just wouldn't do it for Cousins.

And I'm not opposed to keeping Iguodala- and would really be excited to see how a Jrue/Turner/Iguodala combo works out.

But if you keep Iguodala you better have a good plan in place for how to get this team over the hump in the next 3-5 years. because with Iguodala and Brand's contracts there is a great risk of being locked in mediocrity.

yeah its either one or the other. In the end though, it comes down to not throwing around 4 year deals like drunken sailors and keeping your players accountable that makes winning teams. accumulate talent, let go of bad chemistry players, bad contracts.

Jason Mess on Jun 22 at 10:27

Another question, when Jrue reaches his prime what level do you see him reaching. Ppg, Apg, Rpg, and if you think he will be a first, second all NBA defensive team?

Marty reply to Jason Mess on Jun 22 at 10:41

That's a great question Jason. I do worry a bit that we may be expecting a lot from a 19 year old kid entering only his 2nd NBA season. I believe we won't truly see the player we think he'll be until at least 2011-2012, with more glimpses this year then last year. I would really like to see us add a capable back-up like Steve Blake for a year or two, just to have a little insurance at that position. I don't love the idea of Turner/LouWill as the primary backups to Holiday. That said, I expect a 3rd team All-NBA guy/2nd team All-Defense, 14ppg, 8ast, 5rb, 2stl. 40% 3p shooter, 80% FT.

Those numbers aren't 3rd team all NBA.

Marty reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 10:58

Tony Parker - 2009 All NBA 3rd team
Career avg - 16.6 pts, 5.6 asts, 3.1 reb, 1.0 stl 31% 3PT FG, 72% FT

Just sayin...

Jeebus, that's horrible.

Anonymous reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 11:19

Why would career stats impact whether or not someone if first, second, or third team for a given season. It's not a career achievement award, it's a performance for the past season award, voted on by writers who tend to favor 'names' over performance

Didn't realize he was using career stats there. Parker averaged 22 pts, 6.9 boards that season. Makes more sense.

Marty reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 11:31

Used the career stats to make the point that I'd take Tony Parker's #'s and an appearance or two on an ALL-NBA list from a career year or something. I didn't neccesarily mean a perennial All-NBA guy. Definitely a perennial All-Star, though.

PPG, APG and RPG are really tough for me to predict, mainly because I have no idea what's going to be asked of him. If the Sixers continue to be a lottery/borderline playoff team, and he has to shoulder too much of the scoring load, he's not really going to reach his peak, and the fans are probably going to hate him, much like they hate Iguodala. But best-case scenario, I'll go with something like this

18 pts
10-12 assts
5-7 rebs
2+ steals

Those numbers aren't out of the question. And he's got the skills and mindset to be first-team all defense, but the team needs to start winning in a big way before he'll get serious consideration.

Them be HOF numbers if they are generated on a contender.

If he reaches his peak and stays there for 3-5 years, then yeah. We're talking ceiling.

Do you think with Turner and Igoudala both capable ballhandlers Jrue would have the ball in his hands enough to average 10-12 assists/game? Not saying I don't think he is capable I just think Turner and Iggy will have a chance to initiate the offense (20% of the possessions each).

Will he get the chance and should he get the chance are two different questions. I think he should, not sure if he will. I don't know how much Turner or Iguodala will dominate the ball under Collins, it's actually a big concern of mine.

I think in the beginning of the season I wouldn't have a problem with Turner initiating some offense as he gets used to playing off the ball, but as the season goes along Jrue should initiate the offense.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 11:21

I doubt the fans will ever hate Holiday. He's a likable guy, plays hard. Iguodala doesn't really endear himself to people with his occasionally grandiose off-court comments, his emotionless, joyless on-court deportment, or his total lack of charisma. Have you ever seen him on the occasions where he addresses the crowd before a game? It's reminiscent of Dick Cheney's campaign appearances. It's not just that he's not a great scorer, although the fact that he was sold to the fans as one has something to do with his unpopularity. But Holiday won't have that problem either; no one's ever tried to sell him as an offensive threat. Other than that, I think your projections are really bullish, but, like Rondo and Parker (and Telfair), it's hard to tell what to expect from a 19 year old point guard.

Holiday is a shy, quiet kid. And if he progresses to the point where he's the best player on this team (which is possible) but isn't scoring 20+ ppg, the fans will think he's over-rated and call him a second banana. He's a player much like Iguodala in that his true value isn't going to be measured in PPG, which is the only stat that matters to about 90% of Sixers fans, maybe more, and 99% of the media.

People calling him a second banana wouldn't have a negative connotation if the Sixers front office didn't try to sell him as more than that.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 14:35

Brian, I think about a month back Tom Moore mentioned that Aaron McKie spoke about Iguodala needing to be a better leader on the floor. Basically said his demeanor out on the floor could affect the rest of the team negatively...

Is Aaron McKie just way off base?

Also, any chance that Iggy's giant ego gets bruised with the addition of Evan Turner?

Jason Mess on Jun 22 at 11:00

Thanks Brian and Marty I appreciate the replies. Because he is so young and showed a lot of talent I was having trouble thinking what his peak might be.

The summer of 2012 is where we all should be pointing to. Dwight Howard indeed has an opt-out after the 2011-2012 season, along with a bunch of young bigs who have the next two years to develop and prove themselves - Lopez brothers, A. Randolph, JJ Hickson, M. Speights (who knows?), M. Beasley, Gallinari, Jason Thompson, etc. Brand will be an $18 mil expiring contract, Turner and Holiday will still be on rookie contracts, Igoudala is signed through 2014, Nocioni has a team option and Lou Williams will also be an expiring contract. Oh yea, and Carmelo could (potentially) be a free agent, if he doesn't opt out next year.

Looks like the Sixers are definitely going to address their need for rebounding and defense up front.

Brian Scalabrine is on the radar folks!

It's beginning to look like when Doug Collins says "tough" what he means is white and very bad at basketball.

Noticed that the article said the Heat were probably looking to sell the 18th pick. How much do you think it will take? 2M? 3M? With the 18th pick we could get a good young big like maybe Whiteside or Orton.

$3M is the most you can pay, that's probably what it would take. It makes too much sense for the Sixers to buy it, though. Some other team will make the move.

Your right it does make too much sense. It's not like they need a big man or anything.

Get ready for a similar refrain from the last 2 years.

"There was a player we wanted and tried to acquire a pick, but we lacked the assets to get it. We did not have a 2nd rounder to deal and did not want too give up a future 1st rounder."

Didn't they say picks were too expensive last season? Can't remember what the excuse was.

No, they said they did not have their own #2 pick to add to the deal.

Anonymous reply to tk76 on Jun 22 at 12:15

But maybe they can then make a trade near the trade deadline for the second pick they really wanted when he's made little to no impact on his actual team and people can get really excited that they added Jodie Meeks?

Good to see they learned their lesson and held onto that second rounder this season. Whoops.

Well in their view they got the guy the wanted for by acquiring Meeks for Ivey and Primoz + this years #2.

I'm actually really interested to see who gets picked in that slot this year.

If they sign Scal and pass on paying 3 mil for the 18th pick (I like Alabi), then Ed Stefanski literally has lost his mind.

The evidence is mounting.

I hope one of the reasons for the Dalembert deal was that the money Comcast/Sixers would be saving by being under the luxury tax would be put towards purchasing and signing another 1st round pick. I'm dubious, but hopeful.

Evan Turner would have said the same nice things even if he was being drafted by the Oakland Raiders. Players don't complain about going to certain teams anymore because they get labeled as jerks. i.e Keith Van Horn, Kobe Bryant. If he says he wants to play for Washington he is going to get ridiculed for being delusional if he says he likes NJ he is selling himself short.

Anyway NJ is in a good situation whether or not they get Evan Turner or Derrick Favors

Devin Harris
Dwayne Wade
Yi Jianli
Brook Lopez
Derrick Favors


Devin Harris
Evan Turner
Yi Jianli
Chris Bosh
Brook Lopez

Why does everyone think that the NJ owner is crazy? He bought a team with two all-star players, a high draft pick, and 33 million in cap space. People think that he some sort of lunatic that likes the spend money just for the fun of it. 3-5 years from now he will be even richer

These are the players I want to the Sixers go after with their MLE

Tyrus Thomas
Brendan Haywood
J.J Redick
Udonis Haslem
Travis Outlaw
Mike Miller
Josh Howard
Amir Johnson
Luke Ridnour
Anthony Morrow
Kyle Korver
Randy Foye
Hakim Warrick
C.J Watson

Anonymous reply to Steven on Jun 22 at 12:20

The sixers just made a trade to save 3 million dollars to avoid paying the luxury tax. Why would they spend the MLE (approximately 5 million) to go over the luxury tax when they aren't even close to contending for a title?

I fully support completely ignoring the fact that our front office is a mess and speculating about using the MLE.

I like three of those guys. The rest, not so much.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 13:32

Is Outlaw one of them? I really like him.

All things being equal I'd rather one big and one small. But I think Turner has a much higher floor than Favors does. Favors could easily be another Stromile Swift or Tyrus Thomas (he had frosh stats eerily similiar to Thomas). So, I'd go with Turner as I think he'd at least be a good pro if not better. That being said, I don't think either is a franchise type (as in a potential All-NBA 1st teamer).

Cousins is the most talented guy (even some others on the Kentucky team say that) in this draft but he seems to have some personality / work ethic type issues that are keeping him from being the #1 pick.

Currently, we have 12 players under contract for next year. I'd be perfectly fine adding Turner, a young big man with an additional first round pick, and a back-up PG. I wouldn't sign anyone with the MLE. Taking on any contracts besides rookie deals for more than one or two years right now would be foolish. As far as Hawes, Smith, and Thad go - the Sixers will probably non-tender one of the centers and simply tender the betteer of the two (not sign long term) and dare another team to overpay for them. I also don't think there's any reason to believe we won't know everything we need to know about Thad after this year. And if not, we can still tender him and let someone else overpay if they really want him. Like I stated before 2012 is the summer we need to be concerned with.

Somebody posted a blurb about guys we could pursue with our MLE. There are a few I think would be good fits but I think with the current team Amir Johnson would be a great fit as he has skills not possessed by our other bigs. He is foul prone but he is very tough defensively, rebounds and can run with the other burners on our team. He isn't an offensive wizard but he can definitely score the ball if they get it to him deep in the post.

I think he is someone Collins could 'coach up' and he would definitely help our D.

Depends on the price, but I agree. He's not a great rebounder, but he's more of a defender than any other big we have on the roster.

What if you could trade Iggy and other stuff to wind up with Favors and Wes Johnson?

Would you take that over standing pat at #2 and taking Evans?

Which looks best of these three?

Jru, Evans, Iggy,
Jru, Johnson, Favors
Jru, Iggy, Favors

I'm thinking/hoping that if Evans turns out to be the player they hope, Iggy is going to be dangled out there for an athletic defensive minded 4 or 5.

Who is Evans?

I mean Turner

which of these three is best?

Jru, Turner, Iggy
Jru, Iggy Favors
Jru, Johnson, Favors

oops,I meant Turner

which of these three do you like best?

Jru, Turner, Iggy
Jru, Iggy, Favors (and lose Iggy)
Jru, Johnson, Favors

DraftExpress now has the Nets taking Wes Johnson in its mock draft. If this happens do you think the Sixers will take Turner at 2 and make a move for Favors at 4? What would you give up for the 4 pick?

Jason reply to bq21 on Jun 22 at 14:08

Lol, i saw this, i think they are bluffing b/c Real GM article says that nets want picks in order for Timbs to secure Wes Johnson. I think they are trying to take advantage of Timbs overload of bigs.

Myleskong on Jun 22 at 13:16

In short, I think the small/big combo would be the best blueprint. This works for us pecifically because we have Iggy as a 3rd option on the wing and Jrue at the point. A big would be the ideal compliment. However, the big would have to be highly skilled(Cousins over Favors).

Turner should be the pick though.

I think some of you assume none of these guys are going to be head cases.

Based on everything I have read, Cousins scares me too much, I would not touch him with that low of a pick.

Which of Turner, Johson, Favors and Cousins is the most likely to be a top 5 player in the league? Not just based on talent but on whole package? which one of these will be a star and comfortable leading his team?

If Turner is that guy, and I hope he is, I wonder if Iggy will be happy being his right hand man.....

With Favors now likely to slip to #4 it would be interesting to know if Minny still wants to move up. And if so, what the offer would be. But I doubt we will ever know and it is hard to speculate what Minny would do given they are not the most rational of franchises.

AnonymousPoster reply to tk76 on Jun 22 at 13:39

It's interesting as I've seen reports published today that indicate that the nets are taking favors, johnson, and cousins...different sources, different quotes, lots of smoke and fire, I don't know that it's any more likely that favors is available at four than it is the sixers take him at two.

IF the Sixers take Turner (likely) and the Nets take Johnson (possible) would YOU trade Igoudala for #4 pick? Minnesota is way under the cap so they could absorb his deal w/out us getting a massive contract back. Rumor has it that (I know, rumors) that Minny will offer Rudy Gay a close to max deal. I think we can all agree, no matter your opinion on him otherwise, that Igoudala is a superior player to Gay in almost every sense. Memphis has also said they'd match any offers for Gay. Trading for Igoudala would guarantee them the type of player they seem to covet right now, and they still have two other picks in the draft. If you're the Sixers, you can now draft your preference of Cousins or Favors OR call up the Pistons and take Prince (in the last year of his deal) and the #7 if they want to move up to #4. I'd be ok with Pat Patterson at #7.

Why not go for broke and make a play for two smalls (Jrue, Turner) and a big (I happen to like Cousins- reminds me of a less funny, ginormous Charles Barkley...hopefully worth the risk). We could end up with a great shooting guard and a 19 year old behemoth of a center in one draft. They learn to play as a group...go through a tough growing year...and add another piece next year a la OKC the past couple years.


Great size. All under 23. Do whatever it takes as an organization to keep Thad, Speights, and Cousins in line and playing defense.

I like the risk/reward here. It's a ton of risk but if Jrue, Turner and Cousins close in on their potential were talking a Billups, Roy, and Ewing type trio. Not bad. After suffering through last year I don't see a whole lot we have to lose.

AnonymousPoster reply to ryano on Jun 22 at 14:09

I have a couple things

1. How do the sixers get Cousins? Seems like you're implying Iguodala would get you Cousins, who is probably going fifth right now to the Kings, but not sure how that deal coalesces

2. Neither Thaddeus Young or Mareese Speights have shown anything yet to justify starting in the NBA and now you've got them both penciled in at starter.

3. The likelihood that neither Speights nor cousins 'eats' their way out of the league is probably pretty smally.

I absolutely understand the risks and concerns- my reply would be that I think the upside is too great to not think about it seriously. I know Cousins is one of Calipari's boys- but he gave a very strong statement to how good Cousins will be at the next level. There is no denying the talent and Calipari never calls him uncoachable or a major problem.

Yes, I pencil in Speights and Thad because both have shown promise and with Cousins banging down low we can afford to have a less defensively inclined forward paired with him. I think they would pair together nicely on the offensive end and they could even be weight watchers accountability partners or something. Thad can be a good defensive player with some work and by making him the number 4 or 5 option out of these 5 it takes a lot of pressure off him and gives him room to slash and hit those lefty running hooks.

As to how we get Cousins- I guess I am assuming Iguodala gets it done. Who knows...maybe Minny is high enough on Iggy that we can weasel Love out of them as well.

AnonymousPoster reply to ryano on Jun 22 at 14:25

but he gave a very strong statement to how good Cousins will be at the next level

I understand that Calipari did this, but is it possible he did it for his own self serving interests? If he bad moths a player (a player being bad mouthed all over the place) like Cousins, how would that impact future recruiting of guys who want to play in the NBA but might also possibly have coachability concerns. Do they want to play for a guy who is going to have their back no matter what or a guy who will throw them under the bus (rightly or wrongly?) when they go pro.

As for Young and Speights, I question their defensive ability and dedication to getting better at playing basketball and need to see changes in that before they should be pencilled in as starters.

I'm all for that- especially with the flexibility it gives you for the future.


1. No guarantee you can get Cousins for Iguodala (and you would likely take some bad contracts back.)

2. Who knows if the Sixers want to make that deal. they seem sold on Iguodla.

I like this idea, but the only way I do it is if Favors is available at #4. I don't want Cousins as one of my young core players.

Pick Turner at 2 and trade Iggy for #4 (for Favors, not Cousins)?

that would be tempting I would think

AnonymousPoster reply to wof on Jun 22 at 14:15

The Wolves are not under the salary cap until after the July 1st free agency start, so the wolves couldn't just 'absorb' Andre Iguodala until a week after the draft.

All indications seem to be that the sixers and Doug Collins specifically love Andre Iguodala and plan to build around him, so giving him away for a big man with major concerns seems like a strange thing for them to do.

It's doubtful that Minnesota, if they want Iguodala, are going to absorb all his salary if they don't have to.

I just put up a post on this. Minny does have enough cap space to absorb Iguodala's contract whole after July 1st, but they wouldn't have to. We could take Gomes contract back.

Honestly, Iguodala is probably cheaper than they'd pay for Gay and a better player. What's their other option in free agency? They desperately need a wing and using a portion of their cap space on Iguodala is better than any free agent options they could have a legitimate shot at obtaining.

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