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Go For Broke

I would be ecstatic about that "reset" deal, whether you get Favors or Cousins. I personally prefer Cousins (as long as you have Turner as your "leader.") but I would be happy either way.

Honestly, it is more than a little bit greedy to hope for the #2 and #4 pick in the same draft.

It's a little more than greedy to ever hope Ed Stefanski doesn't get the shafted in a trade, doesn't mean it's impossible, though.

Why in the world would the Timbs trade away Favors for AI when they could get Rudy Gay and then keep Favors? here's the only deal we could possibly pull off AI+2011 first rounder for Favors. Anything else is just too far fetched imo.

Rudy Gay is a restricted FA with Memphis having the right to match any offer. For what its worth, the Grizz have let it be known they will match any offer for Gay.

Iguodala is cheaper than Gay will be, there's no guarantee they could even get Gay (he's restricted and Memphis may match), Favors plays a position they're already loaded at. Three reasons off the top of my head. And Iguodala's a better player than Gay, much, much better if defense means anything to you.

Jason reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 14:55

Alright, well i still think they can get Rudy gay with the remainder of their cap space nad keep favors which would benefit them greatly. But say they were willing to take back AI9 for Favors but asked for our 2011 1st round draft pick (top 5 protected) would you still do it?

Lottery protected for next season, top ten protected the following season, then top three protected in perpetuity and yes, I'd do it.

What i really like about this scenario is that you can put out a competitive club where Jrue and Turner actually bring stability on the floor. So you are closer to OKC than Minny when it comes to playing meaningful basketball where your players can develop and be evaluated.

At the same time you will have gigantic expring contracts each of the next 3 seasons and cap space that can be flipped for more picks/young players. And then in 2-3 years you have the assets to go for the kill by adding a vet star (say Dwight Howard or the like) if you are ready. And if you are not ready you have lots of valuable assets to make the necessary changes. You are not locked in to being certain players will pan out for you.

basically the opposite of what happened whan the Sixers signed Brand. they were forced to count on guys like Young developing quickly.

OT, the new nets owner is supposed to be russian mafia, right? Well it sounds like he is well acquainted with shaking someone down when he sees weakness.

He learns Minny wants Wes Johmnson. So now he threatens to draft Johnson unless Minny gives them one of their #1 picks in return:

"The Nets are still undecided but leaning towards selecting Wes Johnson with the third overall pick.

If Minnesota wants to secure Johnson, sources tell Yahoo! Sports that New Jersey will require draft picks from the Wolves.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter)

Read more: http://basketball.realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/67356/20100622/nets_may_want_picks_from_wolves_to_allow_johnson_to_slide/#ixzz0rbqbLuKl"

Or is Kahn playing him and wanted Favors all along?

That would be pretty funny. I believe the Nets are about to pick up an extra first rounder. Trading #16 for two low first rounders from Memphis (saw it on Twitter via Chad Ford)

Should say TWolves are about to add an extra pick.

Marty reply to tk76 on Jun 22 at 15:02

Great post. I believe this to be true. Based on the conjecture I've heard, Cousins & Favors workouts weren't great. Wes Johnson's have been. Nets have no problems taking him and will try and shake the Wolves down. Kahn is stupid and calls the bluff. Nets draft Johnson. Kahn panics. They can't move Jefferson - he is overvalued by the Wolves. They could move Love, but he's the guy they want to keep of the two. Brian had it right in his comments on the previous post "...Minny does have enough cap space to absorb Iguodala's contract whole after July 1st, but they wouldn't have to. We could take Gomes contract back.

Honestly, Iguodala is probably cheaper than they'd pay for Gay and a better player. What's their other option in free agency? They desperately need a wing and using a portion of their cap space on Iguodala is better than any free agent options they could have a legitimate shot at obtaining."

We'd probably have to take Gomes AND Sessions back (no way we're getting Love), but we'd get the young big I think Collins covets.

I could live with Gomes and Sessions coming back to us. Sessions is probably overpaid, but he's a serviceable backup PG and he expires the same year as Lou and Brand.

Essentially, Minny would be using $5M of their cap space for Iguodala in that deal (and they'd have to pick up the team option on Gomes, which I'm not sure if they plan to do.

Marty reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 15:20

I could live with that too. Sessions is overpaid, but definitely a decent backup. Where did you see Gomes had a team option? Could he play a little 3 - George Lynch style? Look at all the depth we'd have upfront too: Thad, Speights, Brand, Favors, Hawes, Smith, Gomes. Could definitely make another move. I'm so tired of getting fleeced in trades - just once I'd like us to rape someone. Figuratively.

In this scenario I don't want to swap picks at all. I'm not even sure I'd make that move- both of them or no move at all.

Reason being I don't trust this franchise with cap space of any kind right now. I want to see them hold onto Brand and be forced to restructure this team the right way...not by buying crappy "name players", but by allowing a young core to grow together. Plus, Brand is a good guy and at one point was a great player- so he should have something to offer our young bigs. After being so classy all of last year in what was a worse situation than playing for the Clippers I have to give him credit and he's earned my respect.

I'd rather take a risk with Cousins than Favors. Cousins has an on the court mean streak (which I love) and he's only 19. His upside is also higher than Favors IMO.

Completely disagree on the potential of these guys. Cousins is more NBA ready right now, but I think Favors has the potential to be a bigger impact in the league. I also think the meltdown/blow up (eat himself out of the league) factor with Cousins is sky high. I want no part of him.

ryano reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 15:11

I think the things I like most about Cousins are his great size (he's only 19 so he may have an inch or two left in him- making him a legit 7 or 7'1"), his touch around the hoop (touch, as we've seen from Dwight Howard, can't be taught...at least not easily), his on the court mean streak (I want our next big man to be an enforcer- Kendrick Perkins/KG esq), and he's a great rebounder especially on the offensive end.

Granted, Favors has not had the chance to showcase himself on the big stage like Cousins has- but I have to wonder that if Favors was ready to handle the number one option load at Georgia Tech- why wasn't it given to him? Cousins just about took over that stacked Kentucky team because they couldn't deny his size and scoring ability. You can't tell me the coaching staff at GT couldn't have gotten their guards to give Favors the ball more consistently. There is just too much unknown with Favors and too much I like about Cousins.

Jack reply to ryano on Jun 22 at 21:14

You forgot to mention that although Cousins gets a bad rep for being out of shape - see ridiculous claims like "eat his way out of the league" - Favors is the one who has been out of shape at all of his workouts. He himself claims that it was a struggle to play even one half of basketball at Georgia Tech. Not sure why Brian sees no "red flags" with him.

If the T'Wolves are willing to take Igoudala and Brand for Favors, the least we can do is take back Al Jefferson

If we got Favors AND Turner and had a chance to get Gomes and Love thrown in I'd freak out.

I never make fun of Brian for his Dre and Bert love ever again. He'd have to rename this site "EXTREMELY HAPPY FanS" because I don't think one of us would be mad about that deal.

Oh I hope it happens, oh I truly very much do.

I'd do it. But a) only for Favors and b) it's unreal anyway

I don't get ESPN Insider, so I'm not sure if I know the whole story, but Chad Ford claims that the Blazers turned down Minny's #4 pick in exchange for Batum. If that's true (BIG IF), we HAVE to offer Igoudala for #4. I like having Brand still on the team as a veteran voice and I love just letting this team play together for a couple years like OKC. GO FOR BROKE!!

Ford put up a bad link to the story, haven't found it yet.

Tray reply to Marty on Jun 22 at 16:12

If Batum is their asking price, shouldn't we be offering, I don't know, Young instead of Andre? I'm not sure that Thad's trade value is as high as Batum's anymore, but it's way more in Batum's ballpark than Iguodala's.

Jason reply to Tray on Jun 22 at 16:15

Heh, Batum is a lot better than Thad.

Tray reply to Jason on Jun 22 at 16:22

A lot better than Eddie Jordan-coached Thad, but not so much better than pre-Jordan Thad, and in any event, nowhere near what Iguodala is. If Batum's all they're asking, you clearly start the bidding with Thad, anyway. Or go looking for a third, Thad-enamored team (some such team must exist).

I still haven't been able to find the article, but I thought it was Minny that said no, wasn't it?

marty reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:30

According to the report I saw, it was the BLAZERS who turned down the #4 pick for Batum.

That seems ridiculously low, but hey, if Thad gets it done, that's fine with me.

jkay reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:38

thats ridiculously low. especially before any picks have even been made yet.
TWolves are idiots.

AnonymousPoster on Jun 22 at 15:13

According to Marc Stein of ESPN the Timberwolves have traded one of their picks (16) for two of Memphis's (25, 28)


Next they will sell one of those late 1sts and pocket the change.

Also, Collins on the radio just said "The Sixers are locked in at #2."

Marty reply to tk76 on Jun 22 at 15:27

You're one hundred percent correct with that TK, why else in the world would you want to have the 23rd, 25th, and 28th pick in the draft. Kahn is an idiot. Something is going to happen here. I feel it.

I would do this trade in a heartbeat as the Sixers would have a legit plan in place and fans could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if the Wolves asked for us to throw in Thad or Speights I would still do this. Getting Love would make this deal even better but I would be happy with Gomes/Sessions.

Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 15:28

Conference call with Hawes this afternoon and Nocioni tomorrow.

Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 15:29

Blog about confusion over second-round pick:


Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 16:02

Hawes: "I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out for me (in Sacramento). Things don’t always mesh. Sometimes, it’s best to make a change. With the guys in place and the talent, we should be able to take off pretty quickly here."

Did anyone ask him why he refused to play in the summer league for Sacto?

One of the Kings fans commented how Hawes SAYS the right things, but does not follow through in terms of woking on his game.

from this blog article:

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 19:19

Did not. He just said he shouldn't have spoken out negatively about Westphal's changing rotation.

It would be cool if we could add the #4 pick, but my sense is that, once we land Turner, Stefanski will call it a night and say we got the player who we think is the best in the draft. I mean, of 29 non-Minnesota teams in the league, why in the world would we be the one to land the fourth pick? Strikes me that other teams have more active GMs and more of a need for it. Take San Antonio for example. They really need an infusion of youth. Maybe they could do Parker or Hill, plus Splitter's rights, for Favors and Rubio rights. Okay, that makes no sense, but you can see why they'd be motivated to make that happen, and that they might have the pieces to do it.

Anyone could do it, that doesn't mean the Sixers shouldn't try. I'm not sure how many teams will be offering a wing of Iguodala's caliber. I'm not sure how many wings of Iguodala's caliber are really available at all.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:14

Oh, we should try, I just doubt we will. I don't really see the organizational drive to rebuild everything in one night; they seem pretty contented with Turner alone.

Iguodala from a basketball standpoint is really far out of Batum's league, but do you think Minny might not be looking to take on salary? Iguodala would be the wing Kahn wants, so we should try to oblige him. I love Iguodala, but that is too good of an offer if you are getting Favors or Cousins. Cousins is worth the risk at 4 if Favors is gone too.

How did Portland turn down number 4 for Batum? Are Cousins or Favors too tough for them?

Do you have a link to the story? For some reason I thought Portland turned it down, in fact, I can't believe Portland wouldn't jump all over that deal.

Marty reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:34

I saw it on a number of twitter pages, most notably Chad Ford's and Bill Simmons. After the skewering Kahn is getting over this, it will take someone of Igoudala's ilk to make the deal happen. I really don't think Minny is interested in either Cousins or Favors, and I think the Nets might go ahead and take Johnson.

AnonymousPoster reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:34

I believe I've found it and it's not so much a story as his analysis

Insider Mock 6.1, top 30

Kevin Pritchard hit a home run with the 25th pick in 2008 when he drafted French swingman Nicolas Batum. How good is Batum? The Blazers rejected the Wolves' offer of the No. 4 pick for Batum a couple of week ago.

Now they have their eyes set on Seraphin, a French big man with great athleticism and excellent defensive instincts. The Blazers would also love Alabi, but in this case he isn't on the board. Hassan Whiteside and Orton are also possibilities here.

Wow, I find that unbelievable. How the hell could Portland turn that down?

AnonymousPoster reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:43

It seems that Mr Pritchard in the past has turned down deals that many thought would benefit Portland but maybe he values 'his' players more than he rightly should, it's not an uncommon phenomena.

At the same time, maybe he doesn't buy the rumors about Johnson at #3 and doesn't feel anyone after John Wall, Evan Turner, Derrick Favors is worth Batum who is already a solid contributor on a team that is on an ascendancy towards contending?

Would you trade Batum for Wesley Johnson or DeMarcus Cousins is what I think it really is. I don't believe Derrick Favors will be available at #4.

And if he is, and Portland wants him, nothing prevents them from changing their minds.

Is Portland really ascending toward contending? Two first round exits in Philly certainly weren't viewed that way, not sure why two first round exits point to anything but long-term mediocrity in Portland.

AnonymousPoster reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:48

Not sure I agree with the view, but that's the view, I believe more to do with roster construction. I understand that you don't think they have a great roster, but the perception is that when healthy they can contend (rumor has it Kobe Bryant did not want to face a healthy Portland n the playoffs) but then again, that's the issue as well, Portland and health. Pritchard takes these high risk (injury) high reward )on the court) players and they have trouble staying healthy.

Though I believe the sixers playoff roster those two seasons was viewed as heavily flawed (and don't forget the perception that the lower half of the east is weaker than the lower half of the west) and mistmatched with a too old point guard and a 'terrible' center playing a 3 at the 4 and Andre Iguodala not being a 'go to' scorer (and starting Willie Green)

I'm not saying I agree with the perception of the Blazers, but that's the 'scuttlebut' it seems and if Pritchard buys into it, you don't rock the boat if you don't have to, plus, I mean, they have an awful lot of centers on that team already.

Not a lot of healthy ones though. Cousins or Favors would give them some sorely lacking toughness.

AnonymousPoster reply to Rich on Jun 22 at 17:05

Pau Gasol
Lamar Odom
Andrew Bynum

I'm curios as to which one of them is the 'tough' one?

All three of those guys are tougher than LaMarcus Aldridge. More skilled as well. They also play with Kobe Bryant. Bynum proved he was pretty damn tough playing on one leg for the whole playoffs.

AnonymousPoster reply to Rich on Jun 22 at 17:12


ALl fraigle, but all 'tough' when healthy...skilled is more important than tough anyway

OK, but also Gasol and Bynum don't shoot 16 foot jumpers all game. Camby shoots jumpers all day too so I guess it's alright being 'skilled.' Oden and Pryzbilla don't fit that category either. Regardless Aldridge could use an offensive complement as a scorer down low because Camby doesn't do it for him.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 20:46

You really should not put down Portland by comparing them to the Sixers. I realize you are not a fan of their core players, but they are way ahead of where the Sixers were.

Portland is a young team who has won 104 games in the past 2 seasons despite horrible injuries in their frontcourt. Their regular season success is about where the Sixers were in the Peak of the Barkely/Mahorn years.

While the Sixers won 81 games in a 2 year stretch in a weaker conference, remaining injury free, and with Miller about ready to leave the team. Put that Sixers team in the West and they would not have sniffed the playoffs.

Teams that are comparable to the recent Sixers are the Bucks and Bobcats. Those are two teams that are going nowhere.

First round exit with home court advantage, fully healthy. This season they rode that same over-the-hill point guard to another first round exit. They've got all their eggs in the Roy/Aldridge basket, they just extended an over-the-hill Camby.

Sorry, I just don't see how that team is ever going to contend, no matter what conference they're in. They paid the wrong guys too much money and they've stockpiled a bunch of "assets" who can't stay on the floor.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 16:45

It's in his mock draft-
"Kevin Pritchard hit a home run with the 25th pick in 2008 when he drafted French swingman Nicolas Batum. How good is Batum? The Blazers rejected the Wolves' offer of the No. 4 pick for Batum a couple of week ago."

Kahn's made his bed already. He ripped Favors and Cousins is a worse fit from a basketball standpoint with Jefferson and Love already plus he may be crazy. He's screwed.

Rich reply to Rich on Jun 22 at 16:47

Oh and Batum's not even close to that good Ford you moron.

If the Sixers take Turner #2 and could trade Iggy for #4 and Derrick Favors (or even Cousins) I'd be all for it. If Brand was in there too and we got Love back I'd be in nirvana. This is the kind of deal it'd take to get back to relevancy. Getting Turner (or Favors) at #2 this year isn't going to be enough. If we get back to being a first round playoff team we'll still be stuck in mediocre land with more shoddy mid 1st picks. We'll need one more stud on this team.

If this deal is available in any fashion we'd be foolish not to make the attempt.

Marty reply to Chris on Jun 22 at 16:41

There's no way we get Love in this deal. It's clear Kahn was hoping to not take on a lot of salary, so we'd have to take back Gomes, and probably Sessions. It's all mute if the Nets don't take Johnson, bc it's clear the Wolves are looking for an impact 3 - the easiest way to get that would be drafting him. But if he's off the board, wow I see fireworks. Pistons will be calling too, I bet. Maybe some others.

Chris reply to Marty on Jun 22 at 16:51

I'd do the deal even taking back Gomes and / or Sessions. Getting another top prospect in this draft would be huge (pun intended) as we probably won't be able to count on another high lottery pick for the next few years.

I put Love in there as a Minnesota site was saying Kahn was going to move Jefferson or Love. He'd prefer to move Al Jeff but there isn't a lot of demand for him. For Love, there would be a lot of demand. I'd add Thad, Lou or Speights if we could get Love too. He'd be a good fit here.

Oh, if Portland turned down #4 for Batum that is foolish. He isn't all that.

1. What if the sixers could get Johnson and Favors in exchange for #2 and Iggy, would yo do that one Brian?

2. How much better/different player is Turner than Johnson?

3. Would you trade Iggy for #4 if it was Cousins?

AnonymousPoster reply to wof on Jun 22 at 16:52

How do the sixers turn the #2 and Iguodala into two top 5 picks?

I think Turner is a more dynamic scorer and a much more dynamic player. Johnson I see as an efficient scorer, but more complementary, Turner could be a primary scorer. That's the main difference, in my opinion.

Given the choice between Iguodala, Favors and Holiday or Johnson, Favors and Holiday, I'd stick with Iguodala. Two playmakers on the outside to feed Favors and help him develop on the offensive end is really what I'm looking for in my core. You get that with Turner/Jrue or Iguodala/Jrue, not so much with Johnson/Jrue.

No. I personally wouldn't do it if #4 was Cousins, though I can see the logic and I probably wouldn't be that upset if it happened. The logic is the same, sort of (I value a defensive stopper over a scoring big if I have to choose between the two, and that's before you take Cousins bust factor into account), but I just like Favors much, much more.

wof reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 17:50

I don't watch these guys play much, thanks for your opinions. Your answers were what I was looking for.

Sounds like Turner has a better shot at being a star and it sure seems like his head is on right, too. So I agree they've got to go with the guy who has a shot at stardom and who can lead a team.

Similarly, I prefer a potentially great defensive big over a potentially great scoring big any day.

And when you add the character factor, sounds like Favors over Cousins without a doubt.

Maybe they 6ers can end up with pick #10 or so and get the Baylor kid as the defensive big they need to develop?

Interesting to note that AI9 won't be at the Sixers draft party on Thursday, but Lou Williams, Thad, Speights, and Jrue all will.

AnonymousPoster reply to Marty on Jun 22 at 17:04

After all the fan bashing and demands that he be traded for 20 cents on the dollar, I can understand him not showing up to a Fan event, especially one where many think the sixers are drafting a guy that means Iguodala 'has' to go.

Though I'm also willing to be there's a legitimate reason for him not being there as well and that it's not interesting that he's not there, just timing.

And while searching for news on Andre Iguodala, I came upon something makes Chad Ford look prescient and erudite and insightful Worst Iguodala Trade Suggestion

Hahaha good find. Someone needs to make an archive of these terrible suggestions.

Man, I can't even read the garbage on Bleacher Report.

HAHA. Good way to end the day on that proposal. I wasn't railing on Igoudala BTW, just could be some ironic symbolism. I'm not against trying the Jrue/Turner/Igoudala experiment and looking for a big somewhere else. But I'm with Brian in that if you have a shot to get that big now, you gotta go for it. At the end of the day, having or not having Igoudala probably won't wreck us. Missing out on Favors or Cousins (or Turner) could. Can't believe we have to wait another 48 hours.

I wouldn't mind Iggy being moved in a deal for the right kind of compensation (#4 pick, the right borderline all-star, etc.) back but that deal is ridiculous.

Assuming we can't move Iggy / Brand / Thad, etc. for Minny's #4 pick I think the team still has some needs to address (like a big that can play D, get a few boards and puts the ball in the hole from the post).

Supposedly, Toronto has / had an interest in Nocioni. What about moving him in some kind of sign and trade for Amir Johnson. I'm proposing the sign and trade to get rid of Nocioni's contract.

I remember people on here talking about how Milwaukee was doing everything the right way in their rebuild.

Well, they reportedly just traded for Corey Maggette and the remaining 3 years/$31M on his contract. A Stefanski-esque move if there ever was one.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 22 at 17:35

That's karma for that asinine proposal I just read that Anonymous posted. I read the comments and the Bucks fans thought that Delfino, Gadzuric and number 15 was too steep for Iguodala. They thought Gadzuric and 15 was fair. I'm laughing now knowing they basically got Maggette for the same thing. Golden State must be doing back-flips.


deepsixersuede on Jun 22 at 17:48

How screwed up is Minnesota!s front office? On N.B.A. tv!s draft special last night it was said during a front office meeting that Milicic was referred to as the ONLY player on their roster capable of starting on a contending team. If Favors falls in their lap they are nuts not to take him; he is the perfect fit with Love and than trade Jefferson for Prince or Ellis or somebody that can score.

Darko could start on a contending team? I guess whoever said that has been asleep since 2003. I think Love and Jefferson could start on a contending team, but they are not superstars and they play the same position.

Kahn is the most unqualified guy in the NBA running a team and he is showing it. I look at him and think, "It could be worse."

Kahn is now apparently shopping Flynn and 16,23 for a package that is centered around number 10-

He turned last years number 6 into 16 and 23 while number 5 doesn't want to play for him because he drafted number 6 who he had for one year before shopping him for lower value.

deepsixersuede on Jun 22 at 17:59

Looking at the Maggette trade, Milwaukee saves one million this year, pays 6 million more for Maggette the following year [Bell makes 4 million] than pays 10 million the 3rd year. They must think they are close but on value as players it isn!t that bad.

Maggette is kind of a garbage player. I know the PPG makes people drool, but there's a big price to be paid. MIL is paying roughly $16M extra for Maggette, Gadzuric was expiring, Bell has a player option for next season. This was a really bad move. Funny that they felt they had to make it now as well, what was the rush?

deepsixersuede on Jun 22 at 18:07

He doesn!t really fit, who shoots for them? Ridnour is gone right?

deepsixersuede on Jun 22 at 18:12

If Collins is to be believed, he sounded on the radio today like Iggy is going nowhere. In fact he feels he is yet to reach his potential. Question, would you guys pull a C.Webb and offer multiple picks [3?] and a young player or 2 for Favors? [Thad, Jason and 3 #1!s]

If you (DiLeo) are really sure Favors would pan out that might not be a bad deal (with contingencies). If you figure Favors, Jrue, Iggy and Turner can get you to contender status (or close - winning at two rounds of playoffs) then it would be a good deal as the picks you give up are expendable because 1. very low picks tend to to struggle to contribute anyhow and 2. you could buy back in that late anyhow. My contingency would be put the picks a couple years into the future. Otherwise, if it is in the first year or two, the team could still be finding its way and the picks would actually be worth something.

I'd still try getting off with two #1s first though.

Im about 99 percent sure Turner is the pick. Collins was on dnl and Smallwood asked how he could possible choose anyone but turner and the fans would go ballistic because theyve fallen in love with turner. Collins said on thursday he has a feeling the fans will be very happy, said it with a smirk. As for iguodala for number 4 I was thinking about that myself when Ford said the nets are leaning towards Johnson.
I would do it in a heartbeat. A core of Jrue,Turner,Favors has the potential to win championships IMO. I doubt Stefanski can pull it off but hopefully he can buy a pick in the late first early second. Trevor Booker from Clemson is a guy to look as a bruser and developmental big man.

speekeasy on Jun 22 at 18:58

I would love both those deals. Without Dalembert I'd even do it for Cousins. Gut and rebuild. Awesome (and I'm an Iggy fan too). Stefanski's head would explode mid-deal though. Fortunately I think Kahn's crazy/stupid enough to do it.

Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 19:22

Talked to an NBA draft expert about Turner. He said he thinks Turner will be a very good player ("a No. 2") but not a superstar. He also said if he's averaging 25 points a game in two years, it'd mean the Sixers are still a lottery team and that he's better as a facilitator than a primary scorer.

johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 19:42

Tom how do you foresee Iguodala handling the Turner pick? I'm assuming ET instantly becomes the face of the franchise/major selling point. Part of me thinks that it might not sit that well with Iggy

Tom Moore reply to johnrosz on Jun 22 at 20:04

That's a very good question. If he really wants help and for the team to be better, he'll embrace Turner. If it's all about Iggy and his ego, he won't be as hospitable. This will tell a lot about him.

Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 19:27

Hawes: "Looking at the team on paper, there's boatloads of talent. Athleticism is something that really jumps out at you. With coach Collins and his staff, it should be a smooth transition."

johnrosz on Jun 22 at 19:38

2011-12 starting lineup with restart method :

Anyone that is tall and defends

We win!

Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 19:40

Sounds like Anthony is going to sign a three-year extension with Denver because he's worried about the new collective bargaining agreement. Not sure why he'd want to come here.

johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on Jun 22 at 19:49

I don't see Denver as that promising of a situation either. An aging Billups, uncertainty about whether Karl will be able to stay, not a ton of young talent...

Offer him big money to come to a top 5 market with young talent and an established coach... Of course it's a stretch but hey I can dream

Jerry reply to johnrosz on Jun 22 at 19:56

No young talent? They have Ty Lawson!

johnrosz reply to Jerry on Jun 22 at 19:59

good point. they've got their backup PG in place for the next 10 years

deepsixersuede reply to johnrosz on Jun 22 at 20:08

With this Maggette trade is Golden St. a] drafting Aminu b] using a resigned Morrow or Azuibuke at the 3 c] just making the team value better for new owners ?

Chris reply to johnrosz on Jun 22 at 20:26


Tom Moore reply to Jerry on Jun 22 at 20:01

The Sixers cannot offer big money unless they shed more salary. They had less than the max before adding Nocioni (just under $5 mill in 2011-12). They'd have to deal Iguodala or Brand for short-term money (expiring this year) to have max money. And Anthony could be the only high-level unrestricted guy on the market next summer.

Like the optimism, though.

for a bruiser big the sixers should try to buy a late 2nd rounder and pick up duke crews. i grew up with him hes from penns grove nj. he played 2 years with tennessee then he went to a devision 2 school bowie st. and he put up some really good numbers. i feel he could be a reggie evans type with a little more offense.

Turtle Bay on Jun 22 at 22:27

I want no part of Favors. The guy was out of shape his entire time at Georgia Tech and he continues to be out of shape now. With all the talk about how talent plus WORK ETHIC creates superstars, Favors seems to be missing a key part of that equation.

Kahn's comments and Favor's subsequent response are more strange than troubling to me. I'm not sure how an 18-year-old with 6.5% body fat could possibly have conditioning problems.

This isn't a big issue for me, get him into an NBA conditioning program and he'll build his wind up. We're not talking about a guy carrying around 30 extra pounds of lard, like Cousins.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 22 at 23:50

its just flat out silly for a team in shambles to take a flyer on favors when turner is sitting there. make no mistake, taking favors is a flyer. not sure why some are lulled into beleiving its a sure thing that he develops an offensive game and puts on 40 lbs. s t r o m i l e s w i f t.

deepsixersuede reply to AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 23 at 0:07

If he goes to Minn. he won!t be asked to do what he can!t, just rebound and block shots. The Nets must figure they will get the scraps of the free agent p.f. crop [Boozer?] and Johnson spreads the floor. It seems teams may get what they need in the top ten if the rumors are true.

Wash.- star
Sixers- s.g.
Nets- s.f.
Minn.- defensive big
Sacr.- Tough center
Gold. St.- Good compliment to Beidrens
Det.- def. 4 or 5
Clipps- athletic 3/4
Utah- scoring 3 or big
Indiana- trade for p.g.?

Now who messes it up?

I am worried about the Nets catapulting way ahead of the Sixers for the foreseeable future. I see Wes Johnson as a very NBA ready SF if he is not asked to carry a team. An the Nets have a deep pocketed, aggressive owner and enough cap space for a max player and another 10M to fill in the gaps.

Say the start next year with:

Harris/Lee/Johnson/Bosh/Lopez... + whomever another 10M gets you. That is a core that would be ahead of the Sixers by a wide margin, no?

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jun 23 at 0:25

I'm still not convinced that Evan Turner is a better pro now or in the future than Wesley Johnson. Something about the kid just sticks out to me. I'm talking more about fit within a team and ability versus NBA defenders than overall individual skills.

eddies' heady's on Jun 23 at 0:20

Found this blurb mentioning Jrue working with the former fastest man in the world. Really good sign. Other teammates need to take note (hint, hint!):

Future NC State point guard Ryan Harrow's answer to that question is nothing short of impressive. Harrow hasn't had a chance to think about complacency or laziness since graduating from Walton High School last month. In fact, his intense work ethic has had him on a mini nationwide tour. Not even 24 hours after receiving his diploma, Harrow was on a plane heading to Los Angeles for some rigorous training that his personal trainer Mark Edwards had set up for him. After hearing that NBA players Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks) and Jrue Holiday (Philadelphia 76ers) would be training together with Maurice Greene, the former fastest man alive, Edwards sent Harrow out to the West Coast to jump in the mix. Many might expect that the 19-year old NC State commit and the two NBA studs would have taken a chance to see the big city, but this was no leisure trip.

"We would wake up in the morning and go lift weights. Then we would grab some food before we went to the track to do some work with Maurice Greene," Harrow said. "After the track we would go do basketball workouts. Then we would get 2-3 hours off, before we made our way back to the gym around 9-10pm to get some shots up and play one-on-one games. After all of that working out, we would just head back to the room and sleep until the next workout. That's how it's been for me all summer long."

Harrow was pushed in ways that he's never been pushed before out in LA. Greene taught him how to run properly, which is something Harrow said that was difficult to grasp at first.

"The first day with Maurice Green was difficult. I had no clue what was going on," Harrow said. "He was teaching me how to run properly, and I just couldn't get it at first. But the next time out there I was able to get it and just run through the drills and able to do the full workout with them."

In the gym with Holiday and Jennings, the two encouraged him that in many ways he was already playing at a professional level, but that he needed to get his weight up. They were selling the young star on the importance of building a strong core, which according to them, is the most important strength in the game of basketball. The trio spent time every day doing ball-push ups, pull-ups, crunches, shrugs and dumbbell presses. Each night Harrow also had the chance to go one-on-one against both of these former NBA 1st round picks, and was able to learn from the mental and physical strength that they played both with.

"It was fun playing against those two guys. You could tell the difference in the way they played," Harrow said. "Their thought process was a little bit faster than mine and they were stronger. Jrue Holiday was a lot stronger. They told me I was already a pro, I just needed to get my weight up."

Cool info. But now the whole Jrue/Jennings rivalry thing is ruined for me... they are friends?

They played against each other in high school, right?

I wonder if SAS will call Jrue a cancer for working out with his own speed trainer instead of Jim Lynam.

Mike P reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 3:36

Only if he comes back actually slower next year ALA Andre shooting MORE of those awful threes.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 9:52

SAS should if he is at the other end of the court doing it during season rather than with Quin Snyder or Aaron McKie etc.

great insight Eddie!

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