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Draft Day Is Upon Us

didn't sleep last night, don't think I'm sleeping tonight. I love this time of year. No, really, I do. But I'm excited for friday too :)

deepsixersuede on Jun 24 at 0:15

Brian, from everything being said about Turner and Johnson!s professionalism and maturity it may be Turner, Johnson and than Favors now as far as the sixers are concerned. It amazes me how the M.Mamula factor comes into play now; Monroe, because of one bad workout recently, all of a sudden may not go at 6 to Gold. St.. It will be fun tomorrow just leading up to the draft. Sounds like the sixers may reach for H. Catchings #2 in the kid from Rutgers.

I'm hoping your scenario from the other day (Going For Broke) comes to pass and the Sixers get Turner and Favors. Or Turner and Cousins. Preferably by keeping Iggy but I won't be picky. ;-)

Is that Speights on tap?

In case you miss the reference... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speight's

Chris reply to tk76 on Jun 24 at 1:42

Interesting. I consider myself somewhat of a beer connoisseur / aficionado and I hadn't heard of that brand of beer. What is that saying, "You learn something new every day". So, is that beer better more like Maureece's offense (very good) or defense (pathetic)?

Sixers may be setting up fans for a possible trade if Jonson slips to Minny at 4.

From SAS article:

Just days ago general manager Ed Stefanski did everything but kiss a No. 2 jersey and declare Evan Turner out of Ohio State as the team's choice in the draft. Yesterday it was coach Doug Collins' turn: "I can't tell you who we're picking. But I can tell you that this kid out of Syracuse, Wesley Johnson, had one terrific workout for our team. He's a special player. He has a lot of skill. And if we get him, we'll be lucky to have him."

Read more: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/columnists/stephen_a_smith/20100624_Stephen_A__Smith__76ers_won_t_commit_to_a_No__2_pick_in_NBA_draft.html#ixzz0rlUyPPzA

AnonymousPoster reply to sfw on Jun 24 at 10:39

In the pantheon of NBA writers with little to now credibility, non ESPN Category, the mt rushmore has to contain Sam Smith, Peter Vescey, Stephen A Smith at least does it not?

I agree about SAS BUT I'm talking about the quote not SAS's point of view.

deepsixersuede on Jun 24 at 7:18

Did you guys notice K.Fagen isn!t writing Sixers articles now, I wonder if her critism, rightly so, last year got her off the beat. It is a shame if true because she did a good job.

I believe she is in South Africa doing World Cup so this could just be temporary.

deepsixersuede reply to Chodeburger on Jun 24 at 8:03

Thanks!! It seems the price of getting a 1st round pick this year is more than cash. Evidently teams want a 2nd rounder in return.

Yea you could be right. Think anyone will take Jodie Meeks?

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