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NBA 2010 Draft Live Blog

johnrosz on Jun 24 at 18:33

Brian Zoubek used to live 5 minutes away from me. His entire family is huge, his sister is like 6-10 as well as the mom. When they walk the dog around the neighborhood they look ridiculous. They're like the neighborhood ogres, people rush into their homes and lock the doors when they see the Zoubek's coming.

was eric dampier on the buckeyes last year? good god, i just saw a clip of turner passing to a guy that looked like greg oden's dad.

i don't know how this draft is going to turn out, but a big win for the nba's graphic designers who created those stunning baseball caps. very handsome.

I'm glad that we didn't go crazy and select someone else.We have a superstar again,now what ? :)

SilkPhantom on Jun 24 at 20:24

Johnrosz i went to rosa middleschool in cherryhill (where I played on the same middle team as him, he was a year younger and only 5'9 at the time) and went to haddonfield memorial highschool with brian zoubeck too. He shot up over a foot when he came to haddonfield (we both changed towns) and he won three state titles for our school. and his family are not ogres they are all very smart and nice people. Brian was deciding between stanford and duke. His sister Sarah is 6'4 not 6'10 and she played ball for Yale. Shes really cool. I had to guard her in a 3 on 3 charity tourney at the highschool and she kept backing her ass up into my chest. She's hard to guard in the post lol. Pretty girl though for such a tall woman. Anyway Brian is tough, has a good spirit (he worked back from a lot of injuries during his career at duke and has great bball I.Q.

He's a cool dude fun at parties and would make a good hometown boy for the sixers even though I hateduke like most people...

Zoubek won't last that long, and I'd be happy if we got him.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 24 at 21:42

wesley johnson had the best suit ive seen in years. looked like bill the butcher from gangs of ny

Did the Sixers make any trades?

Nope, they basically made their pick and then started drinking.

kobe will be the greatest player from the past and future!

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