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One Final Poll

bebopdeluxe on Jun 24 at 17:15

Gotsta' be "The Villain"...

So us Wesley johnson people don't even get a say huh?


I voted Turner.

Meant to put "other" on there. Oh well, consider it a write in :)

JohnEMagee on Jun 24 at 17:23

Warp Factor 6.1

Alright, I'm heading home now. Live blog will be up at 6:30 (unless some bicycle-related accidents stops me between here and there, knock on wood).

johnrosz on Jun 24 at 17:35

Who voted Cousins?

Chris reply to johnrosz on Jun 24 at 17:46

I did not vote for Cousins.

But I know someone who did. Tayshaun Prince's cousin plays for Tennessee and guarded both Evan Turner and John Wall (the only person who did so). He was asked who was better and said Evan Turner (he said no one can stop Wall in the open court though he thought John Wall relies almost exclusively on his athletic ability). He said that Cousins was more talented than either.

JohnEMagee reply to Chris on Jun 24 at 17:55

Cousins probably is the most talented baksetball player in the draft but he also has a truckload of baggage issues and concerns which is why he's dropping to 5

Brian did you vote twice ? ;)

Favors v. Turner reminds me of the Bulls '06 draft debate: Tyrus Thomas v. Brandon Roy.

Athleticism is wonderful -- there is nothing I like more. But it seems like the Sixers really can't afford a swing-and-miss the way that the Bulls did.

Turner is absolutely guaranteed of becoming a good player in this league. How good is up for debate, but I think he'll be right around All-Star level every year.

Not sure with Favors. He was a big-time HS recruit, but he for sure underwhelmed as a freshman. There's reasons for that (GT's guards/coaching was suspect), and he absolutely has the tools, but again, he did Tyrus.

If I was running this show, I'd be very temped to take Cousins. I think he's safer than Favors (even with character issues) and he fills a need more than Favors. I know you don't like that trade down with Minnesota, but that looks really appealing to me, to be honest. Shed a bad contract (haha, Noce?), still get Cousins.

Wow! The time is almost here! I literally can't wait. I'm actually working tonight but will definitely be plugged in to the computer and TV.

As for the pick, I'm gonna leave it up to the people that get paid to make these decisions (no choice). I'd really like to see them take Turner at 2 and then trade Thad or Lou w/ Nocioni or Kapono and get a big in the top 15. What do you think the chances of that happening are?

Once the smoke has cleared and our team is in place, how long until we actually get to see some of them on the floor during the summer league?

Can't wait!!!

JohnEMagee reply to Timo88 on Jun 24 at 18:16

Figuratively you can't wait, literally you actually will wait because you have no choice

Timo88 reply to JohnEMagee on Jun 24 at 18:24

Figuratively that was corny. Literally that was really corny. :)

I can't wait to see what that Jrue/Turner/Andre lineup does to other teams with smallish guards...LETS GO!

Lets get lou out of here...his minutes absolutely need to go to someone who can shoot the 3. Kapono/Nocioni can take his minutes and we can just play big. Andre and Turner can handle the backup pg minutes and since they can all gaurd the pg/sg/sf Kapono/Nocioni will get to match up on the weakest wing(or even some shitty pgs).

Future will be bright after tonight...better not fuck this up Stefanski

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