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Evan Turner It Is

Thank all that is good for Turner instead of Udoh!!!

I can't wait to get my Turner jersey.

No. 12? Should be 20 or 22 (or 1). Guess it's because it's the reverse of 21. Whatever. I'm pumped. Collins is going to cultivate his passion for the game and help him expand it. They seem perfect for each other.

(Has anybody worn 22 since Toney?)

Great news, Zoubek wasn't drafted. 100% guaranteed they bring him in for a workout.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jun 25 at 10:28

and an 80% guarantee that they don't sign him (or any other undrafted free agent) but use him as summer league filler.

The fact that the Sixers couldn't buy or trade back into this draft and get a big man was really disappointing. Don't like Turner wearing 12 though. Would have prefered #1, #2, or make Thad give up #21.

Silkphantom on Jun 25 at 0:34

Talked to brian Z a little while back. Pretty sure he is gonna explore his options in europe. He wasn't expecting to get drafted and he'll get paid better over there. He said once his game developes and he gets some experience against bigger bodies than NCAA ball he might make the move to nba ball but it'll prob begin as a euro career. He said he'll do his due diligence though and see what the nba options are first though as his family is obviously in south jersey and he would like to stay stateside if its the right fit. Smart kid. Had an A average in highschool and ruled the hallways looking down at all tw cute Irish ctholic girls in haddonfield. Probably saw a few of em on their knees too while he was looking down there as well. Popular guy in a small town at a school that he brought multiple nj state championships to haha.

Jeff reply to Silkphantom on Jun 25 at 0:54

"Probably saw a few of em on their knees too while he was looking down there as well."

You mean kneeling during confession, right?

johnrosz reply to Silkphantom on Jun 25 at 1:08

Haddonfield Memorial is a public school

Anyone who wears the same number worn by Royal Ivey is fine with me. I can't wait to see him in summer league.

Breaking news: Chili's will be replaced by McDonald's as Comcast's next penny pinching move.

In all seriousness though, welcome to the team Evan. My disappointment stems from the team doing nothing else on this draft night. The pick of Turner gives us someone we can pencil in at the 2 guard for 10 years. Last time we did that, the guy was pretty damn good.

johnrosz reply to Rich on Jun 25 at 1:20

This franchise will spend if people actually come out to the games. I'm just hoping next season they can fill up the joint most nights. I can't really gauge how excited the city actually is about ET at this point. Most of Philadelphia hasn't watched a Sixers game in 5 years

I think it's going to be a show me type of deal. The hard core fans that may have been chased away by EFJ will probably come back, so we're probably looking at a baseline somewhere around last season's attendance numbers, but the average fan won't come out until either (a) turner starts scoring a ton of points and gets on sportscenter every night or (b) the team really starts winning.

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Jun 25 at 10:29

This franchise will spend if people actually come out to the games

And people won't come out to the games until the team starts winning which will require INVESTMENT from the ownership.

What do Kyrylo Fesenko, Paccelis Morlende, Sam Clancy, Jr., Damone Brown, Alvin Jones and Mark Karcher all have in common? They are 6 of the last 7 picks the Sixers made in the 2nd Round (the other was Sweet Lou). In other words, don't get too bummed out about no 2nd round pick. They hardly ever amount to anything.

JohnEMagee reply to Johnny Goodtimes on Jun 25 at 17:35

Gilbert Areanas
Carlos Boozer
Monta Ellis
Louis Williams
Kyle Korver
Wille Green
Dajuan Blair


Small Sample size is awesome

speekeasy on Jun 25 at 21:15

i wanted them to buy a pick and get Daniel Orton, Solomon Aliabi, or Hassan Whiteside (a Dalembert clone if I've ever seen one). But whatever. I heard The Russian Team from Jersey wanted to trade Favors cause they wanna win now (no really they do) and he's a project. I'll drive Iggy to Newark.

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