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Thorpe On Turner

I understand his reasoning. from what Turner has said, he will probably try and fit in initially, and probably try and be efficient.

Now you put Turnen in DC or in the situation Evans was last year- and he would put up 20-5-5

I hope he never stops trying to fit in and be efficient, I still see big numbers for him. Don't see the assists being that high, though. 20+, 5+ boards, maybe 3 assists, something like that. Assuming he's playing heavy minutes and Collins promise to Nocioni doesn't cut into Turner time.

Not an insider so who was ranked #1 and #2? I'm guessing Wall and Cousins?

The Greek on Jun 28 at 15:51

All I can say is that it's a pure thrill to have Turner on our team. With him and Jrue that's 2 tremendous building blocks. And who knows maybe Thad and or Speights can be added to that block list.

Wall was #1, Wes Johnson was #2. Which is kind of odd, but whatever.

Wes Johnson? That's a stretch. I would love to know if a memo was passed around ESPN making sure every writer stated that Igoudala and Turner wouldn't work together.

The Greek reply to Chodeburger on Jun 28 at 16:06

Putting Johnson ahead of ET is insane. On a team with Flynn and ball hogging black hole Al Jefferson plus k love there is no way that he will out produce Turner.

Rodney Buford reply to Chodeburger on Jun 28 at 16:17

Amen in regards to this ESPN company line. Can no one there think on their own?

That's easy, no. Bucher is my guy though, I think he's hilarious. Also I'd say Marc Stein is decent.

Check out what Bucher had to say about the Sixers:

Philadelphia 76ers - By Ric Bucher
Objective: Slash payroll by $10 million to avoid the luxury tax.
Assets: No. 2 pick (used to draft Evan Turner).
The Plan: GM Ed Stefanski isn't interested in dealing his young talent as much as he is in building a tougher, more professional culture around it. Replacing head coach Eddie Jordan with stickler-for-detail Doug Collins, and trading mercurial center Samuel Dalembert for hardnosed Andres Nocioni, were the first steps. Sources say the Sixers considered dealing Andre Iguodala to the Clippers at the trade deadline; when it comes to moveable contracts that would provide cap relief, Iguodala is probably their best option.
Alternative Advice: Hold on to Iguodala until the free-agent market shakes out and then see what the have-nots are offering for him. Iguodala would be a welcome consolation prize in Miami, Chicago or New York. The draft wasn't strong enough to have dealt him simply to add another young piece. Better approach: deal him for a young, talented free agent ready to bolt a team with massive cap space. Getting Wizards guard Randy Foye in a sign-and-trade for Iguodala would be a perfect example, if feasible. Iguodala would give rookie John Wall a great running mate and the Sixers would get a potential starting point guard and cap relief.

So getting Randy Foye for Iguodala is a good haul. That's hilarious. Also, they're pretty much under the lux tax threshold right now (unless the cap comes in much lower than expected), I'm not sure where Bucher came up with that $10M figure. Solid, solid research and analysis.

Here's the link to that story, if you're interested. (Insider access)

Fred reply to Brian on Jun 28 at 17:37

I don't understand why people pay for ESPN "insider" access. SI and fox sports add similar content for free. The quality inst much different

It comes with the magazine- which you can get for 4$ for year.

If you are a sports nut $4 a year is not much.

Shawn reply to Brian on Jun 28 at 17:08

This is bizarre. Awful in fact. Is he talking about the sixers?

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 28 at 23:54

I understand that the Sixers aren't the top priority at ESPN, but that's ridiculous. I even like Bucher, but 'the Sixers would get a potential starting point guard' in Foye? Isn't he looking like a career backup though and we kind of already have one. That's just bad.

Foye is so good the Wizards just rescinded their bird rights on him. Awesome.

The popular opinion that Turner and Iguodala won't work together well seems a bit premature and somewhat misguided to me. Having three guys in the backcourt that can move the ball around, get into the lane, hit an outside shot (if Jrue continues to hit the 3 ball well), and play above average defense with larger than average bodies seems like it could make for some exciting basketball, and should give a lot of other teams' frontcourts a headache. Really gotta wait and see how that works out, I'm pretty optimistic about it. Big contract or no, Iggy's still a huge plus on the court and adding another player with a similar skillset might actually give the Sixers a rare versatility in the frontcourt that most teams don't have. It's gonna take some good coaching, hopefully Collins is up to the task.

It's not insane to think Wesley could put up better numbers. Wes is even older than Turner so he should be mature (although those pajama pants he was wearing at the draft would suggest otherwise).

That said, both ET and WJ are in similar situations. Young point guards and a number of other players that can score, albeit Elton Brand could get even worse.

Still, though, I find it unlikely ET scoroes or assists less that Wesley and their rebounding numbers will be similar. Blocks and steals should be the only main areas WJ beats him in. ET certainly has as good a chance as any to win rookie of the year for this reason:

Evan Turner was drafted to come in a be a leader. Wesley Johnson was not.

I dont care what anyone says, if the sixers are a 500 team ET wins ROTY. Im looking for 21ppg, 5 assists and 5 RPG. Wall MAY have a better year but washington will suck because they are...well..Washington.
Favors I feel wont do anything even close to being roty.

redminge on Jun 28 at 17:33

HOLY F'IN CRAP! Enough of the Iggy and Turner can't play together meme......Collins likes Iggy at the 3 and has said so repeatedly, Turner is more of a 1-2 then a 2-3, though he can play all 3......Frickin Iggy fills the stat book without scoring so he doesn't need the ball in his hands....and has one of the best all around games in the league....put him closer to the basket and he'll be fine....Turner can rebound and pass, and we'll have one of the best 1-2-3 defense in the league.........Foye for Iggy? What an idiot....

Derrick reply to redminge on Jun 28 at 17:40

Foye doesn't even put up good numbers so I don't know why he would have such value. But people in Philly would love this deal.

deepsixersuede on Jun 28 at 17:49

David Aldridge quote on draft review show on N.B.A. T.V.;" the sixers finally got their p.g., something they haven!t had since Miller left". I guess Jrue doesn!t count.

Apparently he didn't get the memo that Turner is an SG either.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Jun 28 at 18:51

With the addition of Turner how does our young core compare to Okl. City, or is it even close.

Lofl - DA must be reading too much SAS. Just awful commentary across the board.

I listened to the Simmons/Ford podcast and they both talked about swapping 2 for 4/16/23 (if Kahn changed his mind on draft day - assuming he did I guess) but nobody took into account the luxury tax. They both thought Cousins would have fit well here.

I really hope to get Speights and Thad some time this year. Those are the two players who I think can either be nice pieces to the puzzle OR be good trade bait come the deadline. However, right now their values are down. If Speights shows he can play Id rather keep him and Iggy. But Thad, as much as I love his game, has to go unless he can start to hold up his defensive end of the bargain. He can't play the 4 and should never be starting ahead of iggy.

I dont know about you guys but before last year I was LOVING Iguodola. Loved the hard noed D, the thunderous head over the rim dunks and his overall attitude on the floor. Last year because of Jordan he was a shell of himself. I do NOT want to trade Iggy under any circumstances. Hes a GREAT 3 IMO. David Aldridge isnt even aware Evan Turner is a SG...what douchebag. And Randy Foye for Iggy so we can have a starting PG ? Is Bucher retarded ?

I have a feeling that Turner won't average 20 his rookie year. If he does his percentages will be awful.

I'm exercising my right to be overly optimistic about something Sixers related.

Rich reply to Tray on Jun 29 at 0:00

Evans averaged 20 pts- 45 % shooting.
Steph Curry 17 pts- 47 % shooting but 43 percent threes!

So what's Turner looking like? Better attack guy that Curry and better shooter than Evans, at least initially. So what does that average out to?

18 points on 48/49 percent shooting? Is that too high of a ceiling?

It's going to hinge on whether Turner can get to the line, IMO. I don't expect the three point shot to be much of a weapon for him, so he's going to need to augment his 2pt shots with free throws to pump up his TS%. Otherwise, it's going to take him way too many shots to get his points.

Turner would be my highest ranked ROY candidate, but I also doubt he averages anything close to 20 pts/game.

Some new (to me) Summer league info posted here:


Rich reply to izimbra on Jun 29 at 0:02

Great to see Ryan Brooks on the team! Great kid who had an excellent college career.

I know we've constantly read that Dre-van can't work together, but what bothered me even more is when "professional" sportswriters keep harping that the Sixers "need" a PG?

Our roster isn't anything to brag about, but why would we want Gilbert Arenas when we took Holiday and Turner in back to back drafts?

If Collins could manage to rebuild Speights and Thad this rebuilding could be surprisingly short. I am not expecting that to happen, but it is a possibility.

I still would like for Lou to get moved for a veteran back up point guard to teach Jrue some old man tricks.

redminge on Jun 29 at 17:55

Can you all believe the F**kin idiots in the media......Jrue Holiday was basically the highest rated pure point coming out of high school and had to play out of position because of a senior who, btw, was drafted in the first and was incapable of playing the 2, so Jrue bit the bullet, and last year, he played fantastic the last 1/3 of the season......Sixers need a point guard? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaahhhh....IDIOTS.....and has everyone forgotten Turner is a goddam 2 guard...he can play the 1 and 3 but for chrisakes........and Iggy is a 3, pure and simple.....these guys are nuts and I can't wait to see how this works out.......

JohnEMagee on Jun 29 at 18:03

Summer league rosters are up

Speights is going

Hawes will be in Florida to work out with the team but according to derek (who i believe) he can't play because he's been in the league too long.

Wondering if Young will show up to work with the team

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