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On the Outside Looking In

redminge on Jul 1 at 1:15

Lebron and Bosh to Chicago

Joe Johnson to NYK

most everyone else with a Max stays....

a few sign and trades....maybe David Lee......

the rest who cares

Would Anyone do

Sixers Send to Cle
Cavs Send
Jamison, West and Varejao

The Greek reply to Jason on Jul 1 at 8:30

Yes I would

Sean(RSWKnight) on Jul 1 at 1:42

I keep wondering if LeBron will have the balls to bail, knowing he would become the worst local villain since Modell in his hometown. Especially if he went to CHI, NY or NJ. The Bulls-Cavs history alone would be salt in the wound. NY or NJ would mean that it ain't about winning for him, at least not about winning ASAP. That said, I don't see him going to be Miami, where Wade is the King with a Ring. I don't see the Super Team thing; LeBron needs to win titles, but his legacy needs him to be the prime reason.

LeBron seems to be all about his Brand, and his Brand would take a hit leaving CLE, especially after that Game 5 as his last home game. I do believe that this decision might reveal something of the person behind the persona, as it were.

Combine that plus the new CBA potentially reducing what Max means in the future could lead him to resigning with the Cavs.

Leaving would hurt his legacy in Cleveland. No one anywhere else really cares about that. Ultimately, he needs championships, multiple championships, to be considered a legend or whatever the hell he wants to be considered. As far as winning now, I don't think Cleveland is anywhere near his best bet. Put him on the current Bulls roster and they're much better than the Cavs were last season.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 10:11

It's cleveland, who really cares about cleveland if you don't live there (or you're drew carey?)

Jason Mess reply to Sean(RSWKnight) on Jul 1 at 11:59

I think he could win in NJ they already have a better team than he took to the finals. You could also make the point that NJ with Lebron would have no problem being a playoff team that could go deeper into the playoffs than Cleveland. Lopez at center, Favors at PF, Lebron at SF, Lee or another F/A at SG, and Harris at PG. That team could be a better defensive team. As far as the offense is goes, by the end of the year they could be better than Cleveland if not before then. It would depend on there coach. Plus I think Harris is a better PG to play next to Lebron right now than Derrick Rose. In a couple of years maybe not but right now I think so.

Disagree on Rose vs. Harris. Harris doesn't impress me.

In CHI, we're probably talking about this lineup:

Rose, LBJ, Deng, Taj Gibson, Noah.

If they can make a move that gets them an SG for Deng, they're set. I like that team's defense, but they need a shooter out there w/ Rose & LBJ.

something tells me this whole party might just end up with a whole lot of big names flirting with the idea of leaving and then returning to their old teams.

The Greek on Jul 1 at 6:51

Ok Brian, In my opinion In order for Iggy and Turner to work Jrue will have to be a knock down shooter when left open, which should be a lot considering ET's and AI2's penetrating skills.

When Iggy has the ball it would be huge for him if Turner can hit trey's when left open. If Turner can become efficient from deep, that would let us withstand Iggys short comings from deep.

Now the question that I ask you Brian is why in six years Iggy he developed a low post game,or even a baby hook?

Iggy needs to grow as a player because in the half court all he has is that atrocious high arching pull up jumper, and the mad dash to the room when he expects to be fouled ever time but usually there is no call. Aside from cutting to the hoop I am struggling to see how Iggy can thrive with Turner in the halfcourt set without a close game.

As much as I usually enjoy your daily rambling bash of Iguodala, I wish I could at least find a little bit of English in this one so I could respond.

I'm guessing that you want to know why Iguodala hasn't developed a post game. It's not so much that he hasn't developed it, it's that he rarely uses it. Your guess is as good as mine, especially when he was playing the two and had size/strength advantages on his man most of the time.

As a three, he isn't going to have those advantages as often, but I'd expect Collins to focus on it more than EFJ did.

Keep the non sequiturs coming.

The Greek reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 16:08

Wow your right I'm sorry, It was really early and I barely slept and now that I have read it I must apologize.


The list looks as good as any other I've seen- except I can't believe that LeBron would go anywhere alone. If he goes to a new city he will bring someone with him. I have to think that's a huge part of why he would leave. Chicago has a good crew, but not Lakers good. If he leaves he needs to be able to deliver with the new team. Add Boozer, Bosh, or Amare to Chicago and you have LeBron. (I know it would take shedding some more contract for Chicago but they can do it) If LeBron can't get anyone to follow him I think he stays put.

The Greek on Jul 1 at 8:29

What the hell is going on in Minnesota? Ok I understand them signing Nikola Pekovic to a 3 year contract but now there bringing in David Lee for a visit? I don't understand.

Pekovic is one hell of a player btw, I have seen him play about 20 times. If they don't sign lee he will be starting at center over jefferson and love, with one of those 2 strarting at the PF.

I don't like the fact the Sixers are completely sitting this out. I still think there are a few of the cheaper guys who could really be an asset to this team (Amir Johnson).

Joe Johnson is gonna sign with Hawks max six-year $119 million contract!
Rick Sund is just crazy! I think everybody will be done with that Iggy don't deserve his money after this deal.

Chris reply to Alex`D on Jul 1 at 9:23

Better some other team spend max money for him. I always thought he was overrated. There are going to be some more overpaid guys as once the premier guys are signed the others that have space will try to make a splash.

Iggy's contract is OK. The one that is really killing us is Brand as he is making a killing and we aren't getting much production out of him.

JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 9:27

Atlanta decides to max out Joe Johnson, bad mistake, but hey you do what you think you gotta to.

I think the only 'showy' guys changing teams this off season are the PFs (Boozer, Amare, and Bosh), and there's still a chance Bosh stays in Toronto for the same reason Johnson stays in Atlanta, and Lebron stays in Cleveland.

It's very rare that a player turns down the most money he can make, let alone 30 million dollars over the life of the contract.

And the spurs must have been doing back flips last night

Joe reply to JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 9:48

If Jefferson did that on his own, wow.

I would think he has a guarantee from San Antonio for 3 years, 25 million or something like that.

I'm getting the idea that the Spurs told Jefferson they'd restructure his deal and add something with years so he wouldn't have to worry about the CBA.

re: Joe Johnson - 29 year old SGs getting 6 years max is insanity.

JohnEMagee reply to Rodney Buford on Jul 1 at 9:54

I'm getting the idea that the Spurs told Jefferson they'd restructure his deal and add something with years so he wouldn't have to worry about the CBA.

Is that a violation?

Yeah, I believe so. But if it was a wink-wink type of deal, it's hard to prove.

Personally, I don't think it's going to happen. Jefferson was a horrible fit in San Antonio, I can't see the Spurs offering to sign him to a multi-year deal, and I can't see Jefferson wanting to stay there long term.

I think that Amare leaves Phoenix, goes to New York or Miami. I think LeBron and Bosh are a package. I think Dirk is staying in Dallas. I'm not sure that the Nets will really get anyone.

Minnesota brought in David Lee today. What happens if they sign Lee? They already have Jefferson and Love...now Lee? Would Love be available for a price? He averaged 11 boards a game last year in 28 mpg and he's solid on the offensive end.

Any ideas on how to bring him on board?

JohnEMagee reply to ryano on Jul 1 at 9:55

Rumor is that the wolves have been shopping jefferson hard for months, so I would guess that he's the one they'd be shopping.

ryano reply to JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 9:59

Yea, that would be the logical move for them. But if no one bites on that trade, do they keep three starting power forwards? (I know Jefferson is technically listed as a center...but I've always viewed him as a PF)

JohnEMagee reply to ryano on Jul 1 at 10:00

One of em starts at PF one of em starts at center and love who is still on a rookie deal comes off the bench.

I don't think they'll get Lee though...

Not that it matter, because Minny is run by idiots, but Lee/Love or Lee/Jefferson is no improvement over Jefferson/Love. Two bigs who don't play any defense, no matter what the combo is.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 11:04

Well that wasn't the question now was it :)

Marty reply to ryano on Jul 1 at 10:01

I'm thinking the Knicks would be wise to sign-and-trade Lee for Jefferson (if the Wolves agreed). Otherwise, I see the Knicks being HUGE losers in this summers free agency mayhem. Here's what I got:

Joe Johnson - Atlanta
LeBron - NJ Nets
Bosh - NJ Nets (sign and trade for Favors)
Wade - Miami
Boozer - Miami
Stoudemire - Knicks
Gay - Grizzlies
Nowitzki - Dallas
Pierce - Celtics

The Griz only have $10M after signing that foreign dude last night. That's not enough to get Gay or Lee, IMO.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 10:05

The Griz cap room is irrelevant to how much they can offer Rudy gay

Meant T-Wolves.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 10:07

AH, hadn't gotten that far on the rumors page to see they signed Pekovic

And they also have Nikola Pekovic now. Big guy from Montenegro.

I'm pretty sure they were really stupid about that signing. They owned his draft rights, so I believe they could've used all of their cap space, then signed him. Need to look it up, though.

Brian- your list of FA destinations would lead to no "super-team." I guess that would be good for the Sixers.

IMO it is unlikely that Lebron bolts Cleveland for Chicago unless Chicago also lands another big name to join him (they have 30M and Deng as a trade chip.) Local media say that Boozer might be the likeliest addition to Chicago- but who knows.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jul 1 at 11:07

It's funny how all the media nonsense was talkinga bout how they were going to form a super team how lebron and bosh were linked at the hip and then shockingly once free agency starts, oh most players are going to sign with the teams that offer them the most money - as happens with almost every free agent in every sport.

I could see Boozer in CHI w/ LeBron. He's the one guy whose current team probably doesn't want him back (especially not at the price he's going to demand).

Out of the big names, I think Bosh is the greediest, meaning he's not going anywhere w/out the sign-and-trade, and the extra money only TOR can put into the deal. I don't see that super team happening at all because there's no way Bosh is signing for the max another team can offer, let alone signing for less than the max another team can offer, and I don't see Wade and LeBron being the second and third highest paid players on the Heat.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 11:13

The super team was a nice idea but even after the Saturday meeting of the troika was discounted based on the impossibilities of geography, the ESPN folk kept reporting it...i guess sensationalism is more important than facts and common sense.

Every one (including you) point at Lebron as being the biggest 'prima donna' in this whole thing but I really think it's Bosh who doesn't realize that he's NOT a 'main star' on a team but a very good #2 to go with a real #1. He may get max money but he's not a max money player.

Toronto should refuse to do a sign and trade because they really won't get much back worth having...

There's one sign and trade I'd do if I was TOR. Bosh (S&T) and Hedo for Eddy Curry to NYK. Gets them out of the final three seasons of Hedo's deal.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 11:16

Valid point.

Do you really think the Knicks would do that.

Do you really think Chris Bosh is that much better than say getting david lee back and maybe raymond felton?

Or Rudy Gay?

It would create about $2M more cap space for the Knicks and I personally think they're going to head right down the same path they were on under Isiah after this season, MLE every year, etc. Having Hedo on the books doesn't really change anything going forward.

Bosh is better than Lee, not sure he's $40M better, though.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 11:20

Bosh is better than Lee, not sure he's $40M better, though.

That was kind of the point. If they sign Lee to a more reasonable deal they still have money to go after some other players who can contribute.

Heck, maybe they'll be smart, Carmelo says no to the nuggets and the knicks just wait (and get screwed again) until next summer

Did ya'll see the large photo of J and Billionaire in NYC?

I personally agree with most that most will stay at home where they are at now excluding Bosh and maybe 1 or 2 surprises.

JohnEMagee reply to DeanH on Jul 1 at 11:14

I posted a link to it in another thread yesterday. The best part is not the billboard but the Knicks over reaction...they whined to the NBA about it, they seem to think it's unfair.

Seriously, that team just has some of the worst ownership in sports.

I haven't seen it. Is it up yet? If it's up, I'll take a walk at lunch (it's only a couple blocks from my office) and get a picture. Heard it's visible from the Knicks' offices :)

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 11:17


It was going up yesterday, I don't know how long these things take.

So the bucks signed gooden to a 5 year 32 million dollar deal, and last week even though they obtained maggette and cdr they want to try and re-sign Salmons.

JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 11:52

One note, I don't think Lebron will sign a max length contract with Cleveland. I think he'll sign a 3 year deal with a 4th year option (his)

3 years it the rumored time it's going to take New Jersey to finally move to Brooklyn

A three-year deal would mean he's leaving somewhere in the neighborhood of $60M on the table, and there's no guarantee he's getting that money back under the new CBA. If this is truly about squeezing every last penny out, and that's why he's staying in CLE, it doesn't make sense for him to sign a shorter deal.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 11:57

Well all this talk about winning and then going back to cleveland for 6 years and the extra 30 million doesn't make 'sense' either :)

If he wants to win, he's gone. If he wants the most money, he's staying for 6 years. that's my waffling prediction :)

Can't Lebron just put a player option and an ETO in his contract?

Year 3-4 ETO
Year 5-6 Player option

He can have his cake and eat it too for the next 5-6 years.

For some reason, I think I remember reading that only the final year of the contract can be a player option/ETO in a max deal. Don't have time right now, will look it up later.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 13:47

Gomes had an option that entailed multiple years but I think it was a team option was it not.

I think Gomes had partially guaranteed years on the back end.

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 13:56

Cool. I don't feel like scoured the FAQ, so let me know. If it is that case for max deals, I wonder what they define a max deal as...

OK, two pertinent excerpts:

"A six year contract may contain an ETO following the fourth season and an option (either player or team) following the fifth season."


"...the current CBA prevents ETOs before the end of the fourth year or more than one option year... "

So they could sign him to a max deal, with an ETA after the fourth and a player option after the fifth. Couldn't have three options, though.

JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 12:16

Let's get the sixers involved in this crazy nonsense courtesy of ESPN via a poster at LB

On ESPN tonight on the show they were saying the clippers wanted Iggy at the deadline last yr. I would not mind that at al

So - the clippers make 'real' pushes for free agents and miss out on every thing - then they say 'sure we'll trade for Andre Iguodala'

Watcha want?

Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, Aminu and they have to take Lou back in the deal as well.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 12:31

Sounds good to me

Probably not enough toughness nor basketball sense coming back to us, though. Stefanski would have to find a way to get Mardy Collins or he'd never pull the trigger.

That means Turner would play the 3. Not sure I like that idea, but Gordon is one of the best shooters I've ever seen based on form alone and his range is phenomenal.


Not as good as Brian's, but just another potential scenario. Baron can be the vet pg we've been looking for, and we get a young SG in Eric Gordon.

Forgot to mention, Baron expires the same year as Brand.

JohnEMagee reply to prideoux on Jul 1 at 12:40

You really think Baron Davis would like to come to Philadelphia and play a back up? Or are you bringing him here to start and thus delaying Holidays maturation along the same pace as Turners?

Like I said I'd take Brian's over this one in a second, I'd only do the deal if he sits on the bench, he doesn't start over Jrue at this point.

Chris reply to prideoux on Jul 1 at 13:27

There is no way Baron Davis would come here to be a backup. He goes off in the press if someone gets more touches or is looked at as the leader for his team. If he came here and got benched for Jrue he'd wind up being another Starbury.

4 years, $20M for Darko from Minny. They've now signed two bigs for $33M in the past 12 hours.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 12:34

Kahn's been listening to Colin Cowherd - points guards and centers, that's how you win nba titles

quantity over quality, apparently.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 12:38

At this point maybe it was a mistake that willie green didn't opt out - all that money - all those foolish GM's - he probably could have scored another guaranteed 25 million. (5/5)

Lol, you might just be right!!!

This FA stuff is way overblown. The situation IMO is far simpler. And for most guys money comes first, championships second. The mere thought that going somewhere packaged with another star will bring you a championship is pure media BS. Everybody kinda forgot just how important coaching, chemistry, matchups, role players etcetera etcetera are. It's exceptionally hard to predict even the next season in the NBA let alone a few years down the road. Some youngsters mature and become equal stars, new draftees impress...

Are we all blind to the fact that most of the teams with cap space this summer are some of the worst run teams in the past decade.

That being said here is my prediction:

LeBron - Clevelend (Chicago has an outside shot)
Wade - Miami
Bosh - Miami (Chicago is a possibility as well)
Amare - New York
Joe Johnson - Atlanta (New York a close second)
Dirk - Dallas
Boozer - Chicago
David Lee -
Rudy Gay - Clippers (though i don't think him leaving the Grizzlies is a foregone conclusion)
Paul Pierce - Boston
Ray Allen - Boston
Mike Miller - Chicago
Richard Jefferson - San Antonio
Raymond Felton - Indiana
Brendan Haywood - Dallas

We will see a few guys being traded to teams that missed out for cap relief though. Al Jefferson, Monta Ellis, Rip Hamilton or Ben Gordon, possibly Tayshaun Prince...

Bosh certainly seems to be the one definitely to move. I'm wondering if there is a scenario where he spurns Miami or Chicago for the Houston money. If he wants the 6th year, Houston is the best bet for Toronto. They have multiple future picks that belonged to the Knicks.

Drew Gooden: five-year, $32 million w/Bucks

A different angle looking at the LeBron situation.

What about NJ and Jay-Z. A few weeks ago Jay-Z said he didn't want to get involved as he didn't want anything to happen to their friendship if he influenced LeBron to the Nets. Now, Jay-Z is a big factor in recruiting him. If LeBron doesn't pick NJ you think Jay-Z will resent him? How much pull does Jay-Z have over him anyway?

JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 13:48

I think Jay-z Might be the most overblown part of ALL this nonsense really...he's a minority owner (and I could have sworn he was from new york, concrete jungle and all that nonsense) on a crap tracular team with a new owner who might be a little bit nuts, they're stuck in new jersey for the next 2-3 years (at least) and they can't pay him more than cleveland can.

If it's about money - he stays in cleveland - if it's about talent - doesn't chicago have more than new jersey?

I really don't think Lebron cares if Jay-Z is going to hate him or not

jkay reply to JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 14:32

I dont think JayZ expects he has any kind of influence over the decision. but now is a good opportunity to market the team. whether they get Lebron or not, the publicity will be a plus.

JohnEMagee reply to jkay on Jul 1 at 14:46

No doubt, though Jay-z's real influence probably won't be felt (if at all) until the team opens in brooklyn - i mean half time show with Jay-z opening night IN brooklyn? Man, spike lee would show up for that :)

The original question was what kind of pull would Jay-z hav eon lebron and I don't think he has any

johnrosz reply to JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 15:38

Jay Z should offer Lebron a night with Beyonce if he's serious about bringing him to the Nets.

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Jul 1 at 15:40

So now Jay-z is woody harrelson?

johnrosz reply to JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 15:48

There is nothing indecent about that proposal. If Jay Z wants to be taken seriously as a savvy businessman...these are the kind of sacrifices he's going to have to make. His clout as a mogul would be exponentially raised if he's able to land a big fish like Lebron.

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Jul 1 at 15:55

ANd you think prostituting his wife is the way to go about it.

Fred reply to JohnEMagee on Jul 1 at 15:58

I don't get it

JohnEMagee reply to Fred on Jul 1 at 16:07

research a movie called indecent proposal

I dont really understand why NJ/NY would think Lebron would come play for those franchises if the emphasis is on winning titles. Put Bosh and lebron on knicks and they are still not better than Orlando or boston...same goes for Jersey. Shaq and Kobe IN THEIR PRIME were still not good enough to beat the Spurs a few years ago. It takes more than two stars.

Rudy Gay has agreed to a five-year, $81.6 million deal with Memphis, including a player option on fifth, his reps at Octagon confirmed to Y!
One more proof that Iggy isn't overpaid =)

Sam money as Iguodala's deal, only in one less year. For Rudy Gay. Joe Johnson is getting almost $40M more than Iguodala.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 15:39

Interesting move by Gay, not a max deal, I woudl have waiteed out the big dogs and seen about getting a GM to over pay me when they whiff

I believe that was the max they could extend him for five (not sure why they didn't give him the 6th year), and the 5th is a player option.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 15:43

Just doesn't 'sound' like a max contract amount...interesting though, maybe heisley is serious - reallly serious he should extend gasol this off season

Iguodala is a comparative "bargain."

Chris reply to tk76 on Jul 1 at 16:02

People complain a lot but Iggy doesn't have an unreasonable contract. He doesn't get max money or even close to it. Since he is (was?) the top player on the team people want him to score like a franchise scorer which isn't his game. If Ed wanted to move him he'd have a lot of takers.

The problem is Brand as he's getting even more money but he has been performing poorly. We have to hope some (a lot) of Brand's problem was Eddie Jordan as if it was due to Brand falling off we're really stuck. If Brand can mount some kind of rebound (pun intended) we can probably pawn him off at the trading deadline.

May be I'm wrong but Iggy have 6-year $80 million contract, havn't he? Gay deal is $81.6 million for 5 years

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 15:52

Rudy Gay isn't even as good of an offensive player as Iguodala. When you account for D, it is just a landslide.

jkay reply to Alex`D on Jul 1 at 15:56

after this FA period is over, Iggy will be complaining that he's underpaid.

JohnEMagee reply to jkay on Jul 1 at 15:57

ANd yet he won't be but he'll continue to be called underpaid and a loser by many

If I'm Toronto and Chris Bosh wants the max to go along with a sign-and-trade, aren't you (Toronto) really in control? Meaning, why would they participate in a deal that didn't benefit them? I'd rather let him walk for nothing than take that pu pu platter from the Rockets. I'd be interested in Deng from CHI or Favors and the cap exception from the Nets, and that would be about it. Not sure I'd want Beasley. Am I on to something here, or is this a failed premise?

Yeah, it doesn't make sense for them to take back useless contracts (like Nocioni) when they could just let him expire.

If I'm TOR, the only way I'm helping anyone out w/ a sign and trade is if they take Hedo off my hands too.

Marty reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 15:52

That's a good point about Hedo. Anyone else find it ironic that all these teams are going to spend all this money and then turn around in the next CBA and say "We can't afford to sign guys to these types of contracts."?

Keeping my fingers crossed that Toronto, New York, and New Jersey will all be worse next year.

There are some bad, bad teams throwing around serious money. There's going to be a lockout when they cry poverty.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 16:30

And no one will call then on their own stupidity. Salary caps do not exist to foster competition, they exist to prevent owners from their own stupidity. No one forces the owners to max out players. Did the hawks talk to joe johnson or just throw out the most they possibly could without saying - no one else can give yo more than X and we're not giving you more than X - so take X or take less

Is Joe Johnson Going to make more money in his next contract than Steve Nash ever has?

Doug Colllins has hired Quin Snyder, the ex college coach flameout. I understand he was a great NBDL coach.

On this day of max deals I'm reminded of the time Marbury said:

They can talk about whatever they wanna talk about me, because I got maxed. I’m a max player. Don’t get mad at me, because I’m telling you what’s real. One plus one is two, all day long, and it’s never gonna change. And that’s factorial.

I think Jay Z is infinately curious

rchap13 on Jul 1 at 18:03

Would u guys take chris kaman,eric gordon and deAndre jordan for iggy and lou?

No, but I would take Jordan, Aminu and 2013 #1 (top 3 protected) for Iguodala... but I guess that makes me a fan of losing next year :)

rchap13 on Jul 1 at 18:13

Or for iggy and thad

Igoudala's numbers when he signed his contract:

2004- 9.00 pts, 5.7 rebs, 3.0 assts
2005- 12.3 pts, 5.9 rebs, 3.1 assts
2006- 18.2 pts, 5.7 rebs, 5.7 assts
2007- 19.9 pts, 5.4 rebs, 4.8 assts

Rudy Gays numbers:

2006- 10.9 pts, 4.5 rebs, 1.3 assts
2007- 20.2 pts, 6.2 rebs, 2.0 assts
2008- 18.9 pts, 5.5 rebs, 1.7 assts
2009- 19.6 pts, 5.9 rebs, 1.9 assts

There's not much of a difference between the numbers, so quit bitching about Iguodala's contract

Just pulled this off a twitter feed, god I fear for civilization if this is true:

@SpearsNBAYahoo Toronto Raptors have reached agreement to sign centre Amir Johnson to a five-year, $34 million deal, agent Kevin Bradbury tells Y! Sports.

Crazy. These contracts are insanely high.

Amir Johnson back to the Raptors. 5 years, $34M.

Chris reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 21:21

Boy was I ever off what Amir would fetch in free agency. I thought he'd be a bargain for us. Oh well...

Know what is scary? If Thad gets minutes and heaves up an additional poor shot or 2 a game. Uggh

Chris reply to Joe on Jul 1 at 21:45

I'm going to be in the minority on this but I think if they ran more plays for Thad and said shoot more he would outscore Rudy Gay (on fewer shots). I think Thad could be a big time scorer and fairly efficiently too. Even with Ayers screwing up his shot he was at about 35% 3FG and almost 50% FG. Thad's big problem is his defense and rebounding went to crap. I'm hoping Collins can get him back on track (even if it is just to boost his trade value). Remember, last year he was picked for that Olympic development camp just as Iggy and Gay were and was considered an up and coming star.

Joe reply to Chris on Jul 2 at 7:13

I agree with what you are saying mostly, Chris.

My fear is if Thad realizes how he can get paid(and get more PT from most coaches), which is by shooting more and ignoring everything else.

If he gets to 17 ppg, he will be getting 50 million to Rudy Gay money. And all he needs is to get minutes and chuck up a couple more shots(in doing so lowering his efficiency a bit which isn't a big deal to GMs) and profit from it.

It is just scary to me if he can get the playing time he needs to get his shots up and get his PPG up.

JohnEMagee reply to Chris on Jul 2 at 13:02

I don't believe Thad has shown a high enough baskeball IQ to have plays run for him

jkay reply to Joe on Jul 1 at 21:45


5 years, $30M for Channing Frye. This is completely out of control. There's either going to be a lockout or the owners are going to have to cave for the next CBA.

All of these contracts are insane. I thought that the economy was going to lower the salaries of mediocre players, guess not.

JohnMagee reply to The Greek on Jul 3 at 17:14

While the economy affects 'normal' folks - the rich folk tend to ignore it.

An interesting 'economic impact' thing, from a different league, an arbitrator suggested today that the texas rangers (of mlb) should be put up for 'public' auction (obviously I expect you need to be pre-qualified)...that just seems odd

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