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The Marketing Message

I believe you're probably reading too much into it. Based on reading the history here, and a couple other places, the average fan has no love for Andre Iguodala and would trade him for very little compared to his trade value.

So focus on the youth that has everyone excited.

thatguy on Jul 7 at 12:09

not like iggy ever put butts in seats, so why try now when you have a newer product to push.

I've seen a similar absence of Iguodala from some of the press conferences with Ed and Collins. I would not call it a conspicuous absence- because its usually when they are talking about their "young players."

I guess we will know in a couple of weeks if/when and Iguodala trade talk heats up.

Agree with all comments. AI9 is not well liked by the fan base. Looking to push the youth. If the right deal comes along............................

Off topic, but this is a pretty decent little piece on Brand...


bebopdeluxe reply to D on Jul 7 at 13:56

From this guy's mouth to God's ear...

But, seriously...why can't Brand give us 16 ppg, 8 rbg, 1.5 bpg and average D at the 4 in 30 mpg?

Age, loss of explosion and vertical jump, being played too many minutes at the center and getting in foul trouble?

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jul 7 at 14:12

Since when is being 31 ancient for a low-post player?

Since when was playing above the rim EB's game?

How many PF's in the NBA have a 7' 5.5" wingspan to defend?

And given that - during the ABORTION that was the EFJ era last season - Brand averaged better than 13 ppg, 6 rgb and 1 bpg. Do you think that - with a coach that a) has a freaking clue and b) won't be playing petty little mindgames with EB - that Brand can somehow find 3 points and 2 rebounds a game?

I think he can.

What I am asking of the guy is not heroic...it certainly will not justify the "PhillyMax"...but it would go a long way to stabilizing our front-court - yes?

I am wary of any coach who utters the words Elton Brand and Center in the same sentence when the intent isn't "There's no way Elton Brand will play center"

Also in LA the offense ran through Elton Brand. Last year sometimes the only time he touched the ball was 30 ft from the basket

Chuck Norris on Jul 7 at 14:06

I'm sorry but Iguodala is sort of a diva. With his new hair dew, and constantly getting his nails pedicured. Check twitter. Anybody agree?

Chuck Norris reply to Chuck Norris on Jul 7 at 14:09

Maybe he'll fit in L.A......LOLZ!

Please Deandre Jordan!!! Ed pull the trigger!

Phil Lee on Jul 7 at 14:07

You're the only person in America who believes that Iguodala is a star. Sixers are thinking fans might actually get excited about youth.

If the qualification to be part of a marketing campaign is stardom then the sixers would have no one qualified. Iguodala is the best overall basketball player on the sixers roster at this time.

The lack of appreciation for his game from the so-called thinking fans calls into question inherently what a thinking fan is.

It took me a minute to translate that sentence. I think what he was saying is:

"(The) Sixers (organization) is thinking fans might actually get excited about youth (whereas they were not excited about Iguodala)."

And 26 is clearly over the hill, in Iguodala's case.

Notice how no one mentioned the fart face Evan Turner was making basically the entire game last night?

Ah I see I misread it. Unfortunately, I don't get NBA TV so have not yet seen Mr Turner play for the sixers (when did they stop being the seventy-sixers?) or his fart face.

I respectfully think that you are too high on Iguodala, Brian :-)

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