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Luxury Tax Math

Vaughn on Jul 8 at 4:30

I think it's clear that moving Dalembert was never really about getting under the luxury tax. Stefanski and Collins decided a change in culture was needed and that excising Dalembert from the picture was the way they wanted to proceed.

I just think they decided that there was no chance Sam would wind up being a part of the winning team they believe they are assembling for the future, and that the extra value they might get for holding onto him until midseason was worth less to the team than being able to start the season from training camp without having his issues still hanging around.

Is their thinking reasonable? I don't know enough about inner team dynamics to properly quantify the value of Dalembert's absence, but I would have to say that Ed S. has spent well beyond the sum total of his give-him-the-benefit-of-the-doubt capital.

bebopdeluxe reply to Vaughn on Jul 8 at 8:16


Trading Sammy was as much (if not more) about team dynamics than it was about getting under the luxury tax. Collins wanted NO part of Sammy on this team...his "last to arrive, first to leave" mentality...his inability - after EIGHT years - to spend his offseasons working on the holes in his game...the post-game comments that come out of nowhere and become media and internet forum grist for the mill...

Was it the best trade - in terms of return - that they could have gotten? Perhaps not - but in terms of timing (i.e. getting him off the roster and away from the rest of the team and what Collins will be trying to accomplish) it was EXACTLY what they wanted to do.

We'll see how it works out.

Amen Brothers, PLUS 2.

The losing atmosphere and mentality needs to stop now. The selfish prick players need to go asap. Getting rid of Sammy was a no brainer, Brian's stance on this is respectfully intriguingly Bizarre.

I will say this one more time, this trade was a steal for us.

Maybe its easy to mock someone's toughness because you can't put a stat on it but if you think that the Mullet Man isn't tough then I question whether people don't understand the true definition of basketball toughness.

"I think it's clear that moving Dalembert was never really about getting under the luxury tax. "

I never thought it was. I think that was just for the overly cynical.

"I think it's clear that moving Dalembert was never really about getting under the luxury tax. "

Actually, I think that was the kindest way to look at it. The other options really make Stefanski look like a fool.

cynicism and kindness aren't mutually exclusive. I almost think people were *hoping* it wasn't a basketball decision.

bebopdeluxe reply to Derek Bodner on Jul 8 at 12:32

I wouldn't be surprised if getting rid of Sammy was a precondition of Collins taking the job...DC went all "Malcolm X" on Stiffanski...

"Get rid of Sammy 'by any means necessary'..."

I bet that neither Collins or Stefanski was THRILLED by having to take Nocioni's 2011-12 contract, but the combination of getting a big with some potential upside in Hawes and getting Sammy outta town ASAP forced their hand there.

It's hilarious that the Amazing Argentinian Mullet is now the 3rd highest paid player on the team.

I believe players almost always get the full amount possible. The Spurs are the only team that, off the top of my head, have had success getting players to sign for less than the max for a rookie contract.(and that is for players taken late in the first) I think I remmeber reading all this a coupl eyears ago at least.

So the Sixers are looking at the 2 million number.

They won't need to use their bi-annual exception. They will just use a portion of the MLE if they decide to go after someone so they can keep the bi-annual if it exists next year. The problem would seem to be that now everyone has money, though, so 1 million dolalr players are rpobably now 2-2.5 million dollars player, so I hope they don't get involved in a multi-year deal for a fringe 9th man.

As for the Dalembert trade, it looks 100% pitiful now. It was a tax move with a little bit of fan appeasement IMO. The Sixers could be sitting at 0 right now against the tax if they got Turner to take a 300k paycut and still have a giant expiring contract/good NBA center and not have Nocioni's money on the books for next season. I don't know what else to say except that management continues to display they are completely inept. I can't wait for Thad's new contract.

My hope is that Thad and Spencer both show this season what Gay showed last year and earn new, reasonable deals here. If they both turn out to be top 8 rotation players than the Sammy deal, to me, would be a success. I am not sure what money would have been freed up next year if the trade wasn!t done but whatever player we could of got would have to be pretty good and pretty young to , in hindsight, make up for what a Hawes/Young combo may become.

It seems more and more that Sammy being resigned wasn!t an option so to me, it is time to move on and hope good decisions are made with 2013 as the goal to contend.

The main issue here is Nocioni being under contract for next year.

What is more valuable? Spencer Hawes and Nocioni or a giant expiring contract(who at the very least an average NBA center)

If you asked me that question 3 months ago, my answer would have been the latter by a mile. My answer is still the same.

I think we won!t know the answer to your question until the end of this year but I would be shocked if Hawes doesn!t become better or at least as good as Sammy when all is said and done but most people don!t feel that way. I was looking at a lot of the current centers on basketball reference .com and his early career numbers are better than Haywood, B.Miller and comparable to Yao!s at 22 years old when he was just 20. He has strengths and weakness!s just like Sammy, they differ in a lot of ways but I like his chances of succeeding here.

We will have 5 high I.Q. players starting this year and Collins talked about that when interviewed at the summer league saying he needs smart players to do the things he likes to do.

Sorry, I'm not seeing any of those comps.

Here's something fun. Hawes, who is supposed to improve us so much on the offensive end that his woeful defense won't be an issue, gets to the line at a historically low rate. This comp is the number of centers who have averaged as few free throw attempts per 36 minutes in their first three seasons in the league (minimum 1,000 minutes played).

That just screams tough to me.

Your giving us numbers when this kid came into the league at the age of 19.

I saw him play at least 10 times in college, the kid does have a nasty low post game. But since he wasn't strong enough to hold his grounds he hasn't been able to showcase that low post game. That is until this year, Spencer Hawes will go in the Books as a steal.

So which is it, does he bring all this value because he can really stretch the floor with his bad jumper that he's in love with? Or is he going to be a complete stud because now he's going to do more work in the post, and not waste possessions by taking bad jumpers, hence not stretch the floor, which he really didn't do by taking those bad jumpers anyway?

10 times in college versus his entire NBA career. If you don't mind, I'll choose the more relevant, current available information. His NBA numbers indicate that he's not really that good so far. They don't really indicate any form of improvement and for all the yelling about locker rooms, it seems that all those Pro Hawes (Anti Sam) folk are ignoring numerous incidents of bad behavior and selfishness in just 3 years in the league from Hawes

The Celtics just got a good deal for Ray Allen. 2 years 10 million. Ray Allen could have made more if he had signed with NYK. It would have been really nice to see him in Cleveland with Lebron

Wasn't it two years, $10M each year for Ray Allen? Was someone else going to give him more than that, at his age?

Derek reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 10:31

nevermind, Si reported that it was a 2 year 10 million contract. But it's actually a 20 million dollar contract

Gerald on Jul 8 at 9:33

The Sammy trade was meant to help Elton Brand. Dalembert had no offensive game and just stood there in the middle. Spencer Hawes can atleast spread the floor and give Brand some more space to make more plays.

Joe reply to Gerald on Jul 8 at 9:55

Arguing Hawes will improve the Sixers on the court is just silly.

Gerald reply to Joe on Jul 8 at 9:59

It will improve Elton Brand

ryano reply to Joe on Jul 8 at 10:13

He's 22. He averaged 10 pts, 6 reb, 1 blk in 26 min. He's a legit 7 footer.

My point being he's at least been productive. Maybe not a stud center- but he's young and has a lot of room to improve. If he can help space the floor for Brand and our slashers, then I think he can help the team. And if he can play some decent defense- well then I'm stoked about him. Let's see what Collins can do with him.

bebopdeluxe reply to ryano on Jul 8 at 10:40

Good post. While Sammy certainly had positives on the defensive end, many of those were offset by the dysfunction he brought to the offensive end - both in terms of his own abilities (or lack thereof, other than the occasional alley-oop), as well as the impact that his standing around had on others (i.e. taking away space for Brand in the lane...clogging up the slashing lanes for the perimeter guys...his inability - after EIGHT YEARS - to still not be able to set an NBA-quality pick...the list goes on and on and on...).

All Hawes has to do is play decent positional defense and improve his defensive rebounding to close-to-NBA-average, and all of the other benefits that he will bring to the offensive end (both his own shooting/passing abilities as well as how his presence will open the floor for others) will make this a successful trade, in my eyes.

Hawes likes to shoot jumpers. He doesn't shoot them well, he just likes to shoot them. That's not stretching the floor.

ryano reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 11:30

We don't necessarily need a center to "stretch the floor", but a center who can help space the floor, which I think Hawes can learn to do, would really help the offense. I don't like the big guys who stand on the 3 pt line- but if Hawes can hit a 15 footer every now and then, that would be a big help.

ryano reply to GoSixers on Jul 8 at 12:03

If Collins can get him to cut out everything outside of 15 ft, improve his elbow and baseline jumpers to 45%, and only shoot J's from his spots I think he's serviceable in the capacity we're talking about. When he's on the floor he's going to be option number 5 no matter who else is out there. So taking 2-4 15 footers a game to keep opposing centers honest is all we're asking of him. The rest of his buckets are moving to the basket for drive and dishes, and getting garbage put backs. I think Collins can get that production out of him.

Hawes is more efficient than 83% of the league (not of centers, of anyone in the league) on jump shots

Give me your argument on why Hawes can!t make the Sixers better?

Because the sixers were weak at defensive rebounding with one of the best defensive rebounders in the game. Hawes is soft and doesn't intimidate anyone. For all the Samuel Dalembert hate on this place it seems that only one half of the game concerns anyone. Samuel Dalembert was the only real true defensive presence the sixers had at the 4 or 5.

They now have zero

It is not about this year; he is a better compliment to the 3 top players here now [Brand,Iggy and Turner] but it is about adding young assets and if we get the Brand upgrade at the 4 [Sammy type shotblocker and rebounder] in the next few years than he does fit better.

How will the sixers keep Hawes, keep Young and upgrade at the four unless they get lucky in some draft lottery?

Hawes and Young are both restricted free agents after next season. If there's a CBA agreement, the sixers most likely have less money to spend and a hard cap to deal with.

People seem to be trying to convince themselves that Spencer Hawes is something he is not, and has had 3 years in Sacramento to show how not a player he is. On and off the court.

Joe, your a funny guy and welcome to the board by the way.

Hawes improves us in;

Outlet passing, sammy was the worst in the history of the league

halfcourt passing, sammy was the worst in the history of the league.

Hustle, effort, and shooting. Brian likes to point out how efficient Sammy was but take away those lobs from Sammy and he isn't that efficient anymore.

Basketball IQ, once again Sammy was the dumbest player in the history of the league.

Setting screans, sammy was terrible.

Caring about his team winning, Sam didn't give a shit and if you disagree go back to 2007 when we went on a 7 game winning streak aka the same day that Sammy complained about his role on the team.

Joe reply to The Greek on Jul 8 at 13:25

greek, I've been posting on this board for over 2 years now. I do appreciate the welcome, though. :) And I don't know who the other Joe is. Maybe I need to make myself JoeM or something.

I tend to prefer to have arguments on things that are testable. I don't see much of what you say to be testable. I'll play your game, though.

Outlet passing, sammy was the worst in the history of the league

lots of good that does when Hawes won't get the defensive rbeound in the first place. Because of this the guards will have to stay back and rebound and won't even be out on the run because they won't be able to

halfcourt passing, sammy was the worst in the history of the league.

Hawes has this one

Hustle, effort, and shooting. Brian likes to point out how efficient Sammy was but take away those lobs from Sammy and he isn't that efficient anymore.

I think Sam gives plenty of ffort and his rebounding total sshow that. Taking away Sammy's lobs doesn't make sense either. I could say "without those 3 pointers, Reggie Miller wasn't much of a player" and other arguments like that.

Basketball IQ, once again Sammy was the dumbest player in the history of the league.

This is just so untestable. It doesn't even have any basis in anything and is so subjective. And I am the type that thinks the ends matter more than the means.

Setting screans, sammy was terrible.

Can Hawes set screens? My guess is no. Sammy is probably better. Hawes is a weakling

Caring about his team winning, Sam didn't give a shit and if you disagree go back to 2007 when we went on a 7 game winning streak aka the same day that Sammy complained about his role on the team.

Hawes isn't noted as a good teammate or caring about winning. Sammy's effort on the court is great IMO.

Now what about everything else, Sammy is a better offensive rebounder, defensive rebounder, better defender, better help defender, better scorer overall, better player.

hawes could get better and could be better than Sammy. I'm just not holding my breath on it.

Sac got the best player and the better of the end when it came to contracts.

Gerald on Jul 8 at 9:58

Centers that I would take over Dalembert

1. Kendrick Perkins
2. Andrea Bargnani
3. David Lee
4. Brook Lopez
5. Andrew Bogut
6. Joakim Noah
7. Dwight Howard
8. Al Horford
9. Andrey Blache
10. Brendan Haywood
11. Marcus Camby
12. Emeka Okafur
13. Nene
14. Andrew Bynum
15. Amare Stoudemire

I don't agree with this list, but let's just say it's accurate. That means there are 15 teams out there with a worse starting center than Dalembert. At least six playoff teams.

ryano reply to Gerald on Jul 8 at 10:07

I don't think Lee is a center, and I wouldn't want to play Amare there either. I wouldn't take Nene over Sammy. He's injury prone and his production isn't on par with Sammy's. Can't argue with the rest of your list.

ryano reply to Gerald on Jul 8 at 10:09

Also- add Duncan to the list of centers because he ends up guarding them all anyway.

This is a list of comparable skillset players, in my opinion, and early career numbers:

age/ name/ pts./ reb./ ass./ blocks / min.
20 Hawes 11 7 2 1.2 29
22 Divac 11 8.1 1.1 1.5 28
21 Gminski 13 7.5 1.3 1.8 28
24 Mc Hale 13.6 6.8 1.1 2.3 28
24 M.Gasol 11.9 7.4 1.7 1.1 31
21 P.Gasol 17.6 8.9 2.7 2.1 37

Now can Hawes be as good as these guys, I doubt it but he was as good at 20 as some of them so who knows. We talked about Jordan!s effect on our players last year and having a good p.g. here finally; well who coached and who distributed for Sacramento the last 3 years?

Funny how they're all white guys.

But anyway, which ones of those guys was a strong defensive rebounder and shot blocker that made up for the weak defensive PF next to him?

well who coached and who distributed for Sacramento the last 3 years?

Im not sure who distributes the ball matters one iota defensively, and Hawes has been bad under multiple coaches.

What I find interesting, is that Hawes had numerous attitude issues in Sacarmento and they seem to be ignored by sixer fans who seem to think that's a great reason to get rid of Samuel Dalembert but has no bearing on obtaining Spencer Hawes.

Maybe it's that skin color thing again

I don!t know what you are implying or if you have seen Hawes play at all but he has a Euro type skill set and if you disagree with these comparisons than that is your opinion.

A Euro type skillset.

So, what you're saying, is that he won't be playing much defense but he will be falling over a lot?

This isn't the 80's anymore friend, they play great defense in europe.

Jason Mess reply to GoSixers on Jul 8 at 11:04

Skin color wow that is a great point! I mean stats and or facts would be nice but conjecture is even better. Anyway if you were joking about the skin color thing sorry. The difference between Dalembert Hawes is easy AGE. You already know what type of player Dalembert is. Hawes he is 22 has not played under the same coach, and has not reached a point where you could say hey this is all he is going to be. Dalembert was not going to develop a post game, work with his team mates during the off season. He was not going to drastically cut down his number of plays that helped his stats but not the team. With Hawes you have a player you can still develop It took Jermaine O'Neal 4 years in the pros until he started showing play approaching his potential. I am not saying Hawes will be great or even good but we can give him a shot. If we were contending right now I would hate the Dalembert trade but we are not.

Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 10:44
Jason Mess on Jul 8 at 10:50

IMO Dalembert needed to go before the season started. It does not matter if he would help us 5 or even 10 games this year. We are not looking at contending right now so lets try and find someone who has potential and give him a shot. As far as the Mullet goes so what if we have him on the books for even the next year or two. He will be gone by the time we might be ready to contend. I do not think we got fleeced in the Sacramento deal I do think we could have done better.

I predict Hawes will be gone the next time the sixers contend.

Then again, the next time the sixers contend, I believe most of the people posting here will have died of old age as well

Jason Mess reply to GoSixers on Jul 8 at 11:05

You could be right, I thought after 93 I would never see the phillies in a world series let alone two and winning one.

The only halfway valid argument was that shaving the $3M off the books this season would really be a savings of almost $10M, assuming the Sixers were $3M over the luxury tax threshold ($3M in salary + $3M in tax penalty + $3M+ revenue share all teams below the tax get). If that was the case, then financially, the Sixers would've been saving some actual cash in the deal, assuming they didn't re-sign Hawes. Now that the cap numbers have come out, they won't be saving any money at all, in fact, they'll be spending more money. So Stefanski not only screwed the Sixers against the cap with this trade, he also screwed Comcast out of at least $3.8M. Whether or not the idiots that own the team realize this is another matter.

Jason Mess reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 11:08

I am not saying this was the best or smartest trade. Just that I have no problem with Dalembert not playing on this team. I agree with what you said a couple of weeks ago. I would rather have seen the team just cut him take the hit this year for his contract if they did not get what they should have in return in a trade.

The funny thing seems to be that Spencer Hawes was actually more positive defensively in Sacramento than offensively. Heck offensively he seems to have been barely able to achieve insignificant.


Summer of 2013

Sixers roster

players under contract: 3

Andre Igoudala, 29
Jrue Holliday, 23
Evan Turner, 24

total salary: 20 million
cap space: ?, probably 50 million

potential free agents:

Dwight Howard
Jeff Green
Greg Oden
Andrea Bargnani
Blake Griffen
Brook Lopez
Derrick Rose
Chris Paul

I doubt the cap is going to be $70M 3 years from now, and you're assuming that Stefanski won't extend Hawes, Young, Smith or Speights, and he won't make another stupid trade, and he won't sign someone for the MLE between now and then. If this summer has shown us anything, it's that more bad decisions will ruin that cap space long before we get to that summer.

Jason Mess reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 11:18

Very true, and unless there is someone else making the moves we might not be able to come close to getting any of those guys to want to play here.

Fred reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 11:28

5 years ago the Knicks saw the 2010 FA class and decided to not keep anyone they drafted and only make trades that shed contracts. 5 years later, they are now proud to say that they have a stud duo of Danilo Gallinari and Amare Stoudemire, along with the lethal backcourt of Tony Douglas, Wilson Chandler and Bill Walker.

That's a nice thought exercise, but incorrect as it ignores draft picks and contract extensions most likely given to at least one of young and hawes

Jason Mess reply to GoSixers on Jul 8 at 11:21

Do you think we could sign at least one of those guy (if ES is abducted or finally gets it). If so, where would you rank them as far as best player to go after.

It's 3 years away, there's probably a new CBA, there's too many possibilities to sit here and say the sixers will have any cap room then (let alone enough) to sign guys like that. Or that they will actually hit free agency without signing extensions with their own teams.

Many of the names listed (in todays CBA) are restricted free agents. They don't leave their teams often due to the better money. Of course who knows how that will change between now and then.

If Stefanski is still the GM in 2013, the sixers have much bigger problems

Howard is the guy to go after, without question. Assuming there are no injuries between now and then.

If Howard hits the open market I'll be surprised. Orlando will offer him a maximum (whatever it is) extension as soon as they can.

Maybe he'll want his own hour-long ego stroking special on ESPN to announce to the world where he's going to play.

Defamation reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 11:39

nah, he will start a new network one year prior to FA that will only talk about where he might go. Then he will have the president, the dalai lama, Manmohan Singh and the pope get together to announce where he will sign.

Sixers '13 roster


You also have to factor in the top 3 picks that the Sixers will get in each of the next 3 years

Wow. Just, wow.

The Nets just signed Travis Outlaw for 5 years, $35M. Above full MLE money for Travis Outlaw.

Dernell reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 11:42

lol. he's a poor man's Thabo Sefolosha.

ryano reply to Dernell on Jul 8 at 11:58

Actually, I think he's now a rich man's Thabo.

Joe reply to ryano on Jul 8 at 12:53

I think they aren't really similar players. Thabo is much different and much better, especially playing on a team where scoring isn't a big deal because they have a high volume, efficient scorer already. Thabo can just worry about doing everything else, like not turning it over, getting steals, playing good D, and rebounding. Travis Outlaw just likes to shoot and doesn't block shots anymore really like he used to.

@Sixers: #Sixers center Spencer Hawes working out with team at practice; @mospeezy has played in his 3 scheduled games.

Does that mean Speights is done in Orlando? Time to hit the buffet?

If Outlaw is worth $7M/year, what are these guys worth? http://bit.ly/90z8BZ

monarchist on Jul 8 at 12:07

J.J Redick just wet his pants

Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 12:28

Stefanski on Turner so far: "I think frustration’s the right word. He’s trying to learn the pace of the NBA game with the officials. You see flashes, glimpses of why he was such a high pick. The speed of the game bothers him a little bit. He’s putting his nose in there. He’s done a nice job defensively out there. It’s a matter of time before he gets the game down. He hasn’t played 5-on-5 basketball since March. He hasn’t had game experience. He’s not in game shape. That’s hurt him."

Jason Mess on Jul 8 at 12:40

Turner will be fine, I do not think he will be ROY but he will be better than any other option this year at SG. I think it will be year 2 or 3. Remember he is not a elite athlete he has elite Basketball IQ and some elite skills/instincts. It will take him some time to adjust to the NBA level of play. In a way that is almost better than the reverse.

Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 12:48

Turner on conference call today, when asked how he thinks he's playing in summer league: "I think I’m playing horrible. What expect for myself, where expect myself to be at, just bad. I'm not proud of the way I’ve played. … I want to go back and make my wrongs right."

If I were Lebron (knowing that Boozer has now signed with Chicago), I'd rather be in Chicago than Miami. The reason being because Chicago has the better point/center supporting cast. Does anyone agree that the center and point position are the most important supporting roles that Lebron needs? Miami only has chalmers and a rookie center.

I guess that depends. If he wants someone else to take all the big shots, then he can go be Wade's Pippen in Miami. In Chicago, it would turn into his team right away. Talent wise, Wade + Bosh is better than Boozer, Rose, Noah imo.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 13:30

Wade + Bosh definitely score a lot more than Boozer/Rose/Noah, but who's to say how this team will defend, or (it's easy to forget this) take care of/distribute the ball? Who in the world is going to be their center and point guard? Who can shoot on that team? Currently no one, not really. LeBron wasn't that far away from winning in Cleveland; you'd have to think Boozer, Rose and Noah would put him over the top. The Miami team has the potential to score 115 a game, but beyond that everything's a question mark.

Wade and LeBron are both exceptional defenders. Bosh, not so much. They don't really need a PG, both of those guys distribute more than most PGs anyway. They'd need someone who can really shoot to play the point, like the Bulls in the Jordan years. No idea who their center would be, all they have left is minimum deals, unless they can find someone willing to trade for Beasley.

I hope he chooses the Clippers hahahha

Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 13:16

Turner: "It’s all about pace and tempo and the rhythm of the game. ... I come from having the ball in your hands, being a play-maker to standing in the corner waiting for the ball to come to you. It's a little different when you don’t have the rock in your hands."

Rich reply to Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 13:31

Someone has to tell Evan that he needs to go and get the ball, and to look to score.

Joe reply to Rich on Jul 8 at 15:54

That is the one thing he doesn't need to be told. NBA players rarely need to be told to shoot. Let him sit back his rookie year and learn without the pressure of having to score a lot of points.

Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 13:38

He's not used to playing off the ball.

"It’s a little whirlwind getting acclimated to new surroundings and the new style of game," he said.

Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 13:56

Turner has accumulated 16 fouls and 8 made field goals so far.

"You just have to play through it,” he said. "You’ve got to get used to it. It’s crazy. Sometimes you have to take your bumps, play through frustration and get on to the next play."

Have you come across any material for a story on what, if any interesting offers the Sixers might have turned down for the 2010 #2 draft pick?

I felt prior to the draft that most of the fans were wildly overvaluing the likely quality and impact of anybody the Sixers could pick, but I never really heard about any great trade offers either. So I'm wondering if just the fans overvalued the pick or whether any NBA GM's did as well.

6 years, $55M to Brendan Haywood from the Mavs.

Congrats to Mark Cuban for overpaying to keep that underachieving group together for another year!

Weird rumor from Chad Ford:

League sources tell me that the Warriors are in the lead to land Lee in a sign-and-trade with the Knicks if New York doesn't win the LeBron Lottery tonight.
The deal, according to sources, would send Lee to the Warriors for Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf and Kelenna Azubuike among others. The deal was first reported by Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times.

Not quite what I was expecting from a Lee sign-and-trade. The Knicks would be eating into their remaining cap space, but those three guys are all useful and Randolph has shown flashes.

Marty reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 14:20

Anthony Randolph might be the biggest secret in the NBA. He's going to the PERFECT team for his skills (if that trade happens). Just youtube this kid and your mind will be blown at his potential. Frankly, I'm not a big "potential" guy, but this player is worth the risk because his upside is HUGE.

Was I the only person who saw the article today about Gortat where he said he "expected to be traded."?

Yeah, I wouldn't expect it to be the Sixers unless Stefanski can figure out a way to screw us over in the deal. Maybe Jrue, Turner and a couple future #1 picks for Gortat.

Marty reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 14:34

Wow, you are really down on ES lately. Can't say you can be blamed though. For once, it would be nice to "win" a trade. I'd love to have Orlando "dump" Gortat on us - I think he'd be perfect for this team at this time.

A man can only take so much.

Anyway, I'd do a Lou for Gortat deal in a second. I'd have to think about whether I'd be willing to trade away an expiring deal for him, he's got what, 4 years left on his contract at full MLE levels? That's a big commitment. Personally, I think he'd be the starter and play 30+ minutes if he was here and he'd put up really good numbers. Plus he's tough. If only he could grow a mullet.

Marty reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 15:56

From probasketballtalk.com: Apparently they have annoying morning shows in Poland, too. Like the one roughly translated as "Coffee or Tea Center"

But on that this morning, Magic backup center Martin Gortat said the team has told him they plan to trade him in the near future.

That is what is in Sport.pl (via the fantastic Ben Q. Rock at Orlando Pinstripe Post). Here is the Google Translation:

Today I received news that the chances are that I would be traded to another club - said the basketball player. Asked whether the club is unable to guarantee him a place in the starting composition, Gortat just smiled mysteriously.

I am ready for the Gortat era to begin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhfjQw4HewQ

bebopdeluxe reply to Marty on Jul 8 at 14:40

Agreed...I don't know if the Magic would be interested in a deal involving Lou, but if we could get Gortat, I would be a happy camper.

The earlier rumor was Deung for Gortat and Pietrus but that was if Lebron went to Chicago. I expect Redick to be overpayed and starting next to D.Rose this year.

Gortat to Chicago makes sense because as smart as Sloan was he never got a defensive big to go with Boozer and Noa and Gortat would solve that issue bigtime.

Great wing play with the ball a lot even though they are not the team's point guard. Hopefully that partially explains his struggles. With that said, I don't have a problem with forcing him to play off the ball like an ordinary wing player for a while, it should improve his off the ball skills.

With Haywood and J.Oneal possibly gone does Shaq end up in Miami?

Shaq makes sense in Miami since they need a center and Bosh doesn't need to play in the paint.

johnrosz on Jul 8 at 15:19

Stefanski is Polish. Connect the dots. Gortat deal imminent.

Dan reply to johnrosz on Jul 8 at 15:24

and he's from New Jersey

I'm not sure Shaq really makes sense anywhere at this point in his career. His lack of quickness is a major liability and he is likely to be worse as each year goes by.

HalfFull on Jul 8 at 16:15

I'd move Kapono for Beasley

I'm not sure I even like Beasley, but if we don't make that move we are cot damn idiots. These are the "lucky" breaks that happen to good teams. What's the risk of adding him? He's on a rookie deal. We've got good structure in place and good young leaders (and the one rotten apple, Dalembert, gone). If this deal is actually proposed and we turn it down, I'm going to cry.

It would be interesting but for the Sixers to even consider it it means they a]will pay luxury tax next year b]moving Iggy or Thad for picks, cap room or young inexpensive assets c] see Beasley as a stretch four who can rebound well enough.

With Miami looking at M.Miller I wonder if they feel a p.g. isn!t a priority with James and Wade on the floor.

Miami's been rumored to be interested in dealing Beasley for expirings for weeks.

That doesn't make sense. Beasley has a team option for next season, he essentially is an expiring contract. Miami's been looking to move him to create more cap space for this summer.

If they made this deal, it wouldn't be financial. They'd actually use up about $1.7M of their available cap space.

HalfFull on Jul 8 at 16:22

Brian, do the salaries match (Kapono for Beasley) for this to be an option? If they do match, would you do this trade???

They don't have to match, Miami has cap space. I just put up a post on the rumor.

johnrosz on Jul 8 at 16:30

This would be a steal for us. Speights and Beasley could lead the league in bong hits

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