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Kapono for Beasley?

Myleskong on Jul 8 at 16:37

Throw in a pick to get it done if need be.


Ugh, please tell me you don't mean throw in a first round pick.

Not Buying this.

I'm not really buying it either. I think Miami needs every last penny of cap space to get those three in there, this would use up $1.7M. They must really be desperate for shooters.

Do you think those 3 agree to each take less money to help the team? Less but equal?

Jason reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 16:42

heh, if they want a shooter would they take Meeks+Green contract, saves them 200k and fills up a roster spot for them lol.

(wishful thinking tho)

johnrosz reply to Jason on Jul 8 at 16:44

I think they want a shooter not a gunner

Turner and ESPN would make Green into a hero if he was winning titles with the stars.

Right - when I read this, I thought it simply meant that Miami needed some more cap space for LeBron. But Miami is taking on more salary? Weird. I guess it means they really are signing LeBron because they would need a shooter in that lineup. Beasley is a good shooter; they must really hate him. I realize he's not a 3-point marksman, but Kapono is not worth giving up a young talent like that, is it?

Another tryout for a young player but if he doesn!t get major minutes it could get ugly.

Jason Mess on Jul 8 at 16:40

Right on there. You would have to and maybe with Collins you could end up with a really good 4. Think about this going down and us getting Gorat. That would be a nice starting lineup. Way to good for both one to happen let alone both.

johnrosz on Jul 8 at 16:41

Does he have toughness? He won't be able to crack the rotation. Not with our model Argentinian SF pegged into the rotation. Maybe Nocioni can be a great mentor for him, show him how to style his hair properly, how to have false hustle, be a statistically horrendous defender, and get a DUI.

Jason Mess reply to johnrosz on Jul 8 at 16:44

Nah that would not work. They would not be able to agree on what substance to be under the influence of.

johnrosz reply to Jason Mess on Jul 8 at 16:45

Beasley is a versatile forward. He has no preference of substance. Does a little bit of everything

On the plus side, at least he didn't skip summer league because he was lazy last season. He skipped because he was in rehab.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 16:48

In all seriousness though, if I had to pick a coach to try and help Beasley get his head on correctly, Collins would be near the top of my list.

Beasley at the 4 gives us better defensive rebounding than Thad at the 4. He's got that going for him.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 16:52

Sad state of affairs

Yeah, there is bad defense and Thad defense. Beasely is only bad...

Cornrows used to be tough, got replaced by the mullet.

Not for nothing, but if this move happens, this will be the "culture change" our beloved Sixers have undergone this summer:


- 1 player who refused to play in the summer league last season because "It's not mandatory"
- 1 player who got a DUI last season and was a constant disruption because of playing time
- 1 player who spent time in rehab last summer for substance abuse problems


- 1 player who I believe won humanitarian awards for his work in Haiti after the earthquake.

Its just a pipe dream. Miami needs all of the money they can get. Kapono would cost an extra 1.6 million. They are better served using that money to sign Kyle Korver.

Psssft, he smoked weed. All the damn players smoke weed.

Plus Sammie wouldn't have given a shit if it wasn't his home. Just like he didn't care about basketball for like 8 years unless it was for a contract or because he was mad about said earthquake.

tp reply to Mike P on Jul 9 at 0:19

What an f'd-up thing to say. I'm sure your humanitarian work s**ts all over Dalembert's. Why, you probably spend every night feeding the homeless all over the streets of Philadelphia.

Brian, Utah just got a 13 million trade exemption in the Boozer sign n trade; if they offered G. Hayward, a future #1 and that exemption for Iggy would you think about it?

No. Their picks are always in the 20s and they'd probably be in the high 20s if they got Iguodala and Hayward isn't going to be a good pro.

I wonder what is going through D.Williams mind with his p.f. gone and his s.g. [Mathews] getting a lot of attention from teams.

I think Millsap slides right into Boozer's spot and produces, they lose some depth, but their starting lineup will still be very strong.

Sloan recently seemed to be campaigning for Boozer to stay but Milsap is a good security blanket to have.

Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 18:10

Was told by a source that "there's nothing to" this rumor.

Chuck Norris reply to Tom Moore on Jul 8 at 18:16

Thanks Tom.

beasley traded to minny for a 2nd rd pick. the teams also swap future 1st rd picks.

Do you know which way the swap works? If the Heat wind up with the option to swap with Minny, Kahn is a friggin' moron. If the swap works the other way, well I hope there's no end date on it, because it's going to be at least five years before Miami has a worse pick than Minny.

mike reply to Brian on Jul 10 at 12:40

i was going to say, if it's for 2011 it would be hilarious. i haven't seen any details though.

Miami has traded a plethora of first round picks in the past two days (not all theirs though).

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