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Pressing Questions - July 9th

Well, the Sixers seem to be pushing youth. So, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jrue put in the spotlight sooner rather than later. That said, in the locker room, I think that this is AI9's team for at least this coming season.

On a (possibly) unrelated topic, I'm interested to see how LBJ's decision transforms the rest of the league this off season. Are teams going to go into "rebuild mode" sooner rather than later? Will the teams that are close to championship run trade away young pieces to better match up with Three Amigos?

Based on what Brian said last week (earlier this week) about the emails he's been getting, the sixers are already spot lighting Jrue and Evan Turner aren't they? (ANd ignoring Andre Iguodala)

Yeah, I'm not really talking about the team from a marketing perspective. I'm talking about taking control, taking the big shots, kind of being the coach on the floor. I can sort of see that in him, and I think it might happen as soon as this season.

I know if I was Orlando's GM, I'd really be pushing New Orleans right now. Add Chris Paul to the Magic and there's no way Miami beats them, imo.

As for the other borderline teams, in the East we're really only talking about Boston, right? They've been behaving like they're desperate ever since the Garnett deal, so I don't think that's going to change.

Out West, I'm not really sure there are many moves for the Lakers to make, the Spurs are running on fumes, Dallas seems content on keeping that group together. The Thunder are up and coming, but they've also got financial constraints.

If anything, I think some of these teams will be looking for wing defenders, a guy like Iguodala's value may have risen considerably after last night.

Shear reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 15:59

What about Tony Parker?

I wonder with Miami's lack of team surrounding Bosh, Wade and James whether they'd be interested in taking some pieces off of our hands via sign and trade. Example: Jason Kapono. Is that off of the mark?

Miami signed Mike Miller to a 5 year 30 million dollar deal, and I'm not sure how a sign & trade for Kapono works since he's not a free agent. They could trade him to the Heat if they have the cap room to absorb him, but what do the heat really have left to offer anyone.

As a tangent, Michael Beasley was traded for a 2nd round pick (albeit probably a high second round pick but still). I mean, this guy fell off faster after being a #2 pick than Darko almost. That's just sad.

The sixers have 3 million dollars under the luxury tax, I don't expect they'll spend a whole lot of that

paul reply to GoSixers on Jul 9 at 13:42

"As a tangent, Michael Beasley was traded for a 2nd round pick (albeit probably a high second round pick but still). I mean, this guy fell off faster after being a #2 pick than Darko almost. That's just sad."

Comparing him to Darko is a huge stretch. The guy averaged about 14 and 15 points respectively in his first two NBA seasons and he just turned 21 during the season. I'd say he's off to a pretty fair start. There have been #2s with more auspicious starts to be sure, but there have been plenty who have fared far worse.

Miami is just being single minded in clearing cap space to acquire Mike Miller and some low cost blue collar types to support the Big 3. The Timberwolves got a steal through unusual circumstances. Since I live in Minnesota, I'll take all the breaks we can get.

Agreed. I'm not a big fan, but when all he's costing you is a second round pick (i had heard about a potential swap of first round picks, but i guess that wasn't included), plus he's an expiring next summer, or the summer after, if it doesn't work out, then you have to do this deal. Good move by Kahn (assuming the 1st round swap wasn't in there)

They don't have anything left to trade. Right now, I believe Chalmers is the only player they actually have under contract. (Wade, Bosh, LeBron and Mike Miller haven't signed yet).

I think I read that they'll have somewhere around $5M in cap space left after the Miller signing, so I suppose they could take on someone like Lou. Not sure they'd want to, though. They definitely can't afford Kapono.

paul reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 13:23

They also have the four second round draft picks. If they choose to sign all of them, they would have 8 players (including Mike Miller). They drafted a fair amount of size. Getting drafted by Miami might have been the greatest stroke of luck for these guys.

Did they sign Mike Miller? I'm not sure they will have the cap space to sign him after Lebron and Bosh... and there is no way they will have 5mil left after they sign him... Considering they had to trade Beasley to have space for 3 max deals there is no way thay have that much money left...

Anyway just imagine the eruption if Clevelend beats Miami in a game next season. The picture of LeBrons face would be the funniest of the year lol

They have about 10 million left according to reports, according to reports they used about 6 million per year (for 5 years) on Mike Miller.

Yeah, that's what I heard as well. Miller's deal probably escalates, so the cap hit would be below $6M. That's why I said maybe $5M left after Miller.

ryano reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 14:29

What happens if all three come in and take contracts for 12 million a year? If they really want to win that's what they'd do right? Let Miami bring in some actual talent to put around them. Not that I want it to happen, but how likely is it that they decide, "Screw it, we can make our millions just as easily if we bring home every title for the next 5 years."?

That would give them another $9M or so, but I seriously doubt they'd do it.

ryano reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 14:40

I don't know. I bet Riley has a backroom investment group together guaranteeing each of them another 50 million under the table to take 10 million a year each. The group guarantees a winner in Miami and uses that to make some more serious money in Miami for the next 5 years. Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact??? :)

That would be a worse fiasco than the McDyess one a long time ago, and risk losing first round picks galore. I can't see that happening.

ryano reply to Derek Bodner on Jul 9 at 15:01

By the time money actually changes hands, Riley's retired and doesn't care about losing picks, the investors have made their money, and it's the crazy free agent summer of 2015 when LeBron decides where to spend the twilight of his career. It's just the Heat organization that get's screwed over...and you know LeBron doesn't care about them.

I think you mean Joe Smith, who signed a 1 year 1.3 million deal post lockout with an under the table guarantee of 80 mill in three years. Not sure how McHale kept his job after that.

I think this could be Jrue's team very soon. I don't know if it will be this year but I think that by the time the Sixers contend it will be either Jrue or Turner's.

Anyone else think Korver is a better player than Mike Miller and would've been a better fit in Miami?

I think he could have been a better fit and more affordable as he doesn't over value himself (or the league doesn't over value him). I can't see Miller starting in Miami so they just spent half their remaining camp on a bench guy. I guess the plan to start chalmers and anthony in the missing positions?

paul reply to GoSixers on Jul 9 at 14:48

I don't think Mike Miller overvalues himself. The big complaint about him when he was in Minnesota is that he preferred to play more in the style of a glue-type team oriented guy instead of looking to score more often. He even used to get asked this question in interviews but he would reply that he was playing in a way that would best help the team. Many Timberwolves' fans disagreed because the Wolves had a dearth of good finishers. Miller was also a pretty good scrapper and a fairly upbeat guy.

I think his style will work well in Miami. My feeling is that he is more valuable to Miami than Korver because he is bigger, stronger, more versatile, and plays with a little more energy.

But I think a lot of the skills Miller has that Korver doesn't are going to be lost. I think Korver's quick release would have been money there.

I think Miller handles the ball better and if they decide to play without a pure p.g. he may be a better fit. I believe Miami sold one of their picks [Lat. Williams] to Okl. City, and he looked good for their summer league team.

You need another ballhandler on the floor with Wade and LeBron? I don't think so.

I guess they bring Anthony back on a minimum contract. Right now, I'd probably start the guys they have under contract, with LeBron at the four.

Doesn't Chris Bosh have an aversion to being a center?

I think he didn't want to be a centre. Now that he's in the states and it's spelled properly, he'll be fine with it. That and Pat Riley will say, "We're paying you max money to be the third wheel, you'll play where we tell you to play."

Well based on the history of Chris Bosh I'm quite sure that won't cause any troubles :)

Are they planning on bringing back Udonis Haslem too?

If they do, it'll have to be for the minimum, most likely.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 16:56

Chris Bosh is the Ru Paul of centers, just ask Shaq

Jason Mess reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 17:08

I would rather have Korver.

rchap13 on Jul 9 at 14:19

do any of you guys like that ndudi ebi kid?

I like the name. How did he play today?

I think it's Jrue's team right now. He's showing the confidence and leadership in the summer league. He will have the ball in his hands from day 1. Turner clearly needs time to develop. Iggy's role can be lessened. Jrue can control the game. We don't need 20 ppg from him- but every few games if we need 25 out of him to win a game- ala Deron Williams- I think he'll be able to bring it.

I wish Miami would sign Iverson just so he can get a ring. Doubt that would happen though seeing as how Iverson's life has become a mess. Still love that guy though.

Levent reply to SeanzyBillups on Jul 9 at 15:02

He's really good friends with LeBron so if he accepts bench role I think it may happen.I'd love to see AI in Miami.

sfw reply to Levent on Jul 9 at 15:15

He could be the chemistry killer!

Allen Iverson still thinks he's a starter and adds nothing to the Heats roster of positivity. No offense to him but there are a lot more 'deserving' players who never got a title than Allen Iverson. Guys who didn't run themselves out of multiple cities, guys who accepted reserve roles if that was asked of them. He won't be the first or last good to great player never to win an NBA title.

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jul 9 at 15:37

Source on him wanting to be a starter? Everything i've seen on iverson lately has him hoping to play for a contender no matter what the role is.

The source I have is his own history in which he said he wants to do whatever it takes to help a team win and then was out of Memphis within a couple weeks because he wasn't happy with his role.

Talk is cheap, he's said things before and then not demonstrated a follow through. His history to me makes me not believe what he says regarding his role.

And even if he accepted a back up role, I don't believe he's at a point in his career where he would be helpful on a championship contending team.

J.Givony [draftexpress]-" Not crazy about the way Evan Turner is handling himself here at this summer league, complaining non-stop to the refs, acting a bit aloof". Maybe his underperforming is a good thing, and keeps his head on straight.

Wait, did you just read a quote that basically said Evan Turner's head is not on straight and somehow come away with the thought that this is keeping his head on straight?

The quote sounded to me that he is a bit full of himself and this could be a humbling experience.

sfw reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 15:52

Suede, Can I have whatever your are drinking??????

Jason Mess on Jul 9 at 15:51

I think Jrue will be the best player on the team by the end of the year. I think he will shoot 45%-49% overall and 34%-39%. I think we could see a 2.50 to 2.70 AST/TO. About 2 steals a game, and 3-4 boards.

Jason Mess reply to Jason Mess on Jul 9 at 15:52

Sorry that was to read 34%-39% for three point attempts.

witness what? on Jul 9 at 16:08

Is Mike Miller really worth 30 million?
Anyway, I thought Celeveland really fucked up the past 3 years. They never brought in a good SG or a decent PG. They had a lot of opportunities too. They had over 32 million in expiring contracts. They had the pieced to acquire Amare, Allen, KG, or Gasol. But instead they wasted it on Mo Williams, Shaq, Ben Wallace and Wally Szerbiak

Ok.....we absolutely must get rid of lou williams or jody meeks.......both play the same role, though meeks seems like a better defender........i like lou, but it's a waste to have lou, meeks, and bill green on the same squad.......also, kapono must go, he cant play 2 hardly, and nocioni and iggy and thad have the 3 locked down...not to mention Carney whom i believe is under contract....right now our pieces don't go together well at alll.........figure starting lineup of Jrue, Turner, Igoudala, Brand and Hawes...........Speights off the bench at 4 or 5, Nocioni at the 3 or 4, thad at the 3 or 4, Meeks, Green, Lou Will Carney, and Kapono fighting for the other minutes at the 2.....i don't see it, all those 4 can do is score...that's it, no D.

Leave Turner alone.....last year, Stephen Curry absolutely SUCKED in summer league....he was too slow, lacked hops and vision, couldn't play D....blah blah blah......I know Turner cant shoot at all like Curry, but he'll be fine...he was called for a million carries and travel's that'll NEVER BE CALLED once the season starts.......he's a waaaaay better dribbler than I thought....he looks like, unfortunately, like he may be a PG...but I thinks he'll be fine at the 2...he's got the size and nice shooting form......it'll improve and ya'll crying bust will be cricket quiet about the All-Star break next year.

speekeasy reply to heron on Jul 11 at 20:39

he got called for a ton of offensive fouls too. they reffed those games like a grade school girls basketball league. it was awful

jsmoove on Jul 9 at 17:39

I'm really curious why most of the fan base is under the assumption that turner will just waltz in to the starting shooting guard position. Collins will not hand the job to him due to draft status. He will have to earn it and there's no way he starts from day one over Andre or Kapono or Lou or even Willie at that position. versatile all around college player does not assume immediate nba starter.

jkay reply to jsmoove on Jul 9 at 18:03

partly because;
a) Collins has said Iggy is a 3
b) our 2 guard depth chart is craptastic.

though with his current display, Turner might be below WG on the depth chart.

Willie didn!t pull Doug!s pictures out yet, with farm animals superimposed!!

After what Outlaw [35 mill.] and Ty Thomas [40 mill.] got this offseason has Thad!s price gone up? They seem fairly comparable.

I don't believe Thad has shown even enough to warrant what those two have gotten yet. He had a very disappointing season last year.

Bulls make a judicious signing, Kyle Korver, 3 years, 15 million.

I don!t know if Chicago has cap room left but they need some shooting guards and have a p.f. surplus [J.Johnson?] so maybe a L.Williams for Johnson trade works.

According to my favorite salary site, the bulls had 24 million in committed contracts (the hinrich deal was just completed today so they haven't addjusted)

With the addition of Boozer and Korver they still probably have over 10 million in cap room left, but also only 7 players under contract. I expect they might do better than Louis Williams (who really is best as a bench player, not a starter)

He would be a good 3rd guard, ala Hinrich!s role with Salmons when he was there. The salary difference is probably 3 to 3.5 million though so they would have to really like Lou.

Kirk Hinrich is a better overall basketball player than Louis Williams and more importantly he plays defense. His greatest strength is Louis Williams biggest weakness. I doubt they'd really like to have Louis Williams to replace Kirk Hinrich because Louis Williams does not play defense, nor is he the size of Kirk Hinirch

Do you really think Thibbidou, of all people, brings in Lou Williams?

No, I don't think this will be Jrue's team. What's Jrue's ceiling, poorer man's Gary Payton? Maybe he can take the big shots, but if he's taking the most shots, your team is in trouble. His play is tremendously encouraging, though, I'll give you that.

I don't think Jrue needs to take the most shots for this to be his team. I think that's the mistake a lot of basketball fans make.

Jason Mess reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 23:06

Very true.

So, right now, if I'm not mistaken, we have thirteen guys under contract and eight of them play either SG or SF...

SG: Turner, Meeks, Lou, Willie
SF: Iggy, Thad, Kapono, Nocioni

Now, I know Collins already said some dumb stuff about Thad and Nocioni playing some PF (and Brand playing center, ughhh), and the bogus idea that Lou can run the point is probably still afloat as well. But, come on... we can't possibly go into the season with the current roster as it is, can we?

So, question: Are there any reasonable trade opportunities out there for us? We need at least one solid big man and, ideally, a backup point guard (assuming Turner doesn't fall into that role as a result of being unable to handle the starting SG responsibilities).

Ideas? Who has a big man they're willing to part with?

I'd love to tell you I think they're going to make a meaningful, productive trade to balance this roster a bit, but I just don't have any confidence in the front office's ability to do either at this point.

Old School Sixer Fan reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 23:14

I've got to think that if they cannot trade Lou Williams, Willie Green, Nocioni or Kapono, they'll have to buy out Willie Green. Meeks is younger, better and cheaper then WG. Kapono and Green should be tradeable because of their expiring contracts.

I also want to say that that piece you linked to on LeBron* was horrendously stupid. In the first place, it's internally inconsistent; it actually faults LeBron for hypothetically staying in Cleveland ("a lot of us doubted his courage to leave that cocoon") and faults him for leaving at the same time. What has LeBron done wrong here? We can't fault him for going for the money. We can't fault him for going to a place where he could jack up his stats at the expense of winning. He picked the team with the best supporting cast. Apparently, we're supposed to be mad at him for picking a team with TOO MANY good players, because that makes him a coward. A "true" superstar would have intentionally gone to a worse team to prove he could beat Wade-Bosh. What nonsense. Since when has it been wrong to maximize your chances of winning? We're always faulting players for doing the opposite, going to worse teams for more money, going to places where they can be the man, faulting Kobe for breaking up the Lakers, and now a guy actually chooses to take a back or at least coequal seat to a fellow superstar, and he gets killed for it. It's backwards. On this new "a star isn't a real star/man if he plays with other great players," Kobe actually did the right thing to break the Lakers up; playing with Shaq forever would have made him a cowardly Pippen. Yeah, I would have found an Eastern Conference Finals between a LeBron/Rose Bulls and a Wade/Bosh Heat a lot more entertaining than what we're headed for, but he doesn't have to make his choices in order to create the most evenly matched playoffs. He's supposed to act for his benefit, not for the sake of parity or our entertainment.

* http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=aw-lebrondecision070910

Jason reply to Tray on Jul 9 at 20:32

"apparently, we're supposed to be mad at him for picking a team with TOO MANY good players, because that makes him a coward. A "true" superstar would have intentionally gone to a worse team to prove he could beat Wade-Bosh. What nonsense. Since when has it been wrong to maximize your chances of winning? "


Jason reply to Jason on Jul 9 at 20:38

oh wow, i thought that was written in the yahoo article. The reason that i sighed at that is because Lebron James is the self proclaimed King, he has "The Chosen One" tattooed on his back, yet he is going to a team that has a elite superstar in wade and Bosh a good all star big. Last night he said "Dwayne wade opened his team up" to Bosh and Him, so clearly he's not the leader on that team. Simply put, if Lebron was a big deal he'd pick a situation where he'd be the go to guy and it would be "his team"

At least that's just me, and also, his best chance of winning was in Chicago imo.

To me, this whole LeBron things says "It's too hard to lead, I'd rather follow." Which doesn't exactly scream best player in the league.

Jason Mess reply to Tray on Jul 10 at 1:29

I think most of us just do not like the way he went about it. He is a great player who was right to pick what ever team he thought was best for him, no problem there. All this talk about his "brand" kinda makes some of us nauseated. The other thing is a big deal being made of him either taking less money to win a championship, so freakin what he is very rich. Now if he wants to impress me play for 60,000 a year and give the rest to help out his hometown. It's not like he needs his contract money.

Brian, here is my "pressing question." I posted it at Realgm, but I wondered what people here thought:


What is the problem with #2 overall picks?

No one knows for sure if Evan Turner will be a good or a great NBA player... but he is likely to be better than most recent #2 overall picks.

Why have so many players drafted #2 overall struggled? Is it simply that the draft is a crapshoot? Or is there something about the #2 overall pick, where the team having just barely missed out on a sure thing at #1 overall end up over-thinking themselves with the #2 pick?

Over 60% (16 of 26) did not even become average NBA starters! In fact most of these players did not even start 1/2 their games. What is your best best explanation?

So from 26 players you get 4 stars (Kidd/Peyton/Mourning/Durant), 6 above average starters and 16 below average starters... yet we would be hugely disappointed if Evan Turner is anything less than an above average starter...

What do you claim is the problem with #2 picks? I haven't seen any evidence that they turn out statistically worse than #3 picks or #4 picks. Have you?

During the period leading up to the draft, I saw a lot of signs that there was a mutually reinforcing group think among Sixer fans that talked each other into believing Turner was likely to be a multi-time all star, but I didn't see evidence that other observers around the league believed that - i.e. the Sixers weren't getting trade offers that were consistent with that outlook. At the same time, a lot of Sixer fans were talking as if it made sense to trade Iguodala for a #6 pick or so, even though the expected career of a generic #2 pick is not as good as Iguodala.

Local fans getting overly positive about "their guys" is a very well known phenomena. For reasons I don't really understand, there are a large percentage of Philadelphia fans that often get overly negative about their team's pros at other times too.

I'm not trying to imply that the #2 pick turns out worse than later picks.

I'm saying people assume when you are awarded the #2 overall pick you will be getting at worse a good starter, and possibly a star. When in reality more than 60% of these guys don't even become average NBA starters. That, to me is a major disconnect.

IMO its partly that outside of the consensus #1 guys (Lebron, Shaq, Duncan etc) there is just not a whole lot of talent in most drafts. And the difference between #2 and #10 is often not very clear, making it a bit of a crapshoot. And given all of the pressure of the #2 pick, it is full of pitfalls.

It's very common for people not to refer to actual odds behind their decisions - c.f. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reference_class_forecasting

If Turner has a higher chance becoming a good starter then perhaps the reference class of "#2 picks that previously performed well in the NCAA" is a little better distribution. On the other hand, there might be a reference class of "guys who had the benefit of physical mismatches in the NCAA that they won't have in the NBA" that would perform a little worse.

Agree, and a good way of looking at it.

Also, guards taken at #2 tend to be either very good or be lost due to tragedy (Jay Williams and Bias.) Most everyone on the list is a big.

3 years, $12M for Morrow. The Nets signed him to an offer sheet, which you have to think Golden State will match. That's a bargain when you consider what other guys have gotten.

I wonder how many GM's feel that Morrow has major warts that will be unmasked outside the GSW system. Of course Dantoni's system would be equally well fitted- but there might not be as big of a market for him as you might think.

If Korver makes 5M/yr coming off one of the greatest shooting seasons in NBA history is Morrow suddenly worth a ton more on the open market?

Korver was a bargain as well, imo. I'd prefer either of those guys to Mike Miller on a 5-year deal.

The 3pt % was crazy but the guy averaged 7 points a game. That does not qualify as one of the best shooting seasons in NBA history.

Reddick 3 years 20 million to the Bulls. Have to say, I'm pretty intrigued to see them knock the Heat around (potentially)>

Bulls would have 3 duke guys, right? Boozer, Deng and Redick.

I'm thinking Orlando will probably match that offer, though.

Rumors/Rumblings all off season were that the Magic were going to match on Redick unless someone went really extreme on the contract. I believe this deal will be matched as well.

The Golden State Warriors aren’t expected to match the offer, a league source said. Morrow has to take a physical Monday before he can sign the offer sheet. The Warriors will then have seven days to decide to match. Yahoo! Sports

Jason Mess on Jul 10 at 10:34

How does Josh Boone rate as far as advanced defensive stats. Not seeing any of his games, looking at only box scores he seems to do alright against Orlando, LA and so on. Seems a little inconsistent at times but he is 25 y/o and might help out.

As far as Lebron is concerned--he did the right thing. Most teams that wins a championship have at least 3 really good players or 2 really good and 2 very good(pippen jordan, rodman)--Pippen, Jordan, kukoc, grant)---kobe,gasol,artest,odom. Duncan, Parker, ginobli. This is no different than Kobe getting Gasol and Artest to play with him. The only thing this does Sixerwise is pretty much guarantee that they wont be winning the championship unless they get some other stud in a few years. Jrue and Turner will never be able to match up to lebron /wade so the Sixers will have to have a dominant big man at some point to counteract. I like the idea of the superteam---who knows maybe once the sixers are respectable they will be able to lure some stud free agent to philly.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to gdog on Jul 10 at 11:29

not the same. this guy wants to be a basketball prophet? players should want to go play with him. not vice versa. you cant go to someone else's team and and still be messiah . doesnt work that way.

and by the way. he isnt fooling me that B/S boys/girls club donation. that spectacle was an abomination and he did it for himself. he would have been better off not trying to play the charity angle. makes him look like he is he is trying to make the self-promotion thing ok. he needs a new agent/business team. this hurt his image, didnt help it. gross miscalculation

Guys did want to go play with him. But not in cleveland...these are 25 year old men in the prime of their lives. You dont think Miami is just slightly more enticing than boring ass cleveland ? He is going to play with Wade,but its because Wade is in Miami. And Lebron IS a better player than Wade. Although arguably not in the clutch. Shaq left Orlando and him and Kobe won many titles. Why doesnt everyone hate Shaq ? Now I do agree, the whole build up to his "decision" and the ridiculous hour special was absurd. But everything else I totally agree with. I do hate it for the Sixers though, because we arent beating THAT team anytime soon.

The Greek reply to gdog on Jul 11 at 17:14

I hate shaq almost as much as I hate Sammy D.

johnrosz reply to gdog on Jul 11 at 18:32

Shaq went to the Lakers as the top dog. Kobe was nothing more than the 13th pick in the draft at that point, getting minutes off the bench behind Eddie Jones.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to johnrosz on Jul 11 at 21:29

cmon, stop defending lebrons legacy. if thats your opinion fine, but there are way too many NBA fans out there that think its a cop out. and this will matter 15 years from now when talking about the best players of all time.

Tom Moore on Jul 11 at 10:50

Last year after not having a second round pick the team picked up Jdie Meeks. The sixers the last couple of years seem to be pretty good at finding talented players. They do not always seem to fufil there potential as fast as we like but any way. Is there any secondr round picks from this draft or last years anyone would like us to go after or keep a eye on during the season.

Tom Moore on Jul 11 at 13:06

Just saw this: the Great Lakes Brewing Co., a Cleveland brewery, soon plans to put out a special bitter ale in honor of LeBron James --- called Quitness.

I was watching a special on espn about the expected revenue loss the town of cleveland may achieve due to the loss of james. Assuming the team doesnt make the playoffs, they could lose up to 300 million a year in revenue. Crazy. No wonder Dan Gilberts going nuts.

It wasn't 300 million dollars per year (I saw the same report). It was not that high an amount.

ESPN including 100 million dollars in the report that had nothing to do with loss to revenue in Cleveland but decreased value of the Cavaliers franchise.

But don't you worry about Cleveland, Dan Gilbert is opening a downtown casino (How is that legal?) to lure people in to waste money they don't have in other ways.

Jason reply to Gdog on Jul 11 at 14:22

Lebron Should have donated the $ from the special to Cleveland imo.

gdog reply to Jason on Jul 11 at 14:32

I think if you added all the numbers together it was around 300 million...even so the 100 million decreased value to the cavaliers organization...where do you think that number comes from ? Loss of revenue !

There's a difference between bar and parking revenue for a city and the revenue that affects the cavaliers. I'm not sure the city shares in any jersey sales, but I bet the Cavs do, and with Lebron changing numbers it would have been a huge number next year even if he stayed in Cleveland (which was probably the primary motivation anyway)

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