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Looks like Igoudala has a pretty good chance of making the national team this summer.



Well since everyone is declining to play this year Igoudala is probably one of the better choices out there.

"On the one hand, they took the most NBA-ready prospect with the number two pick in Evan Turner (or it appeared so at the time)"

I still don't see this. They took the best player available and the best prospect available that wasn't a risk of being insane. And summer league just doesn't matter.

I do agree, though, that they don't have a plan.

I don't really believe in trading good players and getting back crappy players, so I'd like to keep Iguodala. They already did this once, though, when they traded Sammy.

If they can get a good prospect back, I'm all for it. I'd trade him for Kevin Love. I just don't want to hear any Jerryd Bayless, Wilson Chandler, or Johnny Flynn kind of talk.

Myleskong on Jul 12 at 9:23

Wall had a pretty good debut.

I wouldn't trade Iggy just yet. I don't know who would play D at the 3 if we did. And now we have to worry about competing against the super Heat and eventually trying to beat them. After losing Sammy, we can't afford to lose any more defense.

If I HAD to trade Iggy, it would be for a center. I think a trade to ORL for Pietrus or Matt Barnes(not sure if he's a FA, so a S&T might be necessary) and Gortat.

Brian where can we see the most updated salary numbers so that we can figure out who we could dance with?

Suns supposedly about to complete a four team deal where they obtain Hedo Turkoglu and one other player. That's one of those contracts that was floating around as being 'untradeable'

scott reply to GoSixers on Jul 12 at 9:59

Are you talking about Josh Childress as the other player? Or is the Turkoglu deal being expanded to get them another player in return?


Where's Louis Amundson going to be next year?

Yeah, I forgot that CHildress was the other guy. The Bobcats are involved as well.

Brian - one would think that since NJ and others are now overpaying for second tiered free agents that we could have peddled some salry ourselves. The Nets needed a 3 and were rumored to be dangling Favors. Indiana needed a PG and maybe Lou would suffice for Forster there. Maybe we could have peddled Nociono for the signinmg AL (after Lebron) are insane. Instead of quickly taking advantage of the few days of insanity, we weren't even rumored to talk to teams. Now we have four 3's (Iggy, Thad, Turner and Nociono).

Since Turner and Iguodala can both play SG, I think there are enough minutes.

Summer League makes me less wanting to trade Iguodala. I'd rather Turner play exclusively at SG or PG, and have him covering and guarded by the lesser wing opponent. Because if Iguodala is moved, the best wing defender will be on Turner- who might take a while to be able top adapt.

The Knicks have no cap room left by the way

Wow, what a horrible haul for the sacrifices they made to cut salary.

The do still have Eddy Curry's corpse, which expires after this season. I wonder if they'll wind up getting more for that than we got for Dalembert.

Here's a link with updated salaries. Was updated on the 9th, guys who haven't officially signed aren't in there yet.

Thanks bro

According to D.Lynam they probably won!t add a body so a tweak move is all I see coming; our end of bench guy [J.Smith?] for another teams [Dorsey, D.J.White?].

Brian, what positions do you locked up for the future right now? The 1, 2, and 3?

Honestly, I see the 1 as locked down for the future right now. I'm not sure Iguodala will last and I need to see at least one average game from Evan Turner before I say the two is locked down.

If Jrue becomes a star p.g. than not taking Favors, and putting a catch n shoot guy at the 2 next to Iggy may bite us in the ass.

Is Kate Fagan still working for the Philadelphia Inquirer? She really helped get us through last season's debacle, and periodically posed this "What is the plan?" question as well.

I believe she was sent to South AFrica to cover the world cup and now that that's over will hopefully get back to the only quality sixers coverage in the inquirer or daily news

She was in South Africa, but didn't seem to have any work featured on philly.com since prior to the U.S. team elimination, about a month ago. If she was still on assignment there, one expects there would have been something more.

Maybe she's just on vacation?

The Knicks didn!t catch the big fish but seem to have a frontcourt set for the future along with a lot of shooters. Stoudemire, Randolph and Gallanari along with a bench of 2 young centers [Mozgov, J.Jordan] and a solid defender [Turiaf] is a major upgrade and 2 solid defenders [T.Douglas and Azubuike] are part of their backcourt.Felton ,I believe, is at least average defensively.

2 years and 15 million for Felton isnt a bad deal. They also stole Kellenna and Randolph from Golden State, those guys are on their rookie deals so they are in the 3-5 million range. The only ones that are guaranteed a salary next year is Amare and Felton

They did get good value in return for Lee, better than most teams get in sign-and-trade deals.

Farmar to the Nets

Saw that. So they've gotten Outlaw and Farmar. Anyone else so far?

How could you forget the great Johan Petro, he's at least as good as Sam

Jeebus. They tried to get Tyrus Thomas, right? They may as well bank that cap space and hope something comes up.

Av. Johnson was quoted as saying he expects Favors to be starting by seasons end so they won!t overpay for an off the bench big, so yes, he agrees with you. Cousins plays tonight for the 1st time I believe, against Monroe.

When Avery Johnson agrees with me, I start to get worried about my thought process.

The Dalembert trade was awful and there's nothing else really to say about that now. I, for one, am content to "spin the wheels" for a couple years until Brand's contract expires; develop the young players, have Doug Collins build their toughness the hard way, and maybe just get their feet wet with the playoffs. It's really going to come down to motivation, but if Jrue and Turner are who we think they can be, we will be in a nice position when Brand comes off the books.


Because that's the year Dwight Howard hits free agency. The way I see it, he is the only way an East team other than the Heat can compete going forward. I don't see the Magic staying as competitive with Rashard's contract eating more and more cap space and that albatross VC onboard.

Jrue and Turner should be as primed to guard DWade as anyone by that time. We all know Iggy has the tools to guard LeBron as well as anyone.

Especially with the CBA debacle coming up, I don't really see any way for the Heat to add a quality big man (much less 2 or 3) to contend with or even challenge Howard.

Would he sign here? Again, it depends on how Jrue and Turner look in two years. Philly is (or can be) a premiere basketball city. It's better than Orlando, at least. I'm not sure there's any other team that will have the same mix of cap space and young talent to really compete in a few years.

It comes down to developing our young players and showing that they want to win, even if it means a couple of tough first round exits. The best thing that can come out of this whole Miami Summit is that it stokes Dwight's competitive spirit, wherever he goes, and starts going hard after the prize.

Ah yes, saving cap money for years to target specific free agents.

How did that work out this off season for teams like the knicks? The Nets?

It's a risky gamble that often doesn't pay off. Predicting how a roster is going to look that far off is a fools errand but right now Orlando has a better roster, a better owner and possibly a better GM and a better shot at winning a title, and with the current CBA can pay Dwight Howard more money to stay.

Unlike Cleveland (I guess) people like to come to Florida in free agency.

I'd lay the odds at targeting and getting Dwight Howard if he hits free agency at less than 10%

Unfortunately, I think something bad would have to happen in Orlando for Howard to consider leaving. Maybe losing to the Heat a couple years in a row would be bad enough, I don't know.

My main concern is who's making the decisions in Philly in the mean time. Next summer, someone is going to decide (a) if they should extend Thad, Jason Smith and Hawes and (b) if they do, for how much. Those decisions could do a ton of harm to the potential cap space the team would have when Brand comes off the books.

There's also the possibility that they make a different kind of stupid decision in the interim, a pretty likely possibility considering the moves they've made recently.

I also don't think Turner's ever going to be an effective defender on a guy like Wade. He's the type of player that I think will always give Turner problems.

I have no reasonable reason to believe this other than a gut feeling but I don't think ANdre Iguodala will be a sixer after the trade deadline in February 2011

rjb360 reply to Brian on Jul 12 at 13:00

Whether or not waiting for free agency to impact a team is a good idea generally, there are really only two options to compete with Brand and his contract: get him productive again in a system to raise his trade value to the point he is actually tradable or wait to get out from under the onus. I don't think there's any other option. Sure, we should be trying to raise his value enough to get rid of him, but it's doubtful that we would get much of anything that isn't toxic in return. What other choice is there?

I'm totally with you, Brian, on being smart with our payroll in the meantime. No longterm extensions for unknown factors. There's a big difference between hamstringing a team for an outside shot at one free agent and being smart with your space to position yourself to be a free agency player and attractive destination. Smith looks like he's gone. I think we have a good idea that Jrue, Turner, and Iggy are going to be our core going forward (at least, that's what I would like to see). No stupid contracts for young players with potential that don't meet other needs (PFs and Cs).

Being smart about signings, resignings, and extensions because we have a good shot to be an attractive FA destination in a few years is not the same thing as what NY did for LeBron.

I held out for a long time on damning Stefanski, but strangely enough the Dalembert trade is what finally convinced me has no idea what he's doing. I liked the Brand signing (at the time), even though in hindsight it's been a huge bust. I like Iggy's contract. We've had some really good drafts. But it's clear to me that he needs to go now. It seems like since the Brand bust he has been in a constant state of panic and will make moves just to make a show of making them. The next few years are about prudence with what we have in my mind, not trying to marginally improve upon it with mostly lateral moves.

Is it just me or does Donnie Walsh look more like he belongs on the Sopranos (or an intensive care unit) than in professional sports? I mean he's a dead ringer for Johnny Sack

Guys, what are the odds, or are they good at least, that Jrue and Turner become better than Iggy? Because it would sure make things a lot easier.

Why is everyone in a rush to get rid of Iguodala before seeing how he works with Holiday and Turner. It's not like he's old or bad.

Who said get rid of him? I want him to become #3 talent wise, than a Horford may be our answer rather than a Howard.

The odds probably aren't very good that either guy will ever be better than Iguodala. Not many guys in the league are. If I had to bet, I'd say Jrue has a better shot than Turner.

Your above comment about Turner not being able to cover Wade is a good reason to keep Iggy going forward; are there any 2/3 combos that they couldn!t cover? And if we play Miami would Jrue cover Wade and Turner cover who is left? [Miller?]

Yeah, Jrue on Wade, Iguodala on the other douche.

Jason Mess on Jul 12 at 14:18

Sounds good to have Jrue on wade, Andre on LePippen Turner could guard whoever else. Then who do we get to take Rupaul (aka Chris Bosh). I do not think anyone we have right now would be able to do a good job taking him out of his game. The other thing with Wade and James is they are very good defenders so who do we pick up to cause a mismatch on offense.

It's an interesting yet pointless theoretical debate as no matter what players that team adds around the 'big three', it's going to be much better than the sixers for a while.

I think the 76ers have been clear to their intentions this year. Collins has said they are NOT a contender (therefore traded Dumbert) and that his goal this year for the team is to make the playoffs. I really don't know what can be said to be clearer as their intentions this year!

If the goal was to make the playoffs this year then trading your best defensive big man was a pretty stupid move.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jul 12 at 21:04

I think the goal is to have a team of players that play smart, work hard and are accountable - both to their teammates and their coaches.

Bah-bye, Sammy...don't let the door hit your bony ass on the way out.

Since no one really has proffered up anything...here's one that I've heard before & liked...how about:

Andre Iguodala for DeAndre Jordan, Aminu and/or the Clippers 2011 No. 1 pick. I think they have a lot of cap space so it may not be necassary for a third team to get involved...thoughts?

That works if you think Jordan is a legit starter in the league. I'd push for a package of Eric Gordon, Jordan and a future pick, but if you want to blow it up, this gets the job done without screwing you.

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