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Updating the Atlantic Division

Good stuff. On paper, the Knicks have gotten a lot better. Pairing Felton with Amare is a smart move. If Gallinari and Chandler can add some extra fire power, this could be a playoff sleeper team.

I believe Anthony Morrow signed with the Nets as well.

Sleeper to make the playoffs, I'll buy that. I think they're probably #2 in the atlantic as things stand right now.

Added Morrow and Petro to the Nets, left them off originally.

I still think they're in fourth, I think the Nets move to third and the Raptors move to fifth

By the end of the season:

Point Guards
1. Rajon Rondo
2. Jrue Holiday
3. Devin Harris
4. Jarret Jack
5. Raymond Felton

Shooting Gaurds
1. Kelenna Azubuike
2. Ray Allen
3. Terrance Williams
4. Evan Turner
5. DeMar DeRozan

Small Forwards
1. Paul Pierce
2. Andre Igoudala
3. Linas Kleiza
4. Travis Outlaw
5. Danilo Gallinari

Power Forwards
1. Kevin Garnett
2. Anthony Randolph
3. Elton Brand
4. Derrick Favors
5. Amir Johnson

1. Amare Stoudemire
2. Andrea Bargnani
3. Brook Lopez
4. Jermaine O'Neal
5. Tyson Chandler
6. Kendrick Perkins

Celtics: 52-30
Knicks: 41-41
Sixers: 38-44
Raptors: 35-47
Nets: 29-53

I think it's unfair that Toronto has been able to get rid of 4 years and 44 million of Turkoglu and 3 years and 30 million of Calderon.

You can thank Larry Brown for Calderon.

It's shocking but I'm not sure why it's unfair?

As a Sixers fan, it's unfair because no one ever bails us out like that.

Steve reply to Brian on Jul 12 at 13:51

We did get away with 2 years of Kenny Thomas

I thought it was one?

Steve reply to GoSixers on Jul 12 at 14:36


jkay reply to Steve on Jul 12 at 18:49

and ended up with 3yrs of C-WEBB!

Myleskong on Jul 12 at 13:48

Might as well begin contracting the league now. Starting with the Raptors(Cavs right after). They just loss an all-star and a half(Hedo was nice before going north of the border, or JAcksonvill for that matter).

I think the Knicks changed the most. Don't know how much better they get.Atleast Turiaf plays a little D. The rest of the roster plays a little...well...D'Antoni.

I think the Nets actually will have the biggest turnaround. Nice outside shooting and interior presence. They are not to far away from being good.

Sixers are probably at the same level they were last year. Maybe Collins gets another couple of wins of this team but I really only see them winning between 25-30.

Toronto has done a great "about face" and gave Bargnani 3 very interesting complimentary pieces [Davis,Johnson, Chandler]. Colangelo has done some nice things, especially if Davis pans out.

Eh, he's basically sort of cleaned up the mess he made and still downgraded his talent level significantly.

Who got hurt the most? Toronto with Bosh leaving or Boston, not having Thibedeax to deal with Miamithrice. Toronto can put good defense on the floor now.

I don't think torontos defense is significantly better but their offense might be a bit worse

johnrosz on Jul 12 at 14:46

Doug Collins will drag this team to 40 wins somehow. Nocioni's added toughness is at least +5 in the wins column this year

If someone shaves the mullet, you're going to have to adjust this number by 50%.

Please god tell me you're kidding

After Boston I think it is a tossup and the better coach will decide; hopefully we have him.

Orlando just signed Q.Richardson, is he Redick or Barnes replacement?

Good question. I'm always wary of guys who suddenly get in shape for their walk year after basically sucking the entire length of their healthy contract to that point.

According to this he's Matt Barnes replacement. Didn't know Richardson was known for being scrappy and tough

He was scrappy and tough in Miami last year. He was flabby and a bust in New York for the other 3 years of his contract (4 years?)

I think it's a shame we aren't the team on the upswing that many thought we could be a few years ago. The Atlantic Division is not a good division. I hate The NFC East because it's the best division year in and year out. The same can't be said about the Atlantic.

Boston will probably stay around the same record even if they are a year older and worse. If the Knicks are the 2nd best team, that'll be sad. I want to see Amare play without Steve Nash by the way. The difference between him and Raymond Felton setting you up is going to be a shock.

I kind of like what NJ is doing. They have just as much hope as we do. My thing with T-Will is that I think he needs the ball to have a great impact on a game. In Summer League, that's no problem. With Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, that's going to be harder. A big deal for them is what they get out of Favors : a. On the floor or b. As an asset.

I have no clue what Toronto is doing.

I hate The NFC East because it's the best division year in and year out.

There's at least one, maybe two, maybe even three AFC divisions that would like some recognition.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 12 at 15:33

the AFC North maybe, but every other division only has 1 or 2 good teams.


Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 12 at 15:40

I don't want to get into a football pissing match, but the AFC North has really only been the other division with as balanced and brutal competition as the NFC East.

Stan reply to Rich on Jul 12 at 15:23

Toronto shed 20 million from their books. They are trying to build their team through Bargnani. They have three good young players in Jack, Davis, and DeRozan.

The Amir Johnson signing was confusing. For some reason they think Amir Johnson will be a good player. Even Amir was surprised by the amount of money he was offered. In the end they will probably be able to trade him off too.


N.Jersey brought in 2 catch and shoot guys that don!t need the ball [Morrow and Outlaw] to go with T.Will. and Harris; they seem to have an idea as far as putting the pieces in place.

Toronto got rid of bad contracts, which in itself isn!t easy, and added assets [Chandler expiring] along with getting younger. Davis looked good the other day and Chandler, for one year, may allow Davis,Johnson and Alabi to learn. Bargnani is a tough guy to build around.

Gold. St. went from a talented ,mismash roster to just a mishmash roster, where did all their shooters go?

I find it incomprehensible that they'd let Morrow walk for 3 years/$12M and replace him with Dorrell Wright for 3 years/$11M. It just makes no sense at all.

To me they should of moved Ellis and let Curry and Morrow grow together but D.Wright looked good late in the year as a corner 3 threat.

Wright's another guy who suddenly applied himself for the first time in his walk year.

By the way, there may be no worse last name for an NBA player than Wright. Check out this collection.

B.Cartwright is outside your door and wants to have a word with you!! That is one ugly list.

To move Ellis, they'd need to find a taker for one of the most over paid players in all the NBA

Jefferson for Ellis could make both teams worse, it probably happens.

I like the Morrow pickup and what NJ is doing. With Farmar too, the backcourt looks solid. Now they need more frontcourt depth.

I wonder how good the knicks new center is [Mosgov] and why we can!t do something like that once in a while.

How quickly you forget the contributions of Primoz Brezec last season. Shame on you.

Maybe we shouldn!t try that, your right.That knicks move came out of the blue though, even D.Bodner never mentioned him. Speaking of which it will be fun watching Splitter this year.

According to draftexpress this russian guy was one of the best guy not playing in the NBA right now. It was a shock to many that the Knicks were able to sign him but there are very high expectations for him coming to the NBA


Here's some YouTube on the Russian.

He looks really tough. I watched Red Dawn at like 3 a.m. last night, though, so I won't be talking favorably about anything Russian for a while. BTW, for anyone who's watched that movie recently, why were the Chinese on our side?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

speekeasy reply to GoSixers on Jul 12 at 23:01

a little Kissinger Diplomacy/Real Politik. hell yes. i must have missed that part though when did it mention China as our friend in Red Dawn? And how badass are the Cubans in that movie? I bet Fidel and his brother loved that flick.

When the pilot gets shot down and they bring him in. they ask him if anyone is on our side, "600M screaming Chinamen."

"I thought there were 1B screaming Chinamen."

"There were."

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 12 at 16:26

Only time I saw Red Dawn recently was when they made fun of it in Hot Tub Time Machine.

tst reply to Brian on Jul 12 at 23:06

There's no defense in the middle, not a lot of zone defense, and the defenders are soft. I don't think he gan get away with a lot of those things in the NBA

He sounds very athletic and compared to the money guys like A.Johnson got sounds like a good signing.Is L.Brown planning to go with an Mohammed, Diop and Ajinca center rotation?

He was ranked 2nd on DX Euro FA's list. You have to take that with a grain of salt though. The list is littered with 4 year college guys who are doing very well in Europe, but wouldn't make a huge impact on an NBA team. The European guys haven't played over here, so there's going to be more intrigue with them. He does have the size though.

I do think some of those American guys could make a bench impact over here though. They tighten up their basic skills (fundamental defense and shooting come to mind) so they are valuable.

I always thought Jamario Davidson would fit our running style and his college teammate [R.Hendrix] should be able to serve a role but the European money must be nice.

They probably could. I always wanted to go to Europe and find a 3 point shooter who could defend for cheap money. i mean there are plenty of guys in Europe better than Kapono. A guy like Romain Sato always struck me as a guy who would be good here.

Jason Mess reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 12 at 16:02

Yeah I just wish the Spurs would lend us there GM just for a couple of years.

The most amazing thing SA's GM has done was tricking Richard Jefferson into opting out.

Just call him Keyser Soze

speekeasy reply to Brian on Jul 12 at 23:07

Richard Jefferson's agent is either crazy or pissed (and sane). I'm dumbfounded that he left all that money on the table. No way Jefferson gets that from anyone else. He was marginal at best last year and is only gonna lose more of the athleticism that made him effective.

I think we can make this a 40 win team, if the Sixers go on a Chili's only diet. Mark my word that those Baby Back ribs could do wonders for our team.

I heard Amare doesn't like center... do you think he'll be willing? How much choice do players have in that kind of thing?

For that many millions for that many years, I'd be flexible.

Meanwhile, other new players are on shorter contracts


Or the 7' russian guy they just signed could play center.

If he becomes a player how will the nets owner feel? Favors, he and Lopez could of been interesting and a fellow russian to boot.

According to reports, Kirilenko was telling Pokhorov to sign him. I'm not sure how he will feel as to what he could have had, but so far I've been unimpressed by his ownership.

When Amare was out there with Frye he basically was the center. The highlights of that kid [Mozgov] gave the impression of a Beidrens type player which fits with Amare if he is willing to defend.

can we/will they make another trade. all these moves. i wake up every morning hoping to hear big news.

really? Would you like spending 35 million for Gooden, Amir Johnson, or Travis Outlaw? I think it's a blessing we don't have any money this year. Hopefully two years from now we will have a competant GM.

not dumb moves like those
just something that can make us a little bit better. i just i have to be patient and see what collins does with this team. i just hope the young ballers on the sixers,prove alot of haters wrong.i just hope eddie jordan 1 season was just 1 bad season for these guys. they did have any roles per say.

anybody have any news on our own free agents. i think carney,fransisco

Pretty sure they're both gone.

I like the Travis Outlaw signing, I just hate his contract. 7 million is like more than 12% of the salary cap. Does anyone else like the Jermaine O'Neil signing? I still think he can be effective, he basically replaces Sheed's contract

People complain about Elton Brand's contract but forget the fact that the Sixers wouldn't have been major players in free agency anyway.

Orlando on the other hand really fucked up. If they hadn't signed Rashad Lewis and traded for Vince Carter they would have had atleast 17 million to spend. Despite signing guys like Gortat, Bass, and Peitrus to contracts that paid them 4 million annually. They're in Orlando, FAs would have loved to play there.

I wonder how much you would have to give up to get Chris Paul or Tony Parker.

If they hadn't signed Rashard Lewis they probably wouldn't have made the NBA finals or the ECF twice.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 12 at 18:47

ehh, true. But he is not worth 20 million a year. He was inconsistent in the playoffs and he only averaged 14 pts/game in the regular season. The EFC is nice but with the money they spend on him they could have used it to sign a player that could have helped them win a championship. Funny thing is that he is the same age as Elton Brand.

It sounds like Orlando may play him at the 3 some this year, possibly with Bass at the 4, but Dwight may be hampered without room to work.

Cousins and Whiteside look good for different reasons in their 1st summer league game. Monroe seems to have the same issues as Turner athletically and may struggle against certain bigs.

So many conclusions jumped to from so much insignificance

Whether it be on a nurf basket in a bedroom, a summer league game, or an N.B.A. finals game, there is much to be learned from a head to head matchup of bigs.

speekeasy reply to Stan on Jul 12 at 23:12

i know CP3 when healthy is the best point in the game but PG is not the Magic's problem. Jameer was there second best overall player and best offensive player in last years playoffs. Orlando needs wings that can create and play D (AKA not Vince Carter). Its too bad because if they kept Courtney Lee they'd be in a much better situation both on the court and salary-cap wise.

Disagree. Nelson is a good player, but I think he's a very, very bad point guard. If Howard had a guy like Paul, he'd be unstoppable. Paul could also be the perimeter guy who can get his shot when they need it late in the game, meaning having guys like Rashard and Redick (if he's still there) on the floor simply for spacing is a legit option.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 0:13

Do you remember when Tyson Chandler wasn't a corpse? Chris Paul made him look like a star at times. Can you imagine Howard with Paul?

speekeasy reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 22:46

well i dont know how you can call him a good player but a very very bad point guard. its not like he's a shooting guard. i realize he's not the passer CP3 is (but who is). Jameer was coming off an injury next year but really showed up in the playoffs. I thought he did better attacking and even defending Rondo in teh Celts series. And again, he was the Magics second best player when it matttered. So its not like Paul wouldnt be an upgrade (he'd be an upgrade to every PG in the league) but they have other positions that need more help on Orlando. And I hope we can at least agree that Tony Parker is no upgrade

Allen Iverson

very good player

Not good point guard

Pretty easy

speekeasy reply to GoSixers on Jul 15 at 22:05

point well taken. Jameer's game is not like Iverson's though. He set up JJ Redick, Lewis, and Howard for plenty of points against the Celts and is not putting up shots at anywhere near the rate Iverson (in his prime) did. Jameer's a point guard. He's got a jump shot and can get to the hole but he's not a Monta Ellis type at all. Not a scoring two caught in a point guard's body.

BK interviewing with the Nets for their GM job.

Jason reply to Brian on Jul 12 at 23:11

Any Chance Stefanski would try and jump ship back to Nets lol?

Is this possible? Give me hope please.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 1:03

How will Billy King cope with the fact that 7 year deals no longer exist? What is he supposed to do when he wants to lock up a quality tandem of Steven Hunter and Kenny Thomas through 2017??

Is there such a thing as a good NBA gm? Your whole success depends on whether or not you get lucky. The NFL is completely different there are so many good gms and teams don't typically overspend. A 6-10 team can go 12-4 in a one year span. Stuff like that doesnt happen in the NBA.

Hard cap. Contracts aren't guaranteed. Lot of ways for GMs to erase mistakes in the NFL.

Devin reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 0:13

yea, I wish the NBA had the same sytem they have in the NFL. Cut they players if they don't perform to your standards or have players take pay cuts to remain with the team. The NBA is not like the NFL, players don't get injured as often. They also have more options than NFL players do if they can't make it in the NBA. Im pretty sure Willie Green could get a job in Europe and make 100-300k annually.

Holy crap, Portland offered Wes Matthews a 5 year/$34M contract? What the hell is going on in this league?

stephon reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 0:49

thats old news, where have you been?

Out of the loop, apparently. That's insane. Too bad Pritchard didn't get Hedo last summer, that team would be an utter mess right now.

jkay reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 1:06

thats about as un-Pritchart as they get.
new GM (is there one already?) is giddy with power maybe?

Weird contract - 9 million is up front in the first year and it balances out to a smaller number from there. Utah is kind of pinched here since they let Korver go already (and are doubtful to match).

One way to prevent teams from matching is frontloading a deal like this. If they are a luxury tax fearing team, maybe they are less likely to match.

What I don't get is that Utah supposedly was upset that Boozer picked up his option last year because they wanted Milsap to be the starter. So why are they taking on Jeffersons (rumored) contract?

Maybe they don't think Millsap can be a starter.

Portland offered Millsap the exact same type of poison pill contract last season, Utah matched anyway.

Is Matthews as important to the Jazz as Milsap was seen? I just don't get the Al Jefferson stuff, he seems like a non Sloan guy to me

It seems very strange to me as well. I'm actually surprised they want to add that much salary, thought they were afraid of the luxury tax.

Update on Toronto. The Jose Calderon portion of the trade fell through:

* PG: Jarrett Jack, Jose Calderon, Leandro Barbosa, Marcus Banks
* SG: DeMar DeRozan, Marco Belinelli, Sonny Weems,
* SF: Linas Kleiza
* PF: Amir Johnson, Ed Davis, Joey Dorsey, Dwayne Jones, Reggie Evans
* C: Andrea Bargnani, Solomon Alabi

You think Jack starts ahead of Calderon?

Maybe not on opening night, but 10 games later when Calderon gets his first injury of the season Jack will be in there.

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