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I have no clue if he just doesn't have the athleticism anymore. I hope not, but let's say that it was Jordan who turned him off from a coaching and motivational standpoint.

EB is definitely a solid defensive player. He understands positioning, and his basketball IQ is very high. While not an ideal defensive anchor because of height and athleticism, he still makes plays as you pointed out. I would describe him as an opportunistic defensive player. It's almost like he sees some stuff before it happens.

Now if he can regain some of the spring in his step or at least learn to play more effectively without it, he may turn into more of a force. Regardless of what we have to critique EB's game, he is still a very physical player. Collins' schemes should get the most of smarter players defensively, instead of Sammy, who kind of just reacted. I'm not saying Sam would have been bad in a Collins system, but it may get the most out of guys like EB.

Coach K has always run his defense through his center, kind of making him the quarterback and calling out all the stuff in front of him. That's probably what Collins will do with Brand. I'm hoping that's a role EB can physically do, because he has the head to do it well.

johnrosz on Jul 13 at 2:08

I remember when someone on here laughed at me when I said Elton Brand will be lucky to have the same post injury success that Antonio McDyess did (may have been Magee but I'm not sure)...but I'm sticking to that. Elton hasn't really done anything to make me think he can regain a damn thing. But I'm beyond the point of blaming him for being a stiff, at this point I fix my disdain on the front office. A guy coming off of an achilles injury should never even sniff a contract like Elton's...

I do think Brand's defense will improve under Collins as he was miserable under EJ (probably he got along the least well with EJ). While he is undersized for center he has freakishly long arms so he has always gotten a reasonable amount of blocks, steals and boards when he doesn't have his coach cr@pping on him.

Thad and Speights both have the athletic ability to be plus defenders. In Thad's case, he works at it, but from that Magic playoff series forward he has made poor rotations and would generally look lost on the floor. For most of his first two seasons he was at least decent on defense. I'd say with Collins he stands a fair chance (probably about 40-50%) of being a decent defender against 3s or small 4s. I don't think he'll ever be OK if they put him at PF against a really offensively skilled big (like Gasol or Duncan). Speights has a different problem in it seems he just doesn't care about defending at all. It is impossible to coach desire in general but if Collins ties his playing time to whether he makes an effort on that end of the floor he might come around. I'd say the liklihood of that happening is about 20%.

I don't think Hawes or Smith have the athleticism to be good defenders. Smith seemed to have an interest in it and wasn't horrible before he shredded his knee. Since he got back from his knee injury he seems like a Joe Kliene or Jon Koncak type (has 6 fouls to give and that is about all). Hawes, like Speights, doesn't seem to have any interest in it but unlike Speights he wouldn't have the athleticism to be good at it if they tried.

A couple questions.

Can Smith regain his agility another year back from his surgery? Was his transformation into Joe Klein due to his workout regimen while rehabing or the knee itself?

Is Utah considered a good defensive team? They're pushing for Al Jefferson, have gotten by with Ocor & Boozer the past couple years and its seems our roster is similarly built at this time. If so, maybe we can win some games with the proper defensive concepts being emphasized without a shot blocking presence.

SD reply to sfw on Jul 13 at 13:07

Smith is a lost cause and it has nothing to do with injury

I think we will get 3 blocks a game with a tandem of Hawes, Speights and Smith at the 5 and feel help side defense will be fine from those three but like you said Brian, Elton will get all the difficult man on man matchups and I hope he can give us 30 minutes a night.

Smith, in his rookie year, was a decent defensive player and hopefully he gets back to that. Hawes not being athletic is news to me, he runs the floor well and can move but strength in the post is his issue. I hope he comes in in the 250 pound range and Q.Snyder can get him to improve his post defense technique. Spieghts has to keep his weight off so he looks too thin to be a good post defender but may be better helping from the weakside with his quickness.

We must have faith in Doug and our ball pressure up top and be thankfull the day of the low post center is past.

"Elton will get all the difficult man on man matchups and I hope he can give us 30 minutes a night."

Do you think Elton will last for the season averaging 30 minutes a night? If he does play well and is averaging that many minutes, I wouldn't be surprised to seem him wear down by the end of the season.

Last season it seemed like he had more of a spark earlier on. As Brian says in his post, he may have looked like he was wearing down physically when he was really just wearing down mentally as a result of being coached by the worst coach in the NBA.

I don't think Eddie Jordan was helping, but at the same time I don't think Elton was looking that fresh at the end of the season either. It was probably a mix of both factors to some extent.

I'm hoping the other big men on the floor can play well enough that we don't need Elton to be on the main defender on the floor for 30 minutes a night. Even if he is on the floor that much, hopefully some of the other guys can also make some defensive plays so he can stay fresh throughout the season.

I agree totally and feel 28 minutes should be his average and wins and losses shouldn!t matter. But until Doug reprograms some of these bigs he may lean on him alot.

Washington justed signed H. Armstrong to a veteren!s minimum deal so options are out there. Three such options; 1]sign n trade of J.Smith to Pheonix for Amundson [3 years for 6 million?] 2] retrade Kapono for R.Evans [ha ha ha] 3]trade Kapono to Gold. St. for GaDZURIC [exp. contract also]. Evans, with a good coach may not be such a knucklehead and is about to be traded. Gold. St. needs shooters with the loss of Morrow and Azubuike and Pheonix may take a one year flyer on a young big with their rebuild.

Sixers aren't going to do any of those deals, why would they, they have 13 players under contract and are up against the luxury tax. They don't want to risk that.

Reggie Evans is most likely moving from Toronto to Charlotte if Michael Jordan gets over his cold feet

None of those deals adds a player or salary, except a little salary with Gadzarich.

My 2c on Brand is this: he saw Lou Williams get major minutes when he certainly didn't deserve them, saw Allen Iverson basically work out his own minutes while Brand rode the bench, and finally his conditioning wasn't there after almost two years of not playing.

Bear in mind A.I. pitched a fit and got himself kicked off of the Grizzlies, was off for six months but once signed with Sixers had all sorts of leeway Brand never had. If Lou Williams twitter feed is any indication, he's a lazy SOB and that couldn't have sat well with Brand. And I didn't even mention Jordan emasculating him in the press.

There's no doubt in my mind Brand will bounce back from this.

bebopdeluxe reply to psv on Jul 13 at 13:44


And why can't Brand play 30 minutes a night? He averaged over 30 minutes a night last season...had a 7-game stretch in late Jan-early Feb where he averaged better than 38 minutes a game (including a 23/8 against IND, 26/10 against MIL and 26/9 against CHI). I think getting 30 consistent minutes a game from him should be NO problem.

A question: if there was a Vegas line for EB for 2010-11 of 30 mpg, 15.5 ppg, 7.5 rbg, 1.4 bpg and 48% fg. pct., would you take the over or under?

I take the over.

And assuming - as Brian poses in this post - Brand can do basically what Otis Thorpe did for Collins' '95-96 and '96-97 Pistons teams (I would actually think Brand could do better than that) - be a consistent low-post defender and 3rd-4th offensive option - it would go a long way to solidifying what the Sixers want to do on the floor - particularly on the defensive end.

Cousins looked pretty great in yesterday's summer league game. I think years from now, if his makeup problems don't catch up with him, we all may wish we had drafted him.

Sacto has three bigs that could be on the Sixers right now and probably would've helped a great deal. Still think Cousins was too big of a risk, though.

Dutch reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 11:47

I'm curious, Brian... do you think Ed's willing to listen to offers for Willie and Kapono, since they have expiring contracts? More than that, do you think anyone has actually made an inquiry about, or offer for, them?

Yes, I think he's willing. Those guys really shouldn't have any minutes this season. This team is so crowded at the 2 and 3. I highly doubt he's gotten many calls about either guy, though. Neither is very useful.

When we get closer to the trade deadline, teams looking to duck under the luxury tax and/or shed some longer contracts will probably call.

Marty reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 11:49

Is one of the bigs in Sacramento your referring to Jason Thompson? Because I love that guy - local kid, good head on his shoulders, athletic, and still young enough to get better. My wife taught him at Lenape Regional HS and we used to watch him play at Rider. We've heard from some people that he'd really like to move back this way. I hope, for once, that a decent free agent would want to come HERE instead of glamour spots like LA, MIA, NY, CHI, etc. Who knows what could happen in a year or two.

On another note, and I'm sure I'll be crucified for this, but I actually think Billy King would do a good job if he got the Nets position. If you hear him talk on WIP, it's pretty clear he recognizes his mistakes and also has had enough time away to be humbled a bit. It's been pretty much established that BK would have taken PP over Hughes in '98, but LB overruled him. Who knows how things play out if that happens. He managed to put together a championship caliber team around Iverson (not easy) and I thought did a decent job with trying to make trades and find the right pieces to keep the team a contender. His fatal flaw was contract negotiations. I think he'll do better this time around.

I hope he gets the Nets job, but probably not for the reasons you're listing above :)

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 13:00

I'm not clear on exactly what Cousins has ever done to make him such a risk. This obviously isn't, like Thad and Speights, a player who underachieved in college. Quite the opposite. He's not a guy who's gotten into much or really any trouble. People don't like his body language and they think he has a short temper. But even there, it's not as if this guy was Rasheed Wallace at Kentucky. He picked up a few technical fouls. Even Chris Paul punched Julius Hodge below the belt once. He plays angry but it seems to work for him. No one wants to draft the next Beasley, but if you're going to pass on a guy because of supposed mental issues, I think those issues ought to actually be impeding him on the court in some way. In Beasley's case, while he had an amazing college career, there were concerns that he made poor decisions with the ball and was disinterested on defense. Not as much the case with Cousins, who yesterday even looked to be a pretty sharp passer.

1 assist, 5 turnovers = sharp passer?

Jason Mess reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 16:52

The one assist was a "sportscenter" type play.

Rich reply to Tray on Jul 13 at 13:09

I agree that on the court he has produced well, actually better than pretty much anybody. My only thing is that his body language and demeanor on the court are so difficult to judge that his contributions to a team are in doubt. He has a little Artest in him, just not the happy/loony side. One other thing I didn't like was that he was fat for pre-draft camp.

Is he going to work with Evans too? From all the people who talk about Hawes, SAC basically only ran isolations for Tyreke last year. It'll be interesting how they incorporate Cousins into the system. If he pans out, that could be a scary team down the road.

No offense to the NCAA, the SEC, and UK, but the level of play in the NBA is slightly higher and a guy has to be willing to adjust and be coachable.

According to reports Cousins had coachability issues at UK, in games and practice, and come interview for the NBA, he didn't exactly dispel any opinions of him as being surly and poorly tempered, not to mention, didn't he show up for the combine measurements fat and out of shape?

Cousins talent was denied by few, many saw him as the most talented on the court player in the draft. His question marks though were numerous from numerous sources and that caused 4 teams to pass on him for less risk seen players.

Cousins possibly has more upside than an evan turner or even a john wall, but he was also perceived to have a much higher bustability quotient.

ESPN reporting that it's official that Al Jefferson is going to the Jazz for two first round picks and a big trade exception.

Let's play trade exception roulette and trade Iguodala for a couple of first round draft picks.

If they do that, we better be getting a couple of Minnesota's first round picks. Utah's aren't going to be valuable at all.

I just thought about something and it brought a smile to my face. One of the proposals for the next CBA was to do away with the MLE and bi-annual exceptions. If that happens next summer, the Heat are basically going to have Bosh, Wade, LeBron, Mike Miller and nothing but minimum salary free agents for the next five years. They'll never be able to augment the roster with a player who makes more than the minimum if they don't have the MLE at their disposal.

Or guys with little to no tread left will forego more money other places to try and win a ring.

Haslem did it, Ilgauskis is reported to be going to Miami as well.

Yep. That's all they'll ever have. Guys on their last legs.

As long as the big 3 stay healthy (a big if in Wades case in my opinion), do they need much more than guys with 'one good season' left?

Typically guys who sign for the minimum are guys who already had their "one last good season" two or three years earlier. Z falls into that category. Haslem is a different story, he's just staying home and I don't think he's taking the minimum, is he?

I don't know how much Haslem is taking but reports are that it's a lot less than the multi year MLE based offers he had other places

Jevan reply to GoSixers on Jul 13 at 16:14

I heard he's turning down around 14 million in overall salary, but he still getting paid around 4 mill annually with Miami

Yeah, and that's a hometown discount for a guy who's 35 and really doesn't want to play anywhere else and it's questionable how much he has left in the tank. I just don't see many useful players accepting the bare minimum.

Jason reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 17:12

Haslem is 30?

Shit, you're right. Don't know where I got 35 from, seems like he's been there forever.

The Charlotte portion of the TOR trade fell through, so their roster is a little different than what we discussed yesterday.

* PG: Jarrett Jack, Jose Calderon, Leandro Barbosa, Marcus Banks
* SG: DeMar DeRozan, Marco Belinelli, Sonny Weems,
* SF: Linas Kleiza
* PF: Amir Johnson, Ed Davis, Joey Dorsey, Dwayne Jones, Reggie Evans
* C: Andrea Bargnani, Solomon Alabi

Larry Brown likes the defense?

Nope. If they're going to trade Iguodala, it should be to blow everything up, create cap space and add younger, cheaper assets (players and/or high draft picks). Okafor is signed for the same money as Iguodala and he's not as good of a player. Actually, Dalembert was more productive than Okafor last season.

John Dougherty on Jul 13 at 16:37

A forgotten defensive play in basketball has been forgotten in Philly. The charge. Watch for players to step in front of sped up (by the defense), out of control scorers. That is Duke's defense and will be a cornerstone for the 6ers as well. We need to find more George Lynch type players to play tough and do the dirty work if we are to be successful. Nocioni will definetly surface as a force both offensivey and defensively.

Nocioni will give hard fouls when his man blows by him on drives because he's unbelievably slow footed. But he does have a mullet, so he's got that going for him.

The guy on the Sixers who at least attempts to draw the most charges is Speights, believe it or not.

Gdog reply to Brian on Jul 13 at 17:26

I take it you've never rocked a mullet Brian ? ;)
I think Brand will be better than last year, but not as good as pre-injury. I still hope the sixers can pick up a big who can defend and rebound for Jason Smith.

Yo,B what you have against Mullets?



Top 76ers IMO

10.Andre Miller
9. Samuel Dalembert
8. Tyrone Hill
7. Keith VanHorn
6. Kenny Thomas
5. Dikember Mutombo
4. Aaron McKie
3. Andre Iguodala
2. Eric Snow
1. Allen Iverson

sTAN reply to Jerry on Jul 13 at 17:03

It's a shame Theo Ratliff got injured in 01'. He was averaging 12 pts, 9 rebs, and 3 blocks with the 6ers. I also hated the fact that we had to give up Toni Kukoc. He was a good 3 pt shooter and we could have used him in the finals.

Their other article on who the 76ers should trade for Iggy was laughable (one was to the Clips for DeAndre Jordan and a 1st). Awful website.

Another GM leaves his post.

Ed Stefanski stays employed

Reading all the trades...will the Sixers be last place in the division? I love what the Nets have done (lukewarm on Outlaw, love the rest), Amare might average 20/10 on us, Boston is still boston, and I can't remember who is on Toronto's roster anymore.

And...maybe I'm underestimating Hawes, but I can totally see Dwight having a 20/20 game against us and putting Thad in the ER.

I have the Raptors dropping below us and one of either the Knicks or Nets jumping over us, but probably not both. 3rd in the division, maybe second if everything breaks right. I'm not a huge fan of the moves either the Knicks or the Nets have made, not with the amount of cap space they had, but they will improve. The Nets couldn't have possibly gotten worse.

I think everyone in the East except Boston is in the lottery. And if you are in the lottery I'd rather be the worst than the best :)

Miami, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta. Those teams are locks for the playoffs. The other three last season were Milwaukee, Cleveland and Charlotte. Cleveland got worse, I think Milwaukee is going to take a step backward w/ all the gunners they signed and who knows what to make of Charlotte.

I could see a second or even third team sneaking into the playoffs in the Atlantic, not because of anything positive they did, I just think the East is really, really weak below the five locks.

I could see the Sixers even making the playoffs (or not.)

My point being the Atlantic is not worth discussing for next year beyong Boston. The other 3 teams are either lottery dwelllers or 1st round fodder for a contender. So does it really matter where the Sixers slot in that range- as opposded to how that level of bad team is positioned to improve.

IMO the Sixers are still the worst positioned team in their division (and maybe entire NBA) to try and improve over the next 3 years. They are not very good and locked in finantially... and run by the GM who put them in that position.

No argument here, although the Knicks won't have a draft pick to help their rebuild for the next couple years and they're locking into Amare for $100M.

Amare is less flawed being coached by Dantioni. And if you are going to pay that much, at least they will get production and the right player for that system.

How unflawed is Amare without Nash? (Have fun figuring that sentence out w/ all the negatives as well)

So I think I have sold myself on Iguodala for Aminu + De'Andre Jordan.

It would be a big step back (meaning a high pick next year which helps the overall talent of the team) and would leave an interesting/versatile line-up to build up from over the next few years. Even if it would be substandard value, I'd be interested in seeing how this roster could be coached up and grow:

Jrue(20)/Turner(22)/Thad(22)/Aminu(19)/Jordan(22) makes for an intriguing athletic line-up down the road. And Lou/Speights/Hawes/Meeks would fill in nicely as complementary pieces that allow Collins to go big, small, fast or slow based on match-ups.

t actually reminds me a lot of Atlanta's lineup (or at least it could develop into something like it.) You have both good athletes and good defenders.)

Jrue - Bibby
Turner - JJ
Thad - Marvin Willians
Aminu - Josh Smith
Jordan - Horford (both athletic defenders)

Lou - Crawford (scorers without defense or a conscience)
But Speights/Hawes/Meeks are better than Atl's remaining reserves.

Not saying ATL should be the template- just that the pieces would seem to fit well.

Would Thad be the guy who we foolishly max out?

Turner... when he turns 29.

If you get a first-round pick with no protection from LAC I'd probably do it at this point. But I'd only sign off on it if Stefanski was removed before the next big decision needed to be made.

Do you find that line-up intriguiging- or just lousy. I sort of feel like iot is a combo of both, but with a lot of promise. Imagine all of the funky line-up you could go to to take advantage of match-ups. You could go from super-athletic, to high powered scoring, to really big (yet still athletic.)

Rich reply to tk76 on Jul 13 at 23:29

Super athletic yes, but where are we getting the high powered scoring lineup? Jordan is still pretty unpolished and Aminu is a raw rookie.

I like Jordan a whole lot, I'd love to see us get him. Aminu...eh. Ultimately, this deal would get us a few potential pieces, with a chance of becoming a building block, we'd get younger, we'd probably guarantee ourselves a good pick or two, and we'd probably be better set up when Brand's deal comes off the books, assuming nothing stupid is done w/ Thad, Hawes and Smith next summer.

There are a lot of positives to this approach, at this point. On the floor, probably a first-round exit (not this season, maybe next season) unless Turner becomes a legit scoring option and Jrue makes a giant leap.

Yeah, the new Miami Hate makes me less optimistic about making any noise before Brand is gone and Iguodala is in his option summer.

I don't want to be bad- but I would not mind some losses if they had an interesting young team. And I feel Jrue/Turner/Thad/Speights/Hawes/Lou will all be entering their peak years in 1-2 seasons. So its not like waiting forever (like the 4 years it has taken for Lou or Thad to be NBA ready.)

Possible line-up 9in 2 years when everyone is more NBA ready):

ATL style: Jrue/Turner/Young/Aminu/Jordan...Lou off bench
Big (against LA/Orl/Boston): Jrue/Turner/Aminu/Speights/Jordan
Big Shooter/little Slasher: Jrue/Turner/Thad/Speights/Hawes
Fast: Jrue/Lou/Turner/Aminu/Jordan... sub in Thad at 3/4
Big athletes (switch/trap): Jrue/Turner/Thad/Aminu/Speights

I may shoot myself if Thad and Hawes are here in 2 years.

They can be role players. And Thad/Aminu at 3/4 intrigues me. I'm willing to give Thad this year (at age 22) to resuscitate his career. But I agree, right now he looks like a bench player who can't defend anyone.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jul 13 at 23:27

I think I'd be alright if they did that. That lineup would be able to switch everything defensively, with Thad being the one weak link. That team would really depend on Evan Turner becoming a great scorer.

Its just a floor/basement to build off of. With all of that youth and cheap rookie deals you really are not stuck whatever happens.

Provided the GM is smart enough to bide his time and not hand out extensions like they're candy.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jul 13 at 23:37

The thing that I like about the deal is that they are both versatile defensive players. I bet Jordan plays the P and R well from what I've seen from him. We have versatile offense-first players in Thad, Lou, Speights. Aminu and Jordan are both good to excellent athletes.

What are 5 things that you would do right now to improve this team? Be reasonable.

1. Trade Lou Williams or Andre Nocioni for cap relief
2. Get a veteran big man for the bench
3. Wait and see if Evan Turner and AI9 can coexist, if they can't trade the one who has the least brightest future.
4. Try to trade Speights, Young and 12 million expiring Green and Kapono for a decent player
5. Find a C

I'm not sure they would have any cap space even if they dumped Lou or Nocioni. Or at least they would have to renounce all rights to Hawes and Young, since they each have 8M cap holds next summer. And whats they point of losing those two just to sign an 8M FA?

My choices would be an either/or

1. Stand pat. See how this roster performs under Collins, and don't sell low right now on anyone.

2. Trade Iguodala now that there are lots of teams that are willing and able to make moves. Bring back picks and/or a promising young defensive Center. Then develop everyone the next 2 years- getting more lottery picks... and be ready to take off in Brand's expiring year.

Well, the point is that you don't sign them to stupid deals handcuffing yourself when Brand expires.

To improve in the short term, you need a defensive big who's good enough and capable enough to play at least 20 minutes/game, and you'd have to do that without giving up Iguodala. If you're talking about long term, they key is financial flexibility and young pieces.

What do we think the odds of Iguodala getting traded are? It seems like it's being rumored a lot but I think Collins wants him here bad, because he wants to make the playoffs.

I'd say the odds are very low. Collins doesn't let him go unless he gets a piece that helps a lot right now, and I don't see many deals like that out there.

And I don't mind them sitting pat and seeing how things go...

But I really have no clue what Stefanski wants to do with this team.

Yep, me neither.

How many people do you think are sitting around thinking about this Sixers right now on the face of the earth? My guess is just the three of us. The braintrust is probably neck deep in karaoke night at Chili's.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 0:00

See that's what I think is the problem with Collins. I think the guy wants to win now and he will to an extent, but ultimately I don't see that getting us very far in the long term. We may look back and think about wanting a younger coach to grow with the team.

I think Collins is almost tied to Iguodala in the fact they will equal the most wins. The most growth though? I just hope he mentors the young guys on the team while trying to win now.

I'm torn. I firmly believe that winning begets winning, and I don't think those two trips to the playoffs were meaningless, but when I look at this roster I just do not see a team capable of getting to the playoffs. I see a group that Collins MAY be able to coach up to like 35 wins, which gets you nowhere. It doesn't make you a team on the rise, it doesn't make you a team any free agents are going to want to come to, it just plants you in purgatory with middling draft picks.

If the Dalembert deal hadn't been made, this team would've had a much better outlook for this coming season, and then some financial flexibility to make some moves next summer, and probably a pick maybe 4 or 5 spots lower in the draft, which isn't a big deal. It's like we've got the worst of both worlds right now.

"It's like we've got the worst of both worlds right now."

That has been the case since Brand became a bust.

they sort of lucked out with the #2 pick- but I think this is a pretty weak draft, and doubt they picked a true franchise saving pick in the Durant/CP3 mold.

Why does everyone think that Collins is a great coach? A lot of trust is being put in him. Anyway, do you think the loss of Dalembert helps Brand improve offensively? Maybe this move was made to increase Brand's stats so that his trade value goes up

Eh, I don't really buy that logic. Brand only played about half his minutes with Dalembert last season, that wasn't the cause. I'd blame the PO before I blamed Dalembert.

Court_visioN on Jul 14 at 0:24

I think we just need to wait for the inevitable "disgruntled superstar" story to pop up and then we'd have some good young pieces to package with cap relief. Of course, we'd have to get a little lucky in that the "disgruntled superstar" isn't a defensive liability (Amare Stoudemire) or old and washed up. So I guess in the mean time just stand pat until some of the guys gets their trade values up.

speekeasy on Jul 14 at 22:52

"At this point, we have to hope that Brand was demoralized enough to give up on the defensive end."
- It's great to be Sixers fan.

Thanks for sharing your ideas! I would appreciate tho if you'd elaborate more on the matter as I think it does lack something here and there. But anyway, RSS Subscribed!

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