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The 'What If' Game

Sign Jefferson and Mike Miller, and all other questions are unknowns because we've all already killed ourselves.

Court_visioN on Jul 14 at 0:43

I don't think we'd end up getting any of the big names out there. I could see maybe Boozer but a Boozer-Brand-Speights frontline is almost asking to get carved up defensively (I guess Hawes isn't an upgrade in this department though - at least he's cheaper?) Possibly a David Lee as well.

Lee is a good call. He's uber-tough. I'm thinking maybe they would've made a run at Amare. Bosh probably would've been #1 on their list, but no way he was coming here. Might've gone after Al Jefferson too.

My best guess:

1. Sign Korver
2. Use the other 10milion or so to make a trade that brings more short term money, but shedding Brand in the process. I'm guessing 25milion worth of expirings next year (or the year after that if the player can play)

We are left with:

PG Holiday / Williams
SG Turner / Meeks / Green
SF Korver / Kapono
PF Young / Scrub from the Brand trade
C Speights / Scrub from the Brand trade / Smith

More than 2 players might be taken back for Brand...

The plan would be to to use the expirings or the cap space next year to bring a very good big man. Noah and Horford could possibly be the targets, though they would have to be massively overpayed...

The team would be terrible next year, but the long term future looks bright, especially with the great financial flexibility achieved.

This isn't a horrible plan, which is why I'm doubtful Ed Stefanski would've executed it.

I'd much rather have dealt Iggy for the number 4 (and whatever salary, probably sessions which would have been fine) and took Cousins.

Or dealt him to NJ when they were apparently looking for a 3 really badly for favors.

I just have the feeling Cousins is going to Randy Moss everyone. It's very saddening how our GM has been at Chili's this entire time when like half the east is going to look completely different.

By saying he's going to be Randy Moss do you mean he's going to be extremely talented, get run out of a couple of cities for his childish behavior and never win a ring?

Mike P reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 10:35

If you want to be snarky about it, yeah.

Let's use Chris Paul for the non snarky example of passed in draft motivation.

I guess that means he will be stuck in a place that doesn't care about basketball and eventually hurt his knee.

Heh. I'll never criticize the Sixers for passing on Cousins, no way I would've drafted him.

Mike P reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 11:14

Yeah, take Turner first, but if we could have traded Iggy for Cousins, I think I might have been fine with that.

I'm sure I'll change my mind when I see Dre getting like 8 easy dunks a game from Jrue and our backcourt locking people completely down.

eddies' heady's on Jul 14 at 9:37

Screw Ed Stefanski. He's been on my shit list ever since he came here and shook up a ship that didn't need to be shook by trading away Kyle Korver (who was signed to a very reasonable deal) and treating Cheeks like a nobody. He never gave himself a chance to sit back and observe what he actually had and what we needed or what way to go. He just wanted to make moves for the sake of saying he made them. This guys is the actual colossal failure that Eddie Jordan will carry the label for. How in the world he still has a job is beyond me.

By the way, screw Ed Stefanski. But hey, at least he got it honest from the mortgage industry crashing and still burning - just like our Sixers have been doing ever since his arrival. Remember when we were this up-and-coming team in the East? He's brought enough fulfillment to us fans as those Ruby Tuesdays Ruby Mini's bring to ones hunger - almost none. I think I'll have to order some more of those endless Fries, which is like the last 27 years endured of franchise ineptitude - endless.

Based on who the sixers GM is and the plethora of questionable contracts handed out, I'd expect the sixers would over pay one or two guys to too many years (you know like Mike Miller and Richard Jefferson) and be happy with those first round losses for a few years.

Five Years for Al Harrington? WTF

I'm beyond shock over these deals. Stern must be so pissed at these owners.

If one were a cynical jaded person, one could say the owners are doing this because they expect the lockout, look forward to it, and know that after the lockout they'll be able to reduce all these contracts because the new CBA will require it.

Of course, that's only if one were cynical and jaded.

I seriously doubt signed contracts will be reworked in the new CBA. I don't think there's any kind of precedent for that. The most alarming rumor I heard was the Hawks ownership thinking they don't care about the max deal for Joe Johnson because they won't own the team anymore when he's 35 and making $24M/year.

saltzie reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 14:12

I've also wondered if the owners can/will try to change contracts.

I think they will make it easier to help teams get players with awful deals (Brand, Eddy Curry, Joe Johnson in 2012) off the books. Make sense from both sides.

However, I think there's another angle: Do you think teams will be "gunning" for Miami? What if they say "hard cap, anything over must be Veterans Minimum?" After this season, the Heat would be in a bit of trouble (especially if Miller starts to fade).

I don't think anyone will be gunning for Miami. Any team would have done what Miami did, if they could have. Why not gun for the Lakers by having review board that has to OK trades for fairness like in fantasy sports?

The owners are gunning for the union, a weak union whose membership is unaware of the economic realities of what's going on. In this I'm sure they are united.

They'll go after the percentage of income that makes up any cap, they'll go for a hard cap so the MLE and Bi Annual Exception go away - not to target Miami - but for cost certainty - they'll get after guaranteed contracts.

Owners need to be protected from themselves, and that's what the CBA is all about.

saltzie reply to GoSixers on Jul 14 at 14:17

You're probably right. I still don't think anyone will shed tears if next year Pat Riley is begging Iverson to come back for one last chance.

Pat Riley is a quality guy who knows how to build winning NBA teams. There's probably as much chance of him begging Iverson to come back to the Heat as there is of the flyers bringing back Eric Lindros for one game to retire as a flyer.

ojr107 reply to saltzie on Jul 14 at 19:28

Signed contracts can't be reworked in a future CBA because they are legally binding contracts that would supersede anything written in a future CBA.

The LT tax exemption with the last CBA(Where teams could release a guy, and then that guy's money wouldn't count against the LT) didn't affect players contracts in any way, that's why it was allowed. Players still got their guaranteed money.

We sign Anthony Morrow and Randy Foye then trade Green, Williams, and Jason Smith for Tyson Chandler


PG: Holiday - Foye
SG: Morrow -
SF: Turner - Young
PF: Brand - Speights
C: Chandler -

Ugh, not a fan of Foye at all. You think Larry Brown would want Willie, Lou and Smith?

Who wouldn't?

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Jul 14 at 10:53


Seriously... Isn't it better that Stefanski doesn't have money to spend this summer? Say what you will, but at least Brand's a starter. Some of this crazy money is being thrown at backups. I love how the NBA and Stern cry that they can't make ends meet and then throw the brinks truck first chance they get. What qualifications are there to be a GM?

Yeah, I'm in this camp, I think. The only positive thing about all of this stuff would be Stefanski's inability to have made the Dalembert trade. I don't think there's any way the team would be better at this point if they had made that move, he would've made a stupid signing, probably for "toughness."

Speaking of crazy GM hirings, the lead candidate in New Jersey seems to be Billy King.

And another billionaire with a giant ego might be about to own another NBA team.


Tom Moore on Jul 14 at 10:54

A very interesting question. They wouldn't have landed any of the big names, but could've possibly benefited via one-sided deal in which they take back more money than they send away. Could've added two or three MLE types, but not sure how much that would've helped.

Billy King is back in the NBA! Now someone call him and convince him that he needs Elton Brand and we'd be willing to sell Brand low, just send Favors and a big trade exception our way.

LOL re: King, the ESPN article talks about the Nets having a gaping hole at PF. I could see this happening. We can do this!

Tom Moore on Jul 14 at 11:11

King has been trying for more than two years to get back. Thought he had a good shot with former Pacers co-hort Donnie Walsh in New York, but Knicks didn't fill the position.

With all the former GM's looking for work & floating around the periphery, not to mention assistants at strong franchises (San Antonio, Oklahoma City for instance) it makes little sense to me that King would even be a top 5 candidate of a strong franchise unless money plays a factor.

I must say I'm unimpressed with the moves the new Nets owner has made.

It's all been downhill since he put up that giant billboard. Definitely the highlight of his ownership so far.

5 worst contracts this off season

1. Brendan Haywood
2. Drew Gooden
3. Amir Johnson
4. Joe Johnson
5. Darko Milicic

5 best contracts this off season (excluding LBJ,Bosh,Wade)

1. Carlos Boozer
2. Anthony Morrow
3. David Lee
4. Kyle Korver
5. Kevin Durant

Didn't Durant get a 'max allowable' deal? I'm not saying it isn't a bargain but since he's under the rules of restricted free agency, I'd leave it off the list.

Feltons deal falls where on your list, just curios?

Sean reply to GoSixers on Jul 14 at 11:37

I would say it's a good deal. 8 million is fair value for him and he's only signed for 2 years. I'd probably knock of Durant and put him there.

Sounds good to me. By the way, I think Mike Miller might end up making your top 5 since supposedly he has no deal with the Heat yet and they might have to give up Joel ANthony to give him more money to say yes.

I'm not sure about Boozer or Lee. Korver and Morrow definitely. What was Redick's offer sheet?

Sean reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 12:44

13 million annually for a 27 year old C that averages 20 and 10 is a good deal. Boozer's contract is less than Elton's contract and he isn't coming off a major injury.

Redick's offer is 3 years/20 million

Sean reply to Sean on Jul 14 at 12:44

I like the Lee contract but I hate the trade

I wouldn't recommend comparing contracts to Brand's. My biggest problem with Lee and Boozer is that neither guy defends.

Sea reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 13:32

I thought Lee was a good defender. Anyway Bosh isn't a better defender than them and he is getting paid 18 mill annualy.

Last year Bosh was probably the worst defender of the big 4 big men big names signed this off season.

Boozer was the best

Rodney Buford reply to Sean on Jul 14 at 13:20

Boozer does not play center.

I think he meant Lee when he was talking about a center. Although I don't really think Lee's a center either.

JasonMess on Jul 14 at 14:46

Nets hired King acording to SI.com

johnrosz reply to JasonMess on Jul 14 at 15:15

How does this happen?

Who is the best PF in the league today?

Hmmn...probably Dirk then Pau.

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 16:08

Have you seen Dirk in the last 2 years? He isn't half what he once was.

He's about 75% of what he once was, and still the most productive PF in the game. Gasol will probably pass him this year, if he stays healthy.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 18:32

By those stats isn't Bosh the most productive?

I don't go by PER. WS and WS/48 to a lesser degree are more meaningful, imo.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 22:04

Oh, I was just looking at the part where he rebounded way more and shot a better percentage. I wonder how that gets translated into fewer win shares.

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 19:10

I think Win Shares is probably the best basketball-reference has to offer.

I still disagree, though. Dirk just doesn't do it for me much anymore. I give most of the credit for the recent success of that team to Jason Kidd actually.

Who is the most up and coming PF in the NBA?

I think it is Kevin Love. He may just explode this year into a 18 and 13 kind of pure stud.

I worry about Love's longevity and ability to play 35 minutes/game. His defense is pretty poor, but (like Dirk), I think he's a plus in so many other areas that it's not a huge problem. If I was sure his size/health wasn't going to be an issue, I'd agree with you completely. Even with those worries, though, I'd definitely love to have him on my team.

I'm not sure he will ever have the range or grace of a Dirk Nowitzki.

Stan reply to Brian on Jul 14 at 17:23

I thought he was considered to be a bad defender

johnrosz reply to Steve on Jul 14 at 15:09

I'd have to say Gasol

Alvin reply to Steve on Jul 14 at 15:41


JasonMess reply to Alvin on Jul 14 at 15:46

thing is Duncan will play PF and Center on both offense and defense so I would have to say Pau.

check this article out
did Willie Green opt out of his contract. i wasn't aware of such move.


No he didn't. If bleacher report indicates that he did it's just another strike against their credibility (I don't read bleacher report any more)

That is what i thought.
Brian would have leaped for Joy.

Court_visioN reply to AllPhillysports on Jul 14 at 20:07

i think we all would have.

I would have leapt for joy myself.

I think I would have been sad?

Weird, but Willie holding up money in the situation we are in right now is a good thing, I think.

I don't think if Willie opted out it would have given the sixers any more cap room, just money under the tax which I don't believe they're going to spend.

Dalembert would still be a Sixer if Willie had opted out.

Evan Turner's contract has apparently been finalized. Details were not released, but Sixer GM Ed Stefanski took the opportunity to respond to unnamed critics by observing that "The free chips and queso at Chili's represent good value for this franchise."

JasonMess reply to izimbra on Jul 14 at 17:24


I know it's the summer league but Cousins is tearing up Minnesota right now. After 3 quarters he's got 16 points and 11 rebounds. He's looked really athletic so far this summer and doesn't seem to be carrying too much weight. I hate that Turner looked so slow and unathletic in Orlando.

Brian, I know that you never thought he was the pick for us at 2 but risk/reward didn't scare me with Favors/Cousins over Turner. I wanted Favors at 2 but we could have made a move with Minnesota and gotten Cousins at 4 and Avery Bradley at 16. Hedge your bets and draft 2 possible studs!

I think regardless of how Turner has looked (more on that overreaction in a bit) and how both guys turn out, it still is a downer that our front office didn't explore anything with the Wolves. That said, that could be on ownership or Collins as well.

Now, regarding Turner's sluggishness - same thing happened to Derrick Rose and I loved Collins' quote about those 8 summer league days being the toughest for Evan and that now he knows what he has to do. Turner is a competitor and certainly not lazy. This is a great motivating opportunity. If things do NOT look different in the preseason then it is time to start reacting; however right now its a not worth the energy.

So now I'm really curious. How does Dirk beat Bosh in win shares when Bosh rebounds much more and has a higher true shooting percentage, even accounting for Dirk's threes? I think PER has it right here.

Jason reply to Tray on Jul 15 at 0:16

Are you saying Bosh>Dirk?

Bosh's OFR/DFR splits weren't very good at all. Dirk's were.

Joe reply to Tray on Jul 15 at 11:31

win shares are not win score. Win score is often criticized for putting too much value into rebounds.

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