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Pressing Questions - July 16th

Re-do the draft today, who do you take with the #2 pick?
What's your biggest concern heading into the season?
I'm planning on seeing Inception tonight. Waste of $12, or I'm going to enjoy it?

1) Turner
2) Floor spacing on the perimeter
3) No idea.

re floor spacing: If Jrue stays right around 39-40% from three, can he be space the floor enough on his own?

Not sure. I'd like at least one of Iguodala/Turner to develop into a catch and shoot threat.

say, 35% from three and a willingness to take the shot = a catch-and-shoot threat?

Depends how many of those come from catch and shoot situations :)

Looking for a skillset to prevent double teams and opening up the lane moreso than a percentage. Not just the percentage, either, but the quickness of the release and how much room they need to get the shot off.

Are you hopeful either of them will develop this?

Not particularly. At least, not in the short term (and I think, sadly, if it doesn't work immediately, Iguodala will be shipped).

1) Turner
2) That Doug Collins can't them all the players to buy into a defensive philosophy
3) No idea

1. I would still take Turner. It's only summer league for fuck's sake

2. That Doug Collins isn't as good of a coach and personnel evaluator that I think he is.

3. You should only have to spend $8 for a movie ticket. If you have the patience you could wait a few months and get it for free.

$8 for seniors in NYC, $12 for adults. I could wait and download it for free, but I like the physical act of going to the theater, sitting in darkness and eating pretzel bites.

Fred reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 14:26

Do you have to put up with 16 year olds that sit behind you and doesn't shut the hell up?

Nah, worst-case in my neighborhood is a douchey round of applause when the credits roll.

Just yell at the 16 year olds, seen the dudes picturea t the time - would scare the crap out of me :)

MylesKong on Jul 16 at 14:14

1.) Cousins
2.) The center position
3.) Should be awesome. Don't spoil it.

1) Favors, a core of Jrue/Iguodala/Favors matches up so nicely in the future w/ Miami trio.
2) Evan Turner is my biggest concern.
3) You will enjoy it

Bulls sign Brewer, 3 years/$12.5M.

Bulls have worse shooting than we do. By the way, Wes Matthews = $35M, Brewer = $12.5. Here's their comp from last season.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 14:28

Jazz are screwed, they lose both of them and Korver.

MylesKong reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 14:30

lol @ Matthews making more money than anyone drafted in his class. Amazing! That's an impact. Hopefully, for...ummm Portland? Utah?...he isn't another Lee.

1. Take Turner or Favors - coin flip really to me
2. Rebounding, the 'one year wonder' re-signs. Willie green getting minutes
3. Did you like the dark knight and memento? If so you'll like inception, if not, don't spend your $12. It's not going to be your typical summer blockbuster, it's going to be a quality smart thought provoking film. I love films like that. Nolan is one of the better writer directors around.

If you want something more silly I've heard excellent things about Predators :)

Yeah, Memento was awesome. His other movie, Following, was trippy.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 14:54

I recommended Memento to Geiger. He watched and really enjoyed it. He loved movies, but not basketball.

Luke Ridnour = 4yrs/16 million
Kyle Lowry = 4yrs/23 million
Ian Mahinmi = 2 yrs/1.8 million
Shaun Livingston = 2yrs/7 million
Luis Scola = 5yrs/47 million

Kinda seems like hawes was brought in to be a stretch five kinda player... you guys dont see him being able to hit 35% catch and shoot from three? He hit 34.8 in his sophomore year

Minnesota Roster

Johnny Flynn
Ramon Sessions
Ricky Rubio

Michael Beasley
Kevin Love
Brian Cardinal
Ryan Hollins
Nathan Jawai
Kosta Koufos
Darko Milicic
Oleksiy Pecherov

Am I forgetting any PGs

Nope, don't think so. Is Cardinal still on that team? Man, that guy's contract is just never going to expire (fast forward 4 years and you'll probably be able to insert Spencer Hawes name in that sentence for some team).

MylesKong reply to Deab on Jul 16 at 14:53

Aren't they about to get Ridnour?

Yeah and probably trading Sessions.

1) Turner
2) Turner
3) I saw Inception last night. Definitely enjoyable, I came away satisfied. However, it is not a masterpiece by any stretch. Plot holes and flat characters hold this one back. Check it out though.

1) Turner.
2) Iguodala getting traded.
3) Don't know anything about it. I loved basketball diaries, though, with Leo in it. I think Leo is in Inception.

1] Wouldv!e traded down to Minn. if Jefferson, #4 [Johnson] and #16 [Seraphin or Whiteside] for Brand and #2 was available.

2] Iggy and Turner work both talentwise and ego wise; and Nucioni, because of his toughness, takes minutes from Thad.

3] after watching "Departed" on FX, I feel like I saw most of Inception on commercials.



1. Cousins - prior to the draft I was in favor of trading down or out, or taking Favors if there weren't any good offers. My conviction about the right ordering of the top guys was low then, and it's still low now. I disagree with the people who say Summer league doesn't tell us anything, but I also disagree with the people predicting Turner will be a bust.

2. My greatest Sixer related fear is that the tenure of Stefanski/Snider/Luukko will outlast my interest in the team. Poor teams I can deal with, but poor teams without either the understanding or the motivation to take the right steps to become good are hard to stomach.

1. Turner
2. Center position. I have more hope in Hawes than most of you that he will do fine. But, if they play Brand alot at C this year, I am concern.
3. no idea.

The Sixers released an Iguodala highlight reel. Fun to watch.

Two plays made me chuckle.

At the 1:09 mark, watch Charlie V's "defense" on Iguodala's baseline drive/dunk.

At the 2:33 mark, Jrue throws an oop to Iguodala on the break, I remember when that happened, I think Iguodala was literally at the three point line when the pass left Jrue's hands.

THAT got me pumped for next year!!

raro reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 16:46

the dunk at the 1:18 mark over Terrence Williams is just vicious...

Jason reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 16:58

lol, awful music (was that even music?) choice for the video.

Very nice reel though.

gdog reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 17:07

And why exactly do we want to trade Iguodola ?
Heres an interesting question for you guys...if you had a chance to draft Iguodola or Turner right now who would you take ?

johnrosz reply to gdog on Jul 16 at 17:33

I wouldn't want to draft a 26 year old rookie with the 2nd pick in the draft

Ste reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 17:21

He carries the ball a lot. I guess it's not a violation anymore

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 17:31

that music is almost as irritating as watching Iggy pull up for a 3

Luckily, you don't have to listen to the music and Iguodala almost never pulls up for threes.

Jason Mess on Jul 16 at 17:49

I just have a thought and maybe it is way out there but here it is anyway. The two most trade able players we have right now are Andre and most likely Turner. Seeing all the teams that wanted wing players and did not get the ones they wanted. What could we do if as some say you wanted to blow it all up and create a roster that is not handicapped by some of our contracts. What do you think we could get as far as a combination of players and picks. I do not think ES will do this for fear of losing his job but if we had a new GM who was tasked with rebuilding you could do it this way. It would kinda remind me of how Seattle/OKC did things. Not sure how the fans would re-act but hey just a thought.

Pretty much the only thing we could realistically do right now is move Iguodala for young, cheap pieces. I'm very doubtful we could put together any kind of package to move Brand right now without taking back a long, expensive contract. This is pretty much what all the Iguodala trade talk has been about.

I think Nolan's horribly overrated by kids who don't know any better, but I'm a film snob and I suppose I'll grant that his movies are better than real garbage, like Avatar, Michael Bay's stuff, etc.

Any film snob recommendations? Preferably something I can get on Netflix, actually. Tough to get to the theater these days.

T McL reply to Brian on Jul 17 at 2:54

Brian if you haven't seen City of God that is a great watch

Amiele is excellent

ojr107 reply to Brian on Jul 17 at 13:15

Ah, I could go on forever about great films.

Recent films that I thought were great(which are all on video).
1.Up In The Air
2. The Fantastic Mr. Fox(Kids movie, but hysterically funny for adults too).
3. Great Buck Howard
4. Flame & Citron
5. Rudo & Cursi
6. Sugar

Levent reply to Tray on Jul 17 at 8:26

C'mon man,I'm a film snob too but Nolan is a great director.Don't be unfair just because he is popular.

1. Turner
2. Minutes distribution. Too many solid players, too little truly great ones...
3. I've been waiting for the movie for a year now... Nolan is my favorite director, i'm sure it will be worth every penny and more... Can't wait for it to hit Macedonian cinemas :)

1. Favors. (But I'm still optimistic that Turner will have a better career than Jerry Stackhouse.)
2. Defensive rebounding.
3. Hope so, for $12.

eddies' heady's on Jul 17 at 1:21

1 Wesley Johnson
2 Evan Turner's glaring weaknesses and yet another non-fit, as in team

Another strike against our rook last night; E.Davis, who supposedly isn!t near ready for the n.b.a. is playing real well, we just wanted a glimpse of that from Evan.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jul 17 at 10:01

1) Wesley Johnson
2) Evan Turner,, like or not, the guy didnt play like guy that can turn a franchise ard.
3) im seeing it today.

1)Evan Turner
2)Evan Turner
3)Looks cool. I will see it on video though.

Interesting night for Cousins last night..

DeMarcus Cousins – SAC: Continues to impress beyond even the high expectations set out for him. He can rebound, he can pass, he can shoot a jump shot and of course he dominate down low. He even hit the game winner in this one with a couple seconds left on the clock. 22 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and a block. Wow.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Gdog on Jul 17 at 13:27

yeah, well most of this board will say summer league means nothing. for me, this type of dominating performance is what any would-be impact player should be doing to this watered down competition. demarcus isnt rusty for not playing for 2 months, is he? nor should anyone be rusty playing in what are essentially pick-up games in a gym. these guys have been playing since they are 8 yrs old, stop making up lame excuses when a guy comes up limp.

I do tend to agree....but there have been very good players fall short in the summer league who have had very good careers. Im not saying that will be the case with turner. He did look a bit slow to me. Hopefully Im wrong.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to gdog on Jul 18 at 7:30

please give me an example of 'very good' players who struggled. were they NBA ready?

this ecuse of him 'being tired' is getting very tired

Derrick Rose

Stephen Curry.

Oden had as many fouls as points his rookie year.

Cousins never had any questions on the offensive side of the court or on the glass. This really shouldn't surprise anyone who was paying attention to his game.

Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins had an up-and-down Summer League game on Friday, finishing with 16 points, 12 rebounds, six turnovers, and 10 personal fouls


Preseason can't get here soon enough so we can see what the entire team has, not a small group of young guys with vet scrubs.

Okl. City Minnesota Philadelphia

K.Durant - M.Beasley - A.Iguadala
R.Westbrook - R.Rubio - J.Holiday
S.Ibaka - K.Love - M.Speights
J.Green - W.Johnson - T.Young
J.Harden - M.Webster - E.Turner
E.Maynor - J.Flynn - L.Williams
N.Kristic - D.Milicic - S.Hawes
C.Aldrich - N.Pekovic - [2012 #1 pick]
T.Sefalosha - C.Brewer - R.Carney?
Daq.Cook - W.Ellington - J.Meeks
B.J.Mullins - K.Koufas - J.Smith

Are we in the same ballpark if Thad and Hawes earn getting resigned? We seem to be putting a good young group together.

Are you saying we're screwed because we're in the same ballpark as Minnesota, or we're in good shape because we're in the same boat as minnesota?

I think he's trying to say the sixers are close to the Thunders roster, which I disagree with on many levels.

Course he also lined up Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley and Andre Iguadala (sic), so I don't really understand the methodology going on here, but I think the sixers are worse off than the thunder if you factor in ownership and front office and probably better off than Minnesota, but not by much overall

Brian, you don!t like Minnesota!s young talent? Kahn, in spite of himself, has a good group there but with the Ridnour signing, what a head scratcher, is Rubio ever coming over?

I just think if Collins can get to [Hawes,Spieghts,L.Williams,T.Young] and just have them give more effort things may not be as bleak as we all seem to think they are.

Too many point guards, too much softnes...you really think signing Darko was a good move?

From everything I have read, some on Minnesota blogs, they were a lot better with him on the floor. He and Love must be good decision makers in the triangle and Jefferson, the nonpasser probably was a bad fit. I like the Pekovic/Darko tandem at the ages they are and the price that was paid.

Colangelo was on one of the summer league games talking about his team!s numbers with A.Johnson and Bargnani together on the floor and that being why he wanted to lock him up, I am assuming Minnesota had similar success with Darko on the court.

As far as softness, both Love and Pekovic should cure that. I didn!t understand their love affair with Turner when Rubio and Love both operate well with the ball in their hands. The Johnson/Beasley battles in practice should be fun to watch.

Oh see, I think Kevin Love is part of the softness and that David Kahn might be one of the few GMs in the NBA worse than Stefanski

I guess you haven!t seen much of Love, he is tough as nails and may box out better than anybody currently in the league. I agree with you on Kahn, he got very lucky to move Jefferson and have Beasley fall in his lap.

I don't know about "lucky" - re: Jefferson. He gave him away for nothing and Jefferson has a very reasonable deal remaining.

Beasley is a good gamble though, for sure.

It just seemed to me he put himself in a corner and if he couldn!t move him it could of gotten ugly playing time wise.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 17 at 19:35

"I didn!t understand their love affair with Turner when Rubio and Love both operate well with the ball in their hands."

This is how I've felt ever since before the draft, just substitute Jrue and Andre. But we know the Sixers have a history of trying to turn players into what they're not or have them play positions that are not most suitable.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Jul 17 at 20:59

I give the Iguodala/Turner experiment 2 months before they declare it a failure. Hopefully they actually can get a decent haul for Iggy when they do decide to trade him...(worries me that Stefanski will be in charge of this)

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Jul 17 at 21:57

It's not so much the Turner/Iguodala experiment for me as much as the Turner as a legit starting 2 experiment, which is surely all it will be. I can't see this guy succeeding in that role, ever, at least as this team is currently constructed. If they are going to trade anyone, at this point, I'd hope it was Turner instead of Andre.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Jul 18 at 19:56

Man you're really down on ET already without watching the guy play a professional game. I don't see Turner failing at the 2 because I think he will become a very good mid range shooter in the future. I also think he will become a quality defender.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Jul 19 at 9:48

I've watched him play enough college games to base my determination off of. And I've prefaced several previous posts that way.

khouse reply to johnrosz on Jul 18 at 0:10

Just got wind of a rumor regarding Iggy (RealGM). Supposedly Houston has offered us Ariza, Hill & Jeffries (plus maybe 1 of the picks they got from the Knicks) for Iggy & Smith. With the talent/draft pick...it's not horrible as Ariza I believe is an expiring & for the $ saved...so stay tuned!

Jeffries is expiring - Ariza is certainly not. That Knicks pick may not be that great.

That I might do; to get 2 or maybe 3 possible starters for Iggy would be good though I like Hill more than Ariza. Maybe Thad gets his chance at the 3 and we do a draft day move using our 2 picks to get a top 10 guy.

sfw reply to khouse on Jul 18 at 9:41

Ariza & Young sharing the 3 spot. That could work. Hill would be the key. Not sure how good he will become. The Sixers would be his 3rd team in a very short career. Like Jeffries in a role off the bench but he, Kapono & Green would seem to be occupying too much roster space. Of course that would be about 17 mil expiring!!!

khouse reply to sfw on Jul 18 at 13:13

My apologies as I realized my mistake immediately after I sent it. The more I think about this, the more I'm inclined to say do it as we would be getting some decent value back. Ariza's game is similar to AI's & Hill's potential is intriguing as he might be a good fit with the other young talent we have. Jeffries would be good off the bench & his expiring would be a nice chip too. Plus if a pick is included...IMO this package has some real merit!

That is a nice way to break down the comparison, but having done that I'd say that OKC looks to be substantially stronger than the other two. Right now, the Sixers look a little stronger than the TWolves, but things could break either way depending on what happens with different players. Don't forget that the TWolves have a better salary situation than the Sixers.

One big difference. Kevin Durant. The only way for the Sixers to challenge OKC would be for Turner to come close to Durant's level. Need at least one star and right now the Sixers and Minny don't have one.

We have one guy [Iggy] in the top 10 at his position; hopefully by the time Brand is gone we have 2 more [Turner, Jrue] and than we may have a chance.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 17 at 19:46

jru def top 10, not hopefully. we can hope he can be top 3 or 4.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jul 17 at 19:06

Inception was as good as matrix 1

Jason Mess on Jul 18 at 2:10

If in 3 years Andre is still on this team and it's roster is not change that much. Well we are in trouble and I do not think Turner will be better than either Andre or Jrue.
I think Turner will be a very good fit for this team. He is a smart player who can and has adapted to every level he has played at. I am not convinced he will be a star but he will be a good player. Just let him adapt and become the player he will become. Don't say just because he is the number 2 pick he has to turn this team around. He could be a big piece or THE piece let just wait and find out. It is not like Cousins was the cons. #2 pick or Favors or Johnson were and we still picked Turner.

I do hope that ET is better then Iggy in 3 years. I mean how many years has Iggy been in the league and he is still a halfcourt glitch. He has no low post move, an inefficient mid range game, and a laughable ridicuoulously high arching 3 pt shot where his form looks as if he is jumping into a pool.

Andre Iguodala career stats

3pt% 321 that's with 1326 attatmps

ft % 751, although in the last 3 years he is hovering at about 727....what a loser...ship this guy along with that other shitbird Looser Williams

Jason Mess reply to The Greek on Jul 18 at 11:47

We could ship both of them if we wanted right now and be in a better spot when Brands contract expires. Or we could not and look at a different way to run the offense with Jrue and Evan. I think Turner could end up being more of a complementary player and Jrue being one of the two top ten players at there position that we need. As good as I think Andre is, either right now or near the trade deadline is when he is going to have the most trade value. So trade him or keep him and trade Turner I do not think it will mater that much do either and we win a few more games than last year. The team should have another good draft pick, and if we trade Andre to one of the teams that still have cap space maybe we free up some money down the line. That is if the cap space does not burn a hole in someones pocket.

Um, film snob recommendations... that are recent? I haven't liked many movies recently. I guess a few are The Host, Zodiac, Two Lovers, We Own The Night, A Christmas Tale. Inglourious Basterds as well.

johnrosz on Jul 18 at 20:00

I think Evan Turner is the biggest bust in draft history. He talks funny and he can't even jump! Andre Iguodala can jump and he has more fashionable clothes. We should have taken Cousins, he can't jump either but he is huge and will be a superstar because he dominated the summer league


Old School Sixer Fan reply to johnrosz on Jul 18 at 21:22

"Man you're really down on ET already without watching the guy play a professional game. I don't see Turner failing at the 2 because I think he will become a very good mid range shooter in the future. I also think he will become a quality defender."

Are you just messing around by taking both sides of the discussion or are you practicing for Philly.com?

I'm being sarcastic above. I think it's absurd to declare him a bust after a week of pickup basketball. If the summer league were any indicator of a players professional career, Speights would be a superstar. I had the same concerns as everyone else from the negative summer league play...BUT it's just summer league. I'm willing to give him a full season or more before making any evaluation of what he is or isn't.

JasonMess reply to johnrosz on Jul 18 at 23:45

I think by the half way point of his second season we will have a real good idea what type of player he will be. I think he might have a higher top end than most people think. The only thing is I keep hearing how this roster is mis matched. If that is tru and we will find out soon. Trade Andre and Evan and re arange the roster.

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