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Someone Wants Kapono!

heartbeat, even for just a trade exception.

My worst nightmare is something like Kapono for Charlie V.

I actually think Kapono is more useful to them than us, if that makes sense. He's still not useful at all though. I don't think Petrie would do that though.

Do Trade Exceptions Expire?

Joe reply to Jason on Jul 21 at 7:36

As the Sixers GM, I'd give up a future unprotected 2nd in a heartbeat to dump this slug. Hell, I'd probably give up a future extremely protected first rounder.

They would be paying the Sixers 7 million dollars essentially for Kapono.

Kapono is such a bad player. He is the worst Sixer I can think of of the last 5-10 years. And he was horrible in Toronto, too. The guy needs to shoot >50% from beyond the arc to be a valuable contributor. That is just stupid.

Remember when Kapono was 0-for-2010 like into March from three? That was just a stellar display.

paul reply to Joe on Jul 21 at 11:51

"Kapono is such a bad player. He is the worst Sixer I can think of of the last 5-10 years."

Well, you're not thinking hard enough then. Does the name Michael Bradley ring a bell? Without looking at the rosters I think they're may be some others who were worse. Now, he may be the worst player during that time with a substantial contract and perhaps the worst player who came to the team with some significant expectations.

Of course, there were also a few much more illustrious (and better) players than Kapono to whom the Sixers had to pay large amounts of compensation long past the time that the team received any playing time in return (Glen Robinson, Chris Webber, Aaron McKie). That phenomena was all too common in the Billy King days and infuriated me far more than the occasional Kapono type deal.

Joe reply to paul on Jul 21 at 15:19

I guess I should have added the fact that the guy had to have played.

And it isn't a run away there either. At first glance, their WS/48 are virtually identical.

Joe reply to Jason on Jul 21 at 7:37

Didn't mean to reply to you. Oh well.

And yes trade exceptions expire.

Off the top of my head, I think they expire 1 year from their completion.

Yes, a year later.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jul 21 at 5:52

this was in marc steins espn article


I've been advised that Philadelphia, with its surplus of swingmen, is open to moving sharpshooter Jason Kapono, who has one season left on his contract at $6.6 million. Kapono is a natural target for teams in the hunt for a perimeter specialist with Mike Miller and Kyle Korver getting snapped up early in free agency.

Old School Sixer Fan on Jul 21 at 7:16

We have no need for Kopono with Nocioni and Meeks on the roster. I'd do it for just the trade exception.

The sixers have no need for Nocioni

at this point. 47 fans want him. Sounds good to me. Nice to get a 2nd rounder for him.

Would You Trade For Kapono?

Yes (69%, 47 Votes)
No (19%, 13 Votes)
Not Sure (12%, 8 Votes)
Total Voters: 68

The big question is is he more valueable to trade now or closer to the deadline which will make his expiring much more attractive & net us maybe more in return. Thoughts?

khouse reply to khouse on Jul 21 at 9:11

The trade I think that has more merit is the one that apparently has only been rumored about with Houston:

Iggy + Smith for Ariza + Jeffries + Hill + 1 of the Knicks draft picks they own (if we could get one)

sfw reply to khouse on Jul 21 at 9:35

kh, Where did you read this? Couldn;t find it.

The usual questionable "source" at realgm.

khouse reply to sfw on Jul 21 at 14:48

This came from SixerFan1976 who I guess is considered a reliable source on realgm despite what tk76 "thinks".

I don't consider him reliable or a source, I think that's what TK76 was referring two with the quotes.

His info is entertaining. Not sure how reliable it is, but it sparks discussion. I would not rate his info as better than bleacher report but far worse than most mainstream reporters.

Jason Mess reply to khouse on Jul 21 at 9:46

I would not do that trade. If we trade Andre I think we need to get a legit starting Center/power forward that can rebound and block shots. Example of a player I would want would be Kendrick Perkins (though his constant complaining about fouls is annoying). I do not think the Celtics are interested that is just the type of player I would like to see us get in a trade.

The Kapono situation is sort of sad in that the Sixers won't use his expiring contract even if they could. They have no cap space next year... So if they trade him now to clear cap space they will not use it to sign anyone past this year, and they will not use him in a trade (at the deadline) to bring back something useful.

Basically, similar to with Andre Miller, the expiring salary is more valuable to a cap pressed team like the Sixers than it is to other teams. You have to be willing to take back players in order to use expiring contracts as an asset. And that is not something these Sixers have wanted to do in recent history.

You're wrong on one point here. They were willing to take back extra years for the mullet. In general, though, you're right. That's why I like the TPE they'd get from this. They could use that TPE at the deadline to take back an expiring contract from a team that's over the luxury tax (Brewer and Harpring were both moved like this last year, correct?)

I think the Sixers would be much more likely to make a move like that than trade Kapono for a useful piece that's signed beyond this season.

Does Boston do Rasheed Wallace for Kapono? They are trying to still move him, and the salaries match. Celtics roster very small right now. Contenders always looking for those specialist guys. The Sixers would be able to discard Rasheed's salary once he retires. It's a move that I think makes sense.

Also I think a trade to Cleveland with Delonte West returning could be a possibility. Obviously, with the Sixers waiving his contract, and only having to pay $500,000. Cleveland could probably throw in Leon Powe to match salaries.

What do you think?

Honestly, I'll be shocked if anyone wants him for anything more than his expiring contract, which means they won't be giving us (a) cap space or (b) anything else of value in return for him. I wouldn't do the Sheed trade because there's no guarantee he's going to retire.

I think if there's no hurry (and there shouldn't be) that holding onto Kapono into the season makes some sense. See how the season shakes out, maybe a team on the fringe of contending needs his shot and is willing to do the traditional baseball 'over pay' for the trade deadline dude.

You know, like the phillies are about to do.

I don't think there's a hurry for anything involving the Sixers. I'd actually like Stefanski to take a nice long vacation and come back this time next summer after the 7-day matching period is over for whoever signs Hawes to an offer sheet.

Has Wallace FILED his retirement papers yet? Until he does that, no one is trading for him

Alvin reply to Eric on Jul 21 at 21:19

That would be daylight robbery in our favour to be honest. Powe when he was fit was a very strong rebounder off the bench, which is exactly what this team needs with such poor big man options (especially defensively).

"We're definitely going to miss him," Iguodala said. "When I was lacking on defense a few times during a game, he was there to block a shot. We don't have that threat anymore. We're going to miss him. But at the same time, I think we have solid players who can help us."

Iggy Pop said

“Good players keep coaches jobs and bad players get coaches fired,” he said. “So we know we have to perform better. I need to do a better job of leading the team and holding it together."

Yeah no shit

Last season was mostly his fault

No it wasn't, but its refreshing to see that he admits that he needs to be a better leader.

Stan reply to The Greek on Jul 21 at 11:18

I can't stand all of this "leader" bullshit. Philly has some obsession with it for some reason.

Are you saying that teams win championships without leadership?

Every great team needs to have strong leadership players and coaches included, or else you will have a goofball like Sammy D showing up 15 minutes late for practice and never getting reprimanded for it.

I think iguodala's leadership is fine.

I think the problem is the rest of the team. The fact that every starter, besides Iguodala, is a below average starter historically and then every bench player is a below average bench player for their specific role.(except Lou IMO)

Call me crazy, but bad players seem to be the problem with this team. And they just traded one of their 2 good ones historically.

The Army of Fredonia would still lose with Patton in charge

Igoudala's stats during the last 5 minutes of a tie game:

fg% .386
3fg% .289
ft% .66

Well that just proves it doesn't it?

paul reply to Danny on Jul 21 at 12:11

Nice snapshot. I felt during the season that the departure of Andre Miller placed too much of a psychological burden to carry the team on AI9 and this seemed most evident in the closing minutes of a tight game. Sometimes he pulled this off but more often he tried too hard to be source of team offense with unsatisfactory results. I hope the new coach and system do something to reduce the frequency of this habit.

Joe reply to Danny on Jul 21 at 12:40


Look at the top Sixers... Lou and Sammy. lol.


There is another one on "clutch" from the data from 82games. Iguodala was actually one of the top performers in 2008. In 2009 and 2010, he wasn't.

There is no question Iguodala is miscast being the go to guy in the 1/2 court offense. But if that is what you are using to define him, then you are missing out on his game.

If Iguodala was the Robin instead of being Batman in thiose late game setting we would see very good numbers. I'm really not sure its fair too blame a player for having lousy teammates to where he is being asked to play a role he is ill suited for.

Duncan would make a lousy PG and Lebron is a lousy jump shooter. But their teams are structured to use them properly. Iguodala is a tier below those elite superstars, but he is also completely miscast until the Sixers find better offensive players to pair him with. I guess Turner is a step in the right direction.

Well, then, if the Sixers do manage to get something of value for him, that will speak well of the strategy of playing him substantial minutes at the tail end of a lost season. He actually did manage to put up pretty decent offensive numbers in April.

Month/Games/Minutes per game/Pts per Game/FG %

Tom Moore on Jul 21 at 14:13

Sixers have signed veteran big man Tony Battie. Conference call at 3 p.m.

My first reaction was that I didn't know he was still in the NBA. Then I checked his stats and saw that he barely was. I guess they need competition for Elson for 14th man?

paul reply to Tom Moore on Jul 21 at 14:28

Well, at least that's a likely improvement over a similar type signing of Calvin Booth a few years back. That probably closes the books on any new additions for next year unless they come by trade.

Calvin Booth did one thing well, blocked shots. That's one more thing than Battie does well.

paul reply to Brian on Jul 21 at 20:51

I seem to recall Battie rebounding well and playing decent defense in limited minutes throughout his career. Two years ago he still had a decent end-of-the-bench big man type season. He was OK for Orlando against the Sixers in the playoffs two years ago.

Perhaps on a per minute basis Booth did block shots better than Battie, but Booth never averaged over 20 minutes a game in his entire career whereas Battie had 9 seasons with average minutes a game exceeding that. A person can talk all they want about per minute measures but the number of minutes played is probably a more comprehensive measure of a player's worth.

Tom Moore on Jul 21 at 14:21

Believe deal is one year for veterans' minimum ($1,352,181).

MylesKong on Jul 21 at 14:25

I don't see 1 reason the kings would just absord Kapono's 7 M. They have Donte Green and Omri Casspi at the 3. I just don't see Kapono taking any time from these young guys.

And please stop making excuses for Iggy. I see Iggy make bad decisions all the time in late game situation including taking the last shot opposed to passing to an open Thad or Lou, or Jrue for that matter. It's not how he's cast thats the problem. It's how he perceives himself. He thinks he's much better offensively than he really is. And HE doesn't play to his own strengths. Maybe its the Sixers fault he doesn't know what his own strengths or weaknesses are.

Who exactly would you say should have had the ball down the stretch for the last 3 seasons? Lou? Thad?

For better or worse, Iguodala was the best player on the Sixers since AI left- so he was expected to be there go to offensive man. That is a horrible reflection on the Sixers, since Iguodala is a glue guy, not a skilled player in the half court.

Like I said, it would be like asking Duncan to be your PG or Lebron to be you shooting specialist. Good teams use their best players correctly. The Sixers are not a good team, and hang there players out to dry... Like asking Lou to be a true PG with a weak 2nd unit or having Brand handle the ball primarily out past the 3 pt line.

Off topic, but does anyone know what happened to Kate Fagan? She was at the World Cup but stopped reporting in the middle of it and seems to have disappeared completely. Does the Inquirer even have a regular Sixers beat writer right now?

Tom Moore on Jul 21 at 14:28

Stefanski in statement: "We see Tony Battie as a player who can come in and give us additional depth in the front court while also providing a valuable veteran presence for our younger players both on and off the court."

Tom Moore on Jul 21 at 14:32

Sixers apparently view Battie, who played in 15 games with Nets last season, as insurance.

Jason Smith insurance. That's awesome.

khouse reply to Brian on Jul 21 at 15:09

Is it insurance or does Battie's age make it Social Security?

The sad thing about Kapono is that by this point I am almost convinced that if they trade him they'll make an awful deal, so I'm actually hoping they just let his contract expire.

The Clippers may have interest in Jason Kapaono. The Clippers do have the cap space to absorb JK's contract. Plus there GM coached JK in highschool and JK played with Baron Davis in college. The Clippers are in need of another SF and if the Clippers strike out with TMac, they probably will make a run at JK for a trade exception and a protected second round pick. It's a win-win for both teams...

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