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Pressing Questions - 7/23

I'm being selfish, but I want Iguodala to be on Team USA. I want him to do well, and I want him to get more recognition.

I'm looking for the sixers to make up their win deficit from last year and reach 41 wins again. I think it's possible and I think if this isn't done, a certain someone (Stefanski) could be out of a job, I hope.

14 PPG
47% FG%
37% 3P%

Jason reply to Jeff on Jul 23 at 3:01

Dear god those are Depressing stats for Jrue.

1) I want him there to try and showcase his talents in hopes of increasing his trade value ( I think he's going to be traded at some point).

2) Wins are irrelevant to me.

3) I want 15/7/4/1.5 steals/45/38

Jeff reply to Jason on Jul 24 at 1:00

Yeah, most people tend to be generous when predicting stats. If you think about it, though, Jrue will be playing alongside two other people capable of facilitating. There is a chance he might have some difficulty adapting to the new coach. There are factors that make predicting difficult. I'd say he should at least be able to attain those numbers. I certainly hope he does better.

Points or rebounds are not that important,Jrue's assists must improve if he will get to the next level and be an elite point guard.

Rich reply to Levent on Jul 23 at 13:30

Sadly I think he's going to have to chip in at least a little on the boards with this team rebounding mantra. For him it's not really necessary, but it could help too. It makes a guy like Rondo unique.

1) Yes. I'm hoping playing on a team like that will remind him what playing on a team is like, and remind him what his talents are so that he can get utilize them to help the Sixers win. On the flipside, I'm worried playing on a team like that will make him think he's even more of a star and that he should be our undisputed franchise player chucking up 20 shots a night. If that's going to be the case I'd rather he stay home and work on his three point shot.

2) I know most will see this as ridiculously optimistic, but I'll be disappointed with anything below 40 wins. That's not to say I necessarily expect we'll get that many, though.

3) I'm not really worried about his stats. Run the offense well, defend well, and become more of a floor leader.

Before the eastern conference improved so much this summer I expected 45 to 42 wins but now 40 works for me.The gap between Milw. and Chicago and us has become a cavern.

Iggy may gain more by this experience and missing some on court time this season than vise/versa . And we get to see more mullet.

I think Jrue and Turner have a harder time playing together than Iggy/ Turner and expect stretches when Jrue is an off the ball jump shooter, because he may be our only starter capable. His pts. go up 16 ppg., assists don!t progress much 5 pg., and his 3 pt. % dips slightly because of more attempts 36%. He ,Turner and Iggy make up for any rebounds missed with Sammy leaving and he gets 5 pg. His shooting percentage also dips slightly.

Milwaukee got a lot better because they added Maggette, Gooden & Larry Sanders? Jennings will be better, too, but I don't like their roster. (19 players listed currently.) Maybe Bogut is a lot better than I realize, but they don't have a lot of scoring in the front court. With Jennings, Redd & Salmons, maybe they don't need it.

I'd love to have Salmons & Matt Barnes on this team instead of Willie & Lou, by the way.

MylesKong on Jul 23 at 8:46

1. I want Iggy to make the team because the experience might help him get better. I think Collins won't play him as many minutes because he'll want the players to play hard the entire time they are on the court. So I expect subs to be more frequent. No more reserving energy while you're on the court for later in the game.
2. I think a .500 season would be successful. I think they will win 43, 44 games. Not easy with the improvement in the East.(sidebar: Chicago finishes with best record in East)
3. 12 ppg(3 30+ pt performances, 1 trip dub) 8.5 apg, 4 rpg, 1.8 spg, .4 bpg, 47% fg, 37% 3fg, 2.4 tpg

I'd like to see him make it just because he has been putting in so much effort to do so. Obviously it matters to him.

Before the trade I would have said 41 wins. After, not sure. I think the team as a whole has lost a bit, but I have some faith in what Collins envisions and believes. I truly believe the team was at its worst last year, mostly due to Jordan. Whether it was his system, or the fact he lost the players early, I think most of it falls on his shoulders. At least I'd like to think so. A significant improvement from last year is expected, but similar results wouldn't be surprising.

16 ppg/7 ast/4 rpg/49 fg%/41 3%

"From a win/loss perspective, what's your barometer for success this season? Forget player development and how they get there. How many wins do you need to see for you to believe this team performed to its potential?"

Sorry, I can't think of this year in terms of Wins/losses. I only care about the development of Jrue/Lou/Thad/Speights/Meeks/Hawes/Smith. Any of those players taking the right steps towards being able to fill a role on a good team is a small victory for this team.

1. No- don't want to see Iggy picked. Maybe a slight like that will motivate him even more for this season. And yes, the minutes need to stay down.

2. 42 wins would be a success to me. A winning season and a 7th seed playoff spot.

3. Jrue- 15 pts, 7 ast, 3 reb, 45 fg%, and a 40% clip from 3. I also think with the extra pressure we should be putting on the backcourts of other teams this year that 2 steals a game from Jrue isn't out of the question.

I want to see 3 things out of Jrue this year:

1. Be part of an disruptive backcourt defensive tandem.
2. Continue to shoot a good percentage of 3's (I'm concerned this will not happen.)
3. Assert himself as the floor general in the half court.

1 - That's a good point.

2 - Nice to see that some of the guesses are above the 40 line. (Some are saying 20.)

3 - 2 steals would be nice. This team has thrived on turnovers the past 3 or 4 years. It reduces the number of half-court possessions.

Was supposed to be to ryano. The placing of the reply button always fools me.

1) I want Iguodala to get more recognition. I want him on the team and I want him playing. I also want the US team to win and Iguodala vs. Gay/Mayo is an enormous difference IMO.

2) To believe they performed to their potential? I'll go with 28 assuming 100% health. With assuming some sort of injury, maybe 25 is the real number. I'll go with 25.5.

3) Jrue: 14, 6, 4, 46.5%, 34.5%, 1.8 stl, 3.2 TO.

1) Yes. Both he and the Sixers could use the positive exposure.

2) I'd like to see 40+ wins, but, after last season, I'd probably be satisfied with something between 35-40. The off season developments probably allow the Sixers to pass at least two teams (Toronto, Cleveland) who were ahead of them last year. On the other hand, it is quite possible that a team like Washington could move ahead of the Sixers.

3) 12/5.5/3/45%/38%

Washington has appeared to make big offseason strides for 25 years but they never seem to do it, except when they got Caron Butler for Kwame Brown. (Oh wait, that couldn't have happened - the Lakers never make bad moves.) Remember when they got Moses? Gus Williams, Stackhouse, Arenas, Webber, Mitch Richmond...nothing ever seems to work. But that doesn't mean it won't happen with John Wall.

So Brian... can we get a response from you on this one?


1) No. Selfishly, I don't want him playing that many extra minutes.

2) I think their ceiling is probably 35 wins, I'm expecting closer to 30. It'll be a miracle if Collins gets them anywhere near 40.

3) 15/7/4/48%/37%

If Jrue goes anywhere near that, and Turner is anywhere near as good as I think he'll be, we'll easily win 40.

Even if Iguodala, Turner and Jrue all exceed expectations, the issues at 4 and 5, lack of rebounding and interior defense are going to hold the team back.

All mediocre teams have fatal flaws. That's why they're mediocre.

bebopdeluxe reply to Derek Bodner on Jul 24 at 0:18

Agreed. I think that Brand is a 16/8 guy who reminds us why they wanted to add him, Jrue takes a BIG step forward and Iggy finally starts channelling his inner Grant Hill. I think that Speights and Lou both realise that they need to have a fucking clue out on the floor or they won't play, and Collins is smart enough to not put lineups out there where their flaws are exposed (i.e. they won't be on the floor together much).

The only way they win less than 35 games is either 1) a ton of man-games missed to injury or 2) Turner is a bust.

1) No. I still have nightmares from Yao Ming a few years ago.
2) I really don't know how I can separate wins from player development. I can't judge Collins on wins/losses, because any wins gained at the expense of player development is a bad thing in my book. If I had to pick a number, and say "if our primary goal was winning games", I'd say 42.
3) 14 ppg, 6 apg, 3.5 rpg, 43% fg%, 37% 3pt%

Other than excessive minutes for Nocioni, WG or Battie I can't see how the distribution of minutes will retard player development.

BTW, everyone has said Iguodala is best used as Robin to a legit Batman... so is getting a guy who's nickname is "Batman" (Battie) the next best thing in Stefanski's view?

Court_visioN reply to Derek Bodner on Jul 23 at 14:34

Yao Ming is a different situation than Iguodala. If Andre makes the USA squad he'll be playing around 15-20 minutes a night in Turkey, whereas Yao Ming was counted on to perform 35-40 minutes a night.

Yao is also made of glass.

He wasn't earlier in his career. Don't want a lack of rest causing injuries that become chronic.

My barometer for success this season is purely player development -- that Turner shows enough to be a projected solid starter, JRue shows enough to be a projected star, and Speights turns into a passable defender. Since Fast Eddie has showed he cannot manage the free agent/trade system, I am going to root for a ton of losses this year and a high draft pick for the 4 or 5 positions.

Jason Mess on Jul 23 at 12:31

For Jrue avg.
I would love to see 15 ppg with at least 5-10 games we he saw that the team need him to take over as the primary scoring option.

Apg I would be very happy with 5 a game as long as his turnovers are down say about a 4 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. /that might be optimistic. With Evan and Andre I do not think Jrue needs to be raking up 7 plus assist a game on this team.

Fg%=43%, 3pt%=37%, free throw attempts per game=5 with a ff%- +78%.

Rpg=5 I just think with the lack of front court players that can rebound all of our back court players will have to step up.

In my heart, I'd like to see Iguodala make the team and shine. I enjoyed watching Iverson do well in 2004 - it's just a pride thing. In my head, though, I don't want him to play. I've never been crazy about international hoops. '68 and especially '72 soured me on it and nothing I've seen since has compelled me to get into it. Not even the Dream Team - especially not the Dream Team.

I was thinking about how many games they might win yesterday. 40 wins popped into my head and it just didn't seem realistic at all. I refuse to believe that this team will be bad, but... 36 wins might be the ceiling. On the other hand, there are going to be a bunch of bad teams in the EC, so maybe 40 - 45 is remotely possible. (BTW, can you imagine what Cleveland will be like? It's scary. They don't even have Z anymore.)

13 pts
8.5 assists
4 boards

1. I'll go with the opposite of most people. I want to see Andre make this team. I like worldwide recognition of the Sixers even if it isn't that important. Let's say Rudy Fernandez starts going nuts for Spain against the US again. You all would have a sense of pride in seeing Coach K turn to our guy.

2. W/L aren't really important because I think we'll see a lot of players get a reawakening to professional basketball. You always got the feeling that as bad as Jordan was, that he still was trying to squeeze out every win. I think in the mid 30s is more realistic, but 40 or so wins would be a pleasant surprise.

3. Jrue: 14/7/4/49/40. A consistent three-point shot and a better assist to turnover ratio are really what I'm looking for.

Question, how many shots per game are people expecting Jrue to take? Is everyone expecting Jrue to take less shots now that Evan Turner is in town? I see a few people saying he'll shoot near 50%, but are saying he will only average 12-13 ppg. Jrue averaged 10.5 FGa/36, with 35% of those being 3 pts. If he's shooting just 50% he should be averaging 13 without getting to the line, add in the FTs he should be averaging at least 16 ppg if his production doesn't decrease (possible, but not by a big enough margin for him to ave less than 14 if he's shooting 48/37 or better).

2nd. I didn't get to watch enough games when Jrue started to average big minutes. How many FTA do people expect from Jrue next year? I am looking at his 2009 stats and he only averaged 2FTA/36. Is that stat reflective how Jrue tries to get to the line? Is that something he needs to improve on?

He was getting a bit better at that laster in the year. he was able to get off a lot of quality inside shots by avoiding contact- but he still needs to absorb contact. With him getting strong, I think we will see him add that to his game.

BTW, I think this year will still be baby steps. But I'm hoping Jrue is an impact PG on both ends by 2011/12. The Summer League gave a hint of how he can dominate if he is comfortable- but I don't think the game "slows down" for him at the NBA level for another year or two.

Kevin Ollie is G-O-D on Jul 23 at 15:11

With the perfect Tony Battie and Barnes to L.A., we can probably get our hands on the final piece of the EDDIE-STEFANSKI-FLAMING-BAG-O'-POO PANACEA:


saw this on truehoop. im not sure why they posted this but here it is

According to David Thorpe's rankings (Insider) the 20th best rookie in summer league was the second overall pick, Evan Turner:
Turner was, at best, a poor player in Orlando compared to any reasonable expectation -- not locked in, bad body language and poor skills.

But don't get too alarmed. It's a testament to his talent that he still made plays on the glass and had some good offensive moments. I suspect that while almost every other player spent three to eight weeks before July working on their games and working out for teams, Turner did little on-court stuff. No doubt he'll look better in preseason and beyond.

From Hollinger's chat today ...

Winston (Los Angeles)

What's the worst contract in the NBA right now? I contend it's Peja at $15.3 million (or maybe the one Darko just signed).
John hollinger (3:25 PM)

Elton Brand. Peja only has one year left, but Brand has three at a total of about $50 million.

Jason reply to Joe on Jul 23 at 15:48

I'd take Brand over Rashard lewis 3/65 left lol.

I don't care that lewis can occassionaly shoot 3s

Tray reply to Jason on Jul 24 at 11:05

Occasionally he scores 20 points a game some seasons on pretty good shooting.

johnrosz on Jul 23 at 15:53

Don't want any part of Iggy on the USA Team. Had that ankle injury at the end of the year. I'd prefer him to spend his time in the gym with his shooting coach that Steven A. hates so much. I think this is the year Andre starts to develop some low post moves, started to see it the 2nd half of last year.

Collins will make this team better. Everyone will buy in, I think they win 40 games.


I'd like to see Iggy on the USA team playing with elite players. Just to see what he can do. I think it would make him a better player, just like it did Charles Barkley years ago.

Collins alone will get this team to 40 wins.
Looking for Hawes to play a big role as well---I look for him to be a 12 and 8 guy.
Nocioni will be our 6th man enforcer/defender as he reverts back to his Chicago bulls form.
Moving beyond that will be the real challenge.

15ppg/5rpg/7apg...very solid year.

What makes you think Nocioni at 31 will suddenly recapture the step he lost that allowed him to be an effective defender at age 27?

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jul 23 at 19:10

I always ask that question about Elton Brand. How often in the nba to players into their 30's "regain" anything? If you're lucky, you can become a quality role player like Grant Hill or Antonio McDyess after your prime...

The *only* argument you can make for Brand is that due to missed time (and a lot of it), he doesn't have the mileage others in their early 30's have.

johnrosz reply to Rodney Buford on Jul 24 at 15:32

I remember reading that when Elton goes to the gym, his surgically repaired leg is only capable of lifting 40 % of the weight that his healthy leg can...

I will never be able to get over the fact that they gave this guy a contract after such a serious injury.

I'm sure I'm overly optimistic on Jrue and his maturation process for this year but I don't see 17 Ppg/8Apg/5Rpg/45%FG/39%3pt as unreachable this year. I think Collins will have everything flow through Jrue this year and I would think he would take 10-13 shots a game. If he can get to the foul line atleast 4 times (8 Foul shots) per game then I see him at around 17ppg. Iggy will go back to his complimentary role this year.

So this year really doesn't matter in the sense that our rotation at the 4 and 5 position is so poor defensively that we have no shot at making it out of the first round (if we even make the playoffs to begin with). I think Jrue will be the one bright spot this year that will make this team watchable. I think 18ppg/6apg/5rpg/46%fgp/38%3pp is doable. I also do want to see Iggy play on team USA just to get some recognition for the team.

I have been looking at free agency classes for the next few years to determine which players the sixers should target. My opinion is that we need to add 4's and 5's. In the 2011 free agency class (http://www.realgm.com/src_freeagents/2011/) I like: Kendrick Perkins and Jeff Green. In the 2012 free agency class I like: JJ Hickson and Andre Blatche. My free agency search assumes that a backcourt of Jrue, Turner, and Iggy/Young will emerge as our core. Anyone else have a wish list for the next two years of free agency?

Agreed. However, no amount of weight lifting or donut eating (can't tell which he is doing) will help him learn how to play offense.

1) Of course I'd like to see him make the team. It's nice to see our guys get recognition like that (I distinctly remember being a little too excited when Dana Barros made the All-star game). And who knows, maybe he picks up something from the coaching or the competition or just being around other very good players. On top of that, perhaps his trade value rises due to the performance and *if* necessary he fetches a better haul down the road.

This would be an interesting trade, from the Sports Guy:

sportsguy33 Hey @tedleonsis - here's a trade that gains you 50 wins. I think you should do it. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=2c28tq3

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