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Hoops Tonight

I'll probably watch, how do these scrimmages play in terms of quality?

Dunno, never seen one before. I'd imagine it's better than summer league, though.

I'll be watching/DVR'ing. I'm pretty intrigued given the quality on each side. Hell, it's better than Nascar on ESPN.

have they released each Squad of the intrasquad scrimmage?

Iguodala with 2 nice Jumpers. Looking good :)

Jason reply to Jason on Jul 24 at 22:10

lol then next possession takes an ill advised 3.

Iguodala with a nice block on russel westbrook.

Lol these announcers are awful, Can't get the players right, Called iguodala rondo earlier, Called Gerald Wallace Iguodala.

Players are loving this short 3 pt line, Iguodala is definitely making the final team imo.

He should. Pretty ugly game being played right now.

Ugh, Chandler and JaVale McGee. One of them is going to make this team.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Jul 24 at 22:59

you could argue both of them are going to make the team =(

Announcers/production gave Iguodala the assist of the game so far after 2 and a half quarters lol.

Granger costing Iguodala assists.

I think Gay and Granger are having a competition to see who is the worst defender on the floor.

Dear god, has Gerald Wallace made a 3 yet? i've seen him jack at least 4 up and i've only seen a portion of the game.

Also how is iguodala doing overall? haven't seen much of him(only saw first quartr then picked up halfway through 3rd)

I've sort of been half watching while I do some work. Every time I hear Igudoala's name I look up and realize the announcers are talking about someone else.

I'd feel sooooooooooooo much better about Turner right now if he was like 75% of the shooter Steph Curry is.

Wow nice three by Iggy. His shot looks pretty nice today.

He played well. Really well on the defensive end from what I saw. Not that anyone cares about that.

Jason reply to Brian on Jul 25 at 0:09

Yeah, Iguodala showed that he is a lot better than Danny Granger (the guy disappeared in an offensive only game lol) and Gerald Wallace. Rudy Gay impressed me as well, didn't think he was as good/maybe better.

On a NBA future note, I am worried about Kevin Durants,Manute bol esque Body frame, just looking at his legs scares me.

Jason reply to Jason on Jul 25 at 0:12

Supposed to say "as good/Maybe better than iggy" at end of the main paragraph

17 points on 6 shots for Iguodala.

Chris Sheridan seems to love Gerald Wallace for this team-

As a USA fan, you have to want Iggy for this team over Wallace. I guess Wallace can play the 4 more, but then they aren't really competing for the same spot.

Jason reply to Rich on Jul 25 at 2:15

I hate Chris Sheridan, I used to love the word superfluous, but due to his rampant overuse of it I have come to hate it. I don't think that Team USA thinks Wallace>Iggy based on the fact they were on same squad and Iguodala started over Wallace.

I really hope that Iguodala is the first SF off the bench at the worst ( I think Gay will end up startingw/ Durant). I really want to see what he can do playing alongside a scorer like Durant to try and imagine how he and Evan could potentially work out.

Rich reply to Jason on Jul 25 at 2:21

The team is going to be built around Durant. I don't think it's close on who matches up best with Durant. Iguodala complements him very well. I'm actually encouraged he'll get a lot of time. Iggy can legit play the 4 at the international level.

Didn't Chris Sheridan say that Iguodala probably had no shot at making this team? I'm sure this in now way will demonstrate to anyone that maybe Iguodala is a good basketball player surrounded by no talent.

The coach K comments were nice

didnt see the game but LOVE having Iggy represent the Sixers. To me its like having him make the all star game.
Im not really interested unless players from my team are there I trust collins will limit his minutes accordingly as we have PLENTY of options to back him up.
I think the early returns on turner (again 'just' summer league...but still) make people a little sour on moving Iggy as he is undeniably our best player. This isnt a John Wall/Gilbert Arenas situation where even if Arenas werent a head case he would be out the door with the emergence of wall...

Alvin reply to gdog on Jul 25 at 8:58

I feel the Wall/Arenas comparison doesn't hold because they play the same position (although Arenas is a "shoot-first" PG) whereas IMO Turner is an SG and Iggy is an SF. Also with Arenas he is probably past his prime while Iggy should at the peak of his career.

"I think the early returns on turner (again 'just' summer league...but still) make people a little sour on moving Iggy as he is undeniably our best player"

I don't agree that Iguodala is undeniably our best player.

Really ?
Who do you think is better RIGHT NOW then Iggy ?
Jrue ? Turner ? Brand ?
Jrue, MAYBE Turner has a shot to BE better, years down the road, but right now Iggy is undeniably, unquestionably, our best player. Its not even close.

bebopdeluxe reply to gdog on Jul 25 at 13:02


I think it's very possible (perhaps even probable) Turner has a better year than Iguodala.

I'm going to have to disagree here. Iguodala's the best player on this team. I'd bet serious money Turner isn't at his level yet, and I'd say it's possible (perhaps even probable) he never gets there.

Did you think this before the summer league ?

I thought he had a chance to be an All Star, still do. Still think he's going to eventually be a better scorer than Iguodala. Being a better overall player than Iguodala is a tall order though, and I'd say the odds are against it.

If I was judging on the SL alone, I'd say it's never going to happen.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 25 at 15:41

I hope to God you're wrong.

I think he is wrong. I thought so in March and nothing I have seen has changed my opinion. And i don't consider that a diss on Andre.

I'm with Derek on this one.

Like I said before, Turner is in the same high school class as Mayo/Rose/Gordon/Love and his #2 status suggests he is seen as near the top of that list. That makes me think he will be a top 50 NBA player after an initial adjustment. Iguodala is a top 40 NBA player, so I expect them to be close in terms of level by the end year. My guess being Iguodadla will be better at the end of the year, but just by a nose.

Certainly Summer League through some of that thinking into question. It suggests that either Turner could take longer to adjust to NBA competition/athletes than I thought, or wort case that his game mighty not translate as well as expected... or it could be a fluke.

We shall see, but IMO at age 22 Turner should be close to his prime by the end of the year. It typically does not take skilled guards all that long to get to their prime. Iguodala entered his prime ate age 22-3.

I don't agree with that #2 pick logic. He wouldn't have been the #2 pick had he come out when those other guys in his HS class came out, and he wouldn't have been the #2 pick had those guys stayed in college until this season.

IMO, the only way to knock the #2 pick measure is to say that this year's draft class is weaker than the other years. For example, Russell Westbrook was the 114th rated prospect of the 2006 class (Oden/Durant/Thad year.) But he was picked #4 in 2008 based on how he was seen as an NBA prospect. Same logic applies to Turner.

Otherwise, Turner was measured to be the #2 prospect in his class. BTW, Beasley was also in that HS class and rated a #2 pick. So it shows that how a player is projected when drafted is a best guess...

Rich reply to tk76 on Jul 25 at 18:46

I don't understand what high school has anything to do with how they play now. I don't know where the #2 thing is coming from either, another site maybe? Rivals, which I consider to be the big recruiting site, has him ranked #49 in the class.

I look at the names I see above him: Corey Fisher, Corey Stokes, Taylor King, Mac Koshwal, Dar Tucker, Jai Lucas.

High school really has no big effect on guys now. Obviously a lot of the guys that are high on the list pan out, and some don't. But if you are going to argue that he was on par with the top guys back then, the Rivals list doesn't really think he was in that tier.

If you were to do the list now, he's a Top 5 guy, but the other guys are NBA players already, so he could move up or down. Rose is #1.

Rich reply to Rich on Jul 25 at 18:49

Philly's own Scoop Jardine from N-G is four spots behind Turner. Scoop is a nice college player, but he's not in Turner's class as that list suggests. I don't know about Turner in HS, but maybe he just matured later.

Sorry for the confusion. I was making separate points...

1: Turner is the same age (same HS class) as Rose/Gordon/Mayo/Rose.) Those guys are already impact NBA players. So to say it will take years for Turner to approach his prime, while his classmates are already very good NBA players dose not make sense IMO. For example, other older high picks like Wade and Roy were both in their prime by the second half of their rookie years.

2: Turner should NOT be measured by his HS status (about 50th), but by his draft status. Similar to Westbrook, he was seen as a top NBA prospect at the time he was drafted, even though neither was seen as anything special coming out of HS. But it is how a player is drafted that is the best measure of how scouts believe he will perform in the pros (when the player hits their prime.)

3. So that means Turner should be close to his prime given his age/peers. And his peers are mentioned in the same conversation as Iguodala (especially Rose) when looking at projections for next year. So unless Turner's college years stunted his growth, or he is not worthy of being a #2 overall pick... he should be a very good pro this year- and in the smae conversation as Iguodala.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jul 25 at 20:08

Oh alright, yeah I agree.

I've been wrong plenty of times before. For the team, it would be awesome if Turner could settle in as a scorer immediately, that's much more important than the overall game IMO where the Sixers are concerned. They don't need him to be a great playmaker or great defender right away, they've got Iguodala and Jrue to do that. If Turner can become a legit #1 scoring option, he'll be drawing a lot of attention and it'll elevate Jrue and Iguodala's effectiveness.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 25 at 18:21

Oh yeah, I completely agree. I hope you're wrong just because I want the guy to be a star, not that I'm not a little concerned about Turner, because I am. It is Summer League though so I won't go crazy.

I totally agree that Turner's fit on this team is as a #1 scorer. I've been saying that since we drafted him, and people want to see him play point, etc. It's not that he can't play the PG (I'm confident he can do it for up to 10 mins. a night), but we have a PG. He needs to excel in the 2 guard spot (btw. Jrue and Iggy) and become a guy that can fill it up routinely and easily get his shot by himself. We already have a solid point guard and a do-it-all guy. His fit between Jrue and Iguodala is the thing we need to see most from him this year.

Alvin reply to Rich on Jul 25 at 20:56

Totally, man. Agree 100%.


Have you thought about doing an article about the affect on players and their stats under a moron coach like EJ? I think most people are in agreement that Doug Collins will make this team better this year and I'd like to look at what can be expected this year from our team. Everyone had a down year: Iggy, Brand, Thad, Speights... minus Lou Williams.

There is probably a case out there where a team hired a coach with a particular system and then it imploded since those players didn't have the required skills for that system. And then if they found a suitable coach the next year I'd like to see the jump in production from wins to individual stats from the best players if possible. I think this team will be a 40 - 45 win team this year and a breakdown like this might help show why that is possible.

I don't think that's how it usually works, decent year, bad year under a bad coach, new coach and you bounce right back to being decent, as a team. Usually, the damage a bad coach does takes a couple seasons to overcome.

bebopdeluxe on Jul 25 at 11:43

Coach K comments after the game on Andre...

I think Andre has had a great week. I think any of these guys would tell you that he’s an easy guy to play with. He doesn’t need the ball. I told him right after the ballgame out on the court that he was beautifully efficient. I’m not sure anyone has ever called him beautiful before … I know no one has ever called me beautiful. I was looking actually for a return of him saying, ‘well coach you look beautiful too’ … maybe as we get to know each other more, he’ll do that. Andre, yeah he can defend. You need guys out there who don’t have to touch the ball long. He’s a fun guy to play … he’ll be one of the key guys for our basketball team.

I guess all of those yabos at ESPN are right - Turner and Iggy simply cannot work together...because - as we all know - Andre needs the ball in his hands to be successful...


Fkn disgusting. Verizon Center= 100% :|, guess i won't eat stadium food when Sixers come down lol.

Man, I don't want to read that.

Watching how effective Iguodala is next to legit stars is bitter-sweet. Iguodala is horribly miscast as the go to guy on the Sixers- and takes the blame for the Sixers failures. Yet he would be the perfect complement to an offensive star- if only the team had been built properly these last few years.

Tk, I thought we just drafted him? A lot of people thought making this team would explode Iggy!s ego but it looks like it may help Collins stress to him about not needing the ball, a good thing in the end.

That's the hope. Last year I felt that without a top pick this team was doomed for a long time. But they lucked/bungled their way into the #2 pick. And if Turner can become an elite offensive weapon (say Kobe lite) and be a superstar, then this team has a chance to build into something in a few years.

One of Jordan's reasons for retiring early was that the 1992 Olympics had taken a lot out of him.

Hey, I caught the game on DVR. I thought Iguodala was one of the three best players on the court, along with Durant and Rose. Gay scored a lot of points but he was only focused on one end of the court (and had 7 turnovers). I couldn't find a boxscore with +/-, but if I had to guess, Iguodala had one of the best +/- in the game and Gay had one of the worst. I think Iguodala will not only make the team but he'll be a starter and regular rotation guy.

It'll be interesting to see who will be the first cuts. My guesses would be McGee (though he probably looked the best among the big men), Brook Lopez, Gerald Wallace, and Tyreke Evans (since he's been hurt). Most of the guards who played had their moments (as expected in a glorified scrimmage). The only guard who had a truly poor game was Billups, who is almost a lock to make the team.

I'm actually going to enjoy watching this team play, I think.

If I'm deciding the starting lineup right now, my only question is at PG:

PG: Billups or Rose
SG: Curry
SF: Durant
PF: Iguodala
C: Odom

If this was the NBA game, I'd put Rose at PG, but I think Billups outside shooting is going to be at a premium and Billups will make them pay from deep. This lineup really gives you three guys who can torture teams from three. The big problem I see in international play is how are we going to defend the Gasols if/when we play Spain.

I lean toward Rose over Billups because Rose is the better penetrator, though Billups might see more crunchtime minutes. It seemed the White team got all kinds of open shots when Rose/Iguodala/Durant/Curry were on the floor together, penetrating and kicking. I wonder if they put their projected starting lineup on the floor together, to see how they would do. A motivated Odom is a good choice at center for international play, but I wonder how much his mind would be into it after his long season. It does seem that low post centers struggle with the international game (never more apparent than Tim Duncan in 2004), so Odom might get the nod.

Durant looks like he could be beaten on defense, but his opponent PER numbers were phenomenal this past season. I wonder if that's the "LeBron syndrome" -- opponents are so tired of defending him on the other end that their own offense suffers.

By the way, I mistakenly left Jeff Green off the projected cut list. As one writer put it, "Jeff, we won't be needing your turnaround jumpers in Turkey."

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