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Pressing Questions - 7/30

I just don't see us making any more moves, bI can offer up a few suggestions.

Get rid of Louser Williams, the dude is a selfish prick who doesn't play defense.

Get a veteran pg to back up Jrue, someone in the mold of an Earl Watson.

Go out and see if Speights has any value.

Flame Me on Jul 30 at 2:23

I'm going to get flamed for this, absolutely flamed, but damnit, I want playoff basketball!

Antawn Jamison for a deal of Thad Young+filler 1 year deals. I don't want Thad on this team if Iguodala is here and i don't want iguodala traded. I don't give a damn that we couldn't stop Dwight Howard or any other competent Big.

Well, you recognized you should've been flamed for that idea, and that's half the battle :)

Don't know if all the parties involved would do this trade but I think it makes the 76ers better this year and in the future.


Marty reply to Chodeburger on Jul 30 at 9:41

At first glance, it doesn't seem like a bad deal for anyone. If I was in Stefanski's shoes, I'd be calling Orlando everyday to try and get Gortat.

I'm not really sure why POR makes this deal. Bayless is essentially a younger, cheaper version of Lou who plays some defense. I love the haul for the Sixers, but just don't see it happening.

raro reply to Ryan F on Jul 30 at 9:16

Call me a sucker, but I can't help but find that story to be encouraging.

This may have already been addressed, but can anyone paint a picture of Collins' history with young bigs? There is the tragedy of Kwame Brown, but are there any positive stories out there?

As for trades, I got nothing. In my mind, all our players have depressed values because of EFJ. Best thing to do is wait for Collins to do his magic.

MylesKong reply to raro on Jul 30 at 9:49

Here's a list of notable young big men he coached:
C. Oakley
Ho. Grant
T. Ratliff
S. Pollard
E. Montross
B. Haywood
C. Laettner
Etan Thomas
Jahidi White
Kwame Brown

Make your own determinations.

MylesKong on Jul 30 at 9:08

My goal was to get Fernandez. According to TM this makes us worse. That's impossible.


raro reply to MylesKong on Jul 30 at 9:23


Hollinger's PER loves Lou for whatever reason...

I like the haul for the Sixers, just like above, but don't really see why Portland would do it. The Pacers, I could buy, but TJ Ford really does nothing for POR. Maybe if they get a first-round pick in return, or two.

MylesKong reply to Brian on Jul 30 at 10:36

I know they were interested in Parker. I think Ford can do a lot of the same things. They could probably then move Miller in a follow-up deal. But, hey, what do I know...

Are we talking about Tony Parker or Anthony Parker, cause the only thing TJ Ford has in common with Tony Parker is the first letter of their first names.

The pacers have been trying to give Ford away for a couple years now, no one wants him, maybe he'll have value as an expiring contract, but his value as player is pretty low

MylesKong reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 11:25

I think his game is very similar. Injuries have plagued him throughout his career. So, that may be why his value is as low as you say. I think your overstating is circumstances quite a bit.

And I think you're understating the case of what Tony Parker has achieved in the league compared to what TJ Ford has (not) achieved in the NBA, even when he's healthy.

It's an insult to Tony Parker

MylesKong reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 11:40

He'll get over it. Parker is on the decline. Parker was thrust into a fantastic situation in which he excelled. Good for him. His days are numbered now though. Ford is starting point guard still. With all the time out, he may still have a lot left in the tank (ala Grant Hill). I don't think the trade is unreasonable. They should probably get a pick in the deal. It's a chance that Ford has a revival once traded to a different team.

You know that Tony Parker is only one year old than TJ Ford right?

Compare the players using the WS/48 which only takes into account time on the floor.

TJ Ford is basically half the player Tony Parker is, when he's healthy, and he averages missing about 20 games per season.

MylesKong reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 14:26

The per 36 number support my argument. I am not a proponent of advanced stats. So I don't know what WS/48 means. However, the per 36 #s were pretty staight forward. And Ford production is very similar.

Well then, that's fine, I guess, except if you're only going to look at per 36 numbers and say 'TP and TJ are the same' I can no longer discuss the point with you because per 36 is a weak stat to me

MylesKong reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 15:43

The per game numbers only show Parker as being a more effective scorer. I just said they do a lot of the same things. I never said Ford is the same player as Parker. The stat page you provided supports that. Hope your not a lawyer.

I would offer J.Smith [expiring] and a top 15 protected #1 for Jordan Hill. Houston reupped Scola and drafted Patterson and signed B.Miller [ f.a.] so they may go for it.

Hill's numbers look decent in limited minutes, I'm not sure I like the idea of giving up a first-round pick for him, though. I'm no fan of Smith, though, as you know. I'd consider this.

So what are the "Stefanski Rules?" And should our fantasy trades be restricted by them?

All trades/moves must follow at least one of the following guidelines:

1. Taking back additional millions and or extra years for players who DNP or CNP (cannot play.) (Kapono, Nocioni)

2. Involving the Sixers trading away a key member of their rotation for a player who will not play >1000 minutes a season. (Sam/Nocioni, Evans/Kapono, Korver/Giracek)

3. Involve the Sxiers giving away a future draft pick in order for another team to take on our players. (Carney/Booth, Meeks.)

4. Must not bring back a future starter.

5. Spread rumors about departed player after the fact to spin the deal as a "basketball move"

paul reply to tk76 on Jul 30 at 12:03

You're assumptions are excessively negative and premature. Nocioni hasn't played a game yet for the Sixers. If Nocioni demonstrates that he still "can play" and/or does play at least 1,000 minutes, I will be sure to remind you of the foolishness of premature certainty. Furthermore, you know perfectly well that Sam was not traded straight up for Nocioni.

Korver/Giraceck was a contract dumping move. I liked Korver and disliked the trade at the time, but the move opened up more playing time for Thad and the team played better after the Korver trade (clearly demonstrated by the post-trade record after a brief period of adjustment).

Based on his one year with the team, the Kapono acquisition certainly looks like a dud, but most felt the trade was good one at the time because of the need to improve perimeter shooting and the perceived relatively modest sacrifice of the exchange (Reggie Evans).

Stefanski said he gave up the second round draft pick on last season's minor trade because he felt there was a good probability that Meeks would be better than what the team would acquire in the second round. He might be wrong given where the team would have drafted (although we'll have to see how well Darington Hobson or, maybe, Lance Stephenson, pans out) but Meeks may just as easily end up demonstrating the wisdom of that move.

The point is that all of these moves and the two biggest ones (the Brand and Iguodala contracts) were defensible at the time. Some turned out positive, some turned out negative, and some are still inconclusive.

Perhaps the most insightful criticism of Stefanski was given on the web page that rated GMs. The author said that Stefanski seems to believe that he is only a player or two away from being a significant contender whereas he should be thinking about starting over. We'll have to see if the author is correct.

And If Noiconi doesn't suddenly find the fountain of youth and continues to play like the old hack he was in Sacramento - will you remember your words then as well? Or will you only remember if you get a chance to go 'i told you so i told you so i told so'?

paul reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 13:05

Read a little more closely. I didn't predict anything from Nocioni. I realize that those who typically believe in the certainty of their opinions, have difficulty understanding how other minds don't work the same way. You illustrated that by jumping to the unfound conclusion that, because I disagreed with your pointless ridicule, I must be predicting a fine year from Nocioni.

When future events are probabilistic, I know better than to make predictions with much degree of confidence, so I won't have anything to admit or deny in the future.

Actually what you did was use your creative word play to justify your future 'reminding' of Brian while avoiding committing to any sort of opinion of your own.

It's an excellent lawyer tool

paul reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 13:29

Well, thanks. By the way, my apologies. I thought I was replying to the original poster but I should have read more closely myself. As it was my reply was at the very least misdirected.

1776er reply to paul on Aug 2 at 14:47

The thing that was good bout the Dalembert trade is that they got a energy guy..regardless of the stat sheet Noc is gonna bring it..and you got a compatent offensive center, so maybe they can actually run some real offensive sets...Sam did protect the basket & rebound, but for every good play he madee two dumb plays..When they'd try to run pick & roll wit him, and teams switch, he couldn't even get into the paint with 6ft. guy on him..so good riddance


If Nocioni makes a 'positive' contribution next year, all it probably does is put them lower in the lottery which means they get a worse pick.

Stefanski operating under the delusion that this team is close to contending is the worst possible idea for the future of this franchise


I was simply mocking the failure of the Stefanski regime. When you are making a joke you don't have to rationalize or justify everything you say, since it was in jest.

I realize Stefanski's moves are well thought out and defensible. But overall the result has been failure. And after 3 years you have to start judging a GM by the results of his stewardship.

Here's an analogy for Stefanski and the Sixers:

Say a new CEO takes over a company with a great bottom line(cap space), promising young executives (young talent) and an average market share (playoffs). This CEO (Stefanski) had experience in the Mortgage industry during the bubble years and was a junior executive at a once successful but now failing firm- and he had no prior experience as CEO.

Say 3 years later under his leadership, the company's market share has shrunk to near the bottom (27-55 record), their stock value has tanked (bottom attendance), he has hired and fired an unsuccessful and divisive administrator (Eddie Jordan), has made huge investments in used infrastructure that is breaking down and has will have the company in debt for years to come (Brand.)

His one "success" is being awarded a government bailout due his company's struggles (#2 overall pick.) And he has finally brought in a well regarded turn-around specialist (Collins.)

So how would you evaluate the CEO? Would you say he should get a free pass because he moves seemed logical at the time? Or should he be perceived as the captain of a ship that had run aground and taken on water? Would you hire him?

The attendance decline was well underway before Stefanski got here - so I don't think you can blame him for that. I mean it hasn't gotten better, but it kind of sucked when it got here.

1776er reply to GoSixers on Aug 2 at 14:59

Stefanski defintely has been small on results..his biggest problem is Brand, I think the only reason he still has his job is hiring Collins and getting lucky in the lotto...but we can't really re-build unless we get rid of Brand and no matter who u bring in here they won't be able to do it..it's known as the worst contract in the NBA..They're holdiong on to Iguadala b/c there's nobody talent wise that could step in or that we can add that will give this team a talent upgrade, and they need all the talent they can get...a team would have to be willing to give up a young guy with stud potential & that move isn't out there right now..I think they only move Iggy if they can move Brand as well, but you'd have to be getting a derrick Favors, Kevin Love, J-Smooth type of player..and those deals aren't really out there.

Iguodala interview on NBA.com about Team USA.

I like everything he says there. In place of Rose and Rondo!s names in his one statement can Jrue and either Lou or Evan!s names be put there? Brian, what would it take from Hawes this year for you, in E.S.!s role, to resign him? And same for Thad.

What about Thad Young(and Jason Smith if GSW wants him) for Brandan Wright?

Wright has shown some promise in his limited minutes. And some injury concerns...

Golden State doesn't really have many SFs.

They have a garbage 2 year contract in Charlie Bell available come August 22 as well, so we could find a way to take that back as well maybe.

I'd rather keep Thad for one more year and see how he does with Collins. That seems like a huge step back. Wright hasn't shown anything.

A few first round draft picks will also be included:


But it would cost the Sixers 11 wins...

ANd it would also take them from 13 contracts to 9, so there's that too

1776er reply to Steven on Aug 2 at 15:06

I like this one..1-Cp3,2-ET,3-Melo,4-Brand,5-Okafor that would be good, we would just need a bench

I think we need to bring in a big man that's going to have a presence defensively. I think we have enough offensive firepower (depending on Turner) and enough perimeter D to make the playoffs. However, unless Brand returns to his old form or Speights shows us something he has yet to show us, we are going to be in trouble on the blocks. Thad is not a post defender, although he will get some nice blocks when he brings weakside help.

What do we think about signing Shaq to a one or two year deal, assuming that he would sign with us?

Shaq should sign with a win now type club. Adding Shaq would be like the AI signing last year.

Ugh, I hate Shaq, he wouldn't want to come here, and the reason he hasn't signed yet is cause he still thinks he's an 8 million dollar a year player whereas most of the league thinks he's a minimum salary player. Someone is over paying his lard ass for 2 years this off seasons, let's hope it's not the sixers who are going nowhere soon

paul reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 13:24

I have to agree. Even if he gets a dose of humility by having to play for less than HE FEELS he is worth, he may very well be a negative psychological presence on the team. His recent play shows that he is still worth something, but, when you listen to him talk, his self-assessment appears to exceed his current value. He could be a far worse version of Iverson without bringing along any of Iverson's nostalgia factor.

For a team like the sixers, I feel the negatives of Shaq's ego outweigh the positives (if any) he'd have on the team, plus, again, getting waxed in the first round of the playoffs again isn't a positive move for this franchise unless they do it all on the backs of Jrue/Evan/Iguodala pretty much.

I don't buy the whole getting waxed in the playoffs thing builds character or such, not if you don't have enough talent to put up a fight it don't

Brian, my feeling is that the best trade idea mentioned was the one you offered about a week ago: Williams for Sessions. Unfortunately, the time for that one has come and gone, but maybe they couldn't have pulled it off anyway. If I were the Timberwolves GM, I'd probably rather acquire Delonte West and Telfair than just Lou Williams.

Given that quality back up points guards are hard to find, maybe they should just do nothing at this point. A year from now there will be one less year left of Williams' contract. We can all offer trades that we would like to see done, but, for the majority of them, those on the other side of the trade might not feel the same way.

I believe Minnesota is going to cut West (if they haven't already). That deal was basically a bit of cap relief and Telfair.

And Telfair most likely is going to get bought out

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 30 at 14:18

West would be a great fit here. I would love for him to replace Lou as the 1st guard off the bench.

Aside from the off the court issues that seem to indicate untreated psychological problems, yes he'd be a great fit.

Rasheed like

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 14:49

A nut that is versatile and can defend is more valuable than a good citizen who has neither quality.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 14:52

Plus he plays off the ball better than Lou for all of those in the "Turner Needs to be the Backup Point Guard!" club. West would be a much better fit.

Would you want to bring Rasheed Wallace in if the sixers needed someone of his skill?

I think the market for Delonte West will be big enough that he doesn't have to play for an eastern conference bottom feeder like the sixers, and I don't see why the sixers actually need him right now. They don't need added salary, they don't need the roster thing.

The sixers aren't going to magically contend for a title in the next 2-3 years (especially with the current 'big men' on the roster) so why add a guy like West who may add wins but doesn't put them over any 'top'.

Find out what you have on the roster, that's what 2010 is about to me. No need to add a back up guy you don't really need to find out what you have

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 15:13

You can't compare West and Wallace because West still plays his tail off on the defensive end and knows his role offensively. Sheed does neither.

I'm not saying you have to get West like it's life or death. Would I trade him straight up for Lou if that were possible though? Of course I would. I think we all know what we have in Lou and that's a flawed player who I can't see playing on a great team. If you get a guy like West who wouldn't step on anybody's toes (assuming their Mom isn't in Philly) as a backup guard who could maybe grow up with the team, there's not much downside.

You can't compare Sheed and West also because they play different positions and Wallace has more inherent talent than West could hope to have, but the sixers need neither of the, it's doubtful either of them (if available) would play for Philadlephia without a long term commitment of the full MLE and it's doubtful either of them helps the team become relevant.

Do you think Delonte West is better or worse than Ramon Sessions? If you think he's better, and such a great guy, why would Cleveland dump his ass for him then?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 15:31

I think he'd fit just as well, probably better, on the Sixers as Ramon Sessions, yes. I'd take a look at him over Lou too, because he defends and doesn't need the ball. We have a lot of guys who need the ball now too. It's irrelevant though, because we won't get him.

I'd take a whole lot of people over Lou Williams though

1776er reply to GoSixers on Aug 2 at 15:14

I agree, I think this team is going to have alot of movement around the deadline..depending on where this team is will determine how much, that's y I think there is so much log jam at the 3-4 positions...what they're record is determines on if they're buyers or sellers..if they're out of it I think there will be a fire-sale

Evan Turner for Tyreke Evans

Fragile under sized gunner for all around player? Why?


I think a draft pick could help make this happen.

Varajo is usefull to have next to a great offensive big since he will do the dirty work.

IMO he is a lousy fit for the Sixers unless you envision Hawes developing into a dominant inside and outside scorer.

Kapono (expiring) and Speights for Gortat. Orlando fans seem to chat a lot about the need for a "legitimate PF" (whatever that is)... seems to me a deal like this could work well for both teams.

Speights isn't a legitimate power forward yet, the magic are looking to improve their chances at winning a title now and Speights doesn't help them there.

MylesKong reply to GoSixers on Jul 30 at 16:36

I think they mean "legimate" in the physical dimensions/body type sense. I think Speights would compliment Howard pretty well.

I think Speights plays little to no defense which would put Howard in more foul trouble as Speights man beats him continuously.

The Magic 'fans' may want a legitimate PF but those are magic fans who don't understand the system that Stan Van Gundy coaches. He likes having four guys with perimeter skills and the one big man. Speights doesn't fit their system and doesn't fit their bench cause his defense is weak. Gortat is a better defensive option for the immediate future

I think two sixers could be a big help to Orlando. Iguodala, but I don't see a package I like for him, and Lou.

They don't have anyone on their roster who can really break people down off the dribble and create easy opportunities for Howard. I think Lou would fit in nicely off their bench. It probably wouldn't hurt to have Howard behind him on defense, either.

Maybe you could do a Lou for Gortat swap next summer if Orlando thinks Orton can be the backup center.

Would the magic (or anyone) trade Gortat for Lou - it's that height thing. And I read something this summer about Howards knee history? That the Magic really have gortat as insurance against Dwights knee. May piss off Gortat but if that's the reason he's there, they won't trade him.

I expect Chris Paul to be moved by the trade deadline (still) I don't buy any of this nonsense (though the NBA has to institute some rules about players interfering with other players, same agents, owning the PR firm etc...there has to be a distinctiion) about his meeting with the GM. I think he wants out and I think Orlando is probably his best bet to win.

Iguodala on the other hand could help many teams :)

This guy always intrigued me. He's a streaky shooter, but I think he could be a fit here:


Trade the mullet straight up for Diop; the bad thing is instead of a team option he has a player option in year 3 but he gives insurance if Hawes asks for too much after next season and they have to start Speights a year from now. He was very effective in a tandem with Dampier in Dallas and is a major defensive factor for 15 to 20 minutes a night.
Bad contract but it allows Thad and Marreese to play their natural positions with the mullet gone.

I looked at that deal, but the extra year scared me off.

Do you really think Hawes is ahead of Speights at the 5 right now? If he is, I really don't understand why.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jul 30 at 23:47

Ummm...because Hawes has started 110 NBA games over the past two seasons at the 5 and because he won't jack the ball up every time he touches it?

Try use some logic, please. Willie Green has started 152 games over the past three seasons, that doesn't mean he should be starting this season.

Hawes is allegedly an offensive center, Speights is a MUCH better offensive player. It doesn't make any sense to me that Hawes would be ahead of him on the depth chart unless something drastic happens in camp.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jul 31 at 9:15

The logic that I am using is that, in choosing between two guys who haven't really proved anything at the NBA level, I choose the guy with more experience.

Seems logical to me.

I also choose the guy who doesn't have a reputation (especailly with his teammates) of being a "black hole" with the ball once he gets it. This is Hawes' last chance to prove that he is a legit NBA center - it seems "logical" to me that he will have more motivation to listen to the coaches and get with the program...as opposed to Speights, who thinks he's "in range" as soon as he walks into the gym.

I would LOVE it if Speights comes to the realization that he needs to play defense to be a great player....perhaps Collins and this coaching staff can help get him there. But until then, I start the guy with more experience and more of a history (at least on a relative basis) of passing and sharing the ball.

Does that sound "logical" to you?

Actually it doesn't seem all that logical, as you said they haven't really proved anything.

What seems logical is to pick the guy who has performed better in the limited amount of time they've been in the league. Being in the league longer doesn't make you the obvious choice for anything. Speights is better offensively and they're both weak defensively

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Aug 1 at 0:49

I could care less if Speights has more offensive skill...ball movement DIES when he is out on the floor. I am so sick of him coming off the bench and jacking the first 20-footer he gets his hands on. Doesn't it tell you SOMETHING that even a fucked up coach like EFJ wouldn't put the guy on the floor? The coach that puts jacking the ball up over EVERYTHING ELSE...and Speights couldn't get any burn.

I'm not in love with Hawes...hell, I can count the times that I have REALLY watched his game on one hand...but the guy can pass the ball once in a while, and at some time in the guy's development, he was thought of as a guy who had some upside. Collins seems to think so....and since I haven't seen JACK of this guy, I trust his opinion more than some guy on an internet forum who says that Speights is better. It's not like Speights set the world on fire last season...right?

As I said earlier, I would love it if Speights "gets it" and earns the minutes. I really would. My sense is whoever plays better will play - and I am down with that. I am also willing to give Hawes the first crack at it...the guy has more experience, we need to make a decision on him sooner, and given that I want J/T/I to get as many looks as possible...and I want Brand to also get his touches to see where he is...I am fine if Hawes is out there instead of the "black hole" - at least until Speights earns it.

So, Speights should earn something but Hawes should be handed the keys without proving a damn thing?

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Aug 1 at 22:53

What the fuck are you talking about?

I clearly explained my reasons why I think it makes sense for Hawes to get teh first shot - we need to make a contractural decision on him sooner, he has 110 NBA starts under his belt and he's not the kind of selfish gunner that will keep J/T/I and Brand from developing some sense of flow with the offense that Collins is going to install.

Your response?

"So, Speights should earn something but Hawes should be handed the key without proving a damn thing?"

Does that statement have ANY contextual relationship to the reasons that I gave why I think Hawes should be given the first crack at the starter's spot?


All that I have seen from you since you have arrived is a guy who likes to argue his position and get into it with other posters...and if, by some chance, your post contains a response that actually relates and responds to the points made by the prior poster, that's just a bonus.

I would start Speights and Hawes. Give Brand a lot of minutes, but bring him off the bench- where he showed last year he can be dominant (while he was a dud as a starter.)

Have Speights play low post out to about 15 feet. If he shoots it, then fine. he can pass, but needs to be coached up to where he is more willing.

Have Hawes at the High post out to about 20 feet. Let him be a passer and shooter until he shows he's bulked up enough to play in the post.

Bring in Brand against second team bigs and feed him every possession in the mid-post. Put the other big (Hawes or Speights) outside to clear the lane and let Brand do his thing for 8-12 feet.

There are 96 mintes, Divide them pretty evenly between Speights/Hawes/Brand unless someone distinguishes themselves.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Aug 2 at 7:47

I think that Thad is going to be getting some of those 96 minutes (and Nocioni might get one or two at the 4 as well), but I am good with the premise of giving all three of them roughly equal minutes, and letting them settle it on the court. My only thought is that - of the 3 - my guess would be that Brand is the best positional defender of the bunch, so if he does not start the game, he will probably need to finish it.

I'm fine with that. Between Brand/Speights/Hawes I'm not strongly for one over the others. They are all highly flawed players at this point.

As for Nocioni or Thad at PF- I'm sure they will play more at PF than I would like to see. I would only use them "situationally."

I think we are going to be pleasantly surprised with Hawes; he stated in the q & a the other day he is up to 260 and his falling out in Sacramento could be the wakeup call needed. I expect a V.Divac like player who really gives Brand the room to work. To me Brian he is heads and shoulders ahead of Speights.

I'm sorry, but this isn't even close.

I look at it as when Elton came off the bench against 2nd teamers and how effective he was and Hawes starting out west against better teams. I actually don!t know what Marreese does better offensively, maybe hit the open jumper. But lets see what a real coach does with all our young guys.

Speights does everything better than Hawes offensively, with the possible exception of passing.

Offensively he's a good fit if he stretches the defense with his shot and makes it a little more than he has in the past.

My real questions are at the defensive end. The guy's a complete mystery to me so I'm skeptical. Luckily for him, Speights has similar problems at the defensive end.

Brian, hasn't Speights/Brand been a good combo (relatively speaking for the team) or am I thinking of someone else?

I believe they worked well together, don't have the stats in front of me, though.

How does this player, stretch the defense better than this player?

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 31 at 0:14

He doesn't, I'm well aware. The one problem I have with Speights and spacing the floor is his tendency to dominate the ball, which you can see in his usage rate.

Hopefully a better team oriented defense will allow for him to be a deterent in the lane. He is athletic and seems pretty bright. If Adelman can win with C.Hayes manning the 5 spot and G.Karl can win after losing Camby than hopefully we can improve defensively after losing Sam. How many less pts. per game does Collins allow compared to a Jordan team?

I'm not a good person to ask, because I think the number would be a lot lower with Sam and I tend to bitch about it in a lot of people's minds :)

I appreciated what Sam did and never would rip him in defending Hawes so I hope he can play to his strengths and help us with things Sam may not of been strong in like screening, hitting cutters and making other centers, Howard in particular, step out to guard him.

I was glad to hear Hawes say he is up to 260. Hopefully Iguodala and the rest of the team's love of the weight room will rub off. I'd also like to see how Speights dose 100% healthy. he rebounded well in the summer league, and still looked hobbled. And if anything, I think Speights has more the tools to be a good rebounder/defender. While Hawes is a better and much more willing passer. I'm actually interested to see how Hawes/Speights do together on the floor if Speights gets his quickness back.

But I'm interested to see if he fights for rebounds. Thad bulked up since he entered the league, but has gotten worse on the boards- so strength and athletic ability count for only so much.

getting back to the convo we had last night, Yanks got Berkman for two minor prospects, and Houston is picking up $4M of the $7.1M he's due. Houston loves doing people favors, I guess.

Fire Sale.

Lol - The Astros hate ticket sales apparently. I mean, look at that team for the couple years. There is nothing there to be remotely excited about. A declining Carlos Lee, who is more into his ranch anyway. Not that Berkman was super or anything but he was still a fan fav.

Hunter Pence's tweets over the last few days as his entire team is dismantled have been kind of entertaining: http://twitter.com/HunterPence9

What do you guys think of signing Earl Barron? I think he could help if he's not looking for a big money deal.

A little off topic, but I thought the Rudy Gay deal was 6 years, 84 million. It's actually 5 which makes Iguodala's deal look like an absolute steal. Throughout his career, Gay has been worse than Iguodala in every area of the game, including scoring, which he is known for. I actually can't believe that he got that much money.

Jason reply to Rich on Jul 31 at 17:28

"Gay has been worse than Iguodala in every area of the game, including scoring"


Gay is a lot better than you give him credit for, and in all honesty deserves a bigger contract than Iguodala did because he can be a go to score (or at least is a better scorer than iguodala), and while we here all love Iguodala (guy is very talented) this is a league where i'd rather have the guy that can Score.

Both Contracts are awful though. Iguodalas contract should not be considered a steal because Rudy Gay got a bad contract.

Rich reply to Jason on Jul 31 at 18:16

Maybe not a steal (though compared to Gay it is), but it's looking more fair as terrible contracts are handed out this summer.

As far as Gay deserving more money because he's a better scorer, I don't agree from the get-go. Iguodala is in a different class from Gay as a better defender and passer. They are similar rebounders as well, even though Gay has more size. That enough makes up the difference for scoring.

Here's the thing though: The only thing that I see that Gay is better at is shooting threes. He also scores more a game, but look at their Usage Rates. AI9 would score more if he shot that much. Rudy Gay doesn't pass the ball. Look at the link, Andre is more a efficient scorer by a lot and he has a decided edge in all of the advanced stat categories.

He's a better player before the contracts and after it becomes a pretty easy win for AI9. I think that's pretty fair to see.

Gays' contract is worse, if you're comparing their first 3 years in the league then gay was about half the player Iguodala was - he doesn't 'deserve' more - I believe Memphis paid him as much as they could.

As for wanting the guy that can score, that's great, Monta Ellis can 'score'

The conclusions you drew from that comp are pretty asinine. Gay scored 800 more points than Iguodala on 1,100 more shots. Iguodala held significant advantages over Gay in pretty much every area of the game, save three-point shooting. Iguodala is paid a fair wage, Gay is ridiculously overpaid.

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