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Early Predictions: Jason Kapono

Clippers/76ers fan on Aug 5 at 4:21

I was excited for a minute when I thought that the Sixers were going to unload Jason Kapono to the Clippers in a salary dump. That didn't go as planned because the Clips must of realized that they can get a more productive player in Rasual Butler for 1/3 the price.

Unfortunately, Jason Kapono will make the roster. How could he not. We're not going to waive him, and I can't see a team that would want Mr. hairy back. The guy is coming off a dreadful season, and unless we dump him for a more talented player with a longer contract, than we're pretty much stuck with Kapono.


Not to get off tangent, but I for one am sick of these one sided trades where we gave away a more talented player for a scrub because our Sixes coach of the month felt that the inferior player filled a need. Forget need, we need talent.

The Sixers would be so much better with Samuel Dalembert and Reggie Evans than with Jason Kapono, Andres Nocioni, and Spencer Hawes. (BTW, what kind of cruel person would names his son Spencer)

Old School Sixer Fan reply to Clippers/76ers fan on Aug 5 at 7:13

Perhaps we should hope Hawes can be developed into a serviceable or better center. If that happens, the trade will be a steal the other way.

Give it a little time.

You're probably going to want to skip this afternoon's post.

Charlie H reply to Clippers/76ers fan on Aug 5 at 10:53

Great photo - very funny. Kapono will get no burn because Jodie Meeks is gonna take his minutes. He'll probably get traded in February for a 2015 2nd rounder.

Old School Sixer Fan on Aug 5 at 7:14

Concerning Kapono, I hope they find a way to trade him and give his minutes to Meeks.

Just a thought...
I know financially it might be a bad idea, but, would trading JK & WG for Okafur make just better?

Any trade bringing in a center who can spell defense would make us better, but Okafor is signed for a lot of money, for a lot of years. Dalembert was actually better than him last season.

I don't know, if you trade for Okafor, that means you aren't going to have meaningful cap space until 2013, and probably not even then if you have to extend Jrue and possibly Turner. I don't think he's good enough to warrant locking the roster in like that.

k-house reply to Brian on Aug 5 at 11:15

We need a high energy, banger type like Amundsen if our FO had any brains at all...given his game last season. Who knows...as the season gets closer, he might accept a vet deal or assuming we have the space to offer him more, his presence/play would make JSmith & Nocioni expendable in a hurry!

Unless they get rid of someone, they aren't signing anyone else. They have 14 players under contract, 15 is the max and they aren't carrying the max.

MylesKong reply to Brian on Aug 6 at 11:10

I think our cap situation is gloomy for the next 3 years atleast. I don't know. I think Okie would be a great addition to a platoon of bigs and really helps us match up with just about anyone defensively. Sammy and Okie are very similar players with Sammy being longer and Okie being strong, but he's also smarter. And let's face it, B-ball IQ was Sammy's fatal flaw.

Okie and Brand, with Iggy, Turner, and Jrue is a nasty defensive line up.

Like Meeks, I feel Kapono!s minutes are tied to L.Williams! ability to defend. Shooters, as Brian says, are a favorite of our new coach and since we should have 2 good perimeter defenders on the floor most times than Kapono may get some run. He seems like he has lost confidence in letting it go with all his pumpfakes and he may benefit more than most of these guys from a coach so upbeat and positive. He could serve a big role if he starts well.

I hope he starts

TruePhan on Sep 4 at 8:19

Iforgetwhosaidit said it best when he said that Kapono is a luxury on a good team and a liability on an average/bad one.

I think that sums him up perfectly.

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