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Long Weekend

Chuck Norris reply to Mack on Aug 9 at 8:33

Based on last year.....Eagles by far!! Probably the Eagles again for this year too. The Sixers dancers last year were flat out ugly.

MylesKong reply to Chuck Norris on Aug 9 at 8:55

Sixers cheerleaders just don't look good. Maybe 2 or 3. They are very accessible, always in the concourse. So, I'd have to go with the Birds chicks.

Another Question:

Better job running their team this season:

Kevin Kolb or Jrue Holiday?

MylesKong reply to Mack on Aug 9 at 8:59

Jrue. Only because he doesn't have to worry about a perforated offensive line. And he has more experience as the start. I think Kolb's situation is more similar to Lou's from last year. Maybe he gets his jaw broke and Kafka steps in and takes the starters spot.

Hey Brian,

Which traded player are you going to miss more:
Donovan McNabb or Samuel Dalembert?

tk76 reply to Mack on Aug 9 at 8:05

McNabb may be the far better player (but not appreciated by some), but the Eagles at least have a replacement for him on the roster. While the Sixers have Speights/Hawes- two guys who won't put in the work to be good NBA players.

MylesKong reply to Mack on Aug 9 at 9:01

Sammy, he's so far away.
Sidenote: How great would it be if Sammy drops out of the league and goes back to Haiti to challenge the evil Wyclef Jean to be the next president of Haiti.

President of Haiti, athlete or singer/musician?

bebopdeluxe reply to Mack on Aug 9 at 12:06

McNabb. I am happy that Kolb is taking over, but McNabb was a class act, IMO.

I am SO happy that Sammy is gone.

I am excited to see Kolb get his chance this year, and am epecting him to do well. But when I hear that he is struggling against the Eagles defense it gives me flashbacks... to when I was reading how a newly signed Elton Brand was struggling trying to score against Jason Smith in training camp.

Hopefully this time around it will be a better omen. But I do think we were spoiled having a good QB for a decade in McNabb- and maybe forget how hard it is to find another one. I really hope Kolb is the man, because the search for a playoff caliber QB can be painful.

MylesKong on Aug 9 at 8:30

Better rookie campaign, Evan Turner, Brandon Graham or Nate Allen?

did anyone see the article on nba.com about jason kapono trying to make a comeback?


wonder if he expects more minutes this season then everyone else does.

any word on Rodney carney or francisco coming back to the sixers.

Supposedly no chance Carney (or Elson) is returning.)

where they planning to tell us.I live in Colorado.so i depend on website to see/hear these things

No one has officially said anything, but they're up against the luxury tax and they have 14 guys signed. The odds of them signing a 15th player look extremely slim right now.

Looks like Ernie Sims was knocking heads around today again...


any thoughts on this trade? It would get us the shot blocker needed and backup pg

It looks like Minnesota is giving up Love and Ellington for nothing in that deal. Not sure why they would. Indiana is a huge winner in that deal.

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