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Sixers Hire Rod Thorn

Court_visioN on Aug 11 at 22:38

i'm mostly on board with this, even if it's just me wanting to see something -- ANYTHING -- happen this offseason.

You don't come off a 27-win season and just trade Dalembert, Carney, and Eddie Jordan for Collins, Hawes, Nocioni, Battie, and Turner.

Maybe Thorn can come up with some sort of plan, because Stefanski is obviously lacking one.

"Thorn will move into the organization overgeneral manager Ed Stefanski."

So Stefanski has been demoted, and his power is dramatically less with Thorn and Collins in the true positions of power.

I wonder where this leaves DiLeo. there are now a whole lot of chefs in the kitchen.

BTW, nice rug, Mr Prez.

The way I'm reading it is, Stefanski will still be in charge of the draft, meaning DiLeo will still be in charge of the draft and Stefanski will continue to sit around twiddling his thumbs during the draft.

I can live with that.

This is kind of an out of the blue thing isn't it? I wonder what led to this happened.

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