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Rod Thorn History and Perspective


That groan is from every GM in the NBA when news got out that the Sixers hired Rod Thorn. It seems that every article that i read, it says how the Sixers are going to unload Iggy. Perhaps they will or perhaps they won't. But I seriously believe that having Rod Thorn at the Helm, that we won't be giving him away for 15 cents on the dollar. Rod Thorn is a better GM that Stefanski will ever be. The Sixers have hired one of the most respected minds in the NBA. It is a good day for this organization.

He's an upgrade, I don't think there's any doubt about that.

I remember hearing at the time of Vince's re-signing that Thorn was opposed to the move, but ownership overruled him because Vince sold tickets. No idea about how true that rumor is.

One other smart move that Thorn deserves credit for is dealing K-Mart to Denver for three #1s rather than giving him a max deal that he didn't deserve. That's the kind of action that Stefanski never would've had the guts/foresight to pull off.

Don't know if Thorn was the best available option (probably not), but I'll be surprised if he doesn't do a much better job than Stefanski. Unlike Stefanski, he's willing to think outside the box and doesn't fall in love with his own players.

"Thorn then joined the Sixers, effectively emasculating Ed Stefanski."

Any hire that emasculates Stefanski is a good one. Let him assume the role of mouthpiece, BS machine, nice guy that he was made for.

I do agree that NJ is far from the "gold standard", but Thorn/Collins is a huge upgrade from Stefanski/Jordan... that sentence puts a smile ion my face. Also a very corporate environment, befitting Comcast.

By the way, Thorn gets a completely clean slate with me. Right now, I think the team is better off than they were earlier tonight. We'll see if that's still the case after Thorn makes his first move.

Are we a legit franchise now, or more legit, it seems so. As soon as Ariza was traded tonight I thought of Iggy going to Houston for picks and young players but who knows. Thorn and Collins is a major step up, no doubt about it.

Are we still going to take it slow and rebuild?

Houston doesn't have the pieces or picks to make a tempting package for Iguodala. I think it's funny that Morey basically admitted he screwed up in giving Ariza that contract a year ago. I also think it's probably one of the best signs that he's a good general manager. Admitting a mistake and fixing it as soon as he can.

Mike P reply to Brian on Aug 12 at 0:48

No need for Ariza when you've got Martin and need to pay Scola. Morey saved money too. That guy gets it done.

Also remember Houston has like the next 3 NY first rounders.

Actually, they only own one Knicks pick outright, not next year but the year after. This upcoming season, they have the option to swap spots w/ the Knicks, and there's a decent chance the Knicks sneak into the playoffs and the Rockets don't. Either way, I doubt either of those picks is going to be more than a pick in the late lottery, which isn't exactly a king's ransom.

Yeah, sort of like when the Sixers got the #21 and #29 picks in the AI trade. Which they parlayed into cash and Jason Smith.


Here's a news story. Would it to be too much to ask of the Philly media to get some investigative reporting on this? Like

Who made the decision? Was Stefanski part of it?
Was it a factor in Thorn's resignation or was Thorn forced out at the Nets?
Why is Stefanski being demoted but still kept in an important basketball position?
Were other candidates considered?
Why are the Sixers always so intertwined with the Nets? Do the "popular" teams not talk to us at recess?

All valid questions.

Does DiLeo still have a role? There suddenly are a whole lot of powerful cooks in the kitchen between Thorn/Stefanski/Collins/Snider/Luuko... and DiLeo. Interested to see how everyone's role shakes out.

And the odds of an Iguodala trade in the next 18months just increased IMO.

Maybe Ed will get us a stud european, we are do !!!!!!

I'm not sure I buy the odds of moving Iguodala going up. I guess we're just going to have to wait and see. If he's looking to really put his stamp on the team with a big move, he's doesn't have a whole lot to work with, trade-wise, other than Iguodala, though.

Rich reply to izimbra on Aug 11 at 23:49

Philly media isn't like Portland. Pro hoops isn't the top priority. Gets swept under the rug.

I'm glad Thorn is involved, if it means Stefanski is a figurehead with a guaranteed contract, then that's great, but unless Thorn is given free rein to rebuild and commitment from the Comcast ownership, I don't feel it means much. The sixers still have a bad roster, of mis matched parts and few tradeable assets and an ownership more worried about the luxury tax (one season at a time) than possibly building a winner

Rumors are printed that Thorn is the reason the Bulls drafted Michael Jordan and as most know, Thorn has a history with the NBA front office which probably doesn't hurt.


I just read that they "Deep Sixed" Hip Hop and are bringing back the big blob of blue that goes by Big Shot. have not seen a link...

I guess Snider has the mascots gallery scoped out - http://www.imcmascots.com/Mascots-Gallery.asp?designtype=1 - and he's just waiting for an after Halloween sale to pull the trigger...

"Clown Fish" sort of has a bit of a Stefanski look to him...

Mike P reply to tk76 on Aug 12 at 1:03

I hated that stupid rabbit so much.

He is pretty much the last remnant of the AI era.

With the arrival of Thorn, an actual GM, this offseason was actually pretty great.

No hip hop, Turner, Jrue showing promise, and now Thorn. Hurray Red Stripe.

Hurray red stripe?? You mean they've already announced that management meetings are moved from Chili's to T.G.I. Fridays? Guess Thorn doesn't waste much time before he shakes things up.


i always hated that retarded rabbit

holeplug on Aug 12 at 0:04

Really an odd time for this. If Stefanski is being pushed out why did they wait until the offseason was effectively over? Why didn't they just fire Stefanski outright? They don't have any problems giving the axe to head coaches. Did they even call Kevin Pritchard?

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 0:11

King and Thorn were sitting together at USA Basketball workout Tuesday in NYC. Talked to King after Thorn left and joked about King and Stefanski switching jobs.

You hear any word about a PC tomorrow ?

Tom Moore reply to Derek Bodner on Aug 12 at 0:30

Not yet. Would guess afternoon if it's tomorrow because no e-mail yet.

Tom Moore reply to Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 0:32

Will let you know via this forum when I hear.

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 0:31

Off topic, Iguodala on Turner: "I think we’ll all make the game easier for him, simplify it for him. He’s going to have to do as much as he did in college. Right now, him and Aaron McKie are working out, getting ready."

Not as glowing as what he said about Holiday.

I got the feeling that he sees a lot of himself in Jrue. Great game, but maybe not the type that's going to be appreciated as much as it should by the average fan. Jrue and Iguodala are going to make things easier for Turner, on both ends of the floor.

I think Jrue's ability to be both intense and smiling/happy is a positive influence on Iguodala with his not so good body language. Then again AI had both intensity and happy passion at the same time.

I also think the fact that Iguodala and Jrue will take the tougher players on defense will help Turner. And i suspect they will also draw the tougher defenders. It should really make it easier on both ends for Turner as he breaks in.

smh1980 on Aug 12 at 5:03

I think that Thad is probably the first to go.

A trade that I'd be interested in would be:

Thadeus Young to SAC (Their SF's are terrible)


SAC's 2010 1st round pick ( 1st pick protected) &
Hassan Whiteside

That would give us an inside presence/shot blocker with upside and the potential high draft pick next season.

SAC doesn't have a strong SF on it's roster. He would be penciled in as an immediate starter.

At worst we receive a top 10 pick next year with the possibility of striking it rich come draft day. SAC would think that they would have a better team to put on the floor (lowering the value of the 1st rounder they give up) and a diamond in the rough with Thad who has been "misused" in Philly.

SAC starting lineup:
Tyreke Evans
Fransisco Garcia
Thad Young
Demarcus Cousins/Carl Landry
Sam Dalembert/Demarcus Cousins

That's an upgrade for them and us. Brian... any shot SAC would do this?


Article here about Rod Thorns moves as GM with Nets. Pretty cool... very in depth


Yeah i agree that Thad is probably on his way out after hiring Thorn. I'm just not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I'm not sure what to think of the hire at all actually... Thorn is clearly a guy with tons of experience and someone who knows exactly how this league works, someone who has done this for a very long time. The problem is he is by all accounts nearing the end of his career in the NBA and his desire might be an issue. Also i would have preferred a young guy with fresh ideas and views on the NBA in the Morey/Presti mold.

Anyway it's a step in the right direction.

Joe reply to smh1980 on Aug 12 at 9:57

Seems somewhat reasonable.

I see the pick being more protected for years, though.

Maybe top 10, then top 5, then top 3, then no protection.

Agreed the protection would probably have to much more strict, but if I'm the Sixers I make the deal. Not sure Sacto does, though. They like Casspi, I believe.

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 9:11

News conference is today at 11 a.m.

yo Brian I'll be at the game on Sunday. My dude at MSG got us the tickets so I have no idea where they are, but we're meeting at the Blarney Rock on 33rd at 12.30. Hope to see you there. lemme know - joeykey@gmail.com

This made me smile:

Fans still have not gotten over LeBron James' decision to leave Cleveland for Miami. He recently went to an amusement park in Cedar Point, Ohio and was heckled while shooting a basketball.
"I bet you miss," a woman said.
"Bron, shoot left-handed; your elbow hurts!" a man said.
Reportedly he missed all three of his shots. "Just like Game 5," another person said.

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