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Thorn Confidence Meter: Morning After

No doubt in my mind he makes a move before the preseason starts. Might not be big, but he'll want to immediately tweak this team to start them in the direction of his ideal.

At least he has no loyalties to the current roster. He's made major roster transforming moves for the Nets on more than one occasion. So, I think the odds are much greater that a deal will be made now than prior with insecure ed in charge.

Solid article on Pippen here. I love the LePippen reference at the end, too.

It probably depends on what's out there on the trade market and what is thorn's idea for the Sixers.

I don't expect a blockbuster, but guys like Thad, Nocioni, Kapono, Lou and believe it or not Green might be involved in a lower level trade.

Press conference introducing Thorn is starting now. Watch it live here. I'll update the post above with anything notable.

I wonder if Thorn is going to look at the landscape. It's a lot easier to wheel and deal in the offseason and a whole year might be a long time to wait for him. Maybe a Kerry Kittles signing?

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 13:49

Asked if he was caught off guard when he learned Rod Thorn was becoming team president, Ed Stefanski said, " It was surprising because I didn’t know about it. That was it. ... Everyone has an ego -- some are bigger than others. My personality’s not one to stay down very long. My pity party lasted about a half-hour and I was fine after that."

So wait, they brought him in and didn't even tell him it might have happened.

jeez ed, resign now before the castration ceremony. You have no power.

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Aug 12 at 14:27

Believe he meant when he first heard about Thorn possibly coming here.

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 14:13

Sixers' COO Peter Luukko about hiring Thorn as president: "This is an outstanding opportunity for our club. Looking at Rod’s background, it’s really unprecedented. He's been a player in the league, coached, ran a team, been a GM and worked in the NBA office."

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 14:35

More Stefanski: "It’s a positive because it’s a mentor and one of my best friends. If it was a different (president), who knows what would’ve happened?"

I like this. Between bringing in a coach with a whole different mentality and bringing in a new executive, it shows that we are commited to change. Thorn and Collins must have had some kind of conversation prior to this signing and the fact that the Sixers went through with it means that they are probably on the same page.

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 15:34

Thorn: "We expect the players to play together and also to play hard every night. That’s what fans want and deserve. The fans don’t owe you anything – you owe the fans."

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 16:24

Doug Collins, who took a red-eye from San Diego to be there today: "I want everybody to know we’re in all this together. We want this to change. I think he used the word passionate and competitive many times – that’s who I am.

"Rod and I have known each other a long, long time through my broadcasting when he was working in the league office. I’ve known him through his career — he’s a winner."

5 right now.

Players I would like to be on the roster in 365 days:
Iguodala, Turner, Jrue, Lou, Speights, Meeks

Players I don't want to see:
Kapono, Nocioni, Thad, Hawes, Battie, Brand, Smith, Willie

If the players I want to stay aren't here in a year, he will be lower. If they are, higher. If he resigns Willie, Kapono, Thad, and Hawes, I don't think I'll be able to watch this team anymore.

It's really only 3 for me.

Iguodala, Turner, Holiday

The rest can stay or go, but completely agree. As of right now, I don't want any of those guys to get new contracts w/ the team.

sfw reply to Joe on Aug 12 at 17:06

Lou? Speights? Not on there body of work up to this point in time.

Joe reply to sfw on Aug 12 at 17:19

Lou had a fine year last year. Obviously he was ridiculously bad the year before, but he made great improvements and was a viable first guard off the bench IMO and worth his contract. If he regresses, I'll want him gone.

Speights is still a bit of a mystery. I think his production level at PF and/or C will be the best on the team sans Brand.(and has been in the past)

In the end, I'm nto going to kill myself if Meeks, Speights, and/or Lou aren't here next year.

Nobody is untouchable.

Collison was just traded. If later this year they can get CP3 in a package that includes Turner or Jrue then I'm on-board (assuming CP3 agrees to an extension.)

In terms of my preference to stay (or go) the order is something like:


Joe reply to tk76 on Aug 12 at 17:35

I'd trade Jrue and Turner for Paul with a max extension in a heartbeat.(and Thad and Hawes if they want either or both)

Not sure how thrilled Paul would be if that happened. We'd probably wind up w/ a disgruntled guy on a max contract.

Joe reply to Brian on Aug 12 at 19:30

lol. He would NOT be happy. He wouldn't agree to the max contract for the trade anyway, so everything is moot here.

I was just trying to get the point across that top 5 players have exponentially more value.

# He wasn't happy in NJ when they dismantled the team "because of a corporate decision."

Great Rod - but those folk don't own the team any more.

I wonder how much him taking the job with Philadelphia had to do with geography. The only offer that doesn't require uprooting your life there Rod?

Hmmn. He lives in NY, West Chester county. Probably an hour and a half to two hours to the WtF center. I guess he doesn't need to uproot them. I'd move if I had that kind of commute, though.

Good thing the Sixers aren't owned by a dispassionate corporation...

Cable companies are renowned for their loving personal style. I mean come on - who ever has anything bad to say about a cable company ESPECIALLY one so customer oriented like Comcast.

I'm betting this job is the closest job offer he had and that was the deciding factor, proximity

Its also an easy transition. he has Stefanski in place to be his lackey. Doesn't really have to do anything but the "fun stuff" like fiddling with the roster.

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 18:07

Thorn: "I’ve been involved in a bunch of trades. You have to make decisions. If you think something, you have to go try to do it. It’s hard to make trades, but trades can be made."

Man, that sounds like an answer from the US President from 2000-2008.

US Blue V White scrimmage on NBATV. Iguodala had a sick dunk to start it off. I have to think he is a lock to make the roster going to Turkey.

Is that a new scrimmage or a rebroadcast of the one in L.V.?

Rodney Buford reply to tk76 on Aug 12 at 19:55

New - 49-47 OT final

Iguodala MVP of the game, Guess he solidified his spot on the team

How did he look.

I don't think there's any doubt he's on the team. I think he's actually a lock to start.

Statman reply to Brian on Aug 13 at 1:03

Just saw the game on DVR (it was televised on NBA TV). The scrimmage was two 12-minute halves, and it was played in Radio City Music Hall. Both teams had trouble with depth perception at first (a very strange place to play) and they shot about 1-17 from 3 in the first half. There were also 30 turnovers, a lot of sloppy passing.

Iguodala led both teams in scoring and rebounding. He scored on 3 dunks, 2 jumpers (one a 3), a nice lefty drive, and a fastbreak layup with under 30 seconds left to put his team up two (7 of 11 overall). However, he missed the foul shot on the latter lay-up, and the other team tied the game. He's probably the last player on the team you'd want to take a clutch free throw. On defense, Iguodala had a couple steals and about six deflections. He's easily the best wing defender on the team. After the game, Coach K named Iguodala as one of the "core" of the team that they would seek to build around in deciding the last cuts. (You can see that a lot of the other players like Durant and Rose look for Iguodala on the break -- they threw about 4 unsuccessful lobs to him, so Iguodala could have had 20+ points in 24 minutes with better passing.)

I think the last cuts will almost certainly come from the group of Granger, Green, McGee, and Gordon. Granger is probably safe, but he took a pull-up 3 from the top of the key with the game tied and under a minute to go that hit only backboard (groan).

By the way, the game went to OT, where it was sudden death. Iguodala missed a 3 but deflected the loose ball on the rebound to Rondo, who threw a perfect alley-oop to Chandler for the win.

Sunday's game vs. France will be a better indicator of how the team rotations will look. I agree with Brian -- Iguodala is a lock to start at SF next to Durant.

Tom Moore on Aug 12 at 20:55

Collins today on Iguodala: "At the end of the day, he’s probably going to end up being their starting 3 and Durant will be their starting 4."

I'm surprised more hasn't been written about the Collison/Ariza/Lee/Murphy deal. A potentially franchise-altering and quite risky move for N.O. to make in my opinion. They lose their future point guard should Paul bail in an attempt to bring in some talent that will make him want to stay around, and all they got in the way of persuading him to stay was Ariza. A Paul/West/Ariza/Okafor core is not bad, per se, but I doubt it's enough to really contend. I predict Paul forces their hand eventually and they regret dealing his very talented potential replacement.

Most of the potential deals out there had a replacement for Paul going back to New Orleans anyway. Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson, Jrue Holiday...

Hey Brian, that Iggy guy is getting some great press!


Rich reply to The Greek on Aug 12 at 23:38

"He's a great teammate, a great guy to play with," Durant said of Iguodala. "We're just helping each other out. He's such a dynamic player and can play multiple positions. On the break, it's just easy for me to throw it up and for him to go get it."

Sounds like Durant thinks he's pretty good.

Joe reply to Rich on Aug 13 at 7:37

Sounds good. Is there any way management can find a way to give Iguodala away to the Thunder?

They have crappy young pieces like Eric Maynor, Jeff Green, and James Harden...

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