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Early Predictions: Andre Iguodala

turtle Bay on Aug 19 at 3:34

No way he's getting 1.9 steals per game.

jason reply to turtle Bay on Aug 19 at 4:26

He's averaged nearly that for his career? seems reasonable, along with all other projections.

I think he will average a little closer to ~2 turnovers per game this season, due to better a offense (hopefully), and having the ball less (I am aware he averaged 2.7 a game last year).

I think the TOs will probably drop a tiny bit, but Iguodala takes risks w/ his passes, which he should continue to do, his assist-to-turnover ratio was solid last year, so I don't think he's taking too many risks. I'm fine with how he takes care of the ball.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Aug 19 at 7:26

i think the question is how many wins is our best player going to lead our team to this year. 27 just didnt cut it last season.

If you're going to use wins this year as your barometer for success, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed.

I agree with everything you said Brian, my question to you is do you still think making the U.S.A. team was a bad thing? And with this wing depth how many minutes would you play him to take away any fatigue or injury factor?

It seems like it's been good for him personally, and I'm definitely enjoying watching him play, but I can't help but think the extra mileage is something he doesn't really need. The guy plays 3,000 minutes/season.

speekeasy reply to Brian on Aug 19 at 23:20

Yea i'm worried about Iggy's wear and tear too but even his mental state seems to be improving with this National Team experience.

tk76 reply to Brian on Aug 20 at 9:26

Some players go deep in the playoffs every year. And in the playoffs you tend to play through injuries.

Im sure his stats will be fine, I just want to see him being a leader and taking some of that from the guys on Team USA. For the past few years the sixers have been a relatively spread out scoring team so no one broke the 20 ppg mark

Should be another solid accross the board Iguodala season. Hopefully more like '08/'09 than last year. But I do expect that Iguodala will have to still shoulder the load on offense- a role he is not best suited for. It will still be another year before Holiday and Turner can be relied on enough to allow Iguodala to assume a more Pippen-like role. Hopefully this season is a small step in that direction.

This is probably how it'll go down. How quickly they transfer the scoring load off Iguodala and onto Turner or maybe even Jrue, will probably be a big factor in how long it takes Collins to turn the team around. That, and Rod Thorn's ability to get a big with a pulse.

MylesKong on Aug 19 at 9:44

Please don't take this as a harsh criticism. I would to see Iggy do less dribbling. You know in the summer league they kept commenting about how Meeks doesn't waste motion? Well, I would like to see much more of that from Iggy. Pass, drive or shoot? Decide quickly and go. In the case of a clear mismatch, say against a big man, I don't mind the breakdown dribble. Otherwise, be decisive and aggressive.

Dwyer ranks Turner #28 among SGs.

28. Evan Turner(notes), Philadelphia 76ers (last year: unranked)
This was a struggle, because Turner is being billed as a sound rookie who won't come crashing out of the gates in his first year. Worse, he looked pretty terrible during the summer leagues, floating around the court without making much of an impact. Summer league play is never a great barometer when it comes to rookies, but I'd much prefer seeing a player overestimate his own athleticism or talent while being aggressive during SL play, than not know what to do without the ball; because the latter is a harder trait to lose.
johnrosz reply to Brian on Aug 19 at 17:26

After admitting that Summer League isn't a great barometer of success, this clown promptly uses Summer League as a barometer of success. Saw some of the stuff you've posted from Dwyer the past few days and haven't agreed with a single word of it

At least Durant and Iggz are BFF

What yall think of @AI9 hat? Yes or no? http://twitpic.com/2fyazx


Jason reply to Shawn on Aug 19 at 15:09

Can't tell which is the best part about the pic, the straw, the hat,sunglasses indoors, or the plain white tee.

If you listen to Coach Collins talk he wants 3 things from him. 1. Defend 2. Get to the foul line 3. Run the wing. If he stays off the three point line and gets to the foul line more he'll score more points with the same amount of FG attempts per game. If he runs the wing with Jrue and Turner he'll get more dunks meaning a better FG percentage. With a true point guard his assist per game might drop simply cause he's not being asked to set the table every offensive possession but Iguodala will be able to do what he does best is finish at the rim. I easily give him his first 20 PPG season.

Fewer shots, but more points? You have his PPG & APG decreasing and his rebounds per game staying the same. He averaged 17.1 ppg last year, 19 the year before that, and 20 the year before that. You also say his minutes will decrease - are you talking about production on a per minute basis?

He averaged more than 36 minutes/game last season. I have his per/36 numbers increasing in just about every area, which is what I meant. Not per game numbers.

Got it. I think it's a good point that Iguodala was inefficient last season - lots of turnovers and questionable shots. Before that, he was always a very efficient type player, even as a rookie - that's been my impression at least without studying the numbers.

If they play an up tempo he will have ok numbers. But if they go half court. He will have problems. He can't shoot. And i don't see him hitting 34% from behind the arc.

TruePhan on Sep 4 at 10:40

Glad to finally see somebody else who "gets it" about Iguodala.

You know what's funny though is the fact that if he refined his jumper, he could easily be the best scorer on this team even with Evan Turner on it. I'm glad he doesn't have to be though. He's much more suited to be a LeBronesque facilitator at the point-forward.

Infact, I bet if Wade is played off the ball as a scorer, LeBron benefits greatly in Miami because he's never had that. Mo Williams kept trying to play point, and there was nobody on that team besides LeBron who could really score like that. Damn, that would be scary.

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