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I just have one suggestion. The comment submission for the game threads can be annoying because you have to submit and then go back to a different page. Maybe you could tweak the game threads to where you don't have to leave the page to submit a comment? Just a thought.

Yeah, I've got an ajax commenting system in mind for the game threads, should be much better.

Yeah, that has to be fixed...

1) A lot, >10 probably.
2) pretty much throughout the day.
3) 1920x1200, wouldn't mind if there was less white space on the sides. Not sure if a color would be better, but sometimes i feel like i get lost in all the white lol, not really a big issue though.
4)Just type "de" in browser, down 1 to depressed fan then hit enter.
5) Always go to home page.
6) I am a little confused by this one, do you mean where you choose certain willing members and they write something up and post it? If so i don't mind that if you approve them, but would prefer this not to become an open forum where people can make random threads, i like the structure of this site.
7) skip
8)Content trumps design, the way it is currently designed is fine with me.


1) Depends. On average, 3-5.

2) Normally don't check after 3 PM EST.

3) If you know, what resolution is your computer's monitor?
a) 1680x1050
b) 1280x800

4) type dep into browser, it autocompletes.

5) Always homepage first.

6) Probably not. I'd think opening things up for extremely well developed guest posts isn't a bad idea, nothing off the cuff though.

7) Maybe. I guess if I had a really good idea, I'd consider floating it to you in an email and see if you were interested.

8) Design matters. Intrusive ads, excessive clicks, page load times/issues, and overall poor page designs can turn me off a site quick. This site has intrusive ads sometimes and has been known to lock up my browsers a bit, but I still come, so maybe it doesn't matter?

MylesKong on Aug 23 at 8:36

I just find it difficult to follow a conversation when I leave for several hours. It would nice if there were options to see response chronologically or to key in on replies to my own comments.

I like the general format from the introductory pic to the comments ending in a add.

1. 2-3 times a day
2. Random, trying to fit with you guys since i am in a significantly different time zone (6 hours ahead of you).
3. 1280 x 800 (16 : 10 display). The resolution is not that important IMO, it's more important to fit the page well on both 16 : 9 and 16 : 10 displays. Most new laptops are 16 : 9 and they offer problems when browsing at times.
4. Bookmark in my browser. Might use RSS in the future.
5. Directly to the homepage.
6. I would be interested in writing posts if it was possible. As for how often i have no idea. It doesn't necessarily need to be very often. Perhaps a limit per user per month? It'll be bad if everybody starts writing it's own posts all the time, but it would be nice to be able to have the opportunity to post your research for example (some interesting stats and comparisons...) and for others to be able to comment on it.
7. I'll keep reading the blog regardless.
8. It's 80% - 90% content i guess. IMO the biggest advantage of a redesign is bringing more fans to the site and more users. There are a number of ways to advertise depressed fan that can be used.

As for suggestions, i do have a few and i will write another post later :)

I think content is more important than design. As such, my one comment is primarily a content issue.

There are certain people who post comments on this blog regularly. The majority of these people really add to the experience of reading the blog because of the quality of their posts.

Unfortunately, though, there are some people (honestly, mostly just one person) who really ruin the blog for me with their comments.(Typically, I'll see that every other comment in the comment section is from this one person and I'll just say F it and not read the comments).

Maybe you do it more than I know behind the scenes, but I wouldn't be against you discouraging people more from making comments that aren't productive and helpful to the conversation.

Overall, I really like reading people's opinions in the comments. The discussion is typically great. Just sometimes I wouldn't mind seeing someone put their foot down when someone's being an idiot.

MylesKong on Aug 23 at 9:21

1) 10x Mon-Fri, maybe 5x throughout the weekends
2) Normally 9-5...maybe early in the morning (around 6:30, 7)
3) Not sure. I use my iPhone and work pc to visit
4) Sometimes through twitter but most times I've already seen the post by visiting the site directly
5) "
6) Allowing user created post can get a little crazy. I visit another site like that as much I visit hear. It does give you something to do during those lulls in the day or between your post. I might contribute if it was opened up, especially once the season starts.
7) "
8) See my above post from earlier today. I think design/format is just as important as content. If its hard to follow the content really doesn't matter.

1. 3-5
2. Morning and afternoon.
3. 1280x800
4. Directly
5. Homepage
6. Probably not - I feel that I can get feedback for an idea using Friday's 'Pressing Questions' posts.
7. Ditto
8. Content, content and content.

Things I like:

1) the content
2) schedule of content update is highly predictable (haven't really gotten off my duff with making use of site monitoring and push technologies)
3) absence of "noise people" posting
4) starting page loads fast

Things I would change:

5) Remove restriction that handles posts specially if they contain multiple hyperlinks
6) Make it more typical for discussion threads to remain active for a few days if people have more to say on a given topic; it currently feels like discussion has to move to the new topic if it is going to get read.
7) Limit frequency of references to other Philadelphia affiliated sports fan stuff.
8) Try to change the behavior of the "on twitter" widget. My ideal design for that would have a scroll bar instead of continuous cycling and a quick index giving source+time of tweet.
9) Make it easier for the browser to automatically log me in (I use Firefox). It seems like I always have to manually log in the first time I post a comment on a given day.

I agree with folks that content matters much more than design (for instance, amazon.com is a godawful design in my opinion but who really cares?:)

I like the idea of the ajax commenting, definite improvement, but in addition if you could have some sort of 'new comments since your last visit' it makes it easier to find the new stuff.

I just checked the first page and saw no easy 'search' function that would allow me to search by tags (for instance, all Iguodala stories)

User created posts are a good idea, they increase content and participation but it's the kind of thing that requires a lot more policing.

You can actually get all the Iguodala posts from the home page by clicking on his name in the roster. That's something that will be more apparent in the new design, good point.

Ok, now I get it, but what if you want historical articles of guys not currently on the roster?

I want to see what you thought of eddie jordan when he was hired, or how you felt the sixers should do come draft night, etc....

You got a lot of tags, allowing people to search them would allow people to get more reading. Ajaxing it so it only allows existing tags would be kind of cool too but I don't know how your article db is set up

Yeah, there will be a complete tag list on the archive page in the new design. Good point.

Suggestions (both content & development wise):
(of the top of my head)

1. Ability to edit a post. I can't stand when i make a post with spelling errors and i can't correct them. It should also visible when was the last time it was edited.
2. Keep the recent comments separate for each post. It's sometimes confusing right now. Or perhaps another way to solve all the comment s issues is needed... I don't have a decisive idea atm.
3. Put a "Like" button that connects it with Facebook. It helps with site popularization.
4. Check the presentation of the site on: Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even IE (ugh!!). The more the better :)
5. Better profiles for each member: total posts, date of registering etc etc.
6. Ability to access the "extra credit" content from the posts as well not just the home page.
7. Keep posts separate in some way so they won't mute too soon.

If i have other ideas in the meantime i'll post them later...

I started a Facebook page on your recommendation, you can check it out here. Not much there yet, but I have some plans. Thanks for the idea.

1. A couple times a day.
2. Usually at night time, and maybe in the morning on occasion.
3. 1280x720
4. Usually through the libertyballers link or I just type it into the browser.
5. homepage
6. That's a tricky situation. You might be getting some poor quality posts. If you made two different sections, for example, your posts and fan posts, that might work.
7. I'm fine with writing comments in the comment section.
8. The content is the most important part of a blog. Thish is closely followed by if the site is user-friendly. I have no problem with this site, including its lay-out.

Read the site through RSS feed/Google Reader. Feed works really well, read the posts first thing in the morning. Please keep the feed going.


No worries, the feed won't change.

1. 5x
2. Afternoon and morning
3. 1680x1050
4. Type depressedfan into Google
5. directly to the home page
6. Yes, maybe twice a year. It would let users talk about the stuff they want to talk about. However I don't feel like seeing a 100 "iggy sucks" threads.
7. No, don't have enough time
8. I don't care about the design, but I could do without the adds that play audio.

1. Everytime when Google Reader or Twitter tell me it's updated
2. Evening and morning
3. 1440x900
4. Google Reader and Twitter
5. Always directly to an entry
6. I think my English knowledge won't allow me)
7. -
8. Content is all that matters

One suggestion: Can someone do video rewinds, maybe once a week? Sort of like this:



1) Usually 5+
2) All throughout the day
3) I view the site on my Blackberry so pretty tiny.
4) RSS Feed via the Opera Mini Browser on my Blackberry
5) I never go to the homepage because of the RSS feed.
6) I would be interested in the user posts as long as it was a seperate feed from your posts. I think Liberty Ballers has something like that.
7) I would really like to write some posts. Maybe all posts could be emailed and approved by you first. Like somebody else said I don't want to hear "100 iggy suckz" posts or "100 ET is a bust" posts after the first week.
8) Because I view the posts via RSS on my Blackberry content is really all that matters to me. On the rare occasion I do scope the site from the computer its usually through Google Reader anyways. That's usually only to view youtube videos or the occasional picture that I want to see up close.

Overall I think you do a great job with the site. You have a nice blend of commentary and advanced stats kind of stuff. All the numbers can kind of bore me sometimes, but you do a nice job of balancing that out with opinion and what not. I also enoy the level of the commenters in general. Some of the other blog I read have just downright garbage comments. Very good site Brian. Keep it up.

2-5X, Much more if I'm in an active discussion.

Any particular time when you check (morning, afternoon, night?)-- No

If you know, what resolution is your computer's monitor?-- Various. Often on Opera Mini

How do you come to the site? --Chrome, Opra Mini, Firefox

Do you always come directly to the home page, or do you sometimes follow a link directly to an entry? --Home page to see if there have been recent posts

If I opened the blog up to posts created by users, would you post? -- I occasionally have things I'd like to post. In the past I posted at Derek's site (PhillyArena.) Now at RealGM and LB on occasion. But usually writing a full entry is too time consuming to do regularly. But I'd be glad to help out.

Do you even care about a blog's design, or is the content all that matters? -- Design matters some. It would be great to be able to edit posts.

1) Depends on season and whether I'm involved in a discussion. Always once per day, how often after that depends on if I'm involved in a discussion.
2) Usually morning, then, again, depends on if I'm in a discussion.
3) Depends on what computer I'm on. My desktop (work and home) has both a 1680x1050 screen and a 1050x1680 screen rotated. My laptop is 1366x768. My browser's never maximized, though.
4) bookmark, usually
5) home page, usually
6) not sure I'd post, since I already have too many places to try to fill content, but I think user generated content is a great idea.
7) if I weren't already stretched in, es.
8) I think usability is insanely important, the aesthetics are nice as long as they don't get in the way.

I do think point/counter-point between bloggers would be interesting. Although you and Brian tend to agree on many points. I think Dannie at reclinergm often has different points of view.

Yeah. We should figure out a way to get the blogging community a little more intertwined. We'll have to think of something before the season starts.

I think that this would be great. It sounds a little corny, but it would be nice to show the rest of the blogosphere that there are a ton of people interested in 76ers basketball, and that they are working together in many aspects to improve 76ers talk on the internet.

Thanks for the input everyone, greatly appreciated.

For some Sixers news, Dwyer ranked Iguodala #5 among SFs in the league (behind Wallace, Melo, Durant and LePippen)

I 100% disagree with his logic, though. I don't see any way Collins runs every play through Iguodala, quite the opposite.

5. Andre Iguodala(notes), Philadelphia 76ers (last year: eighth, but at shooting guard)
Entering 2010-11, with Doug Collins at the helm of the Sixers, there's a very good chance AI could really burn up a few box scores.
You see, Doug likes it when one guy dominates the ball. He's the guy that put Michael Jordan at point guard, and had him averaging eight assists a game one year. He's the guy that ran the same screen and roll for Grant Hill(notes) to make decisions in, consistently, from 1995 to 1997. He'll have plays, galore, but there will always be one guy initiating everything. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, Collins' Bulls and Pistons teams were always a step behind the championship contenders, but it should help AI's fantasy ranking, at the very least.

what about Turner?

He was ranked as the 28th SG.

In terms of filling the ball dominant guard role.

Stan reply to Brian on Aug 23 at 17:49

Sounds fair. I don't understand his logic on Danilo Galinari. I would take Prince, Artest and Battier over him any day. It's nice to see Gerald Wallace get some recognition.

Not really having any great ideas today. However, I did like the video breakdown suggested by somebody else.

If there is anything missing in sports analysis today, it is legitimate X's and O's breakdown (not the 360 Vision Super Crosscourt Megacam sponsored by Doritos that ESPN throws at us with Jalen Rose "breaking it down").

I know it is a lot to ask but maybe a few times a month we can have someone analyze Collins' playbook through on-court observation.

Other than that, this is one of my favorite sports sites overall and I have never seen a more intelligent community of commenters when it comes to Philly sports. Really respect a lot of people on here.

Jason reply to T McL on Aug 23 at 22:42

heh, I might be overreacting but i'm not happy about this. Grant hill signed with fila and had an injury plagued start, then moved to nike and suddenly he's not getting hurt. Shoes matter, and I hope that Li-Ning shoes are up to standards and won't cause any injuries.

Old School Sixer Fan on Aug 23 at 22:54

1. 3-4times during the week.
many times during the weekend looking for a Sixers "fix"
2. before work in the morning. Around lunchtime after dinner
3. 1280x800
4. Bookmark/Favorite
5. Usually to homepage
6. Would probably never post
7. Might consider sending you something via e-mail.
8. Two things I don't like about your site.
First:I wish after posting a comment, it would take me back to where I commented.
Second: I wish there was a way to go directly to most recent comments
What I like about DF is there are so few real idiots and only one or two people with an agenda that try to hijack the discussion. The content is usually really good, making this my favorite Sixer Blog.

eddies' heady's on Aug 23 at 23:00

Leave it as is. Everything about the site is as user-friendly as it can get except for the redirect page when commenting during game threads. It can be an arduous task to translate thought to comment section and submit and scroll back down to others' comments all while watching the still-live action. Become accustomed over the last 18 months to using it this way and the set-up so why change it?

The comment threads are beneficial with the set-up and reply buttons so ongoing conversations can continue over different periods of time if you're not locked into a PC all day/night.

Eh, I get sick of looking at the same design every day. It's time for a change, and hopefully an improvement. There are a couple usability issues I want to solve, and I have some ideas about the best way to deliver the content. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll leave this design up at an alternate URL if people want it.

More a lurker than a regular reader but if you're interested in everybody's feedback:
1 - Usually once a day to see what's new and/or catch up on game threads
2 - Afternoon/early evening, and then maybe late if it's a game day thread night
3 - Resolution is 1920 x 1080 and the site looks fine...more empty space is not necessarily a bad thing!
4 - Bookmark in my browser, takes me to the main page and my cache shows which posts i've read already and which are new
5 - Home page just about every time, unless Brian tweets something cool!
6 - I would not unless it was something rare like pix from good seats at a game, but user generated posts (isn't that what Statman is/does) can be awesome if done well
7 - Nope you give us more than enough to chew on here!
8 - Good design is hard to pull off but a bad design can really hurt a blog...for example, check out the Wikipedia page for Jon Weisman of DodgerThoughts.com and you can see how much better his site design at the Baseball Toaster network was than the LATImes.com or ESPN.com ones he has gone to since. That may be more a lesson on what to avoid than what to do, but ask any commenter there and they'll tell you those designs really did make and sometimes break that site...

The only other random comment I would make is that this site is kind of awesome being as minimalist as it is, and maybe adding some video or pix could add to it, but aside from the weird commenting that doesn't take us back to the main page, there's not a whole lot broken that would be worth fixing!

Thanks, Das.

I'm absolutely interested in everyone's feedback.

I actually started a Facebook page so people can upload pics from games, etc. We'll use it for this year's field trip also. You can become a fan here. There will be a link on the redesigned site, as well.

It's cool about Facebook! I've already uploaded some photos, the only photos I have related with Sixers)

That's awesome. Did Big Ed seem nervous, only had a couple days left as the boss at that point :)

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