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Early Predictions: Evan Turner

Those are pretty ambitious numbers for Turner. Hope you're right. Just out of curiosity, how many foul shots do you predict he takes per game. That could be the key in determining how efficient he is in his rookie year.

That's a fair prediction for Turner. I just hope by game #62 he's pushing Iguodala for the lead scorer role.
If you could combine Turner's scorers instinct with Iguodala's athleticism we would have D. Wade.

Agreed. Early in the season I expect he'll probably take a back seat to Iguodala, and perhaps even Holiday and Brand. The last 20-30 games I expect close to 18 ppg on good percentages as he takes over the primary half court initiator.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Aug 24 at 11:05

So, if you envision ET being the primary half court initiator, am I to assume you see Jrue still being on the court but playing the 2 in an off-the-ball position?

For this teams' success sake, I certainly hope that is not the case.

By primary half court initiator, I mean on not designed plays. On isolation sets, yes, I see Turner doing more of that. I see Jrue initiating more from pick and roll than dribble drives.

No, that does not mean I see Jrue "playing the 2". A large majority of half court offense is initiated by wing men in today's NBA.

deepsixersuede on Aug 24 at 7:53

I hope he takes the open 3, even if his percentage is what you say it will be, he seemed hesitant in the summer league. How do you feel he will defend? Is his defensive ceiling as high as Iggy or Jrue?

I don't think he'll ever be as good as Igoudala or even Holiday (when he hits his prime) at the defensive end. I do think he will be somewhere between above average and very good defender though.
That however shouldn't be his main focus next season. His main focus this season should be adapting his style of play to the one needed to make good plays in the NBA and finding what he has to offer a winning team. And of course learning how to shoot the three :)

Personally, I don't Turner is even close to Iguodala and Jrue as far as defensive ceiling goes. Those guys both have the size and athleticism over Turner. That doesn't mean Turner can't be a very good defensive player, but you're comparing him to two guys who I believe have the ability to be excellent defenders.

Dean reply to Brian on Aug 24 at 10:44

Iguodala doesnt have great size. He has average height for a SG and is 2 inches shorter than the average SF.

I didn't say Iguodala had great size, I said he had the size and the athleticism needed to be an excellent defender. Size isn't only height either.

Outside of 2-3" of wingspan, there's not much different athletically, from a defensive standpoint at least. Turner actually measured faster in the agility portion of the combine.

I'm more worried about footspeed and agility for perimeter defenders than I am about an extra length of wingspan on each players fingertips. I don't think Turner has all that much in the way of physical limitations defensively. Do I think he'll be as good as Iguodala? I'm not banking on it, but moreso because it's rare for a legit offensive option to become a top flight defender as well than because of physical limitations of Turner.

MylesKong reply to Derek Bodner on Aug 24 at 11:00

And when they do they move up to superstar status.

Average SG: 6'3.49" w/o shoes, 6'7.9" wingspan, 11.31 seconds lane agility
Average SF: 6'6.09" w/o shoes, 6'10.4" wingspan, 11.38 seconds lane agility

Iguodala: 6'5.75" w/o shoes, 6'11" wingspan, 11.17 seconds lane agility
Turner: 6'5.75" w/o shoes, 6'8" wingspan, 11.06 seconds lane agility

Iguodala is not average size for a SG and is not 2" undersized for a small forward. Both are above average for their position.

I agree that Turner is the key.

Last year I was really down on the team because they were building without a real star in place. Then, thanks to incompetence they lucked their way into the #2 pick, and suddenly had the chance of adding a top level prospect for the first time in 10 years. And its unlikely they end up with another top 3 pick for a while (barring Iguodala injury/trade)- so there is a lot of pressure for Turner to develop into their offensive star.

Given his age, I expect we'll know how good Turner will be within his first 2 seasons. But its hard to know how this year will go. Because of Iguodala and Jrue, Turner has less pressure on him to carry the load right away. That could lead to meager numbers while he feels his way. But eventually he needs to become the teams leader on offense- just not sure if that will happen this season.

Question: In 3 years who will be the best player:

Iguodala, Jrue or Turner?

My hunch is Iguodala- but if it is Turner the Sixers could be a very good team.

Charles Shackleford's Top Hat on Aug 24 at 9:21

Guys, this has been eating at me since the summer league. I'm just not sure Turner is going to be a legit go-to scoring option. I've seen anyone who put too much stock in his summer league get berated for being a typical Philly fan, but i wathced every minute of summer league, and it wasn't like he was missing shots. He couldn't get them off! And that is what has been sticking with me all summer. That gnawing feeling that i need to believe what i saw with me own two eyes. That athletically, he is not elite. In fact, he may be a below average athlete, and in this league there is no way to overcome that and become an elite scorer.

I am afraid that Cousins is going to average 20 and 10 and Turner is going to be dribbling behind his back multiple times in the same possession and we are all truly going to be depressed.

Does anyone else have this fear? Because Brian's predictions are essentially ignoring summer league and don't compare him to Jrue. Turner had three years of college to Jrue's one. So Jrue looking lost in summer league last year is one thing. Turner not being able to get himself a clean look as another.

Its a fair concern- but if I'm going to project Turner it will be 95% based on his college production.

The guy has proved he can raise his game over time and handle being "the man." While the Summer League shows he will not be able to step in and fill the same role in the NBA without making big adjustments- I feel he has the right make up to adapt his game. And I hope he has the talent to have a high ceiling.

We are talking a 6'7" SG with great quickness. He won[t score at the rim- but I think the athleticism thing is overblown. He will have an advantage most nights at his position given his heights and quickness- the same way Rip does at SG. It just depends if he has the talent and ability to use it.

MylesKong reply to tk76 on Aug 24 at 9:47

To Shackleford's Hat's point, that quickness wasn't demonstrated in the summer league. To me, he looked heavy like he's been hitting the weight room pretty hard. Couple that with being static basketball-wise and you get a guy out of basketball shape unable to do what he wants. It's such a hard guage. However, the play when he lead Speights with a bounce pass from behind him really impressed me. I think that kid can play but might have struggles until he finds that balance in his weight that allows him to use his strength while maintaining quickness.

His timing was off. His ability to get his shot off is based off quickness and misdirection. Take a guy with that basis of his game away from the court for 4 months and you get what you saw in summer league.

Almost no doubt. If I was 99% sure Turner would be an 18-20 ppg scorer in this league eventually, I'm maybe down to 97% sure now. At most.

Not to pick on words or expression, but something which has a 99% chance of happening is 99 times more likely than not whereas something with a 97% chance of happening is only about 32 times more likely than not. So that would be a big likelihood effect for new evidence.

I've never seen any NCAA play by any player that would make me think he had a 99% chance of becoming a 18PPG scorer in the NBA (maybe film of Wilt if it was available, but I haven't seen it).

Not to nitpick, but I said "if" I thought Turner had a 99% chance of scoring 18 ppg as a professional, not that I thought Turner had a 99% chance of reaching that point.

It was just meant to show that it wouldn't take me from being confident to unsure.

In terms of odds ratios 99%->97% is similar to 80%->57% or 70%->44%.

My working assumption here was that you didn't say exactly what you meant, but my primary interest is more about what made you so confident about Turner in the first place. I've seen you express that view in number of different forums, but I don't recall if you ever explained your particular rationale.

Was the best player on a top 5 team. Led team in scoring, rebounds, assists, steals while shooting 52% and 39% from 3 pts over the last 2 seasons (36% last year) despite every opponent specifically game planning against him.

Was top 3 in a major conference in scoring, rebounds and assists.

Has been considered a lottery pick for the past 2 years- and has improved his stock and productivity each year. has succeeded at SG, SF, PF and PG at a high college level.

Picked as the #2 pick by a survey of 30 NBA GM's (Cousins 1 vote, Favors 1 vote.) Though to be a gym rat who is a student of the game.

I'm not going to quibble about ratios because that wasn't the point and we've both stated it wasn't meant to be literal.

As to why I'm confident in Turner, I've been openly stating (in this blog, among other places) since the beginning of last years collegiate season that Turner was the second best prospect in the draft, and have given my reasons why numerous times. I think the unathletic concerns are largely invalid, as I think he has above average quickness and footspeed, and more importantly is great at changing direction and speeds. I love his handle, think he has great body control finishing around the rim, good touch, a good pull up game and midrange game, and have very few if any concerns this will all eventually translate. Perhaps more importantly, I love his work ethic.

The only thing I have a slight concern over not translating is the form on his jumper, not in that he's able to repeat it and have success in it, but whether he's able to get the shot off over taller and longer defenders.

Most of what you say (and Tk76 above) speaks directly to why you think Turner was the 2nd choice in the 2010 draft. I don't have any trouble understanding that (whether I agree or not), but what I don't get is how that translates into such high confidence about Turner's level of NBA performance. The performances you seem to be projecting for him with high confidence are statistically a lot better than what we see from the median quality #2 overall pick. I've also seen some evidence that guys picked after junior and senior NCAA seasons don't project out as well overall as guys picked earlier. I'm willing to grant that Turner has a higher overall skill level than the typical #2 pick, but he is also less of an athletic standout. Some picks people look at with 20/20 hindsight and say "Of course, X doesn't really have an NBA position". We think Turner is a good fit for NBA SG, but it could turn out that 20/20 hindsight says in a few years that he doesn't shoot well enough for a SG and isn't fast enough for a PG, and then people would be saying about some future draft "Of course Turner didn't really have an NBA position...".

I'm still wondering what you think of as objective evidence that Turner will perform as well in the NBA as your are projecting.

tk76 reply to izimbra on Aug 24 at 19:14

He is a SG. He has the size. he has the quickness. He could not be contained at the college level. And if not being a pure shooter is his biggest weakness... 52% shooting and 39% from 3pt over the last 2 years (against defenses stacked against him.)

So basically your premise appears to be you will set aside what he did in college and state your perception about his athletic ability and shooting. And if he is not a DWade or Kobe type athlete he can't succeed at a high level.

There is really no way to change your perception if you are going by Summer League and not by his 3 years in College.

It's not my perception that he doesn't have a position. I'm saying *we* (including me) currently think he will be a decent NBA SG. But I'm trying to point out that lots of people, including most NBA GMs, are usually pretty high on the #2 overall pick and often they end up being disappointed. It's not hard for me to see various ways in which Turner could turn out to be disappointing. That doesn't mean I think that will probably happen, but what I don't understand are why other people - including folks who usually think about the NBA using an advanced statistical approach - seem to have a very high level of confidence or a high expected value for Turner's projected performance. I don't see the objective basis for those predictions.

I'm not basing his projected production based off median #2 pick, I'm projecting based on my projection as the second best player in the draft. Doing otherwise would be to assume I was wrong in my projection, in which case, why bother?

I don't share many of your same concerns. I think he has a position. Heck, I think he has 3. This was the argument with Jrue last year, when people claimed he was a combo guard. This isn't a SF who's playing PF because he has no ballhandling, or a SG playing PG because he's small. This is a guy with the skills and attributes to succeed at 3 positions.

He's not too slow to be a 2, or too poor of a shooter to be a 2. He has the ballhandling, the ability to create, and the passing.

If I didn't think he'd translate to the NBA, I wouldn't have ranked him as the second best prospect in the draft.

"I'm not basing his projected production based off median #2 pick, I'm projecting based on my projection as the second best player in the draft. Doing otherwise would be to assume I was wrong in my projection, in which case, why bother?"

That doesn't answer my question and the logic is wrong. One ranks potential draft picks as best one can; there's a lot of point (and consequences if you are an NBA GM) to that exercise. However, participating in the exercise shouldn't lead one to believe that one's expected performance is going to be way better than the other people who participated in other years. There may be some reasons to believe different drafts are a little stronger than others, but I don't know why we would believe right now that the lottery portion of this draft was substantially stronger than other years. If an NBA GM was offered a trade for a draft pick, they should evaluate the trade based on expected outcomes for the draft picks, rather than saying "Hey, I'm much smarter than the typical GM picking at #2!".

"I don't share many of your same concerns. I think he has a position. Heck, I think he has 3."

First, like I said above to TK76, that concern isn't a claim or prediction I am making. It's just an illustration. But the context here is about which position Turner can play at the level of being one of or the best player on the Sixers. Claiming that he could be at the level of the Sixers best at either SG, SF, or PG would be an even more extraordinary claim than the claim that he will average 18 PPG or better. As I said above, most of us think SG will be his best position. Where we differ is that you apparently find it very unlikely that his shot won't improve enough so that he is about the Sixers best player, whereas I find that not so unlikely.

I completely disagree. Did his summer league performance excite me? Certainly not. But in the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean anything. My reasoning for not being too afraid about this is the following:

1. I think he'll become a better athlete with time. I don't think his frame is a problem or anything. And he is pretty average athleticism wise even right now. Certainly no worse than Brandon Roy who he's been compared to.
2. The idea that you cannot succeed in the NBA without elite athleticism is ridiculous. Just ask 2-time MVP Steve Nash or next year's MVP, and the best player in the decade ahead - Kevin Durant, also known as the guy that couldn't bench press at his combine (not completely a bad athlete but a guy who had some issues coming in the league). There are many others like that of course no need to mention them all.

Rich reply to Xsago on Aug 24 at 12:32

Those guys are both excellent shooters though, which Turner didn't show in the Summer League, which is why people are concerned.

Durant is insanely athletic.

I think have said this before but here I go again Turner does not need to be our elite scoring option. I think Jrue can fill that role. He look like he will be able to get his shot off just fine. He looks to be able to drive the lane quite well. So far he has shown a good ability to shoot from 3 point range. I think those three things point to him being our go to guy or elite scoring option. Another way this could go down is neither Jrue, Andre, or Evan become our elite scoring option, I think most agree all three will be consistent scoring option game in and game out. Now that does not put us into championship level talent yet. But it could allow us to be just one player away. We could get that player in F/A the draft or trade. The big problem with this is we have to trust the front office to do the right thing. Just how I see it I am not going to regret not drafting Cousins. There are very are no sure things when it comes to the draft. I think Len Bias is a prime example of how now mater how much of a superstar you think you are drafting you never know.

From watching (and coveting) ET play in college, I think he does have athleticism. He's fast in the open court, and he has great body control when he gets to the rim and can absorb contact. I have no theory on summer league performance. He's gonna be awesome, though.

He was out of shape and over-thinking. He also was not able to succeed trying to play the same way he did in college.

Last year he general was covered by smaller guards. In the Summer League he was covered by elite athletes with NBA SF size. He will need to adapt his approach to be effective against this different type of defender. But I expect he can and will adapt- just not sure how quickly.

On the flip side, early in the season he will draw the opponents weest backcourt defender- which should help.

If you think about it, Turner's in a very, very good situation right now. Jrue is a big point, too big for a lot of guards to cover. Iguodala is a really tough cover for most shooting guards. Teams aren't going to have the luxury of putting their SFs on Turner and in some instances Turner may wind up with the opposing team's PG guarding him (if a bigger defender is needed on Jrue).

MylesKong reply to Brian on Aug 24 at 10:28

How many steals is Wade going to pick from him in game one? I wouldn't be surprised if its like 5.

What I took away from the Summer League is that Turner isn't going to step right in and be the go-to guy on this team. That's pretty much it. At every level, he's had an adjustment period, and it looks like he's going to have one at the NBA level as well. The positive is that he's a smart player and I do think he'll figure it out. The negative is that I'm not exactly sure what his ceiling is once he figures it out, there are physical limitations, but he's got decent size for the position and he can handle the ball. I'm pretty sure he'll figure out how to use that combination to be able to get his shot off in the NBA.

MylesKong reply to Brian on Aug 24 at 10:18

I think win it's all said and done Turner will be a player more like Paul Pierce than anyone else. PP isn't quick or a special athlete, but he really knows how to use his body, handle and angles to pretty much get whatever he wants. He's never been a great outside shooter but he's pretty much automatic in "winning time." I think Turner's will be very, very similar.

bebopdeluxe reply to MylesKong on Aug 24 at 10:30

From your mouth to God's ear, bro.

I think that the comparison in terms of tool-box to PP is a good one...but what separates guys like Pierce from others is the mental aspect of the game, and that is the hardest thing to project with these guys. Piooerce is a guy who doesn't overwhelm you with his athleticism, but he is a guy who learned to use his ample skill-set (including his strength, handle and court savvy) to produce WAY above his "athleticism"....

I hope you are right.

Pierce has never been a good outside shooter? Have you watched him play? I see most of his games and he is deadly from 18-23 feet. He's been that way since his rookie year. Do you remember the last game of the '02 Sixers-Celtics series? He shredded us, with outside shots. He hit 41% of his 3-pointers last year. His career FG percentage is 44.5. Ray Allen's is 45.

I don't understand the perception people have of Pierce. Not a great this, not a great that, not an elite athlete, never mentioned as a top 10 player. The guy is an assassin, and he's going to the Hall of Fame. Bob Ryan has called him the best scorer the Celtics have ever had. Some people are saying Chris Paul is a top 3 player. Leaving age out of consideration, I'd rather have Pierce.

Everybody says that Garnett gave the Celtics what they needed to win the championship. Very true, but the way people, even here in Mass, put it is: Pierce never won until they got Garnett. Nobody ever says Garnett never won until he joined Pierce & Ray Allen. But Pierce won a lot more than Garnett did. (Okay, a little more.)

Great comments by the way guys. Nice to see so much optimism. I have Turner at around 12 pts/6 rebs/4 assists. And I agree with most of you that his skill, court awareness and determination trump the concerns about his athleticism (I hate that word), which to most people means jumping and acrobatic moves - in a word, dunks - more than quickness, stamina, strength & agility, which are the important athletic qualities, and Turner has all of them. He's "acrobatic", too - some of those driving layups he makes are Baylor-like.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Aug 24 at 17:49

Agreed 100 percent about the adjustment period. Summer League is for elite athletes to showcase individual skills in a scatterbrained bastardized 5 on 5 setting. This is why guys like Lou Williams, John Wall, Nate Robinson, and Mo Speights thrive in SL while guys like Stephen Curry and Turner have a tougher time. He's adjusted at every level he's been at, would be shocked if he doesn't adjust again.

I put ZERO stock in summer league.

eddies' heady's on Aug 24 at 10:19

Points are way too high and turnovers are too low. His lack of an above par first step and ordinary quickness will be his downfall in attempting to play as a 2 and off-the-ball. This will cause him to not get the separation he needs coming off multiple screens and curls along with not getting separation after he receives the ball in order to get his own shot off against this level of defender. I don't think he will ever be the scoring leader on this squad as long as Andre and even Jrue are on it.

Sadly, and I hope against hope this doesn't come true for my long-suffering fandom's sake, he just may be another in a long line of players this organization has tried to "convert" (for lack of a better term) to a position that is not their strength and they are best suited for. To me, Evan Turner as a shooting guard or full time 2 is them doing just that. ugh...

When talking about his physical limitations, quickness is not a concern of mine.

The guy was one of the best college players in the last decade. What exactly do you think is his "true position?" He played PG last year, PF/SF as a Sophomore and SG as a Freshman.

If you are saying they will try and turn him solely into a jump shooter than I agree that is not a good idea. But if anything, last year he was "out of position" being forced to play PG and can assume a much more natural wing role on the Sixers.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Aug 24 at 22:33

Giving him a "true position" may be going a bit too far, but, if I had to pigeonhole him I would say PG but more of a point-forward facilitator type. He put up his best numbers when playing that ball-dominant role, which really does concern me and how I think our staff is going to try to use him as a shooting guard.

His ability to show his versatility and play all those different positions in college doesn't assuage my concerns of him translating to the next level, particularly playing a position that has been a gaping hole in our roster for years that he never really excelled at on the college level.

My opinion is that I don't see us needing another 'versatile' player in our lineup. Andre already does a splendid job of that sans the perimeter shooting. With seasoning and maturation helping to cut down on Jrue's turnovers, I feel he will do a fine job of being our primary ball handler, facilitator in the half and full courts, and pretty much who we go to in late shot clock situations for an iso/breakdown dribble.

Therefore, we have a swiss army knife-type who can also facilitate and somewhat create for others, and we have a primary ball handler who poses multiple threats in pick-and-rolls and can break his man down if need be. We need a decent shooter who can not only knock down open shots but have the ability to get his own shot off, also in late clock situations along with in crunch time.

Evan being able to play multiple positions on another level (college) doesn't necessarily benefit this team, as constructed, with the two cornerstones somewhat established at their respective positions of SF and PG. Before we ever had an inkling of us having the #2 pick, I felt the guy would be best suited for a ball dominant-type role in that point-forward mold. And that is the last thing we need with Andre and Jrue already in the fold.

MylesKong on Aug 24 at 10:43
Stan reply to MylesKong on Aug 24 at 10:50

That is the same company that produces the dunk-man shoes. I would have chose addidas instead

What I noticed about Turner just in the summer league is he's still not comfortable playing off the ball. I'm not sure how long it will take him to adjust but in the meantime Iguodala will still be the #1 scorer.
Anouther thing I noticed is that because of Turners lack of athletism, if he can't beat a guy clean of the dribble he relies on a "Thadeus Young-esq" spin move. In summer league it wasn't working so I hope he developes another way to finish at the rim.

The thing I don't get is why he was out of shape for summer league. That made no sense to me. I watched the guy play in college all year and loved his game, but why was he off his game in his first impression as a pro? He was out for a few games with the back injury, but he came back just as good, and it's not like he quit playing basketball for four months. It's just weird.

Based on what we saw in Summer League, quickness/strength/shooting are all concerns until we see a semblance of the player we saw playing for Ohio State. I hope that showing motivates him to come out strong.

He played his last real basketball game in March and didn't really have to work out for anyone, he was the #2 pick.

He wasn't in game shape cause he hadn't played games for months, plus there were (as seen here) incredibly unrealistic expectations that set him up for failure no matter what happened, he's learning new team mates, a new system, playing with 'bigger boys' than he played with in college and learning a new approach to the game where he isn't given as the best player on the court.

If he's the guy mentally everyone thinks he is, he's going to be fine, if he's not, then he was never going to be a star anyway

Rich reply to GoSixers on Aug 24 at 12:59

I don't get why he's not in any shape though, which is the major excuse. I'm not comparing them as players but John Wall didn't work out for anyone either, and he looked like he was in good shape. Showing that you can score fairly easily in a Summer League game is not an unrealistic expectation for a SG who was the #2 pick in the draft. I bet it turns out to nothing, but the Summer League performance irked me. It's a little concerning.

The other thing that people are failing to mention about the Summer League is he got worse as the week went on, not better. What do we make of that? He got tired?

I said game shape. He wasn't in game shape because he hadn't played competetive basketball since march.

Practice ain't games. They ain't full speed, you can't 'simulate' game speed, it's a myth

And it's one week, 5 games in a row, rushed practices, and people are vastly over reacting to the performance, and it's nonsense, there's a history of guys wowing in summer league who don't do squat after - and vice versa.

If after 25-30 games into the season he's got the same problems, I'll have some concern, for now i have perspective

Rich reply to GoSixers on Aug 24 at 13:15

That's fair, and I actually think he'll be fine. One thing though: there is not a great track record of guys laying an egg in the Summer League and blowing up in the NBA.

Give the guy a break. This isn't the NFL, where you're expected to be in top shape 365 days a year. He came back from a serious back injury and won the player of the year award. Then he had no competition for 3 and a half months. Maybe he relaxed a little, so what? It was July. And the games didn't count. It's not a showcase where the player is expected to be well prepared and convince people he's got game - it's a practice league. Wall's a great athlete and deserves credit for his SL performance. But did he work as hard as Turner did last year? I watched Kentucky play and they just coasted most of the time. I didn't see a lot of intensity from Wall, just flashes of brilliance and steady play. Ohio State was a scrappy team that had to battle for wins, though I admit I didn't see them play too much.

Agents prevent top picks from playing organized ball for fear of getting injured (among other reasons). He likely hadn't play 5-5 since March.

Setting the Summer League aside, the obvious difficulty for Turner is going to be adjusting to being a guy that the team runs offense for, but not necessarily with the ball in his hands. His release is weird, but I think it may actually help the ability to get his shot off one on one. His stroke from mid-range is definitely solid too. Watching him run off screens and adjust to that type of game is going to be hopefully fun to watch.

Summer league is pointless. I wish people would stop talking about it. Really drags me down reading comments/posts that use summer league, in one way or another.

Turner might struggle, but the most important stat there is going to be his NBA experience. Rookies typically aren't very good. Last year, they were pretty good though, especially the PGs.

Turner shot 54% on 2pt shots and 36% on 3's. Over the past 2 years he has shot 29% from 3 pts, despite rarely taking uncontested jumpers. Many of his shots where of balance runners- showing he has good body control and touch. He is not "pure" but his jumper is far ahead of guys like Iguodala, T. Williams or Westbrook when they entered the league.

Rich reply to tk76 on Aug 24 at 16:58

I think you hit the nail on the head. I wish Hoop Data would give distance numbers on college guys because from what I saw in college, he was an excellent shot-maker from the midrange, even with guys hanging all over him. Another thing that Turner has going for him is that he doesn't need to be a great three point shooter to handle a scoring load. It helps to be an average guy, so I think 37/38 percent from three is something he should look to be. I hope his shotmaking instincts translate to the NBA three point line.

I'd rather him focus on getting to the line like he did in college. That's what I think will make him a good to great scorer.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Aug 24 at 19:08

Sorry, typo.

Should read shot 39% from 3pt last 2 seasons combined.

Hey Brian,

Why does your buddy statman even bother commenting in that cesspool called philly.com?

I just saw this hilarious article by Charley Rosen (a guy I usually respect)
"Trouble is that Iguodala and Green represent the Sixers' only defensive forces."

Seriously read the article, its funny as hell.-- http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/Doug-Collins-will-not-perform-miracles-for-Philadelphia-76ers


Isn't Rosen the guy who can't help but ride Phil Jacksons jock?

johnrosz reply to Aaron on Aug 25 at 2:02

I can't believe that a Fox news outlet would have unreliable and inaccurate information...

speekeasy reply to johnrosz on Aug 25 at 23:12

true story on Fox. I saw the Daily Show the other day. What they do disgusts me.

on the bright side, at least The Villian can handle our half-court shots:

TruePhan on Sep 4 at 11:01

Evan Turner really has only one deficiency to his game and that is his defensive stance and the little things that you have to do to play great defense. There is not a doubt in my mind that he can and will fix this and shore up his defense to the point where maybe he's not on Iguodala's defensive level but he'll be on Jrue's.

He seems to be the #1 scorer this team so desperately needs to let Iguodala play to his strengths and stop being forced to be something he's not. Iguodala is a superstar and he could easily be the #1 scorer but he doesn't want to be. It's not who he is.

This team has 4 starters who could efficiently average 20 a night with ease(Iguodala, Brand, Turner, Holliday). That is scary. There aren't many teams in the league who have that. They also have one of the most talented benches in the league, and a very potent one at that. This team will probably be everything I thought last year's would be and more.

If the Sixers have Jrue bringing up the ball, Andre playing the point-forward and faclitating to either Brand, Turner, Jrue or whoever the big is to score, and Evan Turner being used solely as a scorer, they are instant contenders and they leapfrog Boston like they should've when they got Brand. If they finally find that shot-blocker they so desperately need, they're perennial championship contenders.

If all goes right, this could be the best Golden Age of Sixers basketball since they had Wilt. The Dr. J team was great but they played in a time with Showtime and those 80s Celtics. The closest thing to either of those teams right now is either the Lakers or the new-look Heat, and the Heat still have to gel and have a lot of things go right. They also don't have a point guard anywhere near as good as Jrue. Nobody's unbeatable right now, and the Sixers could have a better shot to beat the two best teams than anybody.

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