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Rather than using FIBA to gauge Kevin Love's rebounding ability, how many minutes did it take him to get 21 rebounds last season?

I'll be so bold as to say Speights will average the most rebounds per game next season. I'll say 8.5 per game. He has the ability to rebound, and I think he might steal the starting spot from Hawes mid-way through the season.

Oh, and I would love me some Kevin Love on the team. I enjoyed his poor-acting cameo in Entourage.

speekeasy reply to Jeff on Aug 30 at 2:12

Iggy and Kevin Love seeing the sites in Greece. Check out the picture of Steph Curry sitting with kids. He looks about 16 years old.


I wish I was there, I would have asked Andre why the fuck he sucks so bad at free throws. Make your free throws my man, justify that contract and status as a big time player that you think of yourself as. How he doesn't hit over 80% of his ft's is pathetic.

No you wouldn't have.

Your right but his free throw percentage really chaps my ass.

Yeah, but everything about him does that, even the things he does well, you don't think he does them well enough

You see no good in him, we get it

I think Iguodala and Brand will battle for the rebound lead and the number will be in the 6-8 range, which means everyone will have to contribute if they want to win.

Eh, Love overall is a nice player who is efficient offensively and rebounds well. He's actually a pretty bad defender though, which is alarming. He would be a great fit here though simply with his rebounding and his outlet passes. Perfect fit here, because the big just needs to rebound, not be a flat-out stopper.

I'll take Brand to lead the team in rebounding at between 7 and 8 per game, hoping he'll be a little more energized playing for Collins this year. I hope it's Speights, but I just don't know if he will get enough minutes. If it's Iguodala he probably had a great season, and we're sunk anyway because that means no one else stepped up in the front court.

Love would be an interesting pickup for the Sixers, surely we can use his rebounding ability and offensive game. I just don't think he fits that well with Brand, who at this point seems untradedable. Now if you put Love next to someone like Camby then I think that would be awesome to watch.

speekeasy on Aug 30 at 2:08

I really like Love. Doesn't have great jumping ability but is an incredible positional rebounder. Great outlet passer and plays with a lotta fire. He's shown some shooting range at the Worlds too. That one-armed rebound and three point play against Slovenia was incredible. I think he's moved ahead of Tyson Chandler (who can't even finish alley-oops now) in Coach K's rotation. You're right though, not a good defender. He'd be an asset on any team especially (as was said) if you put an athletic shot-blocking center next to him.

As for our rebounding-impaired franchise. I'm gonna go with Speights too but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Brand or Iggy.

Hey this numbers are 'cause he plays against FIBA players...

Brand and Mo will lead the Sixers in Rebounds

Love's rebounding % was 4th best in the NBA had he had enough minutes.

Only behind Camby, Howard, and Dalembert.... he is a truly elite rebounder, which is something the Sixers now lack.

As for the Sixers, I don't know. I'll go with Hawes. They will want to see if he is a decent player and he gets 30 minutes a game to show it. I really don't know honestly.

deepsixersuede on Aug 30 at 7:56

If you look at the Bulls first 3 championship teams they rebounded by committee with Grant getting 8 or 9 per game followed by Pippen and Jordan than their center, Cartwright. I expect the same here with 5 guys [Brand, Hawes,Iggy,Turner and Spieghts] all getting between 8 and 5 rebounds per game.

I always have been a Love fan and would of resigned Sam if he was here, they could of worked well together because his fundamental and high I.Q. approach would of complimented Sam well and Sam would of had his back defensively.

MylesKong on Aug 30 at 9:08

I see our bigs as a platoon. So, I can't imagine any of them invidually averaging over 7.5. It's quite possible the Iggy leads us in rebounds for the season with like 7.2 rpg. I foresee a lot of Sixers averaging between 4 and 6. We will have to rebound as a team. We won't be able to depend on our bigs. Unless, a trade goes down, I have a feeling that by season's end Speights will be entrenched as our starting 4. Grabbing around 8-9 boards per game in March and April.

I like Love, but I love Marc Gasol. I would much rather THorn focus his attentions on acquiring him. Especially being that Gasol is about to be a RFA, they have Thabeet(not sure how they feel about his future), they just paid Gay a lot, and they have a decision to make on Randolph. The Wolves on the other hand pretty much just configured their roster in such away to compliment Love's skills. They moved Al Jefferson and passed on Cousins to accomadate Love. I don't think he's an option. Gasol on the other hand seems much more gettable.

I agree about Gasol. I love this guy. He's bigger and stronger than his brother and I think will end up developing a better post game. Pau has that touch from midrange that Marc lacks and is also better defensively. I never thought about Marc as being an attainable player but the way you describe it, it may be feasible. I can't imagine what we could offer to get him, though. I doubt they'd be interested in Lou. Maybe Thad? And like you said, alot of it depends on Thabeet. I always thought he'd end up being a solid pro, it would just take time. He's got such an awesome frame to work with, all he needs to do is develop a little touch. He's a natural with the shotblocking and rebounding. He could use a little toughness though.

Love led the league on ORB% his ROOKIE season. I had no question of his rebounding translating.

I did worry that his footspeed would leave him vulnerable defensively, and without being a shotblocker I still share that concern, and not sure he has superstar potential because of that. That being said, I'd love to try. He just has an instinct for rebounding and a desire that none of the bigs on our roster have.

I think it's Brand or Hawes. Collins will have them playing closes to the basket than we've seen both guys play. Hopefully Hawes won't attemp half of the 87 threes he did last year.
Kevin Love reminds me of Matt Geiger. I always liked both of their games. I always hope we could get that kind of production out of Jason Smith but I was a little off on that one.

I don't think Thorn could put a deal together that would land Kevin Love. Love is already an exceptional performer in a significant dimension of team success and is young enough to improve in other areas. He is a critical part (perhaps the most critical of their current players) of any future success for the Timberwolves so my guess is that he is close to untouchable.

As far as who will lead the Sixers in rebounding, I concur that Speights may have the most potential to do that if he stays in constant game shape, plays enough minutes, and plays with consistent intensity. Hoping for all three of those might be hoping for too much, so my guess is that Brand might lead the Sixers in rebounding during the upcoming season. But, my further guess is that the Sixers will not have one dominant rebounder but will have three or four players with respectable numbers.

I think we all would want Love to go along with the backcourt we are building here, but it wouldn't be possible to get him without giving one of them up. I guess you could try with David Kahn, but I doubt it.

He's going to hit free agency when Brand's contract expires.

Rich reply to Brian on Aug 30 at 13:46

From what I've read, they basically picked him over Al Jefferson. Hard to see them not making a big push to resign him. Other things I've read said they didn't play him that much either, which is weird if he's a top guy for your team. That team has no direction.

There was some talk when team usa was in vegas that they weren't even sure if he was going to start this year in Minny. And that was after the Jefferson trade.

It's a long way away, but I wouldn't be shocked if Love gets out of there first chance he gets. Unfortunately, he'll be restricted a year before Brand's contract comes off the books, and I'm sure someone will sign him to a big offer sheet.

Steven reply to Rich on Aug 30 at 13:47

Minnesota needs more guards. We can give them Willie Green, Lou Williams, and Jodie Meeks for Love.

Court_visioN reply to Steven on Aug 30 at 15:01


Rich reply to Steven on Aug 30 at 16:51


Team USA pulls out a squeaker. Anyone see the game?

Iguodala took 1 shot. 5 boards, 2 assists, 4 steals. ESPN doesn't have the minutes up yet in the box score.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Aug 30 at 18:05

I D.V.R.ed it, want to watch Splitter play. Did you guys see A.Tomic the other day, if he puts weight on, Utah may of got a steal at #44 a couple of years back.

I watched it (one advantage of working from home). Team USA had a lot of trouble defending the P/R early on and Brazil hit some crazy 3's, eventually taking an 8 point lead before the U.S. started whittling the lead down. The U.S. led by 2 or 4 for most of the 4th quarter in what turned out to be a tight defensive struggle. The commentators noted correctly that in crunchtime, the U.S. runs almost all isolation plays, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Durant was hot early on but a non-factor in the 4th (8 turnovers overall).

A couple other notes:
- In a close, defensive game, Coach K ditched the rotations and went with the starters. No starter played fewer than Iguodala's 29 minutes, no bench player played more than Westbrook's 13. Iguodala and Gay were splitting minutes in the 1st half, but Gay gave up 5 quick points to his guy in the 3rd and was pulled after about 2 minutes.
- Love came in and hit a surprise 3, but he was abused in the P/R. People touched on it in the comments for this post, but he's not a good defender, and it doesn't matter how well he rebounds if he's always taking the ball out of the bottom of the net.
- With the rotation tightened, neight Curry nor Granger saw any minutes. Granger is extraneous on this team. I'm almost thinking Kyle Korver would have been a better 12th man.
- Brazil played this game without Varejao (and Nene isn't with the team), so it was really a poor performance by the U.S. (Team USA was favored by 22, I heard). Their remaining big man, Splitter (who will play for the Spurs this year) held his own against Odom.

I thought Iguodala played an very good game, given his 5th option role in the halfcourt. He was guarding Barbosa the whole game and gave up very few open shots (though Barbosa broke his ankles on one play in the 4th that will probably be shown on the highlights). Note that Barbosa shot 5-18 overall (two baskets were 3's that came right after Iguodala sat down in the 1st). Iguodala's one miss came off an offensive rebound where he didn't seem to have a good handle on the ball.

The play-by-play shows 2 steals and 3 rebounds (2 offensive) for Iguodala in the 4th quarter. What it doesn't show was that when the score was tied at 62, Odom fell down on a drive and didn't get back. With the U.S. playing 4-on-5 on D, Iguodala came up with a monster def. rebound and tossed it ahead to the cherry-picking Odom for the dunk.

Overall, it was a good wakeup call for the U.S. Fran Frischilla (who is a good announcer, though he tends to be repetitive, e.g., Iguodala=Swiss army knife) correctly pointed out that after round-robin play, all it takes is one bad quarter to create tremendous pressure -- so it's good that the U.S. had to play with that pressure throughout the game.

Jeff reply to Brian on Aug 30 at 18:20

Yeah, I saw it. The team looked tired. Chauncey was pulling some Willie Greens and jacking up contested jumpers three seconds into the shot clock. There were also some lazy passes, driving into traffic resulting in steals, etc. They also struggled to defend the pick n' roll in the first half. The defense was much better in the second half. Hopefully, this was an eye-opener for them, because they will need to play much better down the line.

speekeasy on Aug 30 at 23:00

way too much iso. Rose struggled for the first time in the tournament even though he had two incredible reverse lay-ups. Iggy looked tenative with the ball in his hands in the half court a few times. He's a better play-maker than most and I was dissappointed he didn't try to attack the basket against a few of the Brazilian defenders to set up shots for Billups and Durant. We really forced a ton of shots down the stretch, mainly Billups and Durant. Chauncey did make a few big plays. The little Brazilian PG really impressed me, he had a sick behind the back pass to Splitter off a P&R in the 1st half. In the 2nd half we started hard hedging, doubling the ball-handler, and switching off the pick and roll which really slowed Brazil down. Barbosa missed a ton of big and occasionally open shots in the 2nd half. I woulda liked to see Steph Curry a bit because he can shoot the three and create for others but I guess Coach K was worried about his defense; a legit concern especially in the more physical FIBA game.

Internet problems all night. Check back late morning for a new post.

deepsixersuede on Aug 31 at 7:32

The Spurs got a solid player in Splitter, who should step right in and defend well. Hey Sixers, there are players over there !!!!

Hey, they got Nocioni 6 years past his prime, doesn't that count for anything?

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