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The Countdown Is On

deepsixersuede on Sep 1 at 7:22

I always thought T.Outlaw was the best player to compare Thad to and if I'm his agent I look to get his money this year.

In case anyone missed it


Cool site, much better than www.mospeezy.com

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Sep 1 at 13:21

he's calling himself a Power Forward now i guess...

Its possible we will see more extensions this year as players want to avoid the uncertainty of being a FA heading into the lock-out. But on the flip side this might make teams less willing to deal.

I think what happens is the second part, owners are laying down the smack (or trying to) with this negotiation and while not verbalizing it, would tacitly collude to avoid signing extensions except to the most certain of stars (Durant for instance)

I don't think Thad's gonna see a contract extension come November 1 unless it's VERY team friendly.

That's my feeling as well. Maybe he takes a really cheap offer to beat the new CBA. My definition of really cheap is probably different than Thad's and the team's though. Like a 3-year, $10M extension would be a gamble worth taking.

I would like to see Thad improve some in defense, rebounding, and getting to the free throw line this season before the team even thinks about matching an offer sheet after the season. I think there's a decent chance Thad does make strides in these areas, but if not I wouldn't be upset if the Sixers tried to shop him at the trade deadline to see if they could get any value in return.

Anyone watching the Team USA game? Updates would be greatly appreciated.

USA 28 Iran 16 with 6 left in the second quarter... US playing a lineup of gay, granger, love, gordon, westbrook.. and curry just came out of the game.

I missed the first quarter so that's really all I have for you.

9 straight points for Love in under 2 minutes. 3 boards, too.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Sep 1 at 13:24

lol color guy called Russell Westbrook "Lawrence Westbrook"

83-51 with under 2 minutes left. Only suspense is whether the spread will be 35 or more (ESPN's Beat the Streak has a wager set at 35). USA has looked disinterested for most of the game because, let's face it, Iran couldn't beat Duke (and probably couldn't beat Butler).

And Granger hits the three for the big cover. USA 88, IRAN 51.

88-51 final. Granger hit a 3 to "cover" the 35-point spread. Iguodala hit a transition 3 early (stretching the lead from 6-5 to 9-5) but only played about 10 minutes total. We won't find out anything further (anything meaningful, that is) about the team until they start the knockout round next Monday, because their opponent tomorrow (Tunisia) is even worse.

Is there a chance Spain doesn't even make the elimination round? What is it, 4 out of 5 teams from each group move on?

Not really. It's 4 out of 6 in each Group, and Spain is currently tied for 3rd in their group (and they just beat the 5th place team). But Spain's poor showing does increase the possibility they could face the U.S. in the quarterfinals.

They're 2-2 now, right? I wonder if Iguodala gets Rubio when we play them, or maybe Fernandez.

Possibly, but Rubio has been underwhelming so far (1-13 past two games, 6-22 overall). If the U.S. faces Spain, the key will be defense of the high pick & roll. My main concern with the U.S. starting lineup is that Rose doesn't defend the P/R well and is below average overall defensively. I can envision his man (whether Navarro, Rubio, Fernandez, or even Garbajosa) running the P/R with Gasol over and over.

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