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Get Out of Jail Free Card

There's a lot of talent among the players you listed. I'm not saying they're good contracts, but I don't think owners would be able to cut some of those guys and not be ridiculed by their fan base.

On the other hand, if owners really gave a shit about their fan base these strikes wouldn't happen.

T McL reply to T McL on Sep 2 at 1:25

Also, could you provide the link (if it exists) so we could see which players were cut in 1998? Sounds like it would be an interesting list.

I'm not sure there is a list out there. The only one I know off the top of my head is Jerome Williams. They called it the Allen Houston clause or something like that because the Knicks could've cut Houston and saved $20M+/year, but their owner liked Houston too much or something like that, so they cut Williams instead.

Aaron McKie.

And NYK didn't not use the clause on Houston because they liked him, but because he was likely to retire due to medical reasons (he did), and hence not count against the luxury tax anyway.

The amnesty clause came from the 2005 CBA deal, not 1998.

I'm pretty sure his salary still counted against the luxury tax, but insurance paid 80% of the actual cost. Meaning the Knicks were on the hook for about $24M/year ($4M in actual salary, plus the $20M penalty). It's tough to find hard figures.

I'd absolutely love to see this situation happen. It would be a big win for the owners in the negotiations, and they'd be pushing to take full advantage. Joe Johnson is another candidate.

If Players got full salary after getting cut and then potential of a new contract w/ another team wouldn't players also consider this a win?

Also i saw OKC-Hasheem Thabeet on the list, confused by that?

Also Indiana could potentially cut Granger if George shows promise.

My bad, OKC really doesn't have one. I fixed it.

Granger's a possibility if he can't stay healthy, I think that's doubtful, though. He's their primary guy.

Uh, this wasn't from the 1998 CBA deal, but from the 2005 deal. We used our "get out of jail free" card on Aaron McKie.

You're absolutely right, I fixed it up top.

JeremyNZ on Sep 2 at 3:55

A list of amnesty clause players is here:


Michael Finley, Reggie Miller, Jerome Williams, Aaron McKie, Doug Christie, Alonzo Mourning, Vin Baker, Derrick Coleman, and more. 18 in total, $212m in luxury tax payments.

Paul Allen on Sep 2 at 6:23

Cleveland would cut Varejao. They have him signed for 5 years 50 million and they're going to be lottery every year.

Paul Allen's Sexually Attractive Niece reply to Paul Allen on Sep 2 at 8:52

Nah, they'd cut Jamison, he's even worse and they don't need him. Varejao is useful as trade bait.

Update on USA-Tunisia: U.S., favored by 40, is only up 6 at half. Starters played the 1st quarter, led 19-13. Reserves played the 2nd quarter, got outscored for most of the quarter (2-point game late in the quarter) until a late run made it 39-33. Safe to say, if Tunisia wins, it would be the biggest upset in the history of sports ...

You're talking August 2012 right?

Why would the Raptors cut Bargnani? A C that can give you 18/7 is worth the 9-10 million/season that he is going to get paid. When does Amir Johnson's contract expire? I would cut him instead.

Also, let me get this straight,: The team would cut the player, play his salary but not have it count against the cap? Is that right?

Bargnani is garbage.

Steve reply to Brian on Sep 2 at 10:34

Elton Brand is garbage. I would take Bargnani over anyone on our roster except Dala and Jrue.

I agree. He's like a mediocre SF. I wonder what his efficiency rating is - it can't be too good. (17 pts on 14 FGA) His rebounding average was 6.2 last year; it's 4.8 for his career. He basically does nothing on the offensive glass. And barely 1 assist per game. But he scored 17 a game - he must be good!

Colangelo is a genius, though, so I must be wrong.

Not sure how top 12 NBA teams cut top players- so I don't see Rashard or Aldridge being released unless those teams fail to make the playoffs. I agree those guys have bad contracts and are over-rated, but that won't get them cut.

As for Brand- he is an expiring the following season, so I'm not sure why they would cut him unless it means avoiding a big financial hit that one season.

johnrosz on Sep 2 at 13:35

This really puts into perspective how truly awful Brand and his contract have been. I'll admit the Arenas contract is probably worse, but only because he's a headache off the court. What was Orlando thinking when they gave Rashard Lewis that deal? Yikes

Tom Moore on Sep 2 at 14:13

Interesting idea and discussion, Brian.

Hard to imagine it being anyone other than Brand. I'll also be watching to see what the Sixers do about re-signing Thaddeus Young.

Stephen on Sep 2 at 14:57

Andre Igoudala, overrated and overpaid. Can't hit a jumpshot, can't create his own shot, and can't lead a team. Just another athletic guy who lacks the fundamentals of the game.

Explains why he gets 17/5/5/1.6 stl. Those guys are a dime a dozen in the NBA, right?

Here is the list over the past 10 years, all 10 of them. Pathetic to see Iguodala in such weak company...


Hey, at this point, I want to see andre gone not for the good of the team but because he deserves better than a fan base so ignorant that all they can do is bash the best all around player this team has, and a guy who seems to be impressing everyone on the fiba stage except, you know, the fans who can't look past 20 points per game

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Sep 2 at 18:55

while i agree that his detractors go way overboard in evaluating his game, I also feel that the Iguodala supporters are over the top to an extent. So far I've heard Brian put Iguodala ahead of Melo,Rose, and Brandon Roy. Whether or not you guys try to push him as a reaction to the detractors, I don't know. Your argument in regards to the stats are a little off because there are at least 2 outliers on that list in Francis and Antione Walker. While I can't argue that 17/5/5/and 1.6 steals are impressive numbers, what does this do for us when the team is a perennial loser? I basically never see Iguodala having the same level of production/value on a WINNING roster, which we haven't had the whole time you guys felate him and his advanced metrics.

He's doing god awful on that Fiba team ain't he?

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Sep 2 at 20:58

He and the rest of our squad are completely dominating fringe NBA talent up and down.Name 2 players on the Slovenian national team? how bout Greece? This tournament does nothing for me, Iguodala is a very good defender, he has been a good defender throughout this tournament, not really a shocking revelation. Nobody is arguing his defensive merits. This little FIBA tournament hardly constitutes winning though. I'll be impressed if the 17/5/5/1.6 translates to more than a first round exit

He is not good enough to be your best player. But that is not the same as saying he is "just another athlete" or a mediocre player like some like to suggest (not saying you.)

He's not a superstar. he a second or third level top player (top 5-6 at his position.) That's really valuable- and worthy of his salary which is not in the NBA top 40. Like you were saying- people over-react to Iguodala on both sides- when the people to blame are in management or the truly lousy players that have been on the roster.

Remoinds me of how people hated Pau Gasol and called him a soft loser when he was without help in Memphis. Now he has great teammates everyone loves Pau.

TruePhan on Sep 4 at 11:16

I just wanted to point out that honestly the owners don't have anywhere near the advantage they think they have. If they play hardball with guys like LeBron, Melo, Kobe, Durant, all of the best players, those players will call their bluff and play in another league. Without these players, the NBA and those owners will actually be hurting for money instead of just saying they are. They're going to get bent over the table again and they absolutely should.

Some of those owners would get torn new assholes for cutting those players, like the Magic owner cutting Lewis for example. Without Lewis, that team takes a major step back. He's a very versatile player.

As far as changes: Well off the top of my head, if anybody got cut from Portland it would probably be Oden if he can't stay healthy. Aldridge has earned his contract.

And I'd definitely say Toronto would cut Amir Johnson before Bargnagni if Johnson ends up being a bad signing(which while I haven't seen enough of him to judge, I'd say it will be given the way giving a player who hasn't been what they want him to be that kind of money has worked out in the past *cough* Sammy *cough*)

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