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Pressing Questions - September 3

Louis Farrakhan III on Sep 3 at 0:46

All that really concerns me is to make sure the Sixers have a great development year yet still fall low enough to get one more good lottery pick. Which probably won't happen. Collins = #13.

I'm just satisfied that the Sixers have people in charge that have a winning track record. Collins and Thorn have enough knowledge between them that this team as constructed right now should never play the way they did lat year. They're both people who these players should respect old school philosophy or not.
Just put Willie Green in that photo just cause he keeps a nice haircut. Noone really deserves the spot.

deepsixersuede on Sep 3 at 7:41

I would have B.Cunningham as the 5th guy till a young guy earns it; best case scenerio is our future big man addition joins the picture.

I think these players needed a coach they can trust after last year, someone with passion and a knack for positive reinforcement and Collins seems to have that. Thorn can!t hurt our situation though the logic behind signing him has me scratching my head. Either you search for a guy, there were plenty out there, or not.

I want to see if Collins has changed; being away from the game may allow him to take a more measured approach and maybe he doesn!t burn out as fast. A 5 year run with one coach would be nice.

Charlie H reply to deepsixersuede on Sep 3 at 8:07

That's what I was going to say. I put Cunningham ahead of Iverson actually and maybe even Barkley. He & Julius are about even.

It's going to be Jrue Holiday.

I want to see Jrue up there in 10 years. Ideally he's led us to a title and played at a 15-9-5-2 level with 40% from three for his career. Glue guy. Team leader. That's my dream scenario.

As far as our front office, I wish we did have a young coach with an experienced front office who was willing to give the coach some rope and time to develop a core of players. However, I can't complain about Collins. The guy knows what he's doing and has shown to play to his teams strengths in the past. I think he'll develop a style of play for this team that brings out a high level of basketball from our players.

jsmoove on Sep 3 at 9:57

While Billy Cunningham makes a great case for that 5th spot, I'd have to give the edge to Hal Greer.

Wilt, Moses, Greer, Cunningham, Dr. J, Barkley are all HOFers.

Iverson will be in there soon as well.

There isn't any place for any current Sixer now or in the near future.

As for the front office/coach... no real confidence. I'll wait to judge too much till things mature along.

1. I agree with Joe. Go with the HOF'ers.

OT: My question for a slow day (or can be used later as a post topic.):

Over the past 5 years the Sixers have won 38, 35, 40, 41 and 27 games. 2 playoff appearances, 2 near playoffs and one terrible year. Rank the top 5 best players over that span based on their play for the Sixers in the previous 5 years.

For reference, 5 years ago was the last full season for Iverson/CWebb.

I'll give it a shot:

1. Andre Iguodala
2. Andre Miller
3-5 ???

3. Iverson?
4. Sam Dalembert
5. Korver?

Other possibilities:
Joe Smith - albeit briefly :)
Willie Green
Lou Williams

O.K., I'm getting depressed. At least the list for the next 5 years should be better...

All things considered, Dalembert is probably 4, then Iverson and either Korver or Lou. Wow, that's just horrible.

Yeah, my initial intent was to show how Iguodala and Miller have been the team's best players, but getting past those top two things got sad quickly. Its surprising the team won as many games as it did over the past 5 years. Yet so many fans attack the teams only good players instead of looking at how bad the overall rosters have been.

...So does that mean maybe Mo Cheeks was a really good coach? His teams had far less talent then we believed a the time.

We used to complain about Cheeks not running enough plays or a more complicated offense... but could anyone run plays for that team with guys like Sam, Evans and Thad getting heavy minutes? I'm not sure those guys would have played better if they had to "learn plays."

jsmoove reply to tk76 on Sep 3 at 11:26

an understatement, for sure. Cheeks was shortchanged - by fans and Stefanski.

Joe reply to tk76 on Sep 3 at 14:35

Why did the team have less talent than we thought?

Joe reply to tk76 on Sep 3 at 14:17

1. Iguodala
2. Dalembert
3. Miller
4. Lou
5. Reggie Evans
Honorable Menion: Iverson(basically a tie with Reggie and Lou. Just OK players)

And I'll give a shout out to Donyell. Great year.

Noone else worth noting as a positive contributor IMO.

Moses Malone. Without him there is no title in 1983.

I'll second Malone.

While I love Iggy, I think the WC's are proving he's more of a Bobby Jones type player, which is a great thing (ie necessary) to have on a championship team.

With Jrue & Turner, the future is bright. The advantage with an older more established Front Office & Coach is their legacy and employment is set. They can spend this year as a teaching year, sacrifice a few games for the greater long term good of the franchise. Not throwing games for ping pong balls, but making the game a learning opportunity.

has anyone seen where you can get those alternate/retro jerseys the team has sometimes used last year (like in the pic on the left)

I don't think we can even begin to suppose who's next on that Mt. Rushmore. Those guys aren't just all-stars or HOFers, they're at the top level. All but Iverson were on the 50 at 50 list, and I'd be surprised if he wasn't whenever they get around to doing that again (NBA at 75?). A team playing like the Sixers have last season simply don't have a guy like that on it. Maybe Iggy or Jrue or Turner can turn into one, but only time will tell. In the meantime, I think it's down to Cunningham or Malone. Or maybe like Dolph Schayes or something.

Looking at the pictures, I'm realizing that if you put the best player that ever played at each position together, the Sixers would be in the top 5 easy, if not the top 3. I can see Lakers, Celtics, and Maybe the Knicks competing with us for it. Nobody else comes close (except maybe the Suns?)

T McL reply to Cotton on Sep 3 at 17:24

Interesting idea Cotton... not a bad Friday thing to do..

(plus great reserves)

Harper.. maybe Derrick Rose

(Sucks leaving Jerry West out)


Suns- I feel like I messed this one up
Kevin Johnson?

B. King

Magic- Weak frontcourt shooting but who cares.


And my Darkhouse favorite...Sonics/Thunder
Lenny Wilkins

There are so many other teams that would be good now that I think about it.. fun thing to discuss though.

Old School Sixer Fan reply to T McL on Sep 4 at 12:28

Based on the idea that it was to be the best player in a franchise's history at each position, I thin you have to decide between O'Neal and Abdul-Jabbar at center for the Lakers and the same thing for the Magic - O'Neal or Howard. The Spurs get a pass on Robinson & Duncan because Duncan has almost always been listed as a PF. Was Havlicek a guard or a forward?

That is a tough tough question...because Jrue probably couldn't pull off a badass 'stache like everybody else in that pic, but AI9 or Turner just might be able to...

Charlie H on Sep 4 at 10:02

Collins is as youthful as any coach in the league. He's stayed current for 4 decades and approaches the game and the players with an open mind. I have no worries about him & Thorn; they're lifers but are not in the least stuck in the past. This is probably the best front office we've had since Pat Williams was here (not saying a whole lot) and despite the trade of Dalembert I feel pretty good about the team's direction.

Maybe I'm kidding myself, but I think somebody on this year's team is going to join that group. There's no franchise in the league that can claim to have a better pantheon of stars, least of all the Knicks: Schayes, Wilt, Greer, Cunningham, Erving, Malone, Barkley, Collins, Iverson. And on the 2nd level we have Toney, Cheeks, Bobby Jones, Luke Jackson, Chet Walker. And don't forget Al Cervi!


TruePhan on Sep 4 at 11:21

1: Iguodala. All of those players were the anchors on their teams(except Iverson who was more the best player than the anchor) and that's exactly what Iguodala is for this team.

2: It has to do with experience and knowing what you're getting. The Sixers need a guy like Collins to check them and get the most out of them, and a guy like Thorn to be in Stefanski's ear. In my opinion though, Stefanski has done a pretty good job so far.

1.) My vote is for Efthimios Rentzias. The 12th man spot has never been so capably held down as during his brief but shining reign.

2.) On a more serious note, I don't mind the aged management for a couple of years. As has been said above, given all the young but unproven talent we have, I think stability is going to be key to their development. Thorn and Collins are solid, if maybe not spectacular -- but I think the main task now is to create a situation where our young guys can develop, and this management is in my opinion capable of doing that.

Old School Sixer Fan on Sep 4 at 12:41

Dervin's point is a good one. Collins and Thorn do not have to impress anyone in one year. They can allow a development year without having to give serious minutes to players like Willie Green just to squeeze out a couple of additional wins as Stefanski or Jordan might to keep their jobs.

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