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Team USA vs. Angola

Quick 5-0 start for Team USA. Not a big fan of Billups launching 3s in transition, though.

Iguodala's guarding the point and picking up full court on makes. Nice D-board, coast-to-coast for AI9, then a missed three from the corner.

O-board and put-back for AI9. Team USA is all over the glass.

Yeah Iguodala has got that play down where he takes the ball right off the rim. He was like Durant's already scoring enough, let me just take his layup and put it in myself. Lol And then he did it on the defensive end too!

Iguodala really shining in the open court, this game is pretty much over already. 29-9.

Anyone else notice how bad Gay's handle is?

Love looks good out there, he always seems to be able to get to the right spot, and simply move his defender out of the way.
And they put Gay in the game and immediately his man goes right to the offensive glass uncontested. :)

Don't like the play of this unit on either side of the ball.

Rose, Billups, Granger, Durant, Chandler.

Chandler has been a fouling machine throughout the tournament. Granger has been the least impressive player on the team; he gets a lot of charity minutes in garbage time. I wonder how many of his points he gets for the Pacers that way, scoring when the game isn't in doubt.

Chandler is a stiff out there. He is only good for fouling people. And Granger and Gay to me are exactly the same player, they look the same, both like to stand around and shoot from the outside and both seem to dislike rebounding.

Light minutes for Iguodala and Odom in the first half. Team USA up by 27 at the half, 65-38.

Man, Durant just scores so effortlessly in these games. He can go right by defenders whenever he wants or just shoot over them like it's nothing. He's not even breaking a sweat out there really.

Up 35 after three. Wonder who's going to shine in garbage time.

Man, Chandler just can't help himself. They better hope the other bigs don't get hurt or in foul trouble, he's a fouling machine.

55-point win. Team USA into the quarterfinals, will play the winner of Russia vs. New Zealand on Thursday.

Louis Farrakhan V on Sep 6 at 12:53

Russell Westbrook is now the best dunker in the NBA

Hey guys, I've been without TV for a week. How is Andre looking in these games against the bad teams?

He didn't play a whole lot today, looked good when he was in there. As I said above, on every made hoop, he was picking up the PG in the backcourt, applying full-court pressure and really disrupting their offense. Coach K is using him as a weapon on the defensive end. A couple times today he grabbed D-boards and initiated the break. Still not very involved in the half-court offense, had a couple of nice dishes in transition today.

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