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Summer's Over

I'm guessing it's a 37 win year right now. I just hope we see a lot of positive steps along the way, even if nobody can block shots and rebound. I don't see anyone who can fill those voids so it's not like it's a dissapointment when nobody does it, but I wanna see everyone thrive in their own role. Depending on how much, the total fluctuates from 34-43 roughly.

I really want to see more of Jrue handling being a starting PG playing crunch-time minutes regularly in games. We got a taste last year, but those games didn't really mean anything.

deepsixersuede on Sep 7 at 7:48

Brian, piggybacking on Rich's comment about the rebounding could you find out our rebounding production out of the s.g. spot last year with Willie and A.I. and whoever else manned the position because I am hoping Turner can offset the difference at the center position between Sam and Hawes. [ 3 r.p.g.?]

I think 41 wins is possible with defense being a priority for a change and ball pressure being their mantra hopefully.

All rebounds are valuable- but there are different types. The rebounds that guards get are long rebounds, while bigs grab the contested rebounds in close. So getting more boards from your guards helps, but it does not erase the issue if you can't control the interior defensive glass.

For example, if you fail to secure a long rebound then the opponent gets a fresh possession (about 1 pt per possession.) But its worse if you lose an interior rebound. An interior offensive board typically results in a quick put back rebound or dunk, which is likely closer to 1.7 pts/attempt.

Am I explaining this clearly? For example, if you are playing the Magic, Jrue will not be boxing out Dwight Howard. A Jrue rebound will more likely be preventing a Jameer rebound (and reset of the offense.) While a Sam rebound (or Brand/Speights/Hawes) is more likely preventing a Dwight Howard rebound and easy put back dunk. So the interior rebounds are more valuable in terms of points prevented.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Sep 7 at 9:29

I think Collin's approach will help in this respect. Thad's comments about not running out till rebounds are gotten should pertain to everybody in our frontcourt. Sam, for all his rebounding prowess, wasn!t a great box out center but used his athletism to his advantage. If this coach stresses boxing out and the little things it could take some of the sting from Sam's departure.

The fact that dominant centers are few and far between in today's league allows for less fear of getting killed on the boards. Guys like Howard and Love [great at boxing out] seem to be the exception to the rule nowadays.

Makes perfect sense. Higher likelihood of fouling on a close offensive rebound as well.

I see somewhere around 35 wins. I guess anywhere between 29-41 is possible so 35 +/- 6.) I think your best players control your destiny more than the role players (Lebron was more important than Varajo when the Cavs won 60+ games.) So I think the key is how Jrue at 20 can perform as one of the Sixers top 2 players.

I'm guessing 40 wins this year, I like Collins approach and I'm expecting great things out of Turner even though he's a rookie. I'm gonna be optimistic and say Speights will step it up this year, and I could definetely see Thorn bringing another player in to help out with the rebounding. Forty might be just enough to get the last playoff spot, and then the Sixers can shock the world and knock off the miami flamers. I could see it. :)

WhiteCake reply to Chunky Soup on Sep 7 at 13:35

I like your optimism. I could die a happy man if that happened :) I agree, if we could add a solid rebounder/defender on the inside, then 40 wins is definitely a possibility.

eddies' heady's on Sep 7 at 10:42

Somewhere around 35, but more likely quite a few less due to other teams offseason moves and our injuries.

You expect the Sixers to have more injuries than the norm? They're still one of the younger teams in the league, they should skew toward fewer games missed to injury.

bebopdeluxe on Sep 7 at 11:35

I'm thinking a couple of games over .500, grasbbing the 7th/8th seed. I see EB having more of a positive, contributing role on the team, I see a step-up year from Jrue, I see Lou getting back to what he SHOULD be (a sparkplug scorer off the bench), and I see a much better, more cohesive defensive approach.

I expect very little from either Thad or Speights.

I see no one is doing the Fightin Phils Fans. How come?

Ron Costello

I voted more than 45 because I'm a jackass that likes to skew the statistics.

I still have a little bit of hope that we will see some glimpses of the Elton Brand from his clipper days, when he actually had some real bounce to his game. But if he is able to come back and have a solid first half of the season, do you guys think he could play his way into any type of trade value? Or is his contract a sunk cost no matter what he does?

If he shows 20/10 form over the first half, I could see someone taking a flier on him. I woulnd't expect to get any value in return, but someone may be willing to use a trade exception on him and throw us a 2nd-round or late first round pick in return. A very, very long shot, but possible.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Sep 7 at 23:27

no chance. the only 20 Elton will have is mpg. The guy is fried. Collins isn't even being overly optimistic about EB regaining his form. I'm pretty sure at this point he just wants Elton to be a decent role player that gives max effort (which he certainly wasn't doing last year)

Old School Sixer Fan on Sep 7 at 20:01

I'm somewhat disappointed at all the negativity surrounding the expectations for the season. I have to admit that I'm less optimistic that I would have been if Dalembert was still here. I don't expect any of the young bigs to step up and play defense or rebound like Sammy did. I said 41 - 45 wins. With Sammy I think they would have won 45-50 games. Just not having Jordan as a coach might have gotten them back to .500, while having Collins should get them a few above that. Then add a little bit of lift from Jrue, AI9 and the other young players maturing a little should add a couple more wins. On top of all that we add the #2 pick, Turner. No one expects Turner to be Durrant, but if he is a solid player like Jrue and Iguodala, his presence could add a couple of wins in the second half. So the math goes like this.

27-40 wins from firing Jordan (using players to best advantage and playing defense)
+3 because of adding Collins who is better than DiLeo
+3 because of maturation among the carry-over players
-3 for loss of Sammy D
+2 for the addition of Turner
45 wins total

Am I overly optimistic?
+2 for adding Turner

Yeah, I think you're probably being overly optimistic, but that's not a bad thing.

I'm with you on Turner, really looking forward to watching him play for us this year. I think he has all the tools and the mindset to be the go to guy on the offensive end. Like Brian said, it could take him a while to adjust but I'm very confident he'll become a top 15 to 20 player in the league within the next few years. Whenther he can go any higher I don't know, but if he doesn't I'm pretty sure it won't be from a lack of effort or dedication to improving his game.

Old School Sixer Fan reply to Chunky Soup on Sep 7 at 21:47

I'm with you on that. I'd love to see him become a top tier player.

I'm ready to get excited about the season. I've upgraded my seats to where I may actually be able to see what is happening on the court- out of the $15 seats into the $25 seats!

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