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It shouldn't say height w/out shoes. I wanted to use their draft measurements, but Jennings didn't have any. That's just their listed height/weight.

Jennings might be recognized by the NBA and most of the fans as the better player, but i would take Jrue in a nanosecond. Jrue simply has the "championship type of player" in him, while Jennings is Iverson-lite.

What makes you think Jrue has "championship type of player" in him? Was it when he lead the sixers to the playoffs as a rookie and went to a game 7 in the first round with his teams best player hurt? Oh wait that was Jennings my bad.

With that being said I would probably rather have Jrue based on his body type (Jennings needs to put on some weight or I think he could always be hurt), defense, and shooting ability. The one area I would like to see him become more like Jennings though is getting to the FT line.

I'll give you 4 reasons that make a great championship type of player: Defense, maturity, BB-IQ, versatility. Jrue has them all and Jennings doesn't have the body nor the mindset (at least so far) to have these qualities. I'm not saying Jennings is bad, he'll be a very good player, but i like the type of player Jrue is more.

On your listed "championship qualities" I would argue Jennings has as many of those qualities as Jrue does. They both play defense, but since Jrue is bigger he is probably more successful. I don't know how we can measure maturity but since Jennings was the starting PG on a playoff team and Jrue was the starting PG on a lottery team I would have to give the edge to Jennings. Basketball IQ would seem to be high for both of them as it should be for any legit starting PG in the NBA. Versatility? Do you mean offensive versatility or defensive versatility? To be honest I could care less if my starting PG is versatile. It's nice but not a requirement to win a ring. I want my PG to be good at defense, distributing, and getting into the lane, and outside shooting. Being a good leader is also required. I believe both Jrue and Jennings will achieve these and be upper ecehelon PG's in the NBA. I understand you want Jrue to be one of the best (so do I) but so far he hasn't accomplished anything which Jennings has. Hopefully in 3 years Jrue meets and exceeds Jennings accomplisments.

paul reply to Xsago on Sep 8 at 14:17

"Jrue simply has the "championship type of player" in him, while Jennings is Iverson-lite."

I'd like to remind you that Iverson along with a crew of tough blue collar guys who understood their roles finished second in the league during the 2000-2001 season, just a game or so below LA, and were the only team to win a game against LA in the playoffs that year (they almost won two). Although that season was the best team result for the Sixers during Iverson's career, Iverson and crew made the playoffs six times during his career here and advanced to at least the second round in four of those seasons. Jrue has a long way to go before I'll say he is more valuable than the vintage era Iverson. Furthermore, certain players like Lynch, Snow, and Ratliff were never considered as valuable before playing with Iverson and for Brown as they were after, so that experience did a lot for their careers, too.

It would be nice to have both Holiday and Jennings. Which one I'd prefer depends on the composition of the rest of the team. Right now, Jrue might be a better fit for the remaining players on the Sixers. There are a fair number of ball handlers and mouths to feed on this team and Jrue doesn't dominate the ball much. The fact that he likes to play defense and tries hard to do so is a nice plus, too.

First of I love both of these guys for different reasons. Jrue for his all around maturity and Jennings for his offensive game.
With Jennings he give you the opportunity to outscore your opponent on certain nights. He's a streaky shooter who can answer the other teams best scorer point for point. He can penetrate against almost anyone with his quickness and gets to the line. The only thing I don't like bout his game is can he turn into a playmaker for his teammates. He hasn't really shown to be a "run the team" point guard. His game is so much like Allen Ivererson right now that it's scary. You see how it hurt AI later in his career that he never became a true point. I hope Jennings learns that role.
Jrue seems capable to do everything. Score, run the team and play lock down defense. Jrue showed he can hit the three at a nice clip last year. What I saw from him in Summer League is scary. Noone could guard him once he put the ball on the floor. He can get to the lane and can finish with either hand. Jrue has shown that he's more a "true" point. He seems willing to be run team and get other players the ball.
All that being said I'll take Jrue. He seems more polished than Jennings at this point. You can see Jrue has more dementions to his game. What he brings to the defensive side of the floor can't be gnored. I was hoping Jrue would become Andre Miller but after seeing him this summer I'm hoping for Gary Payton.

deepsixersuede on Sep 8 at 7:56

Both players are not finished products so defense, size and 3pt. shot will decide it for me and Jrue definitely wins 2 of the 3 with shooting up in the air yet. Jennings got his team to win more games, that can!t be discounted.

Looking back leading up to the draft I would like to ask Brian if the choice was Jrue or Curry who would he want?

Good question, I'm still a big fan of Curry. I'd need to see him in a system other than GSW to see if the non-scoring portion of his game is really good, or if it's just pumped up by the wide open style of play. I actually think Curry would be a great fit next to Jrue at the two, wish they could've made that happen.

I'd stick with Jrue, but not because of any of those stats. I like my PG to play good man-up defense. Jrue brings it. I think if he works on his jumper, Jrue can be a top-8 PG in the L, right around that cut-off between the first and second tier.

Jennings was a pretty decent defender last season. I think Jrue was/is/will be a better defensive point, but Jennings isn't a sieve, or at least he wasn't last year.

I'm not sure why people are talking fondly of Jennings...

Who is the better player here... comparison

Notice the minutes... they are basically the same. Lou's are just over his first 3 years.

Lou is obviously the better scorer and likely the better player overall. And last year Lou was much better... comparison

I mean we already have both pretty much, just Lou is better.

You're comparing a 20 year old rookie who was a main catalyst for a team drastically overachieving to a 23 year old who's team won 27 games, and using per 36 minute stats as evidence?

They're not even comparable players, strengths and weakness wise. Lou doesn't resemble Brandon Jennings.

You're comparing a 20 year old rookie who was a main catalyst for a team drastically overachieving to a 23 year old who's team won 27 games, and using per 36 minute stats as evidence?

Look at the first comparison. Same NBA experience, same age. And Jennings was just a player on the team, not the catalyst. Mba Amoute was more important to that team than Jennings.

They're not even comparable players, strengths and weakness wise. Lou doesn't resemble Brandon Jennings.

Overthinking. The ends aren't all that different and the ends with Lou were better last year and about the same when he was at the same experience level as Jennings.

Going off of usage percentage and efficiency, I'd take Jrue. With a shot creator like Turner and another facilitator in Iguodala, we don't need a ball dominant PG. However, this would've been interesting to see per 36 min.

A bunch of people have mentioned Jennings' ability to get to the line, but 3.7 attempts/36 minutes for a guy with a 26.1% usage rate and the ball in his hands an awful lot really isn't a good rate. Both of these guys need to get to the line more, but Jrue has more work to do on it.

Jennings: .225 FTA/FGA
Holiday: .165 FTA/FGA

As a point of reference

Iguodala: .384 FTA/FGA

Joe reply to Brian on Sep 8 at 11:01

I was bored and looked at a few other points of reference...

Lou in 08-09: .456
Lou in 09-10: .344
Durant 09-10: .504
Howard in 09-10: .978
Iverson in 00-01: .397

Iguodala's career best ('06-07): .556

That number for Howard is ridiculous.

Wilt's best: .776
Shaq's best: .713

Joe reply to Brian on Sep 8 at 11:12

And Jason Kapono... .050

Jennings is still very much underrated. His 55 point outburst made him overrated as a scorer, but the rest of his game has always been underrated, particularly his passing and defense. Jennings gets after it on the defensive end. I think Jrue has a better physical profile to be a lock down defender, and this is probably the main reason I would (narrowly) take him, but it's a lot, lot closer than most here would admit, IMO.

I'd take Jrue, but these two are very close. I am a really big fan of Jennings game. I was one of the few who was last year when nobody looked past his per game stats in Europe (which I don't blame them. Not everybody has access to Synergy).

The rest of his game needs to become a bigger part of his game. He was a wildly inefficient scorer last season, and took too many shots. They've got a couple new guys who like to shoot, so he should have the opportunity to play more to his strengths this season, whether he'll do that is another matter.

Defensively, I see him as a guy w/out the requisite size, but with the right mindset. Jrue has both.

He was one of the most inefficient finishers at the rim in the league last season. That's likely the reason for his inability to draw fouls, as people don't respect him as a finisher. I think he's probably better at getting into the lane than Jrue.

I'd love to see him develop that runner in the lane he has and add a pull up jumper to his repertoire to combat his lackluster finishing ability at the rim.

I agree with you on size, hence why I said Jrue has a better defensive physical profile.

For me it's a no brainer. Jrue. Less PR, more talent

Spain just got upset in the QFs of the World Championships, 92-89 by Serbia. Rubio was a huge bust (at least statwise), shooting 27.5% (11-40) and averaging less than 5 ppg in 27 mpg in 7 games (though he did have 40 assists to 13 turnovers). In the portion of the game I saw, there was little defense being played by either team.

Chris Sheridan was drooling over Rubio's assist numbers on Twitter, didn't mention anything about the horrible shooting.

Tray reply to Brian on Sep 8 at 14:00

Rich man's Sergio Rodriguez?

Much more natural offensive talent than Sergio. Keep in mind this kid is still only 19 years old. Just because the kid's been playing against grown men and in the public eye for so long doesn't mean he's a finished product.

Rich man's Jason Williams?

Maybe it means he's just a little overhyped, that's all. He did play very well against the US and I didn't like a lot of what I saw from Spain as a team. Rudy Fernandez looked particularly disinterested.

It makes me think Jennings is more talented than Jrue because his assists per games is higher despite he isn't a pass-first PG and Jrue is.Jennings is a SG in a PG body and he has more assists than our future "elite" PG.I really like Jrue but he gotta dish out more assists ffs.

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