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Pressing Questions - September 10

I think it'll be close. Right now they basically have Amare surrounded by a bunch of young guns. Amare is a great regular season player but his lack of defense is consistently exploited by good teams in the playoffs. I think if the rosters stay the same as they are now, we end up around 4-5 GB from the Knicks but would probably beat them in a 7 game series. If the Knicks end up landing Melo, all bets are off.

deepsixersuede on Sep 10 at 8:15

Mosgov is raw but seems to play hard and block some shots; he and Turiaf should be good compliments to Amare. Talent wise I think it is close but our coach gives us an edge for a change. We end up 2 games ahead of them and beat them out to the playoffs.

I think by April we will be hoping the Knicks win more games. That way the Sixers get a higher pick in the lottery.

Both teams likely will finish in the bottom half of the league and within 2 games of each other. Both are staring at 32-37 wins.

I think it depends on the point guards. If Felton can run D'Antoni's with efficiency (Nash super-lite), then the Knicks may win more games than us. However, if Felton has trouble running the team and Jrue takes some big steps leading the team, then we may surprise some people.

Obviously there are many other factors, and probably larger ones, but point guard play for D'Antoni teams is very important and Jrue is arguably our most important player this year.

I had to go and check the Knicks roster to see who was missing and how anyone could pick them to be better than the Sixers.
First off I'm willing to bet Amare's PPG take a dip simply because he doesn't have Steve Nash to run the pick and role with all game. That's one of the reasons I didn't want the Sixers to get him in a trade last season. They didn't have the personnel to make him effective. The Sixers weren't a pick and role heavy team.
I like the Sixers starting 5 and our first 4 bench players over anyone the Knicks can put on the court right now.
I'll take the Sixers by atleast 5 games.

I'd say Knicks will win 10 more games. The Knicks are just better top to bottom. The Sixers have one advantage on the entire roster at my first glance... Iguoala vs. Gallinari.

The Knicks don't have any truly poor players in their rotation at first glance. No Kaponos, Thad Youngs, or Spencer Haweses over there, except Curry. If Curry plays, all bets are off.

Who is starting at point guard for the knicks?

Has to be Felton, right? Jrue could outperform him, and obviously I'd rather have Jrue long term, but Felton was decent last year. It's going to take a leap from Jrue for him to pass Felton this year.

Joe reply to Brian on Sep 10 at 12:04

I agree. Felton was good last year. I hate his style of play pretty much, but Jrue is going to need to do what he did in the 2nd half last year and then some to catch Felton. In Jrue's prime, this would all be a different story. That is 2-3 years away though at a minimum.

Last year was such an abnormally efficient year for Felton I'm not sure I can expect him to duplicate it.

He was really good at pushing the ball at all costs in college. Not saying it's a perfect comparison but D'Antoni is closer to his preferred style than LB was. That's why last year was very good for him.

Are you serious? Are you really telling me you're scared of Ronnie Turiaf, Bill Walker, Devon Mason, Ewing Jr, and Eddie Curry? Are you saying that they are solid NBA players? Are they better than Willie, Thad, Kapono, Smith and Nocioni?

deepsixersuede reply to KellyDad on Sep 10 at 10:31

If these are the starting lineups the talent looks close to me;

Stoudemire [w]- Hawes
Randolph - Brand [even]
Gallanari - Iggy [w]
Azuibuke - Turner [even]
Felton - Holiday [even]

6th man- Chandler - L.Will. [even]

4/5 rotation; Stoudemire,Randolph, Turiaf,Mosgov [w] over Hawes,Brand, Spieghts,J.Smith

In 2 years we win the s.g. and p.g. positions but Randolph could become a beast at p.f. .

Question guys, who starts for the Knicks?

You've probably got their lineup correct. Their big rotation is about 6 heads and 5 shoulders ahead of ours, though.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Sep 10 at 10:37

If any other coach was there they would probably start a defensive center and put Amare at the 4 but not their coach. After watching Mosgov it pisses me off that we don!t find guys like him in Europe, he at worst will be a banger off the bench and is athletic also.

After Amare what rotation are you talking about? Is Curry healthy yet? Randolph has very similar stats as Hawes and weeks ago you called him inefficient. Turiaf is simply an energy guy of the bench and what has Mozgov done? Gallinari is a very nice player but a 7 footer only grabbing less than 5 RPG doesn't scare me. He's more a perimeter player.

Turiaf is simply an energy guy of the bench

A simplification that ignores the fact that he rebounds on the defensive glass far and away better than any of the sixers 'big men' - even whomever they'd put in to start with Brand.

I guess you gotta defend your boy Turiaf. You have him, I got Jason Smith. Don't ask me why!

The numbers 'defend my boy'. He's a good defensive rebounder off the bench, the sixers don't really have any good defensive rebounders in their young big men, on the court or off the bench.

As for Jason Smith, the numbers say he sucks, and well, eh sucks

Did you really waist your time looking up Turiaf's stats? Sorry to tell you but he stinks too. Just cause you like him doesn't change the obvious. I know your gonna post a comparison on the two and tell me Turiaf's per 48 AVG's but it's not worth it. I know J. Smith stinks but I like him. It's ok to like guys who can't play. IT'S OK!'

I didn't waist(sic) my time, it took all of 10 seconds to do what an intelligent person would do when talking about a player. You didn't even have to do any work, but still couldn't be bothered to see how Turiaf is productive.

Someone needs the dunk treatment

I'm a fan of Iguodala, but he does not abuse teams when he has a favorable match-up. While Amare will drop 40 on Hawes unless they bring serious help.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Sep 10 at 11:41

Without Nash will Amare ever get 40 again? Tk, what do you think Amare has to average to make up for his defensive deficiency's?

He must not remember what happened to Shawn Marion after he left Steve Nash.

Rich reply to KellyDad on Sep 10 at 15:21

Amare is much better offensively than Marion is. He's still going to be good offensively.

That's true but it's totally different defending Nash/Amare than Felton/Amare in the pick-and-role. Nash puts alot more pressure on a defense than Felton. With Amare at center he'll be asked to play with his back to the basket more and that's not his strength. He hasn't started a game at center since '07.


It seems his defensive 'deficiencies' didn't really show up up until D'Antoni left Phoenix. His Offense and Defense got 'worse' when D'Antoni left PHoenix (but Nash was still there).

In his 52 playoff games Amare put up 24/9.2/1.8 bls, shooting 52%.

That more than made up for his defense, as his 24 pts/game were not simply due to Nash.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Sep 10 at 20:38

Tk, I like Stoudemire as a player and he steps up come playoff time but Nash as a deep threat as much as a distributor does have an effect on his effectiveness.

I read a comment somewhere recently where for minutes at a time the Knicks may play 3 seven footers [Mosgov,Stoudemire, and Randolph] with a 6'8" shooting guard [Gallanari] which would be fun to watch offensively.

Those guys come off the bench, and honestly I'd rather have ROnny Turiaf than any of the sixers bench guys in the front court cause A. I've always been a huge fan when he was at Gonzaga, and B. Defensive rebounding is what he does very well whereas none of the big men on the sixers do it that well.

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Sep 10 at 10:42

If he could stay healthy he would be great here. Will D'Antonio play him? He does all the wrong things [defend].

I have no idea if D'antoni will play him and I know he has health issues, I have a bias, but when healthy he's a beast off the bench on the defensive glass, not something the sixers really need but a key piece on a team who wants to contend, you need a guy who knows his role, relishes it and is good at it.

Turiaf is an energy guy of the bench who has reconized his limits. He can't shoot, can't jump and he's not that tall. He might play 10 mins a game and will hustle, bang and use his 6 fouls the best he can. Sounds like Reggie Evans doesn't it? He's not a bad player but what he does on the court. Is not making the Knicks better than the Sixers.

Joe reply to KellyDad on Sep 10 at 12:18

You really don't know anything about Turiaf do you?

He blocks shots, he doesn't rebound very well, he scores more than Reggie and at a better rate, and he makes free throws at a decent rate.

They are completely different players.

I don't wanna know anything bout Turiaf. HE STINKS!! Who really Eaist time comparing Turiaf again Reggie Evans? They both stink. "Turiaf scores better than Reggie Evans" WHO CARES? That's like comparing dog shit to cat shit. They both stink. I'm just saying they are similar players.

Joe reply to KellyDad on Sep 10 at 12:13

I see it like this.

Jrue v. Felton [L] - Felton had career year last year
Turner v. Walker [E] - both unknown. Walker wasn't bad last year.
Iguodala v. Gallinari [W]
Amare v. Brand [L]
Turiaf v. Hawes [L] - Hawes is that bad


Toney Douglas v. Lou [E]
Randolph v. Speights [L] - Speights hasn't been same
Azuibuke v. Thad [L] - Thad was really bad last year
Chandler v. Nocioni/Kapono [L] - not close. Kapono is so bad.
Willie/Meeks v. rookies [W] - Minimal impact here.
Eddy Curry v. Jason Smith/Battie [W] - Curry is that bad. Neither should suit up much

You MUST be a Knicks fan to make those picks. You made 11 picks and I agree with 4.

Joe reply to KellyDad on Sep 12 at 16:41

I'm a Sixers fan sadly. I'm just not blind to the fact that the team won very few games last year and lost one of their best 2 players, replacing him with crap.

eddies' heady's on Sep 10 at 9:50

No, the Knicks will finish higher. Sad, I know.

I really like the Sixers chances this year. We were a .500 playoff team in 08-09. We are two years more mature with a great defense point guard and several upgraded pieces. I'd have no problem betting that the Sixers are 5-10 games better than the Knicks! I just can't wait for this thing to start! 44-38 and take Orlando to 6 games in the 1st round.

Tim wrote: "We were a .500 playoff team in 08-09. We are two years more mature with a great defense point guard and several upgraded pieces."

That team had Andre Miller and Sam Dalembert playing all 82 games and Ratliff off the bench. I'm not expecting Jrue to be better overall this year than Miller was in '08/'09. I'm not expecting Hawes to be an "upgrade." The only potential significant upgrade is Tunrer and the Coach.

heck yea i just signed up at mospeezy.com

he's the next zach randolph!

johnrosz on Sep 10 at 17:27

I really can't believe I just read through all these comments,90 percent of which centered around the discussion of whether Ronnie Turiaf is a productive bench player or not. Really guys? Season can't come soon enough...

Anyway, I still see us winning 38-40 games right now. Amare aside, I still don't see the Knicks having enough firepower to run D'antoni's system efficiently enough to win more than 35 games.

On Philly.com: Pinkney leaving CSN to work with Thibideau in Chicago!

OK, Team USA about to tip it off against Lithuania. I'm assuming Iguodala gets Kleiza.

Iguodala w/ an early foul, he needs to stay on the floor.

Sick strip by Iguodala, then pushes the ball and gets fouled.

Another strip by Iguodala in the post on Kleiza, starts the fast break.

Love, Westbrook and Gay come in w/ 2:40 to go in the first, USA up by 7. Interesting to see if the D deteriorates now.

Love w/ a nice old-man move in the post. EB would be proud.

23-12 after one. Big quarter for Durant on O and Iguodala on D.

Iggy has been a monster defensively against Lithuania, 3 steals in the first quarter, really helped to snuff out their rhythm after the strong start.

Team USA slowing down a bit. Coach K got Durant right back in there.

Pretty, pretty give and go, Iguodala to Odom, back to Iguodala for the jam +1.

2 fouls on Iguodala with 5:23 left in the second quarter. Looks like they're going to leave him in, can't pick up the third.

Ugh, Iguodala just picked up his third, USA only up by 10. They need to finish this half strong.

Alright, 15-point lead at the half. 42-27. Durant was unreal in that first half 8/12 for 24 points. Put them away quickly in the third, please, so the starters don't need to play 30+ minutes. Gold medal game is tomorrow.

Iguodala and Odom really work well off each other.

Gordon in for Rose to combat the zone, I like that move.

Ugh, not the third quarter I wanted to see. Lead down to 11 after three. Iguodala had to leave because of a cut, came back in for the last possession.

Alright, gold medal game tomorrow at 2:30pm.

Statman reply to Brian on Sep 11 at 15:32

Just sped through the game on DVR. The ESPN announcers focused (rightly) on Durant, who scored a USA world championship record 38 points. Among the supporting cast, though, Odom and Iguodala were tremendous. Anyone who thinks Iguodala is overrated on defense needs to watch this game, where Iguodala shut down Kleiza (Lithuania's leading scorer coming into the game, at 20 ppg), to the tune of 1-11 for 4 points. Kleiza's basket came on a lay-up off a switch. His two free throws came off a 50-50 call where Iguodala blocked his shot. Iguodala stripped him the first three times he tried to go up for a shot, then Kleiza started shooting quick jumpers to avoid getting stripped, always missing.

That Iguodala and Odom stepped up in support of Durant was important, because the U.S. got ZERO from their starting backcourt. Billups was 1-8 (1-5 from 3) for 3 points and almost every shot was a bad one (early in the clock). Rose was even worse, 0-4 for 0 points.

If the U.S. plays Turkey in the gold medal game, look for Iguodala to match up with Turkoglu. He's dominated Turkoglu the last few times they've met in the NBA (including in the 2009 playoffs).

Iguodala has played excellent defence with his feet, his body is usually in perfect position but he's getting called for reaching or just trying to strip the ball on a shot attempt. He gets away with most of those calls during the regular season. He's doing everything Coach Collins expected him to do.

It's gonna be USA vs. Turkey (and the home crowd). My oh my, I can't wait to see Iguodala on Turkoglu!

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